Demi Lovato says she’s used suicide prevention hotlines and recommends them

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I feel like Demi Lovato gets a bad rap because she’s been combative in the past. She nearly died a couple of years ago, we easily could have lost her and I don’t think people remember or consider that. That’s not to say that she’s beyond reproach or that she’s not still rude sometimes. I just see that she’s come back from a really dark place, that she’s maintained her sobriety and worked on herself. Anyway I like her! I like that she gets salty with people, that she’ll talk smack and that she stands up for herself. Demi has a new interview with PopCrush that I wanted to talk about. She’s promoting her new single with Marshmallow, “OK Not To Be OK.” A lot of outlets are running with the line that she is not wearing a white dress for her upcoming wedding, which I’ll talk about in a moment. To me the takeaway was that she’s used suicide prevention hotlines so this cause is personal to her.

On her new single ‘It’s ok not to be ok’
Nobody has been through [something like] this [pandemic] before. These are really weird times and it’s ok not to be ok. You’re not alone.

She was asked what she would tell her younger self
I talk to my younger self on a daily basis. The background of my phone is me and my younger self. It’s so important that I changed the narrative of my story. For some years I felt like my story, my choices my decisions, that defined me. I realized that’s absolutely not what defined me. The person that I am today has grown so much and learned from the path that I’ve been on.
I would tell my younger self ‘you are loved, you are worthy, you are beautiful.’ I do remind myself on a daily basis to embrace the physical body and physical self that you are today. Just holding on to the moments, being present.

She was asked what she would tell someone who is not ok
Please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline it’s 800-273-8255 (800-273-TALK) It’s a call that I’ve used before, even anonymously being in the spotlight. I have used it at times where I felt like I couldn’t turn to the people around me. It doesn’t matter who you are, there’s someone on the line that’s going to help you come through these times. We cannot seek permanent solutions for temporary problems.

On her wedding and dress plans
With the pandemic on one hand I would love to elope because my life is so public and I want to keep it sacred between me and him. On the other hand I want my family and friends to be there for a celebration but I can’t do that until the pandemic is over. I have my image for what I would want it to be if I got to do a big celebration. I don’t want to give it away but it’s definitely not a white dress.

[From PopCrush video on]

I looked through our past coverage of Demi and did some googling. While she’s admitted to being suicidal and she’s spoken out about mental health many times, I don’t think she’s previously said that she’s used the hotlines. This was a cool thing to admit and I really like the new song! The video features her going back to her childhood-like 90s bedroom and hanging out with her younger self. It’s cute and catchy. I’ve always liked Demi’s music.

As for her wedding, I think she should take a beat before marrying this guy. They met early in lockdown, they’ve been together six months tops and it just feels too soon. Plus she just bought a huge amazing house less than a month ago. That’s a lot of changes in a short time. Maybe she should wait to get married until after the pandemic. I also hope she has a prenup.

Here’s that interview:

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She has always been a good Democrat.


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  1. fch says:

    her fiance is a creep and this is going to end so ugly

  2. nicegirl says:

    I have a soft spot for Demi, and I always appreciate those with a platform encouraging mental health advocacy and support. I’ve survived cancer, but it’s the depression and complex ptsd symptoms that I struggle to deal with in my daily life that have, in the past, scared me to my core and felt like a constant weight round my neck while I was attempting to swim to shore & helping my children also to survive the swim. These types of lifelines are a great resource.

    Also I love the line about not being beyond reproach. Who isn’t?! Thank you!

  3. LouLou says:

    The thing to know about those hotlines is that they are not providing counseling; they are providing brief support and offering referrals. They can also talk with people about coping skills. If you are expecting to receive an actual counseling session by calling a hotline, you will be disappointed. I am sharing this because of how often people express that they had a bad experience with a hotline, and often this is because they had expectations that would never be met.

    Also, it is possible that you would get connected to someone who is burned out and expresses less empathy than would be helpful. It happens. It’s tough work. You can always end the call, call back, and speak to someone else.

    Lastly, do not express thoughts about suicide and then hang up. That is how you end up with emergency services knocking on your door. Expressing thoughts about suicide in itself does not mean that the call taker calls 911 on you. Crisis call takers make every attempt to help callers make a safety plan and to preserve their autonomy. Hanging up often leaves them with no choice but to request a welfare check, so stay on the line, participate in safety planning, and get the support that they can actually provide.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Every time I see Kamala I just feel so happy and hopeful for our country! Come on America!!!

  5. Honora says:

    Weird picture as I thought demI was quite little and KH is making her look really large ?! Is Ms Harris a tiny woman?
    Demi was very cool in Eurovision movie! If anyone hasn’t seen it please enjoy it’s so joyful :)