Lauren Lapkus complains about watching TV for work, which we try not to do

Lauren Lapkus was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, which is continuing in Jimmy’s absence with guest hosts. David Spade was the host and he just costarred with Lauren in The Wrong Missy on Netflix. That was the number one show for a while and had 58 million viewers. I know I said I would watch it, but I didn’t, I’m sorry! It just looked too cringey and I’m not into that type of humor lately. I like watching Lauren’s interviews though because she talks about the little moments in quarantine that we can relate to, like playing Animal Crossing incessantly and cheating in Zoom workouts.

In this interview, she told David that she collects these adorable dolls I wasn’t familiar with, they’re called Sonny Angel dolls. She showed him her collection and said that she used to have a rule that she could only buy them when they saw them randomly in the store. Since lockdown she’s been getting them online. This makes me want to collect something besides skincare and makeup products. Lauren also said something else I could relate to – that she had to watch all of the Star Wars movies and now Lord of the Rings for her podcast with Nicole Byer, The Newcomers. She acted like this was a real hardship, which I completely understand but try not to frame that way because it’s inconsiderate of people who have regular jobs with bosses and/or customers and real life annoying sh-t to deal with.

I do a podcast with Nicole Byer. The first season we watched Star Wars for the first time we’d never seen it. Now for the second season we’re watching Lord of the Rings for the first time. Every single thing we’ve had to watch is at least three hours and it’s really hard.

I feel like it’s hard to avoid Star Wars for your entire life. Now I’ve seen every single thing that Star Wars has ever made so I’m very educated. I’ve seen the cartoons, the holiday special that George Lucas tried to erase, the ewok specials, I’ve seen everything.

We’re watching all of those [LOTR] movies now, they’re all like 3 to 4 hours long. The biggest complaint from LOTR fans is that we’re not watching the extended cut. They’re like ‘you have to see the fourth hour.’

[Next] we’re going to get pushed into doing some sort of [show] that we’ve avoided, some sort of fantasy thing. There’s such a fandom. They wants us to keep going with this sort of stuff. They’re obsessed.

[From Jimmy Kimmel live on YouTube]

I’m not really into Star Wars or Lord of The Rings either, but I enjoy those movies and will watch them in the theater. Don’t ask me to remember the plot points though, I kind of let them wash over me. Whenever I think “the trolls are bad today” or “I have to stay up late to watch the VMAs” I try to check myself and realize how lucky I have it. Lately I’ve watched a few shows I haven’t liked for our Celebitchy Zoom meetups, because I want to at least give them a chance. (Why do you guys like Teenage Bounty Hunters?! That was painful.) However again it’s not like I have to keep customers happy, answer to a demanding boss (I’m the demanding boss), commute somewhere or even read a whole book I don’t like. This job is cake! I still would like to complain about it though, and Lauren Lapkus is giving me life. Don’t make me watch another sh-tty Netflix original though! That includes The Wrong Missy, but if some of you liked it and would like to sell me on it I’m open to that. Also I know a lot of you listen to Lauren and Nicole’s podcast. Maybe I’ll give that a try too.

Here’s that interview!

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Let’s take a nap.

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  1. Case says:

    Okay but like you DO need to watch the fourth hour of each Lord of the Rings film lol. The extended editions are important. (Star Wars is my all-time favorite series and LOTR is close to the top as well.)

    I love pop culture, especially film, and can’t relate to feeling burdened by having to watch something. Even if it was something I wasn’t personally invested in, I still think I’d have a blast doing it for a podcast or whatever. I not-so-secretly would love to be a pop culture podcaster.

  2. Astrid says:

    I tried to watch The Wrong Missy but couldn’t continue after a few minutes.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I was just thinking about an LOTR marathon. So so so awesome. Star Wars was bumped to number three because of GOT lol. I’m starting to think of movies and television series in the same vein when listing favorites.

  4. lucy2 says:

    It’s a fun podcast, I love Nicole, and she and Lauren are a good duo. I enjoyed their Star Wars one because I love SW, but I never got into Lord of the Rings, so it’s not making much sense to me, but I’m still listening to it.

    • TaraBest says:

      @lucy2 I love their podcast too! I was a huge Star Wars nerd in my younger years, and listening to their guests talk about how much they loved it and how uncool it used to be brought such nostalgia for me.
      My boyfriend and I listened for almost 4 hours on a long drive the other week. We laughed a lot!

  5. Sarah says:

    Her cat looks like her!!

  6. NatureLover says:

    I can’t make any recommendations because I grew up on the old movies. My mother would force me to watch movies directed by Hitchcock and Minnelli. I grew up watching Hepburn/Tracy movies, I have the entire Hitchcock series as well as the Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. I actually watched The Quiet Man again for the umpteenth time! I also watched Gigi a few weeks ago, another Minnelli film. Though I did watch the first three Star Wars movies and I did watch LOTR once. I don’t care for a film that has 20 following movies as I never find them enjoyable as they seem to lose their shine or storyline after the first few films. Though I absolutely loved the series The Watchman, with Regina King, though I was sad to hear that she will not reprise her role. Also, Killing Eve and In The Dark on Netflix is exceptional too! Though I do watch the Bond movies, but some have been awful. I also thoroughly enjoy Quentin Tarantino movies as well. And I hate anything to do with Tom Cruise, so I avoid his movies at all costs.