Duchess Meghan ‘ignored’ advice from Duchess Camilla about ‘riding out the storm’

Buckingham Palace garden party

While I know that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is not anyone’s favorite royal person ever, I do think her life and her vibe perhaps deserve a closer examination. She was the subject of a massive hate campaign in her day too when she was outed as Prince Charles’ (married) mistress. The British papers always used the most unflattering photos of her, and there was a widespread conversation about “how could a man leave Diana for Camilla.” Camilla weathered it as aristocrats often do: she never said anything, she played the long game and she stayed close to power. She allowed Charles to “Pygmalion” a middle-aged divorcee/mistress into the stately-yet-boozy Duchess of Cornwall, complete with a new wardrobe, new ashy blonde color treatments and a full PR blitz over the course of two decades. Camilla is so entrenched in the royal family now, she’s tasked with doling out advice to the new royal brides. She did that for Kate, and she did it for Meghan too. Only now the story is that “Meghan didn’t follow Camilla’s advice.”

The Duchess of Sussex ignored advice from the Duchess of Cornwall on how to deal with bad headlines in the media, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. In an effort to help the 39-year-old adjust to Royal life, Camilla invited Meghan to a private lunch before her marriage to Prince Harry to describe how she had been treated by the press following the death of Princess Diana and how she had coped with the pressure.

It is understood she advised Meghan to focus on the positives of her new role in the Royal Family and ‘ride out the storm’ of any negative press. Prince Charles offered similar advice to his son Harry. Yet Meghan later complained that she was not supported by the Windsors, famously telling an ITV documentary: ‘Not many people have asked if I’m OK.’

A friend of Meghan’s said: ‘Meg was really grateful to Camilla who was very supportive and invited her out for private lunches, particularly around the time of her marriage. She listened to her and understood that it’s really difficult joining the Royal Family from an otherwise ‘normal’ life. Much like Meghan, Camilla had experienced a lot of negative press and hostility from courtiers due to her relationship with Charles when he was still married to Diana. She was very sensitive to Meghan and provided her with support, advising her to ride out the storm and that it would all pass – but ultimately Meghan didn’t listen.’

A palace aide said: ‘The Duchess of Cornwall does understand what it’s like to come from a normal life and then land in the completely extraordinary world that the Royal family exist in. As a consequence, she tries very hard to make people welcome and help them find their feet, and has done so for many years. Her consciously offering to mentor and guide is something that she really does try and do. That applies to many people, not just the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex.’

Insiders claim that several meetings were held to ensure Meghan had sufficient resources for the issues that she wanted to promote, such as female empowerment.

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean… I think all things can be true at once. From Camilla’s perspective, she thought she did a lot to welcome Meghan into the royal fold and Camilla probably saw Meghan as an asset, not a threat. Camilla and Kate have never been particularly close because William and Charles are not particularly close, but there was an opportunity for Camilla, Charles, Harry and Meghan to get a lot closer and for Camilla to act as more of a mentor to Meghan. But I also think it’s absolutely true that Meghan felt like the royals just threw her to the wolves, especially starting in late 2018. When she complained about people not checking in or asking how she was doing, she was speaking more about the smear campaign which was absolutely pushed by various royal courts, including Clarence House.

And never forget: Camilla wanted Charles to marry Diana because Cammy thought Diana was a mouse who would be easily manipulated. I wonder what Camilla saw with Meghan?

Buckingham Palace garden party

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I’m sure she did offer advice and yes, Camilla can attest to the long game working out in the end.

    But, Camilla was not being dragged on social media daily. Social media has changed the media landscape incredibly.

    Also, i think Meghan was prepared for some negative press. I don’t think she was prepared for a year long smear campaign that was racist and xenophobic I don’t think anyone in the royal family offered support at that point because they couldn’t understand what she was going through (or, they were enabling it).

    • Brit says:

      These people are desperate for access that they’re using Camilla to spell it out that “ Meghan and Harry please come back and give us access” “ That’s all you had to do and we hope you all change your minds and come back to us” This is another variation of Arthur begging on Lorraine for Harry to return.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      This level of desperation from the RF and BM means that there is something afoot. Camilla is forever tainted. The mistress of Wales has not really been forgiven by the British public and invoking her name in this mess is the last thing the palace PR should be doing. Yes he kept her head down because she had no choice! Charles also spent millions on PR rehabilitating her image and giving her children a head start despite HM the Queen’s loathing of her. She is also a bit of a gossip so not saying much to the press worked in her favour to a certain extent. M did absolutely nothing wrong and Camilla should be the last person offering any sort of advice.

    • Myra says:

      I was about to say the same. Camilla was not the subject of a racist and xenophobic campaign. Asking a woman who was pregnant for the first time and had just given birth to a baby to ride out a smear campaign coming from all directions is not a practical advice. It is detrimental to her well-being and that of her child. If Camilla wanted to support Meghan, she should not only have reached out privately, but also publicly defended the new family, like Harry defended her. She would have ensured her household stayed well away from all that mess but as it was, one of the first shots against Meghan came from their court.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        Yes. And yet another way in which the situations aren’t comparable–Camilla got to have her pregnancies & raise her children out of the public eye. Ramping up the bullying during Meghan’s pregnancy was astoundingly cruel & nothing Camilla ever had to deal with.

      • Lisa says:

        Camilla did not come from a normal life – fancy aristocrat and also long standing affair with heir to the throne.

    • Betsy says:

      I think Meghan would have weathered even social media just fine, it was the betrayal from William that clinched it for Harry and Meghan. I think they all know, at least on paper, what being royal entails. I can’t blame them for getting out when it was clear that it was family that had not just thrown them under the bus, but done so repeatedly.

    • minx says:

      Camilla is a go-along-to-get-along person. She’ll be agreeable and pleasant but I don’t see her breaking her back for anyone but Charles.

      • NatureLover says:

        @ minx, let’s not forget that it wasn’t too long ago that the tampon tapes came out and she was dragged through the mud for years and has never been fully accepted into the British public. They see her as the enemy in the downfall of the marriage between C&D, and I would imagine for many Brits, that is still not an act that has been fully forgiven. As Camilla speaking with Meghan, Camilla has not one ounce of the realization as to the daily hatred and smear campaign that Meghan had to endure relentlessly from the moment the relationship was announced as it continues on to this day. I am certain that Meghan did appreciate the kind words of support from Camilla, but Camilla was clueless!
        And yet again, another smear, belittle, denigrate, and stab campaign towards Meghan by the British tabliars!

    • Tessa says:

      Charles hired an expensive person Mark Bolland for Camilla as far back as 1997. And in the eight years leading to the wedding she had plenty of PR and still does. Penny Junor is there to write flattering books about her. The works. Charles could have helped out Meghan also and ‘lent’ a good PR person to Meghan to work with her. Camilla also was in an entirely different situation, the ex married mistress and the other woman. She was given charities to work with before the wedding. He could have done more for Meghan.

  2. Brit says:

    Yeah no. I don’t believe this at all and this seems to be a BM/RR pipe dream. Remember Camilla had to go to the press because she was a whole mistress and personally hurt Princess Diana because of her affair with Charles. She had to kiss the media’s behind. Meghan did nothing at all besides be mixed race and American. This is the press saying that Meghan should’ve embraced us to give her good coverage and maybe things would’ve been different. The same thing Arthur Edwards said a week ago. They wanted to damage her reputation so badly, so that they would have her under their control. This is all about control and manipulation and they’re angry because Harry and Meghan got out and dipped. They see the American press out scooping them and they hate it. They’re stuck with boring, bland royals who can’t leak anything to the press anymore. Nothing is going their way and they’re traumatized. Another form of the blame game to absolve the royals and media of the attacks and smearing they put that woman through.

    • A says:

      I mean, Diana did play ball with the press. And look what happened. It’s not as if they offered her any better coverage as a result. She was angry about that all the time, that she played by their rules, and they still trashed her.

    • Rage647 says:

      “They wanted to damage her reputation so badly so that they would have her under their control” THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN! THE GOOD LORD HAVE TO COME DOWN AND TELL ME IT AIN’T SO! They never wanted her to leave! They just wanted her to play the game! They tried to use the same playbook as before. Bad press for access! That’s why the attacks keep ramping up during the pregnancy because it was lots of money to be made from that!

  3. Osty says:

    camilla was hated cos of her deeds not the same as Meghan who Was hated just for existing, camilla was dragged in the media only , Meghan in the media as well as social media. Also how can camilla advise Meghan on racism n classicism?

    • Angel says:

      Exactly, Camilla was hated because of her own actions. Meghan had to deal with lies on daily basis with zero support.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      As a Brit I can tell you that Camilla is still hated by huge sections of the public. Her actions were despicable and deceitful and Charles will never be a popular monarch as a result of their infidelities. If they push this narrative too far H may jolly well burn the whole place down.

      • Nyro says:

        Camilla and that whole damn family better prepare themselves because the Princess Diana season of The Crown is coming at the end of the year. Just in time for people to see the parallels in the family’s treatment of Meghan and Diana and just in time to remind the world how cruel Charles and Camilla were.

    • sunny says:

      This! These situations have very little in common aside from a rabid British press. The circumstances are so different, that I doubt Camilla’s advice(if given) could have proven in any way useful. What was Meg supposed to do? Stop being black? Stop being American?

      • Thirtynine says:

        Exactly. And Camilla did not face issues with racism, and was not alone in a strange country- her family had links to the royals for generations and she was well entrenched in society. She had plenty of support in the background the entire time, even throughout her affair. Charles went to great lengths to to change the press around Camilla, but Meghan was expected to just put up with it. Their situations could not be more different.

    • Tessa says:

      Meghan was never given a chance by the media and on social media. She still isn’t. She is taunted and vilified and a made up scenario about Harry being a ‘wimp’ and she ordering him around. It is really ugly.

  4. Darla says:

    Well, maybe since Meghan didn’t sleep with a married man nearly from the moment he married her hand-picked “mouse”, Meghan didn’t feel she earned any bad press and that their situations weren’t comparable. Just a thought. I dunno.

  5. Sofia says:

    I can see how Camilla might have said that because it might seem to her and other people that she sort of just sat there doing nothing and everyone just started liking her after a while.

    Which is true. Camilla didn’t do much herself but there was a PR blitz for Camilla that Meghan never had. She had Charles and the Palace’s support through the aides whereas Meghan really only had Harry’s support. So it’s not entirely true that Camilla “rode out the storm”. There was a concentrated effort from then palace to help her ride it but also to lessen the storm. Meghan didn’t have any of that.

    Camilla also had the advantage of William and Harry being adults so the press focused on them. George is 7 so it’s about a decade more before he’s 18. Was Meghan expected to just sit it out for at least another 11 years and HOPE the press would just give up on her (without any sort of PR campaign from the palace)?

    • MaryContrary says:

      Yes-Charles ensured that there was a solid PR campaign for her-that’s completely different than sitting back and ignoring it.

      • Rebecca says:

        There’s an entire documentary about Charles’s PR guy, Mark Bolland, and all the machinations he pulled to get positive press for Camilla. As well, this had been in the works while Diana was still alive, and was put on the back burner bc Diana died.

        As it were, Charles and Camilla were going to have their couple debut at some event in Sept /Oct 97, but Diana died.

        The fact this story is that Camilla sat by and rode out the storm is and has always been BS cooked up by the tabloids.

        That narrative is part of the PR spin.

      • Tessa says:

        Not everybody cares for Camilla but she will be consort. I also don’t see her in any position to give advice. She could have suggested to Meghan that she hire a good PR person to help out and Charles could have done something also.

  6. Ginger says:

    It was more than Camilla riding it out. Didn’t Prince Charles hire a team to rehab her image? Harry is on record saying how much they all like Camilla. The family didn’t support Meghan at all.

    Since it was outed that Kate didn’t lift a finger for Meghan and now we have Camilla offering advice and Meghan didn’t take it? Come on. The constant spin is making me dizzy.

    • Lizzie says:

      It was reported that Camilla was against William marrying Kate, thinking her own popularity would deminish. They are all sooooooo petty.

      • Alexandria says:

        Reported by who? If it’s DM and the likes maybe that’s just rubbish fed by Carole?

        I find this story rubbish too, it’s like they’re throwing everything at the wall just to talk about Meghan. As if Meg’s friend would engage with them.

        If it’s Clarence House feeding the DM, then they’re dumb AF. As many here have said, they actually did something wrong and of course she had to ride it out. Duh.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Exactly. I think the Royals / DM are still trying to patch up any damage caused by FF. The book says Meghan was not supported and across the pond the only person they could come up with as offering any support at all to refute this claim is Camilla. And it sounds like that was before the wedding , not when things really went to hell.

    • Sid says:

      Yes, Charles made rehabbing Camilla’s image an entire project. IIRC, his team was even leaking stories to the tabloids about how William and Harry had come to accept her and like her.

      The fact that the BRF and their media teams would open the Pandora’s box that is the Camilla saga in order to try and clean up their mess from the weekend tells me they have completely lost the plot and don’t know how to recover. The last thing they should want is Twitter going down that rabbit hole and dragging up every messy bit of that tale.

  7. Sarah says:

    Yeah, NO. Sure they both married into the BRF and yes Camilla had a ton of bad press but it in no way compares to the active and passionately nasty hatred and vitriol thrown at Meghan. This was an active campaign (involving members of the family) to get rid of her/them and it was never going to stop. I mean look at it – they have now gone and the campaign continues – see yesterday’s post about her voting comments.

    I also agree with Becks1 comment about how social media has changed the landscape. Plus comments on online articles.

  8. Aa says:

    Of course Camilia rode it out. She had no where else to go.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Excellent point!

    • taylor says:

      yes! also, camilla and kate at least have being queen (consort) to look forward to. what the heck would motivate meghan to stay? living a life like sophie? being a perfect, devoted servant of the monarch to still be treated like an afterthought by the public? nah, meghan (and harry) had too much potential.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:


    • Nyro says:

      Exactly. This is why they were so enraged about Meghan staying in contact with her management and PR team back in the US, trying to mock her as cheesy and “Hollywood” in hopes that she’d part ways with Sunshine Sachs. They wanted to shame her into dropping her management so that she’d become isolated and completely dependent on The Firm. It’s the same reason they birch and moan about her not using the Karen’s doctors during her pregnancy. It’s why they’d pissed she’s not using the queen’s lawyers for her tabloid lawsuit, instead using her own badass American suits, pun intended.😘 Nope, Meghan had a life and career, and all the contacts that come with it, built over a span of nearly 20 years. She had options, unlike Camilla and Kate. A better life and better opportunities was always waiting in the wings for her. That made things easier for Harry as well. She had her own trusted team and they hated that.

    • lily says:

      Exactly. Camilla and Kate will eventually not have to be subordinate to anyone for being queens, however Meghan will have to be subordinate to William and Kate …. that is why they leave.

  9. ABritGuest says:

    Interesting that CH are pushing angle of how Camilla took Meghan aside, welcomed her to the family& tried to give advice etc after articles last week that Kate was far too busy to give a helping hand…It is true that Camilla was one of the few in the family to say something positive about Meghan publicly with that ‘America’s loss is Britain’s gain‘ line.

    I can see Camilla being like you didn’t get bread loaves thrown at you hunny! And how Camilla was hated still impacts today with Charles recently assuring that she will be Princess consort not Queen consort.

    Difference is Camilla& Charles did something wrong. And Camilla wasn’t passive about the bad press- she was briefing sympathetic reporters and people like Penny Junor with her side. Charles had a good PR person at work on her behalf. She did an interview with the Fail last year and has generally been very friendly to the press.

    I think this is trying to spell out Meghan should have given access. But I think the press’ aggressive stance towards Meghan from the start & how they clearly used Thomas Markle and that pap pic scandal etc to humiliate her, made it hard to find or want to engage a sympathetic press ally. I think some of reporters do actually hate Meghan in a way they didn’t Camilla. Not to mention how social media has amplified the hate and the royal reporters have worked with concert with social media trolls.

    Another difference is Meghan has been really dehumanised by the press AND they were trying to sabotage her work in a way that was dangerous to her eg Telegraph mosque article after the cookbook.

    And when Camilla joined the family I don’t recall people within the Firm actively briefing the press against her unlike with Meghan. In fact people like Harry stuck up for Camilla saying people should feel sorry for her and that she made Charles happy. William and Harry were pictured laughing with her at events. Of course that made a difference to her public acceptance. How much of a difference would have been made if someone in the family had done similar for Meghan? They didn’t- either because they didn’t want to get involved or some wanted her gone.

    • Brit says:

      Yep. Her and Harry didn’t give the reporters access willingly, so they smeared them to get them to run to the press. They just didn’t expect them to leave and they’ve been dropping hints about the access game for years now but they don’t realize how unprofessional and ridiculous that makes them.

    • Harper says:

      Or how much of a difference would it have made if young Wills was calling up young Wooten and saying hey, I’ll feed you some scoops about Camilla if you lay off my drunken womanizing.

    • A says:

      And here’s the thing. Meghan did give the press access, in a way that addressed their professional concerns. She would make sure they had comfortable spaces to set up, that photographers could get good shots of her coming in and out of events, because she knew that publicity is a necessity. She would schedule her events to ensure that the press could get from one place to another with enough time.

      The photogs and others who interacted with her on that basis didn’t have any issues, and were in fact quite grateful that she was thoughtful, in comparison to William and Kate, who would purposefully take a different entrance to prevent photographers from taking pictures of them entering, would keep their heads down so that the shots weren’t good enough for print, etc.

      And the stuff that these people liked about Meghan are the same sorts of things they like about Camilla. She is friendly, engaging, thoughtful, is ready to have a good laugh (at her own expense if need be), takes things that don’t go to plan in a stride, etc. She is nice to the press, in perhaps the only way that public figures *should* be nice to the press.

      When people say that Camilla ignores the press, what they mean is that she seems, outwardly, like she ignores the bad press. But…that speaks to how good her PR people are. They figured out that there’s no getting around the infidelity. The stuff that happened with Diana, you can’t exactly counter that. The way everything happened, you’d get laughed out of the room if you tried to defend yourself in the face of it all, which is what happened to Charles.

      And let’s also not forget, Diana is no more. That’s a *huge* factor in how well Camilla is treated. It’s doubtful if she would have escaped unscathed if Diana had still been alive and active in contributing to the press narrative. And what no one seems to realize is that the press would still throw Camilla over a hedge for a good story. Especially if it’s another addendum to the whole War of Wales saga, even though 33% of the participants are dead.

      I don’t blame Camilla for thinking it all blew over because she “sat it out.” She sat out the death of the key factor that would have ensured there was constant money for the tabloids in pursuing the narrative that trashed her. Can you imagine if Diana had been alive, and Charles married Camilla, or tried to? Woof. From that perspective, Camilla really just has no leg to stand on, and I say that nicely, because I think she means well. But come on. There is nothing resilient in this, really. And the fact that people think there is speaks to the excellent work that’s been done to repair Camilla’s image.

  10. Jegede says:

    The family’s PR pushback against FF continues apace.🙄

    I thought they were going to ‘rise above it’ and not contribute to the noise??🤔🤔

  11. Izzy says:

    Um. It’s since come out that Cam’s husband at the very least knew that the palaces were the source of a lot of the stries used to abuse Meghan, and quite likely that Charles’s own staff participated. Why would Meghan take advice from someone who is essentially one of her abusers?

  12. Bren says:

    Are they purposely being obtuse? There’s no comparison between Camilla taking a beating by the press because she was the mistress and Meghan taking a beating because she’s a biracial woman of black American descent. No amount of spin will change that fact.

    I remember Meghan’s first garden party look was widely criticized at the time, but it turned out to be one of her best “royal” looks, imo.

  13. Lauren says:

    Camilla had no choice, but to ride it out. She chose to be the mistress of a married man and sorry not sorry deserved to be dragged through the mud together with Charles. Meghan is being dragged just for existing, for being a black woman one of whitest institutions in the world, for being a self-assured, self made, modern, outspoken woman. She doesn’t have to ride out anything. F*ck all of them.

  14. M Narang says:

    I find it hard to believe that a friend of Meghan’s is talking to the Mail on Sunday. I think this is just House Clarence trying to get the upper hand over House Kensington contrasting Camilla “welcoming ways” towards Meghan while Kate was indifferent and then envious.

    Also how was Meghan suppose to ride it out when she was being attacked from within the palace walls?

    • Jegede says:

      “I think this is just House Clarence trying to get the upper hand over House Kensington contrasting Camilla “welcoming ways” towards Meghan while Kate was indifferent and then envious.”

      Esp as this is coming from Emily Andrews.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      That is a very astute observation. All the houses stink to high heavens. Even Sofiesta tried to join the ‘welcoming party’ narrative. They are such a disgrace and their brands are tainted.

    • kerwood says:

      Good point. One of the main questions people are asking is ‘why did the rest of the family stand quietly by while the Duchess of Sussex was savaged by the press?’ Camilla is trying to throw Kate and William under the bus.

  15. Nina says:

    Camilla and Charles both married were cheating on their spouses. Camilla was manipulative with Diana.
    How can she give advice to Meghan? Why would meghan listen to her?

  16. taylor says:

    one of my favorite things about meghan is that she was not willing to ride it out. she valued herself enough to recognize that being in the institution was not worth her autonomy, and understood that she was capable of so much more than one day serving, and being beholden to king william. thank goodness harry had already come to that conclusion about himself.

    also lol at “a friend of meghan’s” yeah ok dm

  17. Crowned Huntress says:

    The rehabilitation they did to Camilla’s reputation is truly astonishing. She was an active participant in ruining another woman’s life because neither she nor Charles were bold enough to fight for their relationship. It took Diana’s misery & death for them to get their wish & it’s just…wow.

    I understand William & Harry like her & good for them for being able to make peace with their mother’s tormentor but that history would give me pause in taking much advice from her because she’s smiled in Diana’s face for years while doing her dirt with her husband from the very beginning.

    I can see why Meghan was wishing for Kate’s support & may have felt unsure of anything Camilla had to say.

  18. tolly says:

    Are we supposed to believe that a “friend of Meghan” is lavishing praise on Camilla and blaming Meghan for ignoring her brilliant advice? I don’t.
    One big difference in how things played out for Camilla: Charles whipped his house in line. There was absolutely no one fighting his PR efforts from inside the palace. Courtiers may not have liked Camilla, but they behaved like people who expected serious consequences if they stepped out of line. With Meghan, they behaved like people who knew they could get away with anything.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Yes! The courtiers knew they could get away with dishing out a load of crap because they were so used to Harry being a whipping boy. What they didn’t reckon with was his leaving.

  19. aquarius64 says:

    The Camilla story is proof that FF has done significant damage to the BRF and the press. Piers and the rest of the media crime syndicate are throwing fits because they can’t control the sixth in line to the throne and his consort like it can control two future monarchs and their wives. The House of Windsor is a royal house of ill repute.

  20. CindyP says:

    This narrative that Camilla came from a “normal” life & could relate to Meghan is absurd. She grew up in aristocratic circles & was part of Charles’s social set. Her 1st husband, a military officer had close proximity to the Queen. Her great grandmother, Alice Keppel, was King Edward VII mistress.

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla also was the long term mistress and she was flattered and fawned over by those in Charles circle.

  21. Myra says:

    Meghan was the best thing that could ever happen to this monarchy. All their sins and scandals have suddenly been washed away and forgotten. Suddenly the monarchy is this bastion of morality and virtue. Adultery? No, it was true love – a tragic love story. The biracial one with the stellar reputation before joining them is obviously the problem here.

  22. Islandgirl says:

    Two things:
    ..it has been acknowledged that the smear campaign originated inside the palaces …so no they didn’t offer support they were actively involved in setting the narrative
    The rehabilitation of Camilla was a family pr campaign ..the narrative of Meghan breaking protocols and being a diva was a family pr campaign
    Even if the above was not true ….advice before you get married and no support in the midst of the storm is not support. They call themselves a “firm”. You don’t only provide advice to a new hire you actively support, especially during that first year.
    I saw excerpts from another article which mentioned this point..but they could only provide information on things done prior to the marriage or immediately after. Perhaps because they did nothing after they orchestrated the smear campaign.

  23. Edna says:

    M&H are on record as having no contact with the Daily Heil and other British tabloids. And no “friends” of theirs would be speaking to a tabloid. So, this anonymous friend must be a courtier.

    It’s absolutely mind boggling the fan fiction that gets written in the BM. The constant contradictions give you whiplash. It’s as if they’re still operating in a pre social media world where it was easier to tell lies and no one could check the veracity. Today, things live forever on the internet and receipts can be shown for everything.

    And when will the BM leave Harry and Meghan alone? They’ve left, they’re not coming back and want nothing to do with the BM. Why is that so hard to accept?

    • Brit says:

      They don’t want to accept it. They’re hanging on for dear life because Harry and Meghan are the only interesting and dynamic royals. Let’s be honest, no one cares about the rest. Harry and Meghan also stood up to them and won’t back down from them. They don’t know what to do because the leaks have stopped, Covid has them losing money and employees and they see the worlds press getting exclusives before them. They’re traumatized because nothing is working to bring them back, drop the lawsuits and embrace the RR/BM, which is ultimately what they desire.

    • Nyro says:

      We’re supposed to believe that this tabloid, which is being sued by Meghan, has access to a Sussex friend who’s happy to throw Meghan under the bus for Camilla, telling the world how C supposedly went out of her way to befriend and help ungrateful Meg, yet this same friend couldn’t tell them that Harry and Meghan bought a house two months ago? Lol, ok.

  24. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Let’s ask: “what has Andrew been doing today?” And ask that question again, and again, and again until all these hateful papers selling hateful stories and outright lies (remember the “I thought it would be fair” part of that interview?) have nowhere to go. Princey can’t hide behind his 96 year old mummy’s skirts any more. These squirrel stories have got to be called out every single day.

  25. AGreatDane says:

    Well obviously Meghan didn’t take the advice, why should she? She wasn’t raised to covet a title and she had a husband who wasn’t all that jazzed for “royal work” either. H+M have a global reach, the dreary House of Windsor was too small for them.

  26. Amy Bee says:

    It’s a lot easier “to ride out the storm” when you have the backing of the palace and a PR guru on the payroll. Furthermore, Camilla’s bad press was her own doing, Meghan didn’t do anything except be black and American. It would have been nice if the “support” Camilla gave to Meghan was public and this story would ring true if she didn’t complain to the press that Meghan stole her spotlight by posting a picture on instagram. Another thing, if she is supportive of Meghan, why are aides running to the press with story now. Clarence House willingly participated in the smear campaign against Harry and Meghan and they’re still doing it now.

  27. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Camilla saw what all of these fools saw: someone they could throw under the bus and smear and the racist UK press would take it and run with it.

    I also think she looked at Meghan and saw a pretty actress who she THOUGHT was maybe easy to control or manipulate. She THOUGHT the same thing about Diana. And was painfully wrong. TWICE.

  28. Mumbles says:

    If Charles’s reported nickname for Meghan was Tungsten for her strength and steeliness, I doubt Camilla saw her as a mouse.

  29. Mina_Esq says:

    Of course the circumstances of the two women differed, but I can see how their experiences may have had some overlap in terms of 1. Being attacked by the press 2. Rejected by the royal family for many years 3. Resented by a sizeable segment of population for ruining plans they had for Charles/Harry. I don’t believe Camilla offered any advice though. I don’t think that’s how any of them roll.

  30. S808 says:

    They were in 2 different situations:
    - Camilla’s bad press was her own doing for fucking a married man and helping to ruin his wife’s life cause she wouldn’t marry him originally. She didn’t experience any racism or xenophobia and her hate wasn’t online and offline. She got an expensive PR makeover from her husband and the whole firm got behind it. She “rode it out” cause she had no choice and had the Firm’s support.
    - Meghan did nothing to deserve the mass hate she got. All of it was racism or xenophobia or sexist or a sick combo of them all. She got it for simply being. The palace was behind a large part of it. I’m sure she would’ve “rode it out” if she had the support from the firm but when your supposed family is not only not supporting you but actively fueling the fire what else is there to do but remove yourself? Also: Meghan had enough self respect to know that no position was worth the abuse. She left because she could. She had a life before royalty and knew she’d have a life afterwards. So I don’t blame her for disregarding Camilla’s advice. Clarence House isn’t innocent in all of this either.

  31. MsIam says:

    Nothing welcoming or nurturing about Camilla at least as far as her involvement with the royals is concerned. I think Diana called her “the Rottweiler“ for good reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was involved in the smear campaign against Meghan too, although I think that is more KP. I do believe she and Charles were behind the Tatler takedown of Kate though. Like someone up thread said, the aristo set are her people and Keeny Kate, the true Hope and jewel of the monarchy, has basically been trying to erase Camilla out of existence.

  32. Yvette says:

    As I recall, it was Prince Phillip who pushed Charles into marrying Diana because back then it was still preferred for a Crown Prince to marry someone … ‘unspoiled’ … I think that’s how they describe the ‘V’ word. Charles had to be talked into marrying Diana because he though she was too young. He had seriously dated Diana’s older sister, Sarah, as a contender for a while (he was dating Sarah when early teen-aged Diana first met him). But he had to break it off with Sarah after she divulged private information to the press.

    • Sid says:

      If you are a grown thirty-something-year-old who can be talked into marrying someone when you have reservations about it and you know your choice in spouse is critical due to your current and future position, well, I don’t know what to say. Growing up knowing that you are not the favored child of either of your parents really did a number on Charles.

      • FicklePickle says:

        I mean, this is the family where Mummy ordered her two eldest sons to divorce their wives because their marital strife was publicly embarrassing the family.

        AND THEY DID IT.

        Dysfunction, thy name be ‘Windsor’.

    • Hope says:

      Charles doesn’t take responsibility for his behavior Philip didn’t force Charles to be jealous and aggressive and mean to Diana. That was Charles all by himself. He’s a coward who took his resentment out on his young wife because he’s still scared of his parents.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles thought perhaps that Diana would accept any of his plans. After all, APB turned a blind eye to Camilla’s affair with Charles. Charles thought wrong.

    • Dilettante says:

      I think it was the Queen Mother, not Philiip, who was behind the requirement that Charles’ wife be ‘unspoiled”.

    • Tessa says:

      Sarah was never serious about Charles. She said publicly he was like a brother to her and that she did not love him. She was besotted with the Duke of Westminster not Charles. The DUke dropped Sarah and after that she briefly dated Charles. Ultimately Sarah married a cousin of Raine Spencer and they are married to this day. I don’t think Charles was serious about her. Philip never “ordered” Charles to marry Diana, the actual letter became known and he just told CHarles to let Diana go if he did not want to marry her. And considering the outcome of the marriage it was good advice. CHarles admitted some years later he did not love Diana. He was serious about Anna Wallace who dropped him when he danced the night away with Camilla and ignored her. Then later he wanted Anna back. She was not inexperienced.

  33. Sunnee says:

    This underlined how much the courtiers and RR are working together. They turned the “other woman” into the next Queen consort. So, yeah, Camilla needed them to rehab her rep. On the other hand Meg and Harry did nothing wrong, worked and had fresh ideas, yet the suits worked in concert with RR to tear at them. What they had, and what the suits didn’t know, is the M and H did not NEED the royal life. When walking away is not only easier, but more beneficial to your mental well being and your way of life, why would you stay? These courtiers and a lot of Brits thought Meg wanted to be royal so badly that she would kiss their butts. Um no. Obviously she wanted Harry and couldn’t give a fig about the title and the tiaras. Unlike Cam and K she has a sense of self worth greater than that. She is not afraid to work, and has made a good life back here in the U.S. She’s friends with Oprah, Michelle O and Kamala even quoted her. Meg and H. will be doing great things on this side of the pond, thank you very much.
    BTW, On Twitter David Simon came to her defense and dragged Wooten and Morgan. I also saw someone tweet that the U.K. can take a seat next to Portugal in the section “small countries that were formally powerful”. Lol

  34. TheOriginalMia says:

    Different situations entirely. Camilla was the mistress that broke up Diana’s marriage. She & Charles were rightfully dragged. It became worse when Diana died. Rightfully so. People were hurt and saddened and angry that Camilla and Charles got a longer life than Diana. Meghan isn’t Diana or Camilla. She was targeted simply because she was a black American coming into a lily white institution. The attacks were unhinged and unending with the assistance of the palaces and courtiers. As someone stated above, Charles didn’t slow the other palaces to work against him in Camilla’s rehabilitation. Meghan didn’t have that protection and she should have. She was truly innocent. All she did was marry Harry.

  35. ABritGuest says:

    I think if it was just the press being trash they might have stayed but it was the Firm also working against them and fuelling the negative press. Even if Sussexes gave the press access, the press would have maybe played nice until the next leak from a courtier so a no win situation. Especially as years until the kiddies are old enough to be the focus so Meghan would likely be the main target until then, and then Archie would be in the fray to be compared negatively to his cousins.

    Also just remembering how much press orchestration there was to get Camilla accepted. Remember the first appearance at the Ritz after Diana died and then those leaks about when she met William etc. So Camilla definitely didn’t just roll with it.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I think they would have stayed if the family and staff hadn’t worked against them. The press has been horrific but if they had the support and care from the family and institution then I think that it wouldn’t have affected their personal life so badly. I think that things behind the scenes were so much worse than what is officially know and that protecting their son was a major reason for leaving.

  36. A says:

    The only reason Camilla gets treated well by the press is because Diana passed away. So no, she didn’t sit it out. She got lucky. I like Camilla, I’m more compassionate of her fuck ups in some respects, but girl, come on. Come on. No one wants to say it because imagine how it would sound for Camilla to pin all her present good fortunes on Diana’s death. And we all know that if she ever did express this sentiment out loud where the press could hear it, they’d just die from the sheer ecstasy of being able to start up the whole story of Camilla the rottweiler all over again.

    And while we’re on the subject–the unforgiveable part of the affair wasn’t even the infidelity. It’s how they treated Diana in the process. Everyone in Charles’ circle really thought Diana was just a dumb dumb who would consent to having the wool pulled over her eyes, while they snickered at her behind her back, or they at least wanted her to play the part for the sake of appearances. Charles treated her like a crazy person for ever doubting him. Camilla thought Diana would cotton on to how things were done in these circles, wouldn’t object to it, and learn to accept it as a condition of being married to Charles and becoming Queen (hence why she dismissed her as a ‘mouse’).

    I really think, more than even the cheating, it was the way they treated her throughout the process of it all that really fueled Diana’s anger. It’s not even that Charles didn’t love her, or didn’t like her–he didn’t even respect her. Neither did Camilla. They expected Diana to be Kate, but she wasn’t.

    Things are different now. Expectations are different, obviously, with the younger crowd. Divorce is easier, and a lot less socially damaging to a person in these circles. So I don’t think Camilla thinks anything in particular of Meghan. Camilla had a personal investment with Charles that necessitated her figuring out who Diana was. There’s nothing like that here, so who knows what Camilla really thinks.

    • Sofia says:

      “It’s how they treated Diana in the process. Everyone in Charles’ circle really thought Diana was just a dumb dumb who would consent to having the wool pulled over her eyes, while they snickered at her behind her back, or they at least wanted her to play the part for the sake of appearances. Charles treated her like a crazy person for ever doubting him. Camilla thought Diana would cotton on to how things were done in these circles, wouldn’t object to it, and learn to accept it as a condition of being married to Charles and becoming Queen (hence why she dismissed her as a ‘mouse’).”

      Someone said it the other day (on here I think) but I’m repeating/paraphrasing it again because I think there’s some truth to it: Kate is what the palace wanted Diana to behave like. It’s probably why she got the order the next month after the rumours broke. She didn’t wear a “revenge dress”. She didn’t go and contribute to a “Catherine: In her own words”. She didn’t go to the press about William. She played her “part” and that was the BRF’s way of thanking her.

    • Sid says:

      So true. When I consider that Diana was barely out of her teens and with not much life experience when she married into this dysfunctional circus, it would have been completely understandable if she had just decided to stay quietly in her “role” and not rock the boat. I know she had her own issues and mistakes made along the way, but it says something that she was able to see that this was just not right and no one should be treated that way.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana put up with the charade for over 10 years, she put up appearances. But after a while it got worse, Charles visibly showed contempt for Diana, putting her down in public. He got her cheap presents but got expensive jewels for the Mistress. Stories were leaked about her to the media by Charles friends. She finally reached her limit and cooperated with Morton to get her side out.

  37. Izzy says:

    DM: our source said Meghan once said hello to her, she is TOO a friend of Meghan’s! *stamps feet

  38. Lisa says:

    Completely different situation and Harry and Meghan were right to remove themselves from the toxicity.

  39. Royalblue says:

    Clarence House we see your little elves are hard at PR work today. As so many other posters have noted this has CH fingerprints all over it to counter the Kate didn’t help narrative with a Camilla reached out to help narrative. Once again, giving the women all the heavy lifting responsibilities for the healing and repair of the relationship.

    What is more important is what is left unsaid. Charles never reached out to help Harry and sat by and did nothing. Charles is like a comic book villain and William is his sidekick.

  40. Annie says:

    I wonder if this was truly worth it for Megan. I don’t think so. It all imploded so fast and they have made her life so hard when she could just remain an actress and live her life. I’m sure she adores her son and Harry, but this has been a disaster. She sacrificed her entire life and her freedom for a guy with a very shitty family and the millions who ended up hating her too. I think Harry was naive to think his family would be supportive of a blsck woman in the Palace. I’m just glad Harry has stuck by her side, but I do hope they manage to stick together. I hope Harry stays strong and doesn’t end up abandoning them and running back to Grandma’s Palace. Be strong Harry!! You can’t trust those people anymore and what they’re doing will hurt your son too at some point.

    • mimi says:

      Hilarious concern trolling! Harry had better hope Meghan doesn’t dump him, not the other way around. He ain’t going nowhere.

    • kerwood says:

      Harry didn’t just ‘stick by her side’. He gave his family the finger and left with his wife and baby. Harry is lucky that Meghan stood by him. I don’t think I would have.

      • CrazyHeCallsMe says:

        Totally agree Kerwood. I would have bounced on Harry so fast his head would still be spinning. No way would I have put up with the crap Meghan did for love.

    • MsIam says:

      Sorry but that’s not happening. Even if they did divorce either Harry will stay in California at least until Archie is old enough to travel back and forth on his own or as part of the divorce he will buy Meghan a place in the U.K. Neither of them will abandon their child. They are both children of divorce and they know how the kids suffer.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    Well that’s … interesting! I’ve read about how crushed Camilla was by her bad reputation in the press and among the people prior to her (second) wedding day. That morning, she was in bed crying and saying she couldn’t go through with it. Maybe she’s not superhuman after all. Imagine that. Maybe she’d feel exactly the same as Meghan if she were in her shoes. It’s like no one took the time to empathize with Meghan and understand her specific situation as a free Black woman in a wretched wannabe leftover of a racist, murdering, evil empire. But they can’t because then they’d have to acknowledge their own complicity.

    Charles and Camilla have to live with the guilt of what they did to Diana, particularly in light of her subsequent horrible death. Even if they personally have no conscience about it, they have to live with the guilt the nation knows they bear. They have to be good and compliant.

    This unhappy, self-sabotaging family, I swear. So many divorces, so much cheating. Even Margaret’s husband physically abused her. I would leave too. I feel for Harry and Meghan because it’s hard to leave family when you’ve grown up in it, but they did the right thing.

  42. L4frimaire says:

    At this point I kind of don’t care what Camilla, or any of them, did or didn’t do. No one mentioned her before so why are they trying to bring her into this now. Tired of this. I feel like the book put an end to this particular chapter ( ha ha) in H &M time as senior working royals, so those still tying to argue this or that point about who did what in the palace or behind the scenes are just trying to spin and make themselves look better. The fact is the support was lacking, the hostility was blatant and encouraged, and they have left. The other dysfunctional royals can have England all to themselves.

  43. Lizzie says:

    Meghan did ride it out until Harry had his fill and they simply left. Meghan never had a sit down interview where she fired back at anyone. No ‘Andrew Morton’ moment from her.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      Exactly this. Meghan held her head up, did exactly what she said she would do, support the Monarch by supporting the charities in England that benefited that country to the best of her abilities. She smiled and did what was expected of her, was respectful to even the press who constantly maligned her and never hit back on any of them from what I could see. I don’t even think they were involved in the FF book besides NOT telling their friends to be silent.

  44. Islandgirl says:

    Two things:
    ..it has been acknowledged that the smear campaign originated inside the palaces …so no they didn’t offer support they were actively involved in setting the narrative
    The rehabilitation of Camilla was a family pr campaign ..the narrative of Meghan breaking protocols and being a diva was a family pr campaign
    Even if the above was not true ….advice before you get married and no support in the midst of the storm is not support. They call themselves a “firm”. You don’t only provide advice to a new hire you actively support, especially during that first year.
    I saw excerpts from another article which mentioned this point..but they could only provide information on things done prior to the marriage or immediately after. Perhaps because they did nothing after they orchestrated/assisted with the smear campaign.

  45. Olenna says:

    Meghan and Camilla’s name shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence. One is hated for just existing; the other is/was hated for adultery. This palace PR is beyond ridiculous and petty; it’s hateful and shameful.

  46. Jaded says:

    Let’s not forget Camilla’s snarky response “….of course….” and sly smile when asked if she’d miss Harry and Meghan. That was major shade. That woman has ice-water (and gin) running through her veins and I don’t believe for an instant that she gave Meghan anything more than cursory advice. This is just more palace spin.

  47. kerwood says:

    Camilla is the stand-in for Charles. They’re trying to tell us that if Camilla took Meghan under her wing, then Charles must have too. And it’s nice that Camilla tried to school Meghan about how hard her new life would be BEFORE she married Harry.

    But where was Camilla AND HER HUSBAND, when Meghan and Harry’s new baby was being compared to a chimp? Camilla played the long game and won because Diana died. There was no way on heaven or earth that she would have been able to marry Charles if Diana was still alive, no matter how many sleazebags Diana dated.

    I like Charles and I don’t dislike Camilla. But Camilla will always be about protecting Camilla. And Charles should be ashamed of himself because he allowed his son to be driven out of the country that Charles will rule one day. No matter what ‘side deals’ were made, Charles let Meghan, Harry and Archie be driven out of England, while his sexual offender brother is allowed to continue to live the good life.

    • Dilettante says:

      This!!: “And Charles should be ashamed of himself because he allowed his son to be driven out of the country that Charles will rule one day.”

  48. Hope says:

    Anyone remember back in 2011 during the lead up to the wedding, Camilla and Kate were papped having lunch together and Camilla gave Kate a C&C charm bracelet? Lol. Kate wore that bracelet a few token times and we’ve never seen it since. Where was Meghan’s lunch if Camilla was so supportive of Meghan?

    Camilla and Charles used William to get the press to lay off. Camilla didn’t ride out the bad press. Charles threw everything he had at the problem. Mark Bolland was hired for this, right?

    And Camilla and Charles actually did something wrong! Meghan didn’t.

    Just ignore the bullies and they’ll stop getting a sick pleasure from hurting you. Crap advice. Or just ignore the bullies because eventually William and Andrew won’t need cover for their scandals?

    • Tessa says:

      The lunch with Camilla and Kate was very public and those in the restaurant said Camilla spoke very loudly with her “advice” to Kate. It was all for show.

  49. Vanessa says:

    This just Charles and his courtiers trying to look good after it came out in finding freedom how kate acted toward Meghan . Now Charles wants Camilla to appear as the caring loving step mom who did try to help Meghan with advice but Meghan was too hard headed and spoiled to listen to the great advice for Camilla . once again charles is trying to compare Camilla treatment from the press to Meghan just like he tried to say his and Camilla love story is just like Meghan and Harry . Meghan treatment by the press is all due to racism plain and simple Meghan was treated horribly because she is unapologetic black woman who didn’t bow down to the press and allow them to control her . Camilla was right lambasted by the press because she was the other woman in a high profile relationship If Camilla doesn’t let the press bother her why every few months do we get Camilla huge PR pieces . This family and courtiers are bunch of back stabbing individuals who throw family members under the bus just to make themselves look good . Meghan and Harry are the only ones who never leaked or spread rumors About other family’s members I’m sure they know a lot but still they never felt the need to throw family members for good press .

  50. DS9 says:

    The idea that Meghan needed to eat shyte for being Black because Camilla ate shyte for carrying on an embarrassingly public affair makes me want to set fire to things.

  51. RedWeatherTiger says:

    Isn’t it charming that ol’ Cams, a woman who deserved every damn bit of vitriol she got, took an innocent, hard-working woman (whose only crimes appear to be her very existence as an American, an actress, and of course, biracial) and told her to suck it up? Thanks, Cams! We all knew you were a toad, but again, here we see you in action once again. And then to make it seem like Meghan was a disobedient child for not listening to her crappy “advice”? Give me a thousand breaks.

    *No offense meant to toads
    *Remember that time Charles, still married to Diana, moo-ed over wanting to be Cam’s tampon? I just like to bring that up, lest we forget.

  52. L4frimaire says:

    The thing is there should never have been a storm to ride out, and this storm was both created and sanctioned by the palace. I was reading some old Vanity Fair article on Charles and Diana, apparently he abandoned her on their joint Egypt tour to go off to Turkey to vacation with a Camilla. Cam even brought her husband along as cover, so not sure what great advice she has, other than let them walk all over you and destroy all aspects of your soul. Also, the palace , specifically Charles, wanted to bring Camilla into the fold, while they really wanted to drive Meghan out. Where they messed up was pushing Harry out with her.

  53. Lizzie says:

    Actually Camilla is not giving any new or personal advice. Ride it out is just the same as never complain never explain. She is just ephasizing the courtiers mantra.

    • MsIam says:

      But they do complain and explain endlessly, especially the younger ones. Not sure who they were hoping to fool with this article other than the same old white supporters that are in their corner anyway. I guess they feel if you can bash both Kate (indirectly) and Meghan (directly) while simultaneously boosting Camilla all in the same article, it’s a win. /s

    • Sid says:

      They should start taking their own advice. Those folks have been doing nothing but complaining and explaining, and that goes back way before Meghan arrived on the scene.

  54. Mads says:

    Camilla probably did offer some advice and was friendly at first but she woud do nothing to rock the boat when the smear campaign was in full gear. This latest titbit is just Clarence House taking advantage of the situation to generate some positive PR for her. I still think there will be problems with some of the more conservative members of the Church of England regarding Charles and Camilla’s marriage when Charles eventually becomes king. Their marriage goes against church law, which is why they had to get married in a Register Office. How can the Head of The Church of England be in a marriage that violates the sacrament? Interesting times ahead.

    • FicklePickle says:

      They changed the remarriage-after-divorce-only-if-previous-spouse-is-dead rule in the General Synod meeting of 2002, though a priest may refuse to do it on grounds of conscience. When Charles & Camilla married in 2005 what the Church took issue was with their relationship having directly contributed to the breakdown of their previous marriages. So, while those two marrying wasn’t a violation of the sacrament it was the ultimate cause of a violation which made the Church…uncomfortable.

      Thus the splitting hairs decision which (officially) was made by Charles & Camilla themselves, a civil wedding followed by the Archbishop of Canterbury performing a ‘Service of Prayer and Dedication’. This included reading “the strongest act of penitence from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer”, which means they were literally required to state on national television that they were horrible, horrible sinners and we’re so sorry and you have every right to be pissed at us (in fancy Olde Tyme language).

  55. CrazyHeCallsMe says:

    Different day…same PR rubbish from the BM and Courtiers. This reeks of CH taking advantage of a situation to promote Charles & Camilla over William & Kate. Shots fired. Wonder what KPs response will be.

    Oh and slightly off topic, Omid Scobie produced receipts of the Queen urging U.K. citizens to vote: “We must encourage our people to exercise their right to vote.” LMAO. Let’s see how this will be spun after all the Meghan bashing for doing the same thing.

  56. Tess says:

    I can see this being true, Camilla telling Meg that Meg has to endure and she did too because that’s just how it is/what you do. I also think Meg’s attitude was probably “I don’t bloody think so!” Besides we can argue that Camilla got that treatment because of the whole affair (and Diana leaning heavily into the wronged woman narrative) while Megan was/is literally just trying to live her life.

  57. one of the Marys says:

    I dislike the wording that someone ‘didn’t listen’ when it’s actually ‘didn’t follow the advice’. people are allowed to disagree. Camilla’s advice worked for her with her experiences and circumstances and choices. It didn’t work for Meghan in her circumstances and choices. I imagine she was appreciative of the lunches and listened very, very carefully!

  58. Mariane says:

    Are we talking about the same camilla who was smirking & being disrespectful throughout the royal wedding?? Chuck threw his own son to the wolves to rehabilitate his & her image (
    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1090981/camilla-parker-bowles-news-prince-charles-rehabilitation-royal-news-spt/amp )
    Not to mention how she was one of those benefitting from the tabloids having a fresh target😠

  59. Tessa says:

    Camilla should not push herself as mentor. Those photos of her “mentoring” Lady Diana are still out there for people to see, and look how that turned out.

  60. gm says:

    Who knows if this is true. If it is it is interesting insight into both women, neither incorrect. C is “survive” and M is about “thrive”. I hope it works out well for both of them.
    I used to be, many years ago, negative about C, negative about all people who cheat on spouses, but as I’ve gotten older, I’m not so harsh and understand the many complicated processes that make us, that drive us to do what we do. I think in the long run for C weathering the storm will benefit her. I hope the same for M, that her actions, which took a lot of courage, it is hard to leave safety for uncertainty, bring her happiness.

  61. BOYD says:

    In the social media era, the lies become true

  62. Kimmy says:

    It just makes me sad for the Sussexes. I can’t even imagine my family treating my husband this way or my in-laws treating me this way. You would think that if ANYONE in this family would have their backs, it’d be Charles and Camilla.

  63. Marivic says:

    @ M Narang “ I think this is just House Clarence trying to get the upper hand over House Kensington contrasting Camilla “welcoming ways” towards Meghan while Kate was indifferent and then envious.”
    You are so right about this. This is an attack against Kate.

  64. Mikachu says:

    The problem with articles like this, which point at other royal women and claim that Meghan should have stuck it out, is that they ignore the fact that Camilla, Kate, and other royal women had the palace on their side whereas Meghan clearly did not. How could Meghan have “ridden it out” when the royal family itself was selling her down the river? She was getting friendly fire as well as enduring unhinged attacks from the press. If the Sussexes had received adequate support from the palace there’s no way they would have left.

    • kate says:

      uhhh that’s def not true. Camilla got roasted in the press for the longest time…she was literally the other woman and painted as such. she got dragged just as much through the mud, and she couldn’t just pick up and leave to go to another country. She had to stay and get bombarded with constant criticism. The only thing she didn’t have to deal with was racism. the press released phone convo of her with charles…some really racy stuff.

      • Mikachu says:

        Uhhh, I don’t think you read my post. My point was about the inner workings of the royal family and it’s staff (the palace). I never said Camilla wasn’t on the receiving end of attacks from the press. My point was that Camilla received support from the palace in the face of attacks from the press which therefore made it possible for her to withstand her years of bad press.

  65. kate says:

    y’all act like the BRF is missing something sorely by losing Meghan. Sure she would have worked, but they don’t care about that. They want that elusivity and exclusivity. A century old institution doesn’t survive by being inclusive…and allowing anyone and everyone to become part of the family. maybe the institution will still collapse, and maybe it will be the end. But likely there will still be enough people that want that tradition to keep it alive. the BRF is not missing meghan and harry at all. They have cut their losses, and they only thing they miss is Harry not being in the UK anymore.

    • Lady D says:

      World wide attention and condemnation is one hell of a loss to cut. They may stagger along stagnating without her, but they can no longer deny their racism. The world’s opinion on the hallowness of the crown has been irrevocably changed and damaged.

  66. Well-Wisher says:

    This is the time for Prince Charles and Camilla to heed the standard advice which includes never explain, there is no way of Meghan could have dealt adequately with abuse via BTM without speaking up. She was prevented to do so especially when she was pregnant and with the information about effects of maternal emotional well-being to the fetus in unconscionable. Letting Meghan to use her voice will ensure that she does not become a victim.
    Without alluding to history, it is better to “let sleeping dogs lie”.

  67. Sam says:

    They miss the look of inclusivity she gave them.

    And she wasn’t just anyone…she was the 6th in lines wife. They should have done better. They would not have the PR mess they are in now and Harry would still be in the UK.

    And they have not cut their losses… otherwise the articles like this and the weekend of Dan and Piers would not have happened.

    They should have done 1/2 in and 1/2 out…at least they would have some look of control/input and would have looked understanding.

    Now FF is out, #1, and they keep telling on themselves by releasing more info and trying to spin it. Omids book proves a fair look with insider knowledge will sell. This is going to keep going.