Sarah Sanders: Kim Jong Un winked at me & Trump tried to send me to North Korea

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders speaks to the media at the White House

I cannot even believe how many political books are coming out this month. Most of the books are scathing indictments of Donald Trump, Melania Trump and the whole Trump crime family. But if you seek some Nazi counterprogramming, perhaps you would be interested in Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ latest memoir, Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House. Sanders was the ill-fated jackass assigned to the press secretary position after Sean Spicer left and other sh-t happened. She was popular with Trump because she didn’t steal attention away from him and she was a horrible a–hole to journalists. Like, that was what endeared her to Trump. Now she’s ready for her post-Trump career and she’s selling her memoir by revealing details like… King Jong Un winked at her.

President Donald Trump shrieked with laughter and told Sarah Sanders to “take one for the team” after she caught Kim Jong Un giving her a flirty wink at a leaders’ summit. The bizarre anecdote comes from the former White House press secretary’s new memoir that is set to be released next week. In a preview seen by The Guardian, Sanders claims that, during a summit in Singapore in June 2018, she looked up “to notice Kim staring at me. We made direct eye contact and Kim nodded and appeared to wink at me. I was stunned. I quickly looked down and continued taking notes… All I could think was, ‘What just happened? Surely Kim Jong Un did not just mark me!?’” Later, in the presidential limousine, Sanders told Trump and his then chief of staff, John Kelly, what happened. “Kim Jong Un hit on you!” Trump said. “He did! He f–king hit on you!” The president is then said to have joked: “Well, Sarah, that settles it. You’re going to North Korea and taking one for the team! Your husband and kids will miss you, but you’ll be a hero to your country!” Trump and Kelly then “howled with laughter,” according to the book.

[From The Daily Beast]

I’m just disgusted on a lot of different levels. This is Sanders’ idea of a charming anecdote while she toiled away with Nazis, dismantling the work of the republic. Ugh. And yeah, she’s a liar who lies constantly. I doubt Kim Jong Un even winked at her. He was probably looking at her because he was trying to figure out how old she is. That was one of my favorite games! Sanders is 38 years old. She’s younger than Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan. She’s only a few months older than Britney Spears. LMAO.

White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders holds a news briefing at The White House

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  1. whatWHAT? says:

    she consistently looks like she’s smelling something bad.

    get lost, hon…no one cares what you have to say.

  2. Christin says:

    Publishers usually want tantalizing content.

    And this was the best she could come up with?

  3. FC says:

    She’s deranged if she thinks this is charming. Even joking about something like that would get any man fired from any job. And Kelly laughing along is extremely revealing.

  4. Sunshine says:

    This is the most gross story I’ve heard in a while. Yuck.

    • Noodle says:

      I’ve worked in some toxic workplaces, but if my big boss ever laughed and told me to “take one for the team” like this, there would be a lawsuit and a large settlement coming my way. I know I shouldn’t expect serial sexual harassers not to serially sexually harass, but I can’t even imagine. And everyone laughs and it’s all funny, meanwhile all the other women look down and wonder when it’s going to be she who is denigrated and passed around like a cigarette in a bar alley.

  5. Stacy Dresden says:

    This story is as gross as Sarah Sanders, traitor to womynkind

  6. Solace says:

    I really want to go to Zara and buy that infamous jacket which says “I don’t care….🙄😂

    Side note..I seldom comment and have been reading this site for years.
    Happy B’day in advance, Kaiser.

    Thanks for bringing us joy by your posts and the priceless pic selection.

  7. lucy2 says:

    Horrible people continue to be horrible. Thanks, Sarah, we weren’t aware.

  8. Lizzie says:

    ‘bizarre anecdote’ is an apt description but so is ‘made up’.

  9. Nev says:

    make it stop…..

  10. Sarah says:

    Eh. She still sat in the front row on the south lawn and clapped with all the other Nazis at the RNC last week. Am I supposed to feel bad for Aunt Lydia Huckabee Sanders? Because I do not.

  11. Ann says:

    This story makes everyone involved sound awful. I believe the part about her thinking he winked at her. And her telling trump about it. And 2 evil disgusting men having a huge laugh over the thought of selling off a woman to another evil disgusting man. I also believe she’s a lier and this story is really really stupid. Made up or not why include the parts where she is the obvious butt of the joke? This woman is so f’ing dumb.

  12. TheOriginalMia says:

    I gagged when I heard this and I hate Sarah “Smoky Eye” Sanders. The fact that sexist pig wanted her to sleep with a homicidal dictator is horrifying. And this is the same guy she continues to cap for. Gross. Throw the whole lot of them in an active volcano.

  13. Bevvie says:

    What a cow. Drop dead and take Tom Cotton with you.

  14. 10KTurtle says:

    It’s more likely that he was making fun of her wonky eyelid.

  15. Lemons says:

    I really don’t care…do you?

  16. JennyJenny says:

    Too bad she didn’t go…

  17. Ana says:

    This is just gross. Reminder of the time when I did work adjacent to the UN. The leaders meeting and “working” together, there was a lot of sexual harassment towards “lower” staff and foreigners. Some played along but I am still PTSD about it. It’s just the way it works in those upper levels. The orange moron and his jokes is just the epitome of it.

  18. Lizzie Bathory says:

    There are no 2 people I would less like to picture having sex than Sarah Sanders & Kim Jong-Un. I didn’t think I could dislike her more & then she puts that image in my brain. Dear god.

  19. bre says:

    I’ve read several Trump related books since he has been office but I refuse to purchase one from anyone in his administration and Sarah is the worst. Although I’m not interested in reading Melania and Me, I am interested in a quote in the book that Rachel Maddow had mentioned (at the end of the serious, important story) where she wrote that she and Melania had a nicknamed 2 “big players” in the Trump world Dopey and Tuberculosis. Who do you think they are??? Maybe Don Jr is Dopey and Kushner is TB? I feel there needs to be a discussion on this important piece of information LOL

    • 10KTurtle says:

      Steve Bannon for Tuberculosis? He looks like a walking talking disease. Or Steven Miller- I could easily believe he has some sort of wasting illness. Dopey has to be one of the Trump boys.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      “Dopey” sounds like Eric to me.

  20. Valerie says:

    Look, I don’t want to body or face shame but… Isn’t she the exact opposite of attractive according to Asian beauty standards?

  21. Aimee says:

    So basically Trump wanted to pimp her out to North Korea.


  22. Barbara says:

    She’s only 38?!

  23. Liz version 700 says:

    Lady you know who you were working for. Own it.

  24. ravynrobyn says:

    Lying sack of odious-smeeling sh*t who lies 🤭

  25. Cidee says:

    Cinder in eye, no doubt.

  26. Meg says:

    I forgot how miserable sarah Huckabee sanders can look