Donald Trump held an indoor Nazi rally in Nevada with hundreds of maskless people

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I always feel that pit at the bottom of my stomach whenever I look at the crowds (however big or small) for Donald Trump’s Nazi rallies. It’s always been disturbing to see how many people like him. But during the pandemic, those photos of his Nazi rallies are particularly upsetting. Hardly any Trumper wears a mask, they still pack into areas like sardines, and I just feel like every Trump rally is simply a super-spreader event at this point. On Sunday, Trump held an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada (Nevada is a swing state). This was his first indoor rally in months – all of his Nazi rallies recently had been open air affairs. Trumpers gathered indoors to hear Bigly speak. Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak was MAD.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak slammed President Donald Trump Sunday night for violating state rules by holding a 2020 campaign rally indoors with thousands of people. In a lengthy thread on Twitter, the Democratic governor said that Trump “is knowingly packing thousands into an indoor venue to hold a political rally” and has “forgotten that this country is still in the middle of a global pandemic.”

“This is an insult to every Nevadan who has followed the directives, made sacrifices, and put their neighbors before themselves,” Sisolak said. “It’s also a direct threat to all of the recent progress we’ve made and could potentially set us back.”

The governor said of Trump, “As usual, he doesn’t believe the rules apply to him” and accused the president of “reckless and selfish actions.”

Trump held his first indoor rally in months in Henderson, Nevada. Aides said that every attendee would have their temperature checked before entering the venue and would be provided with a mask that they were encouraged to wear. They also had access to hand sanitizer. However, like the president’s recent rallies, most supporters were not wearing face coverings. Henderson authorities said in a statement late Sunday that officials warned the event organizer in writing and verbally that they must obey the governor’s directives, which include not gathering in groups larger than 50 people, wearing face coverings and social distancing.

In response to criticism the campaign received for holding the indoor rally, Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign 2020 communications director, said in a statement, “If you can join tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets, gamble in a casino, or burn down small businesses in riots, you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment to hear from the president of the United States.”

[From NBC News]

I find it disgusting that this is the Republican line, that if Black Lives Matter protesters can protest in the street, then it’s completely fine for Nazis to gather maskless at Trump rallies. They’ve all been making that argument like they think they’re making a good point. BLM protesters are on the street because cops are murdering them. Maskless Nazis just want to “own the libs.” Anyway, I’m sure we’re going to see more super-spreader events in the final SEVEN WEEKS before the election. My God this month is flying by.

A few more things – Trump doesn’t know the pledge of allegiance.

And Trump claimed that Joe Biden is taking performance enhancing drugs.

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  1. Mac says:

    Trump is becoming a death cult. It’s only a matter of time before he orders them to drink the Kool Aid.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      We aren’t that lucky.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      eh, I’d be OK if he did, quite frankly.

      fewer of his sycophantic deplorables on this earth is fine with me.

    • Esmom says:

      At this point, I actually think they would. I have heard the idea that many Trumpers believe this is the end times and I didn’t see it personally until an old grade school classmate, who is an Evangelical Trump lover, posted on FB a badly written article outlining that the signs of the rapture are upon us. Her only comment was praying hand emojis.

      I know I’m preaching to the choir but I don’t get how people who claim to love Jesus in one post are posting support for Trump in another, along with stuff about libs being “butt hurt” AND at the same time apparently welcoming their own and others’ demise? I get that they think the demise will bring them, the chosen ones, to Jesus, but still. My philosophy about religion use to be to let people believe/practice whatever they want but this is next level horrifying.

      • lanne says:

        I’m a bad person, but can someone go on Quanon and spread the Koolaid rumor? (slinking back to hell now)

      • Coco says:

        Let them be raptured already then. But I hope they take their clothes with them up to heaven. I don’t want to have to clean up piles of MAGA hats in my nice, new apocalypse.

      • Esmom says:

        Tiffany, I saw that, too. Chilling. And Coco, if only their rapture could be that nice and neat. The version in the article involved lots of guns and literal battles…we are not guaranteed to still be around when they’re finished.

      • Dee says:

        Saw a lot of that QAnon shit on overpasses (vandalism) and even written on personal vehicles in Ohio this weekend. Is the cult using Ohio as a home base, or am I just hyper aware of that Trump Scientology at this point?

      • Lizzieb says:

        Am not American or pro Trump and found it chilling that he won’t say “under God” seeing as he presented himself as a man of faith (sorry I didn’t believe him). We live in interesting times and it very well may be the time of Revelation. Or not…either way I still have my faith. Yeah, and no way would I have a Maga cap…no worries there.

  2. Tom says:

    It’s a giant murder-suicide event and it’s beyond comprehension.

    As for the drugs accusation, we all know he projects.

    • vertes says:

      Maybe we’ll get lucky & lose a few hundred drumpo fans.

      • lucy2 says:

        The sad part is they’ll go back home and spread it to everyone they come in contact with.

        Last time Dump held an indoor rally, Hermain Cain died. Wonder who this one will take out.

  3. Agirlandherdog says:

    I have given up hoping that this will matter. I mean all of us who are outraged already hate the man. And if anyone was on the fence about him, his entire presidency has been one heinous, treasonous act after another, so if they haven’t hit their final straw with him, this isn’t going to be it.

    Also, this isn’t the first time he’s accused Biden of taking drugs. The first time I heard him say it was several weeks ago. Of course Trump will also magnanimously submit to a drug test.

  4. Astrid says:

    Trump was in Michigan last week and held a rally in a large airplane hanger. I would count that as being inside as well. 5500 people attended with masks being handed out at the door but most people didn’t bother putting the masks on

  5. ChillyWilly says:

    This stupid POS. I hate him soooo much. 😡
    Can’t the State of Nevada slap fines or shut down the venues allowing these super spreader Klan rallies to happen?

    • Lady Atriedes says:

      We live about 5 miles away from where the rally was held.
      Yes, the venue will be fined somewhere between $500 and $1500 per person in attendance. The venue was notified BEFORE the event took place. The venue was told they would be reimbursed for any fees or fines by the campaign.
      It’s shocking how many people attended. Our numbers had just started to go down

      • megs283 says:

        Ha, they should have asked at least 10 other cities if Trump has paid the bills that his stops have accrued. This is going to be the end of that venue.

      • Darla says:

        Are you kidding me??? And they believed that they’ll be reimbursed?? OMG I am dying laughing. They’ll never see a cent. Good. And I don’t care who dies because they went here. I do care for the medical professionals who will have to take care of them and for anyone innocent they come into contact with and infect. Other than that, if the whole damn crowd offed themselves it would be a net plus for the world.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “The venue was told they would be reimbursed for any fees or fines by the campaign.”

        and they BELIEVED that?

        I wonder if they’d be interested in a bridge I have for sale…or perhaps some oceanfront property in AZ. SMDH

      • schmootc says:

        Wow, whoever made the decision to accept the promise of reimbursement at face value needs to be fired. Because they are dumb as a box of hair.

      • Lady Atriedes says:

        The person who okayed it wasn’t the owner. So…yeah….
        I heard the reimbursement story from two separate friends who have businesses in the same section as the venue. Both tried to sway the owner with similar articles that Megs shared. The owner wouldn’t not budge. Yes, he sounds quite stupid.
        My friends have given their employees the rest of the week off. One of my friends is having her entrances and walk ways deep cleaned with this local high tech cleaning company. She is also doing the venues front and walkways…in the dead of night, in hope she the cooties don’t spread to the rest of our community (wishful thinking, I know).
        For those of you who are looking at that packed area with alarm, yeah. Total thrill kill death cult, right? But here’s what comforted me this morning over coffee, the space really isn’t that big. It’s not an arena. It’s a smallish warehouse. Our home I saw larger (and it’s not that big). So…that gave me hope. They were packed, but I think his team know so he’s can’t carry a big venue (among other legalities that would prevent his from hosting in our state).

  6. local russian hill says:

    why can’t the state of nevada and it’s governor enforce the rules? why is he able to hold a rally inside that no one could? it’s beyond reprehensible.

    • ce says:

      Exactly. Who approved the permits for this event? Who allowed all these employees to set up and break down the event? It’s easy to pass the blame after the fact. How about these events never get greenlit to begin with?

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Because we’re the kind of country that enables criminals with money and titles. I’ll never recover from this and will spit on my country at every turn. Our ‘voted for’ government has failed us so spectacularly, they have lost my allegiance. They have lost my respect. They have pushed me so far to the brink of insanity that apathy has taken over simply to breathe normally. I’ll vote. Again. But I have no expectations. No hope. No faith. No love. The tenets I raised my children under no longer exist because they have been scorched by the very people they revered and held to task and standard. I. Have. Checked. Out.

      • Esmom says:

        Mabs, I’m with you. The only thing that has helped me as I think about the cesspool that the GOP has become is to try to just think of them as marauders of sorts who are just passing through and who will be defeated eventually. I am trying desperate to hold onto the belief that they do not get to rewrite the rules for civil society and humanity and they will get taken to task.

        It seems impossible to imagine getting past this, though, when the cognitive dissonance among Trumpers is so off the charts. I got into it on Twitter with one of them about the pandemic and he/she was like “Trump is not a king, he’s not responsible for the states, the governors are. Blame the lib governors, blah blah blah.” Yet somehow when Obama was POTUS, everything was his fault. It does bring one to the brink of insanity. Virtual hugs to you.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Thank you. I applaud anyone who still engages with the right in any capacity. All my attempts have been depressing exercises in futility. They simply aren’t capable of intelligent and purposeful individualistic thought. Anyone defending this monstrous administration, voting for it and hailing it is an abomination. They are criminals imo, accomplices. They’re stoking…fomenting fear and anger and instigating criminal behaviors ranging from harassment to murder. I can’t.

      • ClaireB says:

        Thank you, @Mabs, for so eloquently expressing the desperation we’ve all been pushed to and the depths of the despair. I’ve been having a lot of trouble even going out to the store because I’m so utterly disgusted by the people in my (red) town, their refusal to wear masks properly and their idolatry of this orange idiot.

      • Esmom says:

        Mabs, I do realize the futility of engaging with these people, I usually don’t. Sometimes I slip, though. One other bright spot for me is phone banking weekly for Joe and Kamala. Recently we’ve focused on FL and I’ve had such hopeful conversations with people who can’t wait to vote for Joe. Even the Trumpers I’ve reached have been polite, with a couple exceptions, which leads me to believe that the most rabid supporters are in the minority. I just have to believe that good will prevail over evil in November.

      • Christin says:

        @Esmom – Your phone banking experience gives me hope. I want to believe that only a small slice of the 30-40 percent of supporters are completely lost causes who might become violent.

    • lucy2 says:

      I wondered that myself – can’t the health department and fire department shut it down? Lock the doors!

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I’m now imagining the end of “Carrie”, minus the pig’s blood.

        Seriously, though…why couldn’t the gov have called in the state troopers to stop entry after 50 people? I don’t get it either.

      • Jerusha says:

        Lock the doors while they’re all inside.

    • NatureLover says:

      @ local russian hillm I know. I can’t believe the idiotic owner of the building was willing to take the chance of losing his property over the choice of holding a Nazi rally. The morning news stated that the governor is not backing down and will fine the property owner with hefty fines for each and every racist that attended his rally. The cherry on the top though is the fact that Drumpfs coffers are EMPTY! He has no more money in his campaign coffer so he is apparently putting his own money up to pay for the rest of his campaign. I can assure you that he will file bankruptcy after the campaign is over to keep from paying everyone back. That is his MO. Plus, he doesn’t have any money to access, how will he liquidate property in this economy? Unless he takes an enormous loss, he won’t be able to. Let’s face it, he would rather file for bankruptcy than pay his creditors or lose any property.

  7. Arralethe says:

    Urgh. So he refuses to make the full pledge of allegiance, and Melania doesn’t even attempt it?

    Wake up, America. He just wants to make Trump great again, and to hell with the rest of you.

    Plus, holding a rally when hundreds of thousands of you have died, and more to come, and with the fires and hurricanes raging across your country? Anyone voting Republican in November should be taken out back and shot.

    • Mac says:

      @Arralethe – Do you seriously think we’re asleep? We know what Trump is and millions of us are working to defeat him.

      • Arralethe says:

        I absolutely am aware and support everyone who is trying to get him out. Unfortunately, there are also millions who either honestly think Trump is a good thing for them, are seriously misguided regarding the damage he’s doing, or don’t care enough to do what’s necessary to get rid of him.

        I those that I desperately want to wake up and get a good eyeful of reality, but I despair of it ever happening.

        Good luck to those fighting hard for a better America, and for all the others, WTF are you doing?

    • Shirley Gail says:

      no no no no no…you become him when you make suggestions like taking everyone out back and shooting them. Even if you don’t mean it…it gives them permission to do it to US. To take us out back and shoot us. IMHO

      • Maida says:

        Really agree with you, Shirley. Dehumanizing people and wishing violence on them isn’t the answer. It just drags us all further down into this terrible spiral.

  8. Seraphina says:

    This is why we Americans are not allowed to in many countries right now (not that I want to travel at this point) – because of the high COVID rates due to this type of stupidity.

    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE like your life depends on it because IT DOES!

  9. Miranda says:

    Something that must be noted about the BLM protests: I’ve attended several, and virtually EVERYONE was wearing a mask each time. People have generally been looking out for each other. For example, my 79-year-old dad came along on a particularly hot day, when most of us needed to pull our masks aside occasionally for fresh air, and everyone around him was meticulous about turning away. Everyone made sure that older or vulnerable people were given plenty of space. These measures seem to have worked, because I don’t think there was an appreciable uptick in COVID cases, at least in NYC, that could be traced to the protests. In fact, just about the only time I saw someone maskless for any extended period of time was when a cop actually pulled a protester’s mask down so he could give him a full-face of pepper spray.

    • lucy2 says:

      You are correct, there weren’t any big upticks reported after protests. We had one in my little town and everyone wore a mask, it was outside, and I was very carefully to stay about 10 feet away from anyone else. Marching or standing outside with a mask on is VASTLY safer than being packed into an indoor space, no masks, and everyone frothing at the mouth for their dictator.

      • Esmom says:

        It’s true but it doesn’t matter because the GOP has used the fallacy that protests are equivalent to Trump rallies as far as potential to spread the virus so much that it is repeated as fact. As nauseam.

      • Darla says:

        Esmom, yeah, I have had this argument with a few of them in my family, and they are just simply impervious to facts.

  10. KellyRyan says:

    Has anyone seen ads for, “actors”. Rex Chapman published a Craigslist ad from Ohio, “Actor’s wanted, $12.00 ph, $14.00 ph if Maga Hat and T shirt worn. Dummy ad or not? Keep in mind Drumpf runs a reality show complete with make-up, sound effects, editing, photo shopped events. The front row group behind Drumpf was paid $50.00 per person in past events.

    • Hoot says:

      Oh, I totally believe this. Haven’t looked for/seen any ads recruiting actors, but this sounds like their M.O.

  11. AnnaKist says:

    If these morons only ever hung out with one another, I’d say, “Go for it. Infect yourselves. As quickly as possible. As widely as possible.” But they have jobs to go to, children to look after, parents to visit. They go to supermarkets, the pharmacy, the doctors, school, universities, churches… One person with the virus can potentially infect hundreds of other people in a week. What is wrong with these people?
    My daughter always gets me a Father’s Day gift, saying I deserve one, as her father died when she was only 9, and I gadthree kids to raise. This year, she got me a super-dooper-deluxe Bluetooth speaker. I have spent the last week with all (and I mean ALL) my Bad Religion music on shuffle. I’d let that slide when I contracted a rare virus and lost the hearing in one ear. They are my all-time favourite band – celebrating 40 years. They are the poetry of life, wrapped in a DIY punk cover. Music released one, two three decades ago, is even more relevant today. More important today. More urgent today. Screaming out to be heard and heeded today. On one hand, I marvel at it all, on the other hand, watching what’s happening in your country especially, I despair. Trump has brought to the world an infection that’s as vile as COVID-19.

  12. Jerusha says:

    If there is a large Covid induced die-off among trump supporters, the collective IQ of the US population will rise dramatically and then maybe we won’t repeat this horror show anytime soon.

  13. Bootscoot says:

    I live in Nevada. The cops won’t enforce the mandates so these businesses will be fined but the Trump campaign will gladly pay their fines. I wish all of these people would get sick and die but as mentioned, they’re going to spread it around to others.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “these businesses will be fined but the Trump campaign will gladly pay their fines.”

      yeah, about that…if those businesses actually think the 45 campaign will shell out for their fines, they’re delusional. that campaign doesn’t even pay their regularly-incurred charges, like security etc. there are dozens of cities (prob more than that) across the country that are waiting to be paid for rallies held during NON-pandemic times.

      if anyone thinks that the campaign will pay a fine incurred by someone else when they’re not even paying their own bills, they deserve whatever happens to them.

  14. Maida says:

    Apparently he also got the crowd to chant “Lock Him Up” about Obama as well. It is terrifying how many Americans are eager to follow a dictator. The power of hatred and resentment is so strong.

  15. Marguerita says:

    I just had a thought….a pretty terrible thought. What if he’s doing this on purpose? To try and create a “herd immunity” situation by creating these super-spreader events? The faster people get infected, the sooner the economy and society get back on track? And the less you are encouraged to not wear a mask, to go out and function as normal (which will boost the economy), the faster the virus spreads? Could he be planning to hand Biden the most complete shit show ever? Just for reference, I am Canadian and as such do not understand American politics very well, but here’s a wild scenario;

    Trump knows he’s going to lose, so he fucks the country as completely as he can, Biden wins and inherits Hell on Earth. But! Then Trump runs again (can he?) in four years and comes in as The Great White Savior, when everything just starts to turn back (because of Biden’s efforts). There! HE made America Great Again.

    I welcome being told that I’m too far down the rabbit hole. Pull me out!

  16. Q T Hush says:

    To all who think the trump campaign will pay the fines I hate to remind you that trump doesn’t pay his bills. I think he still owes some cities/towns for all his past fascists rallies. I’d bet he has found some way to pocket the money for himself.
    On the drug accusation, HAHAHA that’s a good one Donnie the bunker boy. I’d love to see what he has to pop, inject or smoke to get ready for his “close-up” rallies”. The Donald must be stock piling Botox because he’s the first president (I’ve lived through a few administrations starting with JFK) that hasn’t looked 15 years older after his first year in office. Maybe it’s the Dorian Gray syndrome or maybe it’s because he’s not doing his job. I believe it’s the latter.
    I’m glad we have each other to vent our anger and sadness over this POS. Thanks for your comments. You are my first read in the morning and often you humor carries me through the nonsense he inflicts on us. 🌊🌊🌊

    • Christin says:

      He’s the first I recall who made everyone else look 15 years older.

      Maybe his extra weight is filling out the wrinkles. The heavy duty tanner also covers up a lot.

  17. Shirley Gail says:

    no no no no no…you become him when you make suggestions like taking everyone out back and shooting them. Even if you don’t mean it…it gives them permission to do it to US. To take us out back and shoot us. IMHO

  18. Kendratyler says:

    It was in Minden Nevada not Henderson right down the road from me. We were doing well at keeping our covid numbers down. I’m sure this rally will change all that.😡

  19. MrsF2u says:

    Everything comes full circle – and when it does?

    In this case – they did it to themselves.

  20. JRenee says:

    Very sad for all of those who didn’t attend but will be impacted!

  21. Aimee says:

    The fact that he so willingly has these rallies and doesn’t care if they’re indoors or if people wear masks tells me (not that I needed one more thing) that he doesn’t really care about either his base OR the American people.

    Please VOTE.

  22. SolitaryAngel says:

    We are all being forced to watch in horror as the country I was once not ashamed to admit that I belonged to is being systematically and ruthlessly destroyed. I have PTSD with multiple panic attacks daily–even waking up in the night to find myself in the middle of an attack. So now I’m taking 3 different anti-anxiety meds and they still don’t slow down the panic and rage that I feel all day every day.

    However, I choose not to engage with the Kkkoolaid drinkers–because I don’t care about them; instead, I take it out on Trump himself via Twitter. I find it to be enormously cathartic. I showed my son what I wrote the first time I reamed his ass, and he was horrified. Not because he likes Trump, but because I insulted the highest office in the country. He got over that feeling pretty quickly. 😉

  23. Mina_Esq says:

    Yeah it’s weird that they think it’s the end of times based on what’s happening in the US alone. A lot of countries outside of they US were having a great time immediately prior to the pandemic, and a lot of countries have successfully flattened the curve. My gosh I can’t wait for Trump to leave and for these morons to not be as prominent as they currently are. Trump’s presidency has made me an elitist.

  24. Tracy says:

    I live in Henderson. He literally held this horror show in a manufacturing warehouse called Xtreme Manufacturing. This is the most bizarre, farcical situation and I can’t believe anyone even was there.