Catherine Zeta-Jones: I’m so lucky that my kids want to hang with us

Catherine Zeta-Jones was on The Kelly Clarkson show last week. She’s promoting her new lifestyle line, the hilariously named Casa Zeta Jones. Catherine is quarantined in Spain with her family, including her adorable little dog Taylor, her husband, Michael Douglas, and her young adult children: Dylan, 20, and Carys, 17. Catherine said that Carys was in school in Spain and that when everything shut down Carus came home and Dylan came home from college too. She loves hanging out with them and is happy like they being with her. She said they do karaoke, that Dylan plays guitar and Carys plays and sings too. Michael mostly watches. This interview was fun to see these two genuinely like each other. You could tell that Catherine adores her kids. She’s full of herself but she’s funny too.

On her time in quarantine
My kids are just so much fun to be around. I’m so happy and so lucky that my kids want to hang with us, you know. They want to sit at the table, they want to discuss [things]. We have a lot of fun we do a lot of karaoke.

Michael Douglas “did the laundry” once when she was on vacation and she thinks that’s hilarious
We were staying in an ecocamp in Botswana. I see my husband [with] my laundry bag in the closet digging through my stuff. ‘What are doing?’

‘I’m doing the laundry.’

He was taking it to the main clubhouse to give to somebody else who was going to do the laundry, but it was the mere fact that he [was saying it] like he washes my knickers every day.

Games they play
My son needs Monopoly to go on for two days otherwise it’s not worth it. We play a really great game that my son got from college from a European student it’s called silo.

On how she came up with the idea for Casa Zeta Jones
I came up with the idea in the sauna. My best ideas come when I’m stark naked at 112 degrees sweating. I find I get inspired. The juices start to flow. ‘I want to use CZK. Casa – house in Spanish. Perfect. Done.’

I’m a frustrated interior designer, architect. I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that was a part of me.

[From The Kelly Clarkson Show]

They played a clip from when Kelly and Catherine first met (that’s about 3:30) on the red carpet and it was adorable because they both fan girled over each other.

After that Catherine really sold me on her butterfly shoes by telling the origin story of how she discovered the brand. Plus she talked about her makeup by explaining that she just wanted to improve on products she’d used for years, which also made me want to try it. She’s a good salesperson.

As for Catherine’s kids I’ve found that my son is like that, he’s really opening up and wanting to hang out with me like never before. We bicker about stupid stuff but we we’re also talking and sharing more than we ever would otherwise. It’s nice and I enjoy it, I just need more boundaries around my work time. Maybe I should get a sign for my office door.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Snowslow says:

    I’m also a frustrated architect.
    Thank god I am not rich enough to trick myself into thinking I am one.

  2. Mia4s says:

    Lovely comments about her kids…but yeah I’m going to be the bitch who brings it up….

    Catherine stop messing with your face!!!!

    You were a stunning young woman and absolutely would have aged in to a stunning older woman. Sigh. I hate Hollywood and what it does to women!!!

  3. Whatever says:

    Yeah she’s younger than Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez.

    But being married to Michael Douglas—certainly a fan of plastic surgery—doesn’t help.

    • Ines says:

      Also, dark hair can be aging. That is why, where I come from, white women “of a certain age” tend to lighten their hair.

    • ChloeCat says:

      CZJ has been shaving 10 years off her age for many years so no, she’s not younger than those actresses.

      • Killfanora says:

        Actually she’s a year younger than Jen Anniston and Jenn Lopez. She’s 50 and they’re both 51. She has never shaved years off her age since she first came to prominence on British TV in 1991 (Darling Buds of May) aged 21.

      • ChloeCat says:

        Killfanora, believe what you want, but CZJ is famous for shaving years off her age. She does look youthful for her 60 years, though.

    • Murphy Robert says:

      Well he certainly does look his age in the Kominsky method.

  4. clomo says:

    Nice things are looking up for her, was sad to hear she was having some sadness a while back. The kids seem less obnoxious than your average Hollywood raised. Probably helps they spend time in Europe, kids these days need to see those cultures.

    • megs283 says:

      I’m wondering how those stories would have been treated differently if her mental health issues had happened now. I feel like the articles were very sensational back in 2011/2013ish.