Niecy Nash is 50: My life is my own, my children are grown, I’m going to do me

2020 seems to be Niecy Nash’s year. Last week Niecy made waves when she announced her marriage to singer Jessica Betts while simultaneously coming out in the process. Earlier in the year Niecy embraced turning 50 by baring it all in a semi-nude photo shoot.

Niecy recently did an interview with Scott Evans for Access Hollywood where she opened up about living her life fully and accepting herself. Here are a few quotes:

”You just recently turned 50. What was the thing that clicked for you?
Being honest with myself and also being in a place when I don’t have to live for anyone else. Let me live my life. My life is my own, my children are grown and I’m going to do me.

Part of doing me was to strip down to a place so I could say this is really me being transparent.

It’s been a journey to get to this confident place.

On sharing a photo a year ago where she revealed her insecurities
[I thought] let me share this real moment because a lot of people think that because they see you in their homes on television or whatever, that you’re leading a charmed life, that you don’t have problems, which is absolutely a luxury.

You do have these moments just like every other woman does where you’re like wait a minute. I took myself down and dragged myself back up to the top. I think it is just such a powerful place to be a black woman in this day, over 50, and staking your claim to being happy.

“Was there someone that was an example of this to you?”
No. I looked in the mirror and I said, hey, girl, what do you feel like you deserve? Because that’s the only thing you’re going to get. Not because you want it or wish for it, but because you decide I deserve it and you purpose to make it manifest.

[From Access via Youtube]

I am here for a self confident queen and Niecy has been serving it for quite some time. I must admit, fifty does look good on her. As someone who is fast approaching fifty it is nice to know that being confident is a daily journey.

Niecy has been giving me all the life by just living her own. In a new interview with People she opened up about her marriage to Jessic, stating that it wasn’t about gender but about soul and how they fell in love.

Like Niecy, I believe (outside of mental health struggles) self talk is definitely key in getting what you want. It’s important to be real with yourself about what you feel you deserve. Niecy can continue dropping truth and I’ll keep picking it up.

I hope to continue to see Niecy not just in the headlines but in more roles. I haven’t watched the show Claws yet but I hear it is amazing. Maybe I’ll binge it one autumn weekend and report back.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    CLAWS is crazy, wild, colorful, trashy good with a great cast who all seem to be having a fabulous time.

    • Sybaritic1 says:

      I agree!!! It’s perfect summer tv imo.
      I’m dying waiting for season 4!

    • AMA1977 says:

      I never heard of it until the article about Niecey’s wedding the other day, but I just looked up the trailer/synopsis and it looks AMAZING. Dean Norris AND Judy Reyes!! It’s going to be my next laundry-folding show!

  2. Edna says:

    Neicy looks fantastic and is rocking 50. She’s been around for awhile now and I’m glad she’s finally happy living in her own skin.

  3. Watson says:

    She’s serving body in all those shots!!! Whew!! And reading how happy she is honestly makes me smile. Everyone deserves that sort of realization in life.

  4. Joanna says:

    She looks gorgeous

  5. Angela says:

    Yasssssssss queen

    Claws is amazing u MUST watch

  6. lucy2 says:

    I’ve only seen the first season so far, but Claws is great. I need to catch up! Niecy is the best, and I’m happy for her.

  7. Jess says:

    I am so happy for both of them and this is my favorite wedding of the year. I’m nearing 50 and my youngest will graduate HS when I’m 51 which means they’ll be adults and I finally won’t have to support my ex. It will be the first time since my early twenties that I’ll be able to live just for me and I’m a lot smarter now, so I’m looking forward to it (if we survive that long, that is. I’m not convinced we’ll make it through 2020).

  8. Meg says:

    ‘what do you feel like you deserve? Because that’s the only thing you’re going to get’
    So true, and when youve been sent constant messages from toxic people that you dont deserve good things and the way they treat you is exactly what you deserve its hard not to believe it

  9. Melissai says:

    Seeing joy during this pandemic is so uplifting! Love is love is love is love. Neicy is great on Claws and was phenomenal on When They See Us. She has such range!

  10. Morele says:

    Love her! She was great I’m Mrs America too

  11. Grant says:

    Love it! I couldn’t get into Claws — too silly and melodramatic IMO — but Niecy’s performance was a stand-out (Karreuche Tran was great too, who knew?!). Niecy has come a long way from Reno 911! Good for her.

  12. Dascha says:

    Her body is incredible, not even for a 50 year old, just for ANY age. I would kill for that tiny waist and those curves.

  13. Rapunzel says:

    Niecy was also great as Officer turned Special Agent Denise Hemphil on Scream Queens. An underrated gem.

  14. Anna says:

    Love Niecy!!! So happy for all of this! She’s an inspiration. Been obsessed with Claws since it came out and I’m sure I’ve watched every episode a couple times. It’s so good. So many demographics covered in the references. I follow @clawswriters on IG and twitter. Brilliant writing and the ensemble cast, whew, the layers of what they cover in that show.