Katy Perry’s postmates orders are kind of fascinating and may make you hungry

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There are some things I legitimately love about my job and am missing during lockdown. One of them is covering fashion and red carpet events and the other is writing about parties and events. (As a side note Finding Freedom was definitely written for gossip-lovers because it has plenty of details about fashion and food. The designer IDs and menus were extensive.) I’m not as into the details about food as Kaiser is, she loves seeing menus for weddings especially, but I enjoy reading about it. The only problem is that it makes we want to try everything. That’s what happened to me when I saw US Magazine’s writeup on Katy Perry’s Postmates orders. She surely is working with Postmates, because they have a new quote on what she’s looking forward to now that she’s finally had little Daisy Dove. Spoiler – it’s raw fish. Here’s more of what she ordered:

Given her affinity for sushi and Japanese cuisine, it’s no surprise that [Katy Perry] told Postmates that the first meal she wants to enjoy now that her… baby girl has arrived is “all of the sashimi.”

As far as Perry’s pregnancy cravings were concerned, her No. 1 choice was a sweet treat from Pinkberry. More specifically, the American Idol judge loved to chow down on a small original yogurt topped with two servings of Fruity Pebbles and milk chocolate crunch.

She Loves Salad and Sushi
Though Perry isn’t exclusively vegan, three of her five most-ordered items were veggie-packed salads from a host of L.A. hotspots. Her caffeinated beverage of choice was a latte, though she swapped those out for strawberry banana smoothies while pregnant

She Keeps it Low-Key on Super Bowl Sunday
When she’s not performing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show like she did in 2015, Perry prefers a low-key meal while watching the big game. In 2017, she ordered the original BBQ chicken chopped salad from California Pizza Kitchen just before kickoff.

She’s a Pasta Fanatic
Perry loves plant-based meals and ordering from local restaurants. That’s why it’s no surprise that her biggest order ever was an absolute vegan dream from one of her and Bloom’s favorite L.A. restaurants — Crossroads Kitchen. In May 2019, the duo ordered carbonara, Italian sausage, tagliatelle bolognese, crab cakes, a little gem salad, Impossible cigars, baby artichokes, asparagus, oven-roasted truffle potatoes, a kale Caesar salad, a meatball skillet and Parmesan cauliflower.

[From US Magazine]

I know this is an ad for postmates but I’m still interested in it! It’s breakfast time but I still want a BBQ chicken chopped salad. I love a chopped salad, but am usually disappointed in them because I can make them better at home. Also I wondered what an Impossible cigar was so I looked it up and it’s from a restaurant called Crossroads in LA. It’s “sautéed Impossible Meat, cumin, ginger, turmeric, shallots, onions, and garlic, then wrapped in Tunisian Brik dough” and fried, I think, judging from the photo. Now I want to try it.

If you were rich AF would you order takeout more? Would you get random sh-t delivered you could make at home like lattes and smoothies? I probably would. It would make me have something to look forward to on otherwise uneventful days, which is why I’ve been ordering more from Amazon and eBay. It’s like little gifts to myself for hanging in there, although I’m trying to be frugal about it. I vividly remember the first takeout order I got after my son was born. It was Indian food and it was spicy. It didn’t bother me at all, but I was nursing and my poor baby was up half the night. I’m assuming it was from the spice since I didn’t eat spicy food much when I was pregnant. I still feel guilty about that! When I was pregnant I missed eating sushi definitely – and soft cheeses. I really love goat cheese and feta cheese.

Anyway I’m looking forward to Katy and Orlando being extra about their baby. They’re going to be adoring parents and will surely be gushing about her soon.

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    I always feel like in general takeout isn’t as good-it’s been sitting around for longer. If I was really wealthy I’d occasionally have a chef come in to whip special things up. For my 50th birthday I had a group of friends over and we had a Thai chef come in to give us a cooking lesson (and basically feed us.) It was so delicious and fresh.

  2. Nina Simone says:

    If I were rich AF I’ll just have a full time chef lol

  3. Ssssshamantha says:

    As someone who lives in LA and one block away from Crossroads, I can tell you the Impossible Cigars are tasteless, fried, little rolls of disappointment.

    • I agree. I’ve been to Crossroads and was also pretty unimpressed. The staff was a bit full of itself too. It’s funny all the pricey vegan places in LA are kind of tasteless, ( looking at you gracias madre-but your patio is beautiful and great drinks!) but we have SO MANY cheap really good vegan places. I’m not vegan, but I love healthy and a change up is always nice.

  4. Wilma says:

    I love cooking and if I was rich I would arrange for more time for cooking 😁

  5. Nicole says:

    When I was pregnant with my second son, I had gestational diabetes. My first guest after delivery was required to bring me a 44oz Dr. Pepper from Sonic or they wouldn’t be let in. Thankfully, it was my mom and she was more than happy to provide my request 😀 Of course after 4 months of no soda, it didn’t taste as great as I thought, but it was the point of the matter!

    I also couldn’t get enough jalepanos on EVERYTHING. After he was born, they got too hot for me again 😀

  6. Geeena says:

    I love these postmates stories. They’re totally mindless and yet engrossing in a way. I’m into Katy’s orders for sure.