Cardi B & Joe Biden talk coronavirus, racial equality & Millennial voters

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Cardi B covers the latest issue of Elle Magazine, which I’m covering separately. In her cover interview, Cardi talks a lot about politics in this election year, and how she seamlessly transitioned from supporting Bernie Sanders in the primary to supporting Joe Biden in the general. Cardi is a lot of things, but she’s not a political naif. She understands how the modern political system works, which is why she agreed to take part in a Zoom call with Joe Biden for Elle Mag. You can see the video below – I friggin’ love that Cardi got dressed up in her version of “conservative clothes” for this call, and honestly, Biden and Cardi both seem delighted with one another. Cardi had interviewed Bernie Sanders in the past too, and she’s so clearly comfortable talking to old white dudes.

Thankfully, Biden avoided congratulating her on her WAP, although I bet he wanted to ask her about it, and I would have given a sizable donation to his campaign if he asked her something, anything about the music video or what WAP means to her. But no, they talked about the coronavirus, Medicare for all, racial equality, child care and how her favorite president is FDR. Biden starts talking about how old he is and Bull Connor and John Lewis and more. It’s an okay video. They were talking over each other at some points, and Elle cut the video, I suspect to make it flow. You can read Elle’s transcript here.

I’m sure there will be people arguing that we don’t need Cardi and Joe Biden to talk in a video to engage voters, and something something how dare she. But from where I sit, Cardi is engaged in the political debates (and has been for some time) AND her inclusion helps other young women to become more engaged.

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Screencaps from Elle’s video.

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  1. Diana says:

    She is my favorite celebrity!!!! She is so authentic and refreshing. Love her!

  2. Slowsnow says:

    While I’m not down with Wap which I find embarrassingly boring for something so sexual, I am totally down with Cardi B having the political awareness of a good leftwing journalist. I think it’s really important what she is doing because she has a huge platform and every vote counts. If 10 people vote because of her it’s already a win.

  3. Snuffles says:

    I really enjoy Cardi and see she is WAY smarter than people give her credit for. And, I agree, she has the potential to encourage young, apathetic voters to actually engage this time around. Similar to how AOC won. The polls had her way behind because they were polling typical voters. But AOC got NEW voters to the poll. YOUNG voters.

    So if Cardi can get the jaded youth to care, then I applaud her!!

  4. BearcatLawyer says:

    It is extremely important to have celebrities like Cardi B engaged in the political process beyond just mere sound bites. Biden was very smart to sit down with a woman of colour who is not a politician and have serious discussions about the issues in this race.

    My main takeaway from this interview: it will be a cold day in hell before a Republican candidate would dream of doing a sit-down like this. And that should be tragic to everyone.

  5. Levans says:

    I’m here for it! Cardi B is actually very astute on many policy areas and has the platform to help other people understand why these issues are important to their community!

    Her outfit is giving me BAPS/90s junior executive vibes and I LOVE IT!

  6. Lightpurple says:

    Cardi B = how to do politics and engage young voters the good way

    Kanye = how to do politics and engage young voters the bad way

    Be a Cardi; don’t be a Kanye

    • Sid says:

      And I doubt if Kanye has half the knowledge that Cardi does when it comes to this. When you listen to her speak on this subject you can tell that she paid attention in government classes and is genuinely interested in the topic.

  7. Teresa says:

    Fuck yes Cardi B. I don’t care for her music but I love her doing this stuff. I am so pleased she is doing these interviews. I am genuinely thankful for her.

  8. ce says:

    No, this is a good move for Biden. Cardi’s audience is exactly the demographic which needs to get out and vote (for Biden)

  9. Otaku fairy says:

    It’s been hilarious seeing all these pearl-clutching mansplainers get roasted on twitter and in other places over WAP.

  10. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Lol, she keeps calling him “Biden!”

  11. Charfromdarock says:

    I had no intention of watching the entire video but Cardi was so compelling that I did.

    Biden/his team were smart to have this conversation with her. I’d totally watch a Cardi and Joey B weekly political panel!

  12. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I’m really pandemotional (™ lol) lately and I was honestly touched and teary during parts of this. Thanks Cardi B.

  13. vespernite says:

    She is too annoying for me…but if she reaches that part of the base that needs to come out and vote for Biden, then good on the campaign for engaging her.