Page Six: ‘Sources’ close to Brad Pitt claim Angelina doesn’t want the divorce to end

**FILE PHOTOS** Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt going to trial in custody case

Ever since Angelina Jolie fled the private plane with all six children, abandoned Brad Pitt and filed for divorce in 2016, Pitt’s people have been running to several media outlets to push nasty narratives about Angelina and positive narratives about Brad. His favorite outlets include (and this is just my opinion): People Magazine (of course), Us Weekly, Page Six and the Daily Mirror. It was widely reported that when Angelina left him, Brad hired a huge team of lawyers, crisis managers and publicists to help him through the PR catastrophe and smear his ex. They’ve done a good job, especially when it comes to the lack of coverage around the Make It Right NOLA fiasco and what he actually did to his wife and children on that plane.

Anyway, Page Six has an exhaustive piece on the renewed conflict between Angelina and Brad, all because Pitt and his lawyers were lying about the private judge on their divorce case. I generally believe that Pitt’s team wanted this to be yet another hit piece on Angelina, but Page Six ended up making them both sound like miserable people. Some highlights:

“Sources” say Angelina doesn’t actually want the divorce? “The longer she does this, the more damage she does to the kids,” one acquaintance told The Post. “This is a game she’s playing. She still has the kids for more of the time than he does and she’s trying to maintain that as long as possible.” Sources familiar with the family say that, while maintaining control of the children is paramount to Jolie, she has love-hate feelings for Pitt. “On some level she doesn’t want this [the divorce] to end,” said one source. “She’s trying to hold on.”

On Judge Ouderkirk: Insiders say there are very few private LA judges working for high-net-worth clients and it’s a no-brainer that Judge John W. Ouderkirk would have other clients repped by Pitt’s counsel. Team Pitt hit back with court documents showing that Ouderkirk, who officiated the couple’s wedding in 2014, had disclosed those dealings and that Jolie was aware of them. Ouderkirk said he had no bias in the case and refused to step down. Now a court will decide whether to remove him. “The judge excoriated her legal team’s hail-Mary attempt to delay the process again,” said an attorney close to the matter. [Note: the “hail-Mary” talking point was actually from Pitt’s lawyer, not the judge.]

Angelina is only focused on what’s best for her kids. Sources say that despite the way things may look to the public, “She’s the one who filed for divorce,” said one person close to Jolie. “There is no one more than her that wants it to be done.” Jolie sources told The Post that the kids still require therapy after the private-jet flight in 2016. The kids range in age from 19-year-old Maddox, who, a source said, now has “no real relationship” with his father.

There are still limits on Brad’s custody: “Brad does spend time with the kids but there are still limits and that’s the frustrating part,” a source with knowledge of the situation said. “In California, custody is [typically] 50-50 . . . But in reality, Brad doesn’t have 50 percent custody.”

Angelina’s latest legal filings make Brad look better, when he is in fact awful: “I’m not saying she’s perfect, or the sanest person around,” said a source who worked with Pitt and Jolie when they were together. “But he wore the pants in that relationship . . . He’s much tougher than he lets on. That boyish, good guy image is just an image.”

[From Page Six]

After that, Page Six begins to detail some of Pitt’s recent catastrophes, like the legal mess with lighting designer Odile Soudant, who worked on the Chateau Miraval in France and is “still embroiled in lawsuits with Pitt more than 10 years after he asked her to create a multimillion-dollar design.” He bankrupted her when he didn’t pay her for her work, AND he took credit for her design and she’s already been awarded $750K in damages. Page Six also notes that there’s another hearing in New Orleans about the decrepit and unliveable Make It Right homes, but that so far, Brad has been able to “duck and drag out” the lawsuits brought by homeowners.

Anyway, of course Angelina wants to be divorced. Would you want to be married to him? I mean, realistically? No. Their divorce was already bifurcated, so all they’re fighting over now is the money, the kids and the judge. And I just don’t see how the judge can avoid being kicked off the case, so yeah, of course it’s going to drag on a bit further. Interesting about how the kids are still in therapy because of Brad’s actions too.

Angelina Jolie departs after a Sexual Violence seminar at The BFI in London

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

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  1. Ana Maria says:

    I like them both and I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle of both camps but daaamn, what happened on that plane??

    • Mumzy says:

      I expect what happened on that plane was nothing new—if unusual, it may have been an escalation of what was surely ongoing inexcusable behavior. Most likely it was the last straw atop a long-building pile of atrocious incidents.

  2. Noki says:

    I think Angelina was probably happy for them to never get married,he seemed like he was the one who truly wanted it more after years of saying they wouldnt marry until same sex marriages were legal. He is using his money and power to keep her ‘married’ to him. I dont recall him and Aniston having such a drawn out divorce(although kids factor different outcomes)

  3. Darla says:

    “I’m not saying she’s perfect, or the sanest person around,” said a source who worked with Pitt and Jolie when they were together. “But he wore the pants in that relationship . . . He’s much tougher than he lets on. That boyish, good guy image is just an image.”

    Whatever the deal is with AJ, and I doubt she’s what most here believe she is, you will rarely go wrong betting that the male involved is a monster. Sorry, just a fact, borne out by all known statistics, forever. And also, forevermore.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      So she’s a normally flawed human being who is at least stable enough to raise 6 kids and manage a diversified public and creative career, and he’s a controlling prick whose flaws extended as far as addiction and, apparently, abuse.

      Both are actors who stage-manage their public images but it seems one has to work harder at it.

      • Kebbie says:

        I took Darla’s comment to mean Angelina seems like she’s tough and has a hard shell, but she’s softer than that and Brad is possibly a monster. I took it as positive towards Angelina or at least more so than Brad.

    • Covidwho says:


      Yup, I read and listen to a lot of true crime and the amount of abuse and murder committed by men who are suppose to love their partner is disgusting. It’s men, it’s real, it’s a fact.

      I read a stat that said 20% of deaths of pregnant women are cause by their domestic partners. SMFH

  4. Sierra says:

    4 years and still in therapy? How much damage and abuse did Brad do to those children?

    The judge should be removed because even in his response, he is using Brad’s lawyer’s arguments.

    Angelina did an interview recently for Ivan and she looks absolutely glowing and happy. I believe Samantha has done her research and brought the receipts to the case.

    With William Barr as AG, I don’t have faith in American justice system so I hope I am proven wrong and the judge removed. And Brad’s team sanctioned.

  5. minx says:

    What a mess.

  6. Myra says:

    If he has all those other legal dramas, I can understand why he keeps requesting for extensions on his financial disclosures. He should settle his divorce quickly so that he can focus his time on making it right with the foundation he abandoned. It took 10 years to settle a case with a different lady? Looks like a pattern to me.

  7. MarcelMarcel says:

    Brad Pitt’s behaviour looks so dodgy with coupled with the New Orleans fiasco and refusing to pay a designer. I don’t need to know what happened on the plane because his acrimonious business paint an unflattering picture.
    What has been said about Angelia mostly feels like untrue speculations. Because she has only referenced the divorce in the vaguest terms. And her press leaks after she fired Laura Wassner. Like she might not be perfect but at least she refuses to hurt her children by weaponising PR.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      There’s an ugly pattern here – and it is making him look bad.

      • MarcelMarcel says:

        It totally is. Sidebar- I love your handler! I’m very excited to see the Hilma Af Klint documentary this year. I’m such awe of her talent and how her art speaks to a singular vision.

  8. Zut alors says:

    Have a lot of kids in haste, repent at leisure. Sounds like that relationship and marriage was a sh!tshow for a long time. Both put on a good public show but looks like it was a nightmare behind the scenes.

    • Observer says:

      Yup. They were also always very different people so for them to have moved as quickly as they did building a family, it’s no surprise it all imploded so dramatically.

    • Heylee says:

      This. So much this. It’s heartbreaking because no matter what the truth is this situation was obviously a dysfunctional mess for a while.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I know it wasn’t a popular opinion at the time of the plane incident, nor is it now…but I agree. I think their relationship was struggling and the wedding was a last-ditch effort to try to make it. I think there was likely abuse going on (Pitt verbally/emotionally abusing Jolie) and that Pitt hitting Maddox “not in the face” (that will NEVER not be a terrible phrase to me) is what prompted THE END.

      almost like she was willing to put up with whatever he was throwing at her because kids/family and wanting to try to keep it intact but the minute it was her kid in the line of fire she was like “NO GD WAY, MFer” and that was that. I just hope she and her kids come out of this OK.

      • Sierra says:

        Unfortunately a lot of women accept abuse as long as the children don’t get abused. And I agree that as soon as Brad turned towards the children, Angelina was out of there.

      • Myra says:

        It kind of explains why she looked sad at the wedding and why it was said at the time that the children had persuaded them to marry. Maybe they thought it would save the relationship.

        But this idea that having many kids led to the demise of the relationship does not hold. My father and mother had only two. He was an alcoholic and abusive partner, including once chasing my mother around the house with a knife. My ex was (is) an alcoholic too. It took some years for me to realise that he did not just enjoy having a drink, he could not, not drink. He was also a functioning alcoholic, so I could never tell when he was drunk, just that his behaviour became more aggressive. On a good note, he never had a public image to protect, so I was not blamed for the demise of our relationship.

    • Kebbie says:

      I think the nightmare behind the scenes part is probably why the kids are still in therapy and some aren’t talking to Brad. One incident doesn’t cause that kind of estrangement, IMO. That seems more like prolonged behavior either towards her or them that they just want to get away from to me.

      And yeah, I still don’t understand how they managed to stay together for 12 years. I guess the family building offered them a lot of “honeymoon phase” years.

      They made a big to-do about how the kids wanted them to get married, and I’ve always thought maybe the kids thought marriage would stabilize an unstable relationship.

    • Lady D says:

      I agree, Myra. It wasn’t the # of children that led to the demise of their marriage or drove him to drugs and alcohol. Their life was probably hell for years before that.

      • Myra says:

        When his first marriage ended, it was ‘Oh, they didn’t have kids, he wanted children so bad’. His second marriage ends, it’s ‘Oh, they had too many kids, too fast’. There is a common denominator in both – it’s him. We cannot keep blaming his wives and children for the deterioration of their relationship with him. Years ago, I saw comments blaming Maddox. We cannot keep giving Brad Pitt a pass, no matter how good-looking or charming he may be.

      • Zut alors says:

        I cannot stand Brad Pitt and have been side eying him in this relationship since 2007. The family went from one child, Maddox at the beginning of 2005 to six, when the twins were born in 2008. You think that wasn’t impactful? Angelina bore the brunt of the child rearing duties with the help of the nannies. Why this dynamic took hold and went on for as long as it did, is a head scratcher for me. She took a step back from her career and it seems like she was the one always making sacrifices. And now look at her, a single mother of six, something I don’t believe she set out to be. On top of which, she lost her autonomy. She’s forced to live in LA, and cannot travel at will as she used to like in the days when she had just Maddox (pre pandemic of course). I’m sure there were pretty glaring problems over the years that were glossed over and not addressed.

      • Myra says:

        Maybe I am projecting with my own personal history but I feel alcohol would have more of an impact on the relationship falling apart than the number of children involved. I do agree with your sentiments that with the changed dynamic in the relationship brought by the quick addition of children, probably meant that over time Angelina focused more on the children. I also don’t doubt that they loved each other and both love their children. He too was a victim of his addiction, but it is his family that was hurt and afraid in the process. A better man would care less about his public image and more about repairing the damage done. That is where he falls short today

  9. Whatever says:

    I think Angelina comes off looking more than ok in this piece. She is obviously still hurt and grieving. And she wants to protect her kids. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

    Brad, on the other hand, comes off very poorly. He cheated a French businesswoman out of money and credit; he made a mess in La. and is walking away from his ego project. And he’s all about his public image. Ouch!

  10. DS9 says:

    So Brad is eyeballs deep in these business filings that are affecting his financials while Jolie’s raking in Disney money and I’m supposed to believe it’s Angie dragging shit out to avoid sharing custody?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      It’s like he’s saying she’s still emotionally hung up on him and can’t tear herself away. Feh. He’s going to have a really hard time being and getting older because there are handsome young men coming into the public eye all the time.

    • Liolione says:

      Idk, Astrology-wise Gemini’s are likely to go through some rough months sept-nov and it ties down to their partners finances. It almost looks like they will be frustrated because their partner (or ex-Brad, they’re tied together bc of the kids), can’t get jobs or have jobs delayed. At least that money will be delayed.
      I would guess that Angie won’t get what they agreed on (child custody or something), in september. I also read somewhere Brad borrowed her about 8 million to purchase the house so the kids live there. Idk if it’s true, but her chart speaks of financial troubles and their partner is connected. That will be solved and turn out even better for her in late November-December.
      Of course it could also “business partner”, as in the people does movies with.

  11. MJM says:

    No AJ does want this to end Jaysus! Pitt is a grade A a*****e. He clearly cares more about his reputation than his kids covertly smearing their mother like that. Glad to hear he doesn’t see the kids that much.

  12. jen d. says:

    What I think will be really interesting is when Jolie starts publicly dating again. Pitt seems to really hang on to the desirable image. Making up romances (god, that Neri Oxman thing was embarrassing) and hinting that Jolie still wants to be with him really aren’t good looks. If Jolie starts dating and people pay attention to that he will not handle it well.

    And I think if she does date it will probably be an relative unknown, but can you imagine if she dated someone famous? Oh god I wish her and Charlize Theron would get together. I’m not sure if Theron is into women but it would be so amazing.

    • Sierra says:

      Keanu Reeves top pick followed by Colin Farrell or Richard Armitage…

      • Elena says:

        yes! yes! on Keanu. Brad will go ballistic!

      • jen d. says:

        Oh god Richard Armitage! Thank you for the RA love. Yes, a great pairing. He doesn’t seem intimidated by successful women at all, and he’d be really sweet. No Keanu Reeves for me just because I really like him with his girlfriend, and I think he’d be better off without the inevitable drama that would come with it. Colin Farrell always.

        Other picks:
        - Cary Fukunaga
        - Djimon Hounsou
        - Tom Hardy (who I realize is married, but I picked him out of avarice because I feel like it would make BP very insecure)
        - Viggo Mortensen
        - A triad with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.
        - an unproblematic world leader (this may be a difficult)
        - Henry Cavill (same reasons as Tom Hardy)

      • EliseM says:

        or Sam Heughan

      • Sierra says:

        @Elena: oh yeah, Brad would go supernova if it is Keanu. He literally cannot do anything to smear world’s most beloved celebrity.

        @Jen: I adore RA and yes, he seems nice, intelligent and not that intimidated by strong women either. Plus he is divine to look at and his voice is sigh worthy.

        @Elise: Sam is amazing in Outlander and possibly the next Bond.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “Oh god I wish her and Charlize Theron would get together.”

      eh, I think her days of dating women are over, BUT!…I would LOVE for those two to do an action movie together. a la Atomic Blonde meets Salt, initially to fight each other but then band together to defeat a common enemy. I mean, COME ON that would be so bad ass.

    • Malem says:

      idk why i kind of have a feeling her and cuaron have a thing. they are friends but they spent xmas together in salma hayek’s house in london with the eternals cast

  13. Deanne says:

    The way that Brad Pitt is so desperate to control the narrative of all of this makes him look really, really awful. AJ’s not perfect, but Brad certainly pretends to be and it makes me wonder what the hell happened on that plane. He still doesn’t have unsupervised custody after four years. If anyone’s trying to prolong the divorce, it’s him.

  14. Leigh says:

    It appears his favorite tactic is dragging out court proceedings until the other side gives up. He picked the wrong opponent with Angelina.

  15. Golly Gee says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the real news here is the fact that something negative is actually being written about God’s gift, Brad? Now we know for a fact that the kids are still traumatized, that he has less time with them ( does this mean supervised? ), and sources Implying that his image does not match his personality. His next PR attempt to offset this is going to be insane.

  16. ChellyPie says:

    I mean, 4 years though? This literally IS the longest divorce. To say “drag on a bit longer” sounds like they JUST filed. It’ll be 5 years & still ongoing, crazy

  17. Intheknow says:

    Brad seems incapable of getting out of a relationship without trashing the woman.

    • lucy2 says:

      And sitting quietly for years while tabloids and “fans” continued doing so. He skated by unscathed while people trashed both of his now ex wives.

  18. lucy2 says:

    Wow, I read up on that Odile Soudant lawsuit again. That was so wrong – hiring the artist, not paying her, hiring someone out from under her to do the project, and then Brad took credit for the ideas!
    I am a little curious how it ended up that he only was on the lawsuit – Angelina and Brad co-owned the estate, and still do I think? According to an article I read, parts of the installation are even visible in a commercial Angelina filmed there. Maybe that’s all part of the dragged out divorce too.
    The Make It Right stuff is all on him though, and I feel so badly for those people. Suffering on top of suffering, while he lives the high life.

    • Liolione says:

      He’s a sneaky business rat, that’s for sure!

      Just watched some interviews of him at the SBIFF talking about his career, and not only does he take credit for a lot of the ideas other film-makers he worked with had, he takes effort in always explaining how he was the initiator and the driving force in a lot of them. When complimenting someone, he can’t seem to stay away from bragging about himself and how he contributed to their success or how he was in involved somehow.

      His rhetoric is awful.
      It’s the same type rhetoric Trump uses to put himself in a better light and to turn the conversation back on him. I was geniuenly surprised at how he boasts. He’s also very clearly not in touch with reality and how incredibly privileged he is. I have a feeling he’s accustomed to certain way of life and a certain narrative about him, and is too narcisisstic to reflect on either.

      The more I see of him (and the more I study his astological chart, which is my favorite hobby, LOL), the more I see through the illusion of “Brad Pitt” in the media. He’s a sneaky ass person. A real snake.

      And emotionally unavailable. He comes off as warm and humble here and there, because that’s him image. But he’s extremely closed off and out of touch with his emotions. I’m guessing this is why the kids need 4 years in therapy. Emotional neglect and/or abuse is no joke!

  19. LioLione says:

    When I saw these photos back in november 2019 my first thought was: he’s not dating Alia but the girl he is talking to.
    Look at the body language!

    And now they’re been seen in France together! I KNEW IT!!!

    Appearantly she’s 27…

  20. LioLione says:

    Ooops! Forgot the links:

    This is from 2019.when he went to the Kanye thing and everyone thought he was dating Alia:

    And now:

    I’m so happy my intuition is so strong, but sad that it’s such a young woman and not someone more age appropiate.

  21. Andrea says:

    everyone is laughing and talking about the midlife crisis Brad Pitt for once you did something good you exposed all the nasty actors who hang out with girls who may be his daughters … you were the straw that broke the camel’s back … this is the downfall of all Hollywood pedophiles.