Did Duchess Meghan invite Jameela Jamil to Montecito after Jameela defended her?

Jameela Jamil and James Blake at the 2019 Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Jameela Jamil was one of many high-profile celebrities, journalists and entertainment-types defending the Duchess of Sussex when Meghan simply encouraged Americans to vote. The British press was in the middle of a full-blown, nation-wide tantrum, demanding Meghan be “stripped of her title” when… other people began to chime in and introduce the simple point that actually, it’s not partisan to encourage people to vote and well, actually, if we’re stripping titles away from problematic royals, let’s start with Prince Andrew. Jameela made that argument, writing:

Again, these are just statements of fact at this point. I do enjoy the arguments between British crybaby “journalists” and Americans though. Anyway, the day after Jameela tweeted this stuff, The Sun tried to claim that Jameela got an invite to Montecito to visit Meghan and Harry:

Meghan is believed to have met with new friend Jameela Jamil a day after the actress called Prince Andrew a paedophile on Twitter. Jameela, 34, and singer boyfriend James Blake, 31, are understood to have gone to the ­Sussexes’ Montecito home on August 23. A day earlier British Jameela referred to Harry’s uncle Andrew as the Royal Family’s “alleged resident pedo” in a Twitter rant defending Meghan.

A source claimed: “Jameela and James drove up to Montecito from Los Angeles and spent time with Meghan and Harry.

“They also had a stroll on the beach but Meghan and Harry didn’t venture out with them.”

Former Radio 1 DJ Jameela — a star of Netflix comedy The Good Place — was pictured with James on the beach near Meghan and Harry’s home the day before their reported visit.

[From The Sun]

It’s true that Jameela and James were photographed on the beach in Montecito/Santa Barbara on the date and it’s also true that Jameela was wearing a dress which looked like something one would choose if you were invited to have lunch with a duchess. So, do I believe this? Eh. On one side, I think it’s funny to think that Meghan doesn’t give a sh-t anymore and she’ll openly associate with people who are like “Prince Andrew is a pedophile.” On the other hand, Jameela is very extra, in general. In any case, Jameela denied it.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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  1. ABritGuest says:

    Lol wasn’t the one time they met when Jameela did the British vogue cover? Damn these papers are pathetic

  2. Case says:

    I’m not much a fan of Jameela usually but her tweets are absolutely AWESOME and so on point. “Because she’s not white. And because she’s smart, strong, opinionated, rebellious, beautiful, happy and has everything they never will.” Nailed it.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Agreed. I thought this was an interesting point too: “They discredit her because they can’t kill her.” Not all racist or misogynistic people literally want her or their other targets dead (although, there are definitely some who do want that). But most racists and misogynists think that because their targets are alive in a time and place where others aren’t allowed to do anything like that to them, they should shut up and be grateful. They think that because they’re not as bad as the ones who would like that, they shouldn’t be criticized.

  3. Mumbles says:

    Whether they met up again or not, we will hear nonstop from Jameela.

    • Flamingo says:

      Bingo! She will say just about anything to keep her name out there. Wasn’t there some pretty concrete evidence that she repeatedly made up medical conditions for attention?

  4. CC says:

    There’s a lot of things I can’t stand about Jameela, but her tweet was the truth. You can’t expect us to believe the hatred is not racism when these idiots constantly talk about wishing Harry would have married an “English Rose”. Disgusting. I pray to God the Sussexes’ feet never leave their necks.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Yeah considering that certain people claim they don’t like Meghan because of her ‘behaviour’ ( ie breaking protocol claims) and because she’s ‘political’ . So interesting likes of Katie Hopkins said Harry should have married a ‘naughty blonde’ or as Piers Morgan wrote today ‘a dim young Conservative blonde’.

      So being a naughty and political is a good thing in a royal bride but seemingly as long as you are blonde? So just say what the real issue is.

  5. Anne Call says:

    Rosewood Miramar on the beach in Montecito has basically been Hollywood North all summer. Popular getaway for lots of people (rich people) in SB. It’s situated on Miramar beach which is probably a place that H and M might walk or bring their baby to play in the sand and water.

  6. Chicken says:

    Also, lololol at “Netflix comedy The Good Place.” That shit was on NBC, they’re not even trying to be creative about lying and manipulating.

  7. Abena Asantewaa says:

    The deliberate lie is meant to implicate the allegation that Meghan is in agreement with what Jameela said about Andrew. It’s all very manipulative, to get the royal family to hate her more, very devious. They lied on the wrong woman, because Jameela does not suffer fools gladly. The Press Complaint body in Britain is useless.

  8. Sass says:

    Ok now I have to dig in to Jameela because I like her and had no idea she was so polarizing. 😂