“Stephanie Meyer has ideas for two more sparkly-vampire books” links

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Stephanie Meyer has ideas for two more Twilight books, oh God. [Pajiba]
Carey Mulligan left her English farm to have lunch in LA. [Just Jared]
Leah Remini believes Tom Cruise will try to lure Suri Cruise into Scientology when she becomes an adult. [Dlisted]
An editorial about how to rescue this year’s election. [Towleroad]
The trailer for Unpregnant, the abortion dramedy. [LaineyGossip]
I hope VA Democrats target this asshat. [Jezebel]
No hard pants or real waistbands, that’s the rule, Bella Hadid. [Go Fug Yourself]
Sleepover at the last Blockbuster Video on earth?! [OMG Blog]
Kanye West doesn’t think Jared Kushner is manipulating him. [Starcasm]
Michael Costello calls out Kylie Jenner & I get it, but also… I feel like she’s far from the only one who does this? [Buzzfeed]

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14 Responses to ““Stephanie Meyer has ideas for two more sparkly-vampire books” links”

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    Don’t tell whatsherface about them – she’ll just rip them off for really really bad pron!!

  2. Winechampion says:

    Psst…it’s spelled Stephenie

  3. t fanty fan says:

    Stephanie Meyers and PD James need to have several seats and just STAHP!

  4. The Recluse says:

    And meanwhile all of us struggling authors can’t get that kind of corporate support.
    Basically, she’s just regurgitating what she’s written before.

    • court says:

      books like hers allow smaller titles to get published…

      • The Recluse says:

        Actually they don’t.
        Publishers have all but eradicated their mid-list authors.
        And they still focus on sure things $$$$.
        You can still only get a foot in the door if you are that sure thing OR if you have the right connections.
        Publishers don’t take as many chances as they used to. And they don’t build up authors over the long term. This started in the 80′s and has only gotten worse.

  5. Valerie says:

    God no, the world is warped enough as it is.

  6. SJR says:

    OK, help me out here, please….
    Did she actually write the Twilight books with Henry Cavill in mind as the lead?
    Because I could never get into this w/Rob and his greasy self as the lead.
    If it was Cavill that she is describing as “most beautiful, etc, etc.”
    Well, after watching The Witcher and MIFallout with Henry Cavill…Hell, yes! He is gorgeous.

  7. Naddie says:

    Haven’t we gone through enough, 2020?

  8. Olliesmom says:

    2020 Bingo Card:

    Announcement of more Twighlight books


  9. Ines says:

    Why now though? Isn’t this coming like 10 years too late?