Sweden’s Princess Sofia was asked if she ever wanted to ‘do a Megxit’

Visit to Stockholm University Center

When then-Sofia Hellqvist got engaged to Sweden’s Prince Carl Phillip, there was some tabloid drama. While Sofia and Carl Phillip had been together (at that time) for years, once the engagement happened, people took a closer look at her background. She was very much a young, fun Swede who enjoyed her youth – she partied and lived in New York for a time and she appeared on a reality show and she was a “glamour model.” Once she was under the palace’s protection, her history got whitewashed a bit, but also, Swedish society is just different and less tight-ass, and I feel like most Swedes-on-the-street didn’t really care that they were getting a married-in princess with a (somewhat tacky) bikini-model/reality-show past. Still, there was a conversation and I’m sure it wasn’t entirely pleasant for Sofia.

By the time Sofia and Carl Phillip married, it felt like most people wished them well – she was beautiful and chic and they clearly adored each other. To my knowledge, the Swedish press did not go on a three-year hate campaign smearing the f–k out of her. People just sort of moved on and let them live in peace. So excuse me if I think Sofia’s situation wasn’t at all comparable to what happened to the Duchess of Sussex? Still, Sofia got that question – whether she ever considered throwing in the towel and leaving.

In an interview for a new documentary about her life, Princess Sofia of Sweden was asked if she has ever intended leaving the royal family she married into. During the programme, for Swedeish TV channel TV4, she was asked if she had ever thought about leaving with the journalist using a controversial term, enquiring if she planned to “do a Megxit”. TV4 is known to quite sceptical towards the Royal Family and their new documentary on Princess Sofia has created a lot of discussions following some tough questions put during its making.

The interview was done a while ago, before the pandemic, when the princess was on a private journey to South Africa. Princess Sofia was asked if she ever has wanted to do as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and break with the royal family and move abroad. Princess Sofia was clearly surprised by the question.

It took a while before the princess answered: “No. Not really. I think I have found such a fantastic balance, and I really see it as positive that I have made it through these stormy years. It is such a huge advantage, in that we have the opportunity to stand a little in both worlds.”

At the same time, Princess Sofia speaks openly in the documentary about some of the problems she has encountered in her life. She explained: “Since I became a princess, I have been through many identity crises. Here in South Africa I have a type of identity and when I come home I have something else. Here I am allowed to be who I want to be.”

[From Royal Central]

I think she probably has “found such a fantastic balance” because the Swedish media isn’t coordinating with the palace to make her life a living hell and smear her over every little thing. The Swedish royal family has a much more functional dynamic than the Windsors – Carl Phillip’s sisters and the King and Queen all helped Carl Phillip protect Sofia and welcome her into the family. There were no stories about Crown Princess Victoria throwing tantrums because Sofia was getting too much attention, you know? I also think it’s interesting that Sofia admits that she’s been through an identity crisis, and she sort of feels like she has to act a certain way in Sweden, and she can relax when she’s traveling. Or something.

Princess Sofia attends the opening of the Alvdalen new school in Alvdalen, Sweden

Princess Sofia, Duchess of Varmland attends a Christmas concert

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Naw, Sofia didn’t get the brunt because CP’s Father saw her as a kindred spirit. I am not surprised that he and CP closed rank to protect Sofia.

    Daniel on the other hand……

    Oh, and people need to stop these White Savior Destination Trips to countries in Africa. It is not a good look. Stop it.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “when the princess was on a private journey to South Africa. ”

      Tiffany, I get what you are saying, I get your point and agree with you but if I want to take a private trip (vacation?) to South Africa then that is what I am going to do.

      • Tiffany says:

        Well before you got on that high horse, South Africa is where that questionable ‘charity’ that was on her resume at the time of the engagement to show that she wasn’t just a party girl all those years with CP. There were stories about this until they weren’t.

        So I said what I meant and I meant what I said and if you need to reply like this, evaluate yourself.

    • whateveryousay says:

      Not you Tiffany. Why this random who keeps popping up in this articles downplaying racism decides to just act like they didn’t get what you were saying is eye roll inducing.

      • madameX says:

        Aside from her Sofia’s motivations for going to South Africa, BayTampaBay is hardly a “random.” They’ve been active on royals stories here for at least as long as I’ve been paying attention. Which has been more than a year now.

      • whateveryousay says:

        Yeah I know that. And always trying to bothsides things. Thank you for your input.

      • Athyrmose says:

        @ madameX I’ve been here for over a decade. I can assure you that none of that means they’re not a racist troll trying to gaslight people about racism.

    • Athyrmose says:

      Colonizers gonna colonize. :/

    • Q says:

      She has an apartment there.

  2. Betsy says:

    That’s a pretty good answer for an unexpected question. I’d imagine that she and Meghan have a distant fondness for one another as two people in a similar situation (although Sofia doesn’t have the smears coming from inside the palace, as you point out).

    Does anyone know who made that 1960’s style beaded clutch she’s carrying? Rare is the purse I see and want, but I want that one!

    • Shoesnotblues says:

      It’s from & other stories but it’s two or three years old so it’s not available in store any longer.

  3. Sofia says:

    Two different countries and two different royal families. Their situations cannot be comparable but the company doing the interview aren’t monarchists at all so they probably really just wanted to “dazzle” her a bit.

  4. S808 says:

    Eh apples to oranges on so many levels. I’m glad it worked out for her. Both women seem to be in good places.

  5. TheOriginalMia says:

    2 different women and 2 different situations. Sofia is a white woman. The king likes her a lot. Kindred spirits indeed. Also, she married CP, who would be Crown Prince still if CG had his way. She was never in danger of being smeared and harassed in the papers. That’s Madeleine’s role in the family.

  6. Myra says:

    Her treatment is not comparable to Meghan’s. First, she is white and was not subject to racist double standards in the press. She does seem like a lovely person though and no doubt there are other parallels between her and Meghan.

    Secondly, the UK media is a different beast. I don’t know any other country with that kind of rabid tabloid culture and where it’s given recognition by the mainstream media. The other day, a BBC twitter account tweeted a Daily Star cover page. In other countries, it would be embarrassing for a major network with a serious reputation to give attention to a low rate tabloid paper. What Meghan faced was harsh and brutal.

  7. bluemoonhorse says:

    Sofia should have replied: “I’m fine because I’m white.”

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      That would suggest she had some self awareness of the world around her and care. I know take the view that those feelings are rare.

  8. Lizzie says:

    According to FF it was Harry who wanted to leave, not Meghan.

    • whateveryousay says:

      Thank you! I really wish everyone would quit acting like poor Harry was forced to leave.

      Harry didn’t want his son/daughter to be part of the RF BS. Why Archie didn’t get a title at birth.

      Harry was the one who pushed for the meetings with the Queen and Charles. I mean come the hell on! She didn’t even fly in or call in for these meetings when the whole exit from the full time royal discussions began. I am perplexed to see sexism and racism on such an ongoing scale like this for years at this point and people still trying to act like Meghan is some damn Rasputin who is controlling everyone around her.

      Harry was the one that said he wanted his son to have privacy. He and Meghan never said that they wanted privacy forever and ever. They said that they did not want to keep dealing with the RR who were lying and doing their level best to dig up crap to smear them. My God. This whole thing gets me so ticked.

    • S808 says:

      Yup, Meghan probably would’ve stuck it out but Harry said nope and got her and Archie outta there.

    • windyriver says:

      Harry was very clear in his speech at the Sentebale charity event earlier this year that the choice was on him. “The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back is not one I made lightly.”

      Also, “…I hope that helps you understand what it had to come to, that I would step my family back from all I have every known…”

  9. whateveryousay says:

    Why in the world would they even ask that question? It’s a different situation. First of all, let’s see how you would feel when the media keeps coming at you cause they don’t really like the fact that a black woman married a white prince. Then we can go from there.

    On another note, I noticed on some other sites that commenters are posting things that are just not true. For example, saw Dlisted the other day and people were posting that Harry cancelled Invictus cause of his Netflix deal. Or that Charles is still paying for them and that Harry is lying. And that Meghan ruined the RF cause she wanted to be in the spotlight. Is this the only sane place besides Pajiba to even discuss this mess?

  10. Emilia says:

    Their situation is not comparable at all. Those well-versed with Swedish RF news know that the reigning king has always been very fond of his son & then his girlfriend (now wife-Sofia) & thus she had full palace support. (none of the sisters are fond of her) The actual crown princess on the other hand had a very tough time (& 10+ years) to get permission to marry her husband (by all accounts a great guy). Sofia’s past has questionable chapters even by Sweden’s open minded standards plus her South African charity has questionable funds. Noone in their right mind should be comparing her to Meghan’s exit!

    • Q says:

      Not quite understanding why people keep repeating that the king was fond of her. He was not pleased that his son was marrying a woman who did shoots butt naked for porn magazines and did a reality TV swedish show equivalent of sex on the beach.
      He came to accept her for his sons sake but I haven’t seen any evidence that he is super fond of her or anything.
      They also paid some of the photographers for the publishing rights to the photos of sofia that are more raunchy. Also wiped out her blog which had some seriously questionable stuff written on it.

  11. Mina, says:

    The expression on their faces is a bit Derek Zoolanderish. Two really, really, really , really good looking people …. Just me?

  12. Mtec says:

    I think a “balance” is what Harry and Meghan were looking for as well, but the BRF and the nasty courtiers are so petty they said “no” unless H&M were willing to put up with their entitlement, bullying and undermining—and thankfully to THAT the Sussexes said no, and justifiably left.

  13. Egla says:

    Don’t know much about her husband but, even though good looking and nice, haven’t heard of him having done anything besides being a prince. He doesn’t have a very high profile, no big charities, no real life job (apart car racing-and not e very successful one). So him quitting the royal life would be a suicide. She also hasn’t really worked since she got with him. Also don’t think he has the amount of money Harry has to afford to not work and no royal money at the same time. Because be sure Harry and Meghan calculated the possibility to not earn that much for a while and “survive” with what they had. And it must have been a lot seeing as they spent money before having the Netflix deal, which I say good for
    Also he is treated like “a prince” from his family and the public. Whatever disagreements they must have for him marrying her they have putted a united front in the media and haven’t sold her out. She was embraced and taken under their protection all around. Can’t ask her that kind of question. It’s not fair

  14. Lizzie says:

    Nobody was trying to be fair here, just anther tabloid reach to try say other royals are criticizing Meghan. Sofia had a chance to prove herself and I think that is what Meghan wanted too. Too bad really. Everyone would be better off if mr mental health took care of his incandescent rage.

  15. deader than new metal and disco says:

    Of course she wasn’t treated like Meghan was. She’s white.

    Also, let’s not play the “good monarchy” & “bad monarchy” game. ALL monarchy is terrible.


    • Egla says:

      Not saying one is bad and one is good. Just stating that one choose to behave differently at the presence of an “unsuitable” married in.
      And of course with M is a whooole other story. I am her fan and have followed Suit from the beginning (so I had a slight idea who she was) and I was shocked and surprised the day of their engagement (in a positive way). Never thought he would have the balls to put a ring on it but he did. I remember talking to a friend who isn’t a gossip junkie like me and her comment was that THEY will never accept her.
      I don’t care for monarchies. I don’t believe in hereditary appointments of power. It’s stupid.

  16. Shabs says:

    It’s weird, because I’m from the UK and don’t know anyone who gives a shit about the royal family, Meghan, Harry etc etc

  17. L4frimaire says:

    It’s so different in so many ways. Sofia is white and Swedish, Sweden is her country. I don’t know anything about the Swedish royals so don’t know their dynamics. Also, the King recently trimmed back the roles of the non- heirs so they won’t be expected to do the heavy lifting the way the Sussexes were. The Brirish royal family is a bloated institution, has so many people in it directly and indirectly supported by taxpayers and it seems they want them all working officially. Is the press as monopolized and vindictive as the British media?

  18. Cathy says:

    Sophia has never had the attention on her that Meghan had.

    Sophia has not had someone writing nasty comments about her like Piers Morgan did to Meghan practically everyday. I doubt Swedish tabloids are as vicious as the English tabloids? I will never understand why he was allowed to vomit up so much hatred each day and Daily Mail happily published it?

  19. LOL (Lez O Likes) says:

    I always felt like Princess Sofia, although pretty, was just an average looking, mediocre “Jane Doe” that has been totally overinflated. Sofia’s many accolades are: photos in the men’s magazine Slitz wearing only a bikini bottom and a live boa constrictor around her upper body, cast in the Paradise Hotel reality show and mentioned in some newspapers for having kissed American adult film star Jenna Jameson.

    Meghan Markle’s accolades include: successful campaign at age 11 to get Procter & Gamble to change a national television commercial that she viewed as sexist, participated in community service and charity projects, interned at the American embassy in Buenos Aires,[26] and studied for one semester in Madrid, counselor for international charity One Young World, at the 2014 summit in Dublin, she spoke on the topics of gender equality and modern-day slavery, in 2014, she toured Afghanistan and Spain with the United Service Organizations, in 2016, Markle became a global ambassador for World Vision Canada, traveling to Rwanda for the Clean Water Campaign and after a trip to India Meghan focused on raising awareness for women’s issues and penned an op-ed for Time magazine concerning stigmatization of women in regard to menstrual health.

    Oh, I forgot, Meghan was also a so-called “B” actress in the American legal drama Suits.
    Side Bar: Sophie Winkleman (daughter-in-law to black brooch Princess Michael of Kent, former divorcee) was also a “Z” actress. She starred in the scandalous The Palace where she played an evil royal princess who wanted to take the crown away from her older brother. So if you want to talk about a “B” actress let’s talk about the other “Z” actresses associated with the BRF & the other divorcees in the BRF. Sorry I digress!

    Now to be fair Sofia did study global ethics, child and youth science and children’s communication, is also a certified yoga instructor and back in Sweden she studied in Stockholm, where she also worked part-time as a waitress and glamour model.

    And in 2010, Sofia was one of the co-founders of non-profit organisation Project Playground, a charity that assists underprivileged children in South Africa (I think this may have been after she met Prince Carl Philip???)

    But, Hey, call me CRAZY but I think Meghan Markle is in a different league than Princess Sofia.
    Apparently I’m not the only one that wondered about the unfair comparison between Princess Sofia and Meghan Markle.


    • Q says:

      Sofia has done nude photo shoots for swedish porn magazines.
      It wasn’t just bikini photos. She has done complete nudity. The worst of them were scrubbed from the net and photographers were paid for the rights to the more explicit photos before the engagement was announced but some nude ones are still out there.
      I have nothing against sofia, she seems like a nice woman. It’s the media’s comparing her to Meghan I find curious and yes, racist. What’s so ‘scandalous’ about meghan? What makes her a “rebel princess” exactly? Oh right. The color of her skin. [Eye roll]