Joe Jackson on The Today Show: I see my grandchildren enough

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Joe Jackson had an interview that aired on the Today Show this morning. The Jackson patriarch was sketchy in his responses and spoke in kind of halting half sentences. He cut the interview short when he was asked how much he sees Michael’s children. He said he sees them “enough,” but he faltered and took a while to get to that point. You could tell the real answer was “not much.” From the way he carefully worded his response to how he was doing, it was obvious that he’s trying to pretend that he cares more about Micheal’s loss than about all the opportunities that his son’s death has brought him. He’s a piss poor liar though, especially considering how much experience he has at it. Joe also repeated his vague claim that unknown persons are responsible for Michael’s death and that they need to be brought to justice.

People Magazine’s report on this interview packages Joe’s responses so that they make sense. Watching the interview, you just got the impression that the guy is still trying to get press coverage following his son’s death but that he doesn’t have much to say.

How are you doing?
I’m fine. I’m still grieving over my son’s loss, because he was the greatest. All over the world. I’m proud of that.

Are you angry?
I’m not angry. I’m mad… I didn’t know all this was going on. That’s what I’m mad about

You didn’t know Michael had a problem with these medications.
I didn’t know he was taking that type of medication.

Your son’s death was ruled a homicide. What does the family want now?
They want justice to be done. That’s what is being done.

Does that mean criminal charges?
I don’t know.

Did you know he needed that drug [Propofol] to go to sleep?
No, I did not. First I ever heard of it.

Police say Dr. Conrad Murray admitted to to them that he gave Michael Propofol the morning he died… That has now been ruled the cause of death. What does that tell you?
That tell me [sic] that was foul play done. That’s what it tells me. And more to be investigated to see what really is behind all of this stuff. Not just Dr. Conrad Murray.

Do you want someone to pay?
Someone should pay. Not just someone, but all of them should pay that’s involved.

All the doctors?
I didn’t say doctors. Anybody else that’s involved.

What role do you play in the kids’ lives?
Well I’m their grandfather.

Have you seen them?
Of course.

How often do you see the kids?
I’ll put it like this… I see them just, well. I see them enough, time enough, often enough.

[Transcribed from Joe Jackson’s appearance on The Today Show, 8/31/09, video above]

At the end of this story, they dropped the news that Michael Jackson’s body is finally going to be buried this Friday in a private ceremony at Forest Lawn Ceremony. It has been over two months since the King of Pop died, and this isn’t the first story we’ve heard about a pending burial. Let’s hope it’s for real this time. His kids don’t need to keep waiting to bury their dad.

A tribute show was held for Michael Jackson at the Palms Casino over the weekend on Saturday, that day that would have been his 51st birthday. Jackson was honored with a star on the walk of fame outside the Casino, which Joe happily accepted saying :I wish he was here to see this take place.” I wonder how much Joe Jackson was paid to attend.

Sky News reports that Joe Jackson went a little further in his request for an investigation into his son’s death, saying “I want them to do a complete congressional investigation.” He also expressed how unbelievable his son’s death still is, “I just can’t believe he is not with me no more… Seems like he is just performing somewhere else and still living and having a good time performing, entertaining people.”

Joe Jackson is shown at the Palms Casino accepting the star on his son’s behalf with Johnny Brenden on 8/29/09. Credit:

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  1. Diane says:

    Mr Smirky loves the camera = ) The more docs they find writing script under assumed names, the greater the possibility of a medical mal-practice payout. It is, all about the money.

  2. filthycute says:

    This man is repulsive!

  3. Green Is Good says:

    “I want them to do a complete congressional investigation.”

    Yeah, because Congress frequently investigates the deaths of drug-addicted pop stars. *Eye Roll*

  4. filthycute says:

    Why – WHY – is he smirking while discussing his son’s drug abuse issue and subsequent death?

  5. Diablohot says:

    One word: sociopath. This man has no conscience.

  6. Tess says:

    What a ghoulish looking son-of-a-b#tch.

    Clearly, Joe Jackson was the inspiration for the remorseless, life-sucking zombies that haunted MJ’s imagination and came to “life” in his videos.

    Sadly, MJ, the sensitive child-victim of abuse became, as an adult, a child abuser, himself. (Not to mention a terminally self destructive self-abuser).

  7. do you bi-itches stop says:

    leave joe alone, only gays as fags wine about getting a whipping after 40 years. And he is the reason you can say bad things about mike (rip) then blog about his death, re-count your feelings how messed up he was, call him a victim , and be in denial about those white as kids

  8. hunnybe says:

    Joe Jackson:Go_sit_down and stop talking to the media,when will you learn that they try to make you look like a monster.We know you are a caring,loving and truly nurturing father who never beat Michael.Nobody believes that Mike would vomit when he saw you or even left you out of his will…..haha couldn’t even keep a straight face typing that.But seriously…JUST SAY NO!

  9. Jacq says:

    By “making people pay” (thems that’s responsible) he probably means that he literally wants someone to write him a check. He is disgusting, it looks like his face is melting & his eyebrows are grape jelly. He gives SOB’s a bad name. Literally makes my skin crawl.

  10. Sani says:

    His face look like a gargoyle.
    Every one knows they can get him for a interview because he is money hungry.

  11. Born to Sing says:

    Sigh..Joe needs to stay away from interviews and cameras. SMDH! He’s nowhere broken up over his son’s death. He’s opportunistic and self serving and th eleast bit concerned about what his family is going through. Mrs. Jackson should pay him to shut up!He’s an embarrassment.