Epstein victim: Prince Andrew ‘being stripped of royal duties is not enough’

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Take your pick from the buffet of disgusting stories coming out of the document dump from the unsealing of Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit records. In Virginia’s manuscript/unpublished book, The Billionaire Playboy’s Club, she detailed the incident where Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell gifted Andrew with a puppet in his likeness from the show Spitting Image. Andrew used the puppet to molest Virginia and then Virginia was ordered “to take the prince to the ‘dungeon’ for an erotic massage.” Johanna Sjoberg (another trafficking victim) testified to the exact same incident.

One large part of Virginia’s story is about the time she was trafficked internationally – Epstein and Maxwell took her to London specifically to “entertain” Prince Andrew. This is the incident where Andrew took Virginia to the nightclub Tramp before he raped her. In Andrew’s BBC Newsnight interview, he claimed that he wasn’t at Tramp that specific night because he was at a Pizza Express in Woking. An eyewitness named Shukri Walker remembered Andrew at the club on that night, and she remembers that his date was a very young-looking girl. A royal insider went to the Daily Mail a few days ago and said this: ‘It’s interesting to see how many people have razor sharp recollections of events that took place some 20 years ago – it’s difficult to believe that these events can be remembered with such clarity at this distance.’ Tell that to Mr. Pizza Express, I guess?

And finally, another one of Epstein’s trafficking victims is saying stuff about Andrew’s royal status:

A victim of Jeffery Epstein says the Duke of York being stripped of royal duties is not enough, because he’s still living a ‘privileged and wealthy life’ following his friendship with the disgraced paedophile. The former model who uses the name ‘KiKi’ and claims she was sexually assaulted by Epstein in 2004 at the age of 19, and in February penned an open letter to Prince Andrew urging him to cooperate with the FBI’s probe into the late financier.

Speaking to FEMAIL ahead of Crime + Investigation’s Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, she insisted Andrew should be ‘held accountable’ for his friendship with the paedophile, and that it’s ‘ridiculous’ to think being stripped of royal duties is a worthy ‘punishment’.

In November last year, Andrew took early retirement from royal duties in the wake of his disastrous Newsnight interview in which he failed to express sympathy for Epstein’s victims, amid allegations from Virginia Roberts Giuffre that he had sex with her when she was 17. The Duke has strenuously denied allegations of any sexual misconduct, or witnessing any wrong doing, while claiming he would be happy to cooperate with US investigators.

‘He should be held accountable,’ said Kiki, ‘It doesn’t matter who he is or what family he was born into.’ She went on to say that if the Duke is guilty of turning a blind eye to Epstein’s abuse, or taking part in illegal activity, as his accuser Roberts has alleged, that the ‘punishment does not fit the crime…If he witnessed illegal activity, if he was complicit and complacent, or if he participated in illegal activity as Virginia Giuffre has stated multiple times, then being stripped of your royal duties, but still having the privilege of being wealthy and powerful, the punishment does not fit the crime here and it’s ridiculous to think that it does.’

Earlier this year Kiki penned a powerful letter asking Prince Andrew to help the US authorities following his friendship with Epstein, for the sake of his ‘daughters and their children’.

[From The Daily Mail]

First of all, I completely appreciate the consistency of the British media, all of whom continue to insist that Andrew stepped down from royal duties following the BBC Newsnight interview because he “failed to express sympathy for Epstein’s victims.” That, they continue to insist, was his biggest crime. Not that he lied his way through an entire interview, that his story made zero sense, that he was BFFs with two human traffickers, that he took money from Epstein or that he raped and abused young girls. No, he had to step down because he didn’t seem sympathetic enough to the victims of human trafficking and rape. And yes, I’ve been saying this from the start: Andrew still has his royal titles, his HRH, his giant Royal Lodge mansion, his military positions and he’s still mummy’s favorite Large Adult Son. “Being unable to travel internationally” is not really much of a punishment.

Prince Andrew leaves home after receiving the sack from the Queen

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts **FILE PHOTOS**

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  1. Circe says:

    The puppet molesting thing is literally the creepiest, most disturbing thing I have ever heard. Can you IMAGINE? (DON’T DO IT!!!!)

    • Jane says:

      Heinous. Leaving aside the criminality, this is the most horrible narcissistic egocentric thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    • Darla says:

      It really is. I am so upset for these women and the trauma this sick creepy mf inflicted on them.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry complained about the way his wife and child are treated and they left. The Queen decreed they could not use the HRH and their critics want the Queen to “strip them” of their titles. But Andrew can keep his and be pampered and cossetted by HM. Awful.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s so creepy and weird and so specific that you know its true. I believe Virginia’s stories anyway, but if I didn’t, and I heard that, I would think, “how in the world could someone tell a story like that, unless it happened?”

      • Thirtynine says:

        That was my thought, too, Becks1. Unless it actually happened, who could invent such a thing as that? Its evil and twisted weirdness does seem to add credibility to the allegations, rather than otherwise.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      The sock puppet thing is insane ! What kind of bizarre world do the particular brand of pervs live in? Rich, perverted, and assaulting people with puppets? 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. Capepopsie says:

    So utterly disgusting!
    I am truely lost for words!

  3. Hannah A says:


  4. Priscila says:

    Well, he is the one Betty took more interest in, so there you have it.

    • Kalana says:

      She keeps surrounding herself with terrible people and her favorite child is a terrible person. Makes you think.

  5. Charfromdarock says:

    Kiki is correct, it is not enough. He needs to face the full legal consequences — sadly I doubt he will ever spend a minute in prison.

    What a depraved, disgusting excuse of a human being.

    • detritus says:

      The monarchs are a relic of bygone times, they refuse to follow the basic principles of justice and responsibility. It’s disgusting.

      If they refuse the current standard of justice perhaps it’s time to roll out the older versions.

  6. S808 says:

    Anything less than bey g thrown in jail isn’t enough.

  7. OriginalLala says:

    abolish the monarchy, arrest the rapist.

  8. MegJ says:

    I think if I’d been raped by a member of the Royal family I’d remember every detail, to imply that a victim’s “razor sharp” memory is false is disgusting and revolting. My opinion of the whole lot of them has been completely ruined, the monarchy is a vapid and vile institution serving no one but themselves.

    • Tia says:

      I think they will pretend they are referring to the memory of the unconnected eye witness who says she saw him in Tramp nightclub if this remark is challenged.

      • Belly says:

        When I was backpacking I vividly remember seeing Princess Margaret happen to be driven past one day in London. It would have been their spring in 1996. I was going to the zoo with my gorgeous Scottish boyfriend at the time, so I reckon I could pin down the exact date from my diary I kept while travelling. I’m not so jaded or sophisticated that it didn’t make an impression, I reckon if I’d seen one in a nightclub I’d be able to recall plenty of detail too.

  9. Tessa says:

    Some of the same people who bash Harry and Meghan on threads and comments sections defend Andrew and blame the victim! Shameful.

    • Nic919 says:

      That is insane. No one with a sane mind can justify Harry and Meghan getting treated worse than an actual rapist of underaged sex trafficked girls. And yet I have seen those comments as well.

  10. Athyrmose says:

    I remember being in a grocery store selecting produce next to James Iha in 1998, so this royal insider can hush. People remember celebrity sightings. Arguments to the contrary are silly.

    • julia says:

      Exactly, I was thinking the same thing – when we, peasants, cross path with famous peeps, we remember forever (we need to make sure we tell the story 5438 times to our kids and then grand-kids!). And you can rest assured I will be as nosy as possible and spy in details who they are with and what their entourage looks like!

    • L84Tea says:

      When I was about 14 I saw Kid (from Kid’n’Play) on the street in NYC and he signed something for me. I remember that he wore a red jacket and had a huge whitehead zit on the side of his nose. That was around 1992-1993 or so–almost 30 years ago, and I still remember like it was yesterday.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        @ L84TEA-In 1978 I met Donny Osmomd at the Oakland Coliseum before a show. Today I can’t remember sh*t, but I still remember EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of that encounter. How he looked so much smaller than I thought he would, how nice he smelled, how the flash didn’t go off when my friend took the first picture (do y’all know what flash cameras are, lol) and how sweet Donny waited until my best friend took a picture with the flash working.
        I also remember my feelings and calling my mom crying after it happened.

        So yeah, meeting a celebrity can stay with you for DECADES.

  11. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “It’s interesting to see how many people have razor sharp recollections of events that took place some 20 years ago – it’s difficult to believe that these events can be remembered with such clarity at this distance.”

    Gaslighting victims, what a class act. FYI Mr/Mrs Source (probably Fergie putting on a voice over the phone) I remember in vivid detail my abuse and that was over 35 years ago, in fact I still feel sick to my stomach if I see things that remind me of said abuse. Andrew and Queenie can take their titles and shove them where the sun won’t shine.

    • Tessa says:

      I see so much gaslighting and victim shaming on some social media sites. What sort of people are these!

  12. cisne says:

    #canceltheBRF #defundtheBRF #rikersforAndrew

  13. Heidi says:

    Juan Carlos left the country to make life easier for King Felipe – Andrew should do the same.

  14. Jaded says:

    If Maxwell throws out some tea on PA (and that’s a large “if”) that proves he participated in activities related to the sexual trafficking and exploitation of minors and young women, it would have absolutely nothing to do with his duties as a sovereign, so sovereign immunity would not apply. If U.S. prosecutors wanted to gather information, they could do so through written testimonies or prosecutors traveling to the U.K. to collect evidence. This was done recently with some UK-based victims of Harvey Weinstein. Anyway, all this is dependent on whether or not Maxwell spills or some new evidence is unsealed that absolutely incriminates PA (i.e. videos, photos of him in “flagrante dilecto”, etc.)

  15. BOYD says:

    Why is his arm wrapped around that child’s waist?

  16. Tiffany says:

    What is Idiot Fredo going to do when Mommy passes away?

  17. Eleonor says:

    Nobody will do nothing about this, and the worst case scenario will be sending him in exile in some fancy isle.

    • Kosmos says:

      The trial of this issue with Maxwell will be ongoing. When things come out in court and by proof of witnesses, I think it is then that people who were involved will eventually be charged. Right now, it can only be alleged until there is something more final. After those who are responsible has been finalized, each of those individuals will be charged. I think then that the queen will have to go along with what the law is. For now, no one is being formally charged, but we are slowly moving through the channels. There seems to be plenty of evidence as to the guilt of these individuals, so I doubt they will get off easily.

  18. lily says:

    “And yes, I’ve been saying this from the start: Andrew still has his royal titles, his HRH, his giant Royal Lodge mansion, his military positions and he’s still mummy’s favorite Large Adult Son. “Being unable to travel internationally” is not really much of a punishment”… And don’t forget the sympathy of British press, courtiers and British people who blame Meghan and Harry but let him and his partners in crime to live with all privileges.

  19. Julia K. says:

    Prince Andrew has not been charged with any crime. Yet the Queen treats him as if he had. Does she know something we don’ t know?