FF: George & Amal Clooney’s connection to the Sussexes was through Harry

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I sort of forgot this happened, but Finding Freedom confirms a story I never completely believed: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited George and Amal Clooney in Como, Italy in the summer of 2018. This would have been about three months after Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and remember, H&M did a lot of events immediately following their wedding, then they took a summer break and traveled and we didn’t know all of the places they went. George and Amal had gone to their wedding, and no one exactly knew the connection between the two couples. As it turns out, the connection was between Harry and George Clooney, and they met each other way before Harry met Meghan. FF details H&M’s arrival in Italy and details how George and Amal had been hosting guests throughout the summer, like always, including Cindy Crawford and Rande, the Beckhams and… Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. Remember, Jack is a Casamigos ambassador (Casamigos is Clooney’s tequila label).

During the three-day visit, a source said, “Meghan and Amal spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool and playing with the twins while George and Harry checked out George’s motorbike collection. Harry took one of them out with one of his protection officers. George recently had an accident, so he wasn’t back on his bike yet.”

The duke and duchess weren’t the only guests that weekend. Eugenie and her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, were already at the villa when Harry and Meghan arrived, their visits overlapping briefly. To maximize security, the group stayed in every night, well fed by rotating chefs. On the final night of Harry and Meghan’s stay, George hired the chef from Il Gatto Nero, one of his favorite local restaurants, to prepare an Italian feast for fifteen. The party, including neighbors and their houseguests, dined at long trestle tables in the landscaped gardens. As live music echoed over the estate, guests enjoyed the gathering until the early hours.

Harry and George had been friends long before the prince met Meghan. After connecting at a charity event, the two men discovered that despite their age difference, they had a lot in common, including their love of motorbikes. George had collections of bikes in Lake Como, LA, and Sonning.

[From Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan, and the Making of a Modern Royal Family]

That’s interesting to me that the connection is Harry & George, not Amal and Meghan. But it sounds like Amal and Meghan hit it off, and the Clooneys hosted the Sussexes in the Clooney’s palatial English country estate in Sonning. George is such a “host,” and honestly, what Amal wants, Amal gets. She wanted to cozy up to the British aristocracy and royal family and George gave that to her.

Oh, and FF also says that Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian stopped by the Sussexes’ rented country house the summer of 2018, just before Serena played at Wimbledon.

Sussex Ireland visit

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  1. Priscila says:

    I can see Meghan and Amal hitting off. They are more or less of same age, college-educated, career-focused go getters with connections to the higher ranks and with social/ philanthropic interests- in short, ambitious, modern women of substance, unlike others who shall not be named.

    • Anita says:

      Not named, but always on your mind.

      • Priscila says:

        I was indifferent, but all the crazy pictures Kaiser brings us…I am marvelled at the woman I shall not name, yes- for all the wrong reasons.

        The grins…so many grins…it gives me headache!

  2. Aurora says:

    George said in an interview that he and Amal had dinners with the Sussexes presumably at Frogmore.

  3. Sofia says:

    I figured the Sussex-Clooney connection came through Harry and George rather than Amal and Meghan. While Meghan has high profile friends, I didn’t think her and Amal were friends. They definitely became friends after the wedding – which isn’t a bad thing. Lots of couples gain friends after they’re married.

    Plus the Sussexes have connections that we do not know about. How many of us thought Tyler Perry and the Sussexes were friends or even knew each other until it came out they were living in his house?

  4. Becks1 says:

    It makes sense that it was through Harry, I never believed the story about how Meghan and Amal were such good friends and had met at the UN.

    Man I want to go spend some time at the Clooneys estate lol.

    I wonder what Eugenie and Amal talk about…..

  5. S808 says:

    I’m surprised Harry and George knew each other but they have tons of high profile friends no one knows about (still shocked they know Tyler Perry tbh) I can absolutely see Amal and Meghan hitting it off!

  6. bluemoonhorse says:

    Rich people know other rich people. They all mix in the elite circles and parties. No surprise here.

  7. Slowdown says:

    I think Eugenie and the Beckhams are tight (as per a friend who is acquainted to some of these people). This goes to show that whatever we read in the press or the social media has nothing to do with the real people. All this group of people flatter themselves to be more “real” and engaged than other celebrities while being completely out of touch. I would venture that Harry and Meghan are the same. One came from privilege the other worked hard to now be in a elitist community. This gives you both an abstract form of humanism through a necessary process of alienation.

  8. I find it really disappointing that royals are running with celebs. Beckhams getting invited to royal level weddings and George Tooney getting invited as well along with his vapid wife. I don’t care if she went to Oxford, it is insulting that people who work like fiends in service to the nation can’t get invites or even help, but celebs get patronage in other various areas. Invites, ambassadorships, maybe even help getting good business deals.

    • Vanessa says:

      So because someone is famous the royal shouldn’t be friends with them even if they have things in common. That’s most ridiculously things ever famous people are human being to who cares if Meghan and Harry have friends who are famous Meghan has friends who aren’t friends either . The Cambridge’s also have famous athletes friends too is that a bad thing William cozying it up with players from his favorite team .

    • Krystina says:

      Do you not know who Amal Clooney is? She’s definitely NOT vapid.

  9. emu says:

    my GOD that’s a red face on Charles

  10. Mika says:

    The LADIES played with BABIES while the MENZ went to the garage and looked at the things that go VROOM because that’s obviously what LIFE IS LIKE, PEOPLE.

  11. Sirla says:

    Saw an interview of G&A (think it was the AFI one; she was wearing that pink Prada IMSMC) on th red carpet. The savvy interviewer ask how they knew H&M, putting question to Amal, who hesitated. The bearded (*chuckle, chuckle*) Clooney immediately jumped in and said, “That’s classified. I’m not allowed to tell you,” or something to that effect. Commenters in the YT video comment section were going, “It’s crazy they can’t even say how they knew each other.” No other guests were commented more re the H&M wedding: “When did THIS friendship happen and how did Big Bird and the Mr get such good seats?”

    Think ultimately a lot of these famous-and-rich-people friendship-hookups just happen because they know of each other and decide to reach out and network.

  12. Mee says:

    Not gonna lie, if I could social climb into a royal wedding and a chef prepared dinner at a villa….I would!!!

    • Sirla says:

      Totally agree. But you and I probably wouldn’t be interested in the coverage, which I suspect is what really motivated these two! Quite a performance Amal put on the day. Also suspect secretly these two congratulated themselves for making such a rapid “ascent” into royal circles and getting worldwide coverage and are irritated the peasants don’t get they are the CHOSEN ELITE ONES and super go-getters and totally deserving. Actually they come across as gauche and “old world-ish,” but then I am not into royals of any sort. If I had to give kudos to Clooney for anything, it’s his persistence and savvy in using his old Casiamigos t-shirts and pap walks to promote the heck out of what ended up to be a billion-dollar brand. Hey, at least in that he’s demonstrating pure business/marketing acumen and not pretending to save the world by elevating himself, which their “humanitarian” efforts come across as…