Wendy Williams admits she regularly spies on her neighbor while he’s showering

Wendy Williams was on Seth Myers to promote her show coming back this week. I saw this a couple of days ago and realized I wanted to talk about it. She’s an odd bird, which is something we already know about her. She came off as defensive, like she often does, and this interview was awkward. Anyway she said she’s not dating, that she’s living in New York city in an apartment and that she passes the time by hanging out with her cats and spying on her neighbors (my words). One guy across the way regularly showers in full view and she’ll tell you about it. It sounds like she enjoys it when he does that. She did light up a little when she was talking about her two rescue cats. Here’s some of what she told Seth. This is from two videos of her interview, the second one of which is below.

On dating during quarantine
I haven’t been hugged by a man in five months. People have people. I have a search. For the first two months it was easy, March and April. Date, have fun. April [to] September I’m like ‘don’t come over here.’

On her rescue cats, sisters Chitchat and MyWay, taking a while to warm up to her
The tiger one immediately fell in love [with me]. The black and white cat did not like me for at least a month and a half. Now that’s the one that sleeps [under my arm] every night.

On doing her show from home for a while
My thing is I live in an apartment. Not my fault. It is very personal to me for people to see my area. People criticize and couldn’t understand my groove.

She likes to spy on her neighbors
There’s an apartment building across and the man takes showers. The shower is right there at the window and I watch. It’s a head to ankle [window]. I peep and I Tom.

[From Seth Myers on YouTube]

Seth called Wendy’s spying “borderline criminal,” which is true. Why would you do this and why would you admit it? I would say that maybe this guy will get a curtain in his bathroom now, but New York City is somewhat anonymous. I bet this neighbor doesn’t even know he lives across the street from her. He may not care. You’ve got to know that if you have a window to your shower and it faces the street in NYC people are going to see you. What you may not anticipate is someone creepily waiting for you to take a shower though. There’s this assumption that people mind their business.

As for her show coming back, Wendy is doing it without an audience like every show. She said her her staff is on “total lockdown” and have three covid tests a day! Those are super uncomfortable I would hate getting my nose swabbed that often. I wonder if Wendy’s show is going to last that long after it comes back. Also, she’s in a studio and her video quality was still kind of fuzzy. How did that happen?

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24 Responses to “Wendy Williams admits she regularly spies on her neighbor while he’s showering”

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  1. Vote Science says:

    She’s a f*cking creep, then. A man would be demolished on this site if he said the same thing about watching a woman shower.

    • Pauline says:

      You’re not wrong about how a man would be demolished on this site for this. But I also think we have all lost the ability for nuance & humour in life, and for ‘judging’ a person by their specific personality. But the comment section of a gossip site is all about throwing stones in glass houses, I’ve noticed.

      • Vote Science says:

        I don’t spy on people when they’re naked in their own home, so I don’t feel too hypocritical about judging her.

    • OnceUponA says:

      This is repulsive. Anyone who does this to anyone else — of any gender — is vile, tasteless and Trumpy.

  2. Nev says:

    Love Wendy. Faults and all. I love this lady saw me through some tricky times. Xoxo

  3. CoKatie says:

    Wow! This has really taken a toll on her. She is not looking well.

  4. ChloeCat says:

    I saw the interview, it was just as described. First off, the cats are adorable!!! I love them! I’ll give her a few points for having cats. But otherwise she was her usual, defensive self. I’ve not liked her ever since she made a comment about how women who don’t want children are weird, something to that effect. Not every woman wants children & for her to make that comment was incredibly insensitive.

    • Athyrmose says:

      Women’s reproduction/fertility is her go to vehicle for misogyny. She’s made some DISGUSTING comments over the years.

  5. Faithmobile says:

    Not sure if this true or not, but I was told by a telescope rep that NYC has the largest concentration of telescopes in the US. And if you have been in NYC at night, you would know it’s much to bright for celestial viewing. I’m not condoning spying but it seems a pretty common.

    • Anners says:

      Part of me thinks that if you’re showering in front of a full ceiling to floor window (without even any of that frosted sticky window covering), then maybe you have a streak of exhibitionism? But it is creepy to spy on someone and even weirder to admit it on television.

      Also, not that familiar with Wendy, but her plastic surgeon has done her dirty.

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Despicable. Sorry. Admitting it doesn’t transform the act into comedy.

  7. Yoyoma says:

    You’re portraying her as if she is Samantha from sex and the city. She’s in her 50s and she is much more than that. Although it’s sad that her show doesn’t work like it used to be withour the audience.

  8. Green Eyes says:

    I’m sorry as someone that had a stalker when I was younger that invade my privacy in ways you cannot imagine I don’t condone
    What she is doing. It’s an invasion of privacy & she would be calling the police if a fan or neighbor did it to her.

  9. Charfromdarock says:

    I didn’t watch the clip — I am hoping she is trying to make a joke!

  10. Watson says:

    This is deeply amoral and criminal behaviour. Not a fan.

  11. Tanya says:

    If someone is showering in front of a glass window in full view of people walking by or looking out their apartment window, they are an exhibitionist. This is a purposeful move. While many people may be unable to relate (myself included) it’s not uncommon. Also, I would argue that it’s super rude to do this, as people, including children, may inadvertently look out their window and see your nakedness on display. Ugh.
    Is she being a bit of a creeper? Sure, but it’s hard for me to think of him as a victim. And as far as the argument that we would not tolerate this if Wendy was a man?! Please. There would be sooo many comments saying that she was an exhibitionist, how could she not know people were watching her, sure Jan, etc.

    • Kate says:

      Agree. This isn’t someone parked in front of a house in the suburbs peeking through a bedroom window. In NYC if you don’t have curtains or blinds you know there is a chance you are being seen. Hence why I wouldn’t walk around without clothes on when blinds are up. If you are naked in front of a window often in NYC it’s on purpose – you don’t care who sees.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      “And as far as the argument that we would not tolerate this if Wendy was a man?! Please. There would be sooo many comments saying that she was an exhibitionist, how could she not know people were watching her, sure Jan, etc.” So true. Not that I support actual Peeping Tom behavior from either sex.

  12. Lindy says:

    Yeah, no free pass on this. At all. This is not acceptable behavior. Sure, the guy should get a better shower setup but she can’t pass this behavior off as anything but creepy and invasive.

  13. julia says:

    Imagine the freak out she’d have on a man if he said something like that on her show. Jesus.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Please explain to me why this woman is still relevant or on TV? Imagine if a man said he regularly watched his female neighbor take a shower. Trump, Wendy Williams, Kanye West, etc.. The bigger the mess you are the more coverage you get.

  15. detritus says:

    Who has a window that big and that transparent in their shower? How is this even possible?

    Now that’s been said, is this an ugly naked guy (Friends was so mean sometimes) situation or a Rachel alone in the apartment situation.

    I’ve been so trained that if the curtains aren’t drawn and someone sees you it’s your own damn fault (apartment living for us who prefer the no pants approach is constant curtains), but if she’s peeping into a house or anywhere else that has some reasonable assurance of privacy it’s no bueno. And hells no of it’s with a telescope. That’s messed up.