Amanda Seyfried: ‘My mom lives with us and is the third parent for us’

Amanda Seyfried lives on a farm in upstate New York with her husband of three years, Thomas Sadoski, and their three-year-old daughter, whose name they have not revealed. (You can google it, but I think it was only published once by People and deleted, so I’m not going to post it.) Amanda is not talking out of both sides of her mouth when it comes to her daughter. She’ll post a photo of her daughter with her face hidden, but she’s not like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard telling embarrassing stories about her while asking for privacy. She’s not cashing in on her mom image either. I appreciate that about her.

Amanda did an interview with John Molner, Katie Couric’s husband, on his Molner’s Table show. She said that her mom lives with her family and is her nanny. She was so grateful-sounding about that. Plus she very plainly trashed Trump without using his name and I’m always here for that. Here’s some of what she said and you can see the video below:

“Any role you turned down and regret it?”
Do I regret it? Maybe I don’t regret it but my agents sure do. Guardians of the Galaxy.

On her farm and daily routine
I live upstate [in New York] on a farm, it’s what I always wanted. I put roots down in 2014 here and now, with this pandemic, we’ve been able to just stay.

I usually get up around 8:30 to feed the animals. My mom lives with us, she’s our nanny. My life is awesome because she is the third parent for us. I am so lucky, I know I am. So when my daughter gets up she either comes in our room or she goes downstairs. If we’re still sleeping it’s great because she can hang out with my mom, she wakes up early.

Our family is still together [in] the pandemic. I definitely think my marriage is even stronger. This is hard for people.

“We messed this whole thing up [the pandemic]”
We? I’ve decided that I’m no longer a we. This isn’t on me. This is not on you. This is a “them.” I do think they are allowing people to perish for the sake of the election and that’s a fact.

“Katie [Couric] hosted this reunion of Parent Trap. She had Lindsay Lohan. Has there been a Mean Girls reunion?”
No, I don’t know why. There’s no time like the present. That would be really fun to do. Lacey [Chabert] and I keep in touch. Lacey was really my first close friend in Hollywood. And Danny [Franzese] and Jonathan [Bennett]. It would be really nice we could [do that].

[From Molner’s Table via People]

Amanda’s comments about her mom remind me of Elizabeth Warren’s speech for the DNC this year. She explained how, as a young mom, she thought she would have to give up her job as a teacher because she couldn’t take care of her babies and work. Her aunt Bee moved in and stayed for 16 years! In another segment at this year’s DNC a Texas firefighter was part of a panel of working people talking to Joe Biden about the American dream. (That’s at 1:10 into Day 4.) He was a single dad and said something similar, that his retired parents were helping him raise his daughter and that he wouldn’t be able to work without their help. That’s how we used to raise kids, with inter-generational help, but things have changed and the childcare crisis has been made so much worse by the pandemic.

Also I completely agree with her about this administration deliberately killing people, but you already knew that.

Her mom looks young!

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  1. HufflepuffLizLemon says:

    I remember the scandal when she and Sadowski got together, but they seem drama free these days. Good for them!
    My parents moved to ATL when it became clear that we had put down roots and decided to stay here and I am eternally grateful. It has made such a difference for our family. I don’t necessarily want them living with me, but they are 15 minutes away, and it is wonderful.

  2. Embee says:

    This all sounds good and sweet. I would absolutely do the same for my daughter. My parents are very uninvolved with their grandchildren and it’s a pity. Having raised my daughter alone I could have used some help and even my sister (who was in a stable marriage throughout her daughters’ early years) bears some resentment for the “I’m only here for the snuggles” approach to grand parenting. I will absolutely jump in and it will be with joy.

  3. sue says:

    I forgot that she has this embarrassing tattoo on her foot. (it says “minge”). Makes me cringe!

  4. SJR says:

    I like this interview and I agree that she is lucky.
    If they all get along it’s pretty great to have everyone together, and I’m sure being on a farm is very nice for this time. Go outside, take a lovely walk, with dogs, nap, enjoy.

    Good for them. Do whatever you can to keep on going, if you can be happy with your loved ones you really are lucky.

  5. Caitlin Bruce says:

    I will never get over the rumour about her having an affair with Peter Sarsgaard, the rumours about her getting in the way of Dominic Cooper and his girlfriend after her and then she also had an affair with Thomas her now husband who was married or at least committed with someone and they had a child. She always came across as so sweet and genuine and now I just don’t trust her. I’ll give a person one chance to make a stupid heartbreaking mistake but when it becomes a pattern that person can not be trusted.

    • detritus says:

      Seems like the consistent piece is men willing to cheat, no?

      I have no love for people who get their rocks off on power tripping (breaking up relationships, ‘seducing’ married folk and the like), but the real people at fault are those who betrayed their vows.

    • Jules says:

      @Caitlin I never heard a thing about her and Peter Saarsgard. That would one is most likely made up. The Dominic Cooper comes from when she said in an interview that’d he’d always be special to her, despite them moving on. And then she added that she did like his girlfriend, but her comment was inarticulate and became a source of debate. But she never tried to break them up. He was an intense first love for her though, sure.

      As for her now husband the reason they seen scandal free these days is because they always were! His marriage was over but it wasn’t immediately made public. He may not have been officially divorced, but they were both moving on. If his and Amanda’s relationship weren’t real and only a tryst, the it would have ended right there. But it wasn’t and they are both rather decent people.

      Additionally, yes I’ll admit to liking her and at one point being a fan, so I often read her interviews…she talked about dating in NYC, her love of NY, family, living with her sister and eventually wanting to be married. It sounded that up until meeting her husband she def dated guys her own age.

      Also, publicists always wanted to reign her in because she can blunt and spoke about her BC and taking meds for her mental illness (remember her interview with Justin Timberlake?)

      If she had had a thing for married men specifically, it would DEF have come through. She’s not a celeb with an airtight PR image. So this comment is patently false.

  6. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    Off topic but thanks to this post, I finally solved the puzzle, why 9 months ago I went to the animal shelter to adopt a young, small, short-furred dog and came home with a 6-year old medium sized, very furry, chocolate-ginger border collie mix. My dog Luna looks almost exactly like Amanda’s Finn, but I haven’t seen his pictures in around 2 years and I forgot about him! It was a mystery to me why I chose her ( I looked at her and I knew that I needed to adopt her even though she doesn’t fit any of the boxes) and now I realized that’s because I used to swoon over Finn on this website, whenever you used to post about him. And that was the best decision ever. She is the best, loveliest dog I could have wished for.

    • ATLMathMom says:

      What a sweet story! I’m not a huge fan of Amanda, but I always love the pictures of her dog. He is so beautiful!

  7. Audrey says:

    8:30 seems pretty late to wake up and feed the animals… I thought farmers woke up at the crack of dawn.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you can train your animals to expect to be fed exactly when you feed them and not a moment before.

      One of my concerns about having more animals was about the early rise thing and someone explained to me that getting up at the ass crack of dawn feeding animals isn’t actually a requirement.

    • Nic says:

      I don’t have a farm but I have a mini pig, he would probably be annoyed if I woke him up early, he likes his sleep.

  8. mar says:

    Im obsessed with her dog for years now!!!!!!! He is stunning!!!!!!!!

  9. Marlowe17 says:

    I could care less about her past. Everyone has one and it’s petty to bring it up. Lovely to see a family helping each other. My friend’s mom, a widow, lives with them and it has been wonderful. The parents work full time, leave early in the mornings, and the mom helps with the kids in the morning and does the school run. She has her days free and cooks dinner for the family during the week. It’s been a win-win situation for all of them.

  10. Betsy says:

    I’m here for those forget me not flowers! Those look amazing!

    • detritus says:

      Honestly, being famous seems like it sucks, but to trade that for a beautiful space with doggies and gardens?

      I’d do it. She’s living my dream life.