Kaley Cuoco has a stroller for her senior dog, Dump Truck aka Dumpy


Kaley Cuoco is a big animal person. I mean that both ways, she supports animals and she likes big animals, specifically horses. Over the summer, Kaley adopted a (tiny) senior dog named Dump Truck aka Dumpy. Dumpy has his own Instagram account where you can relive all Dumpy’s exciting activities, like wearing blankets, napping on couches and supervising his meal prep. Dumpy’s latest adventure was a big day out in the city, in his brand-new set of wheels. Kaley posted her latest late-night shopping acquisition to Dumpy’s account the other day:

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My friend just called me last night to tell me she’s been approved for a senior dog foster. She’s so excited, as am I for her. I adore puppies, I really do, but my energy has waned enough that I think my fosters will be older rather than younger from here on out. I don’t know Dumpy’s exact age, but in his intro post, it said he was overweight and all his teeth were rotted when he was rescued. Look at him now, so handsome and fit! And so much energy for a senior pup.

If you scroll through the IG posted above, the second shot is a video of Dumpy ably hopping into his new buggy and being strolled around by one of his many admirers. This is only the latest ride in Dumpy’s travel suite. Kaley also has a dog suitcase for him to make his appointed rounds. Plus a fur bed carrier so he can get around the apartment in style. I highly encourage you to look through Dumpy’s IG but I warn you, you will fall in love pretty quickly with his daily doings. Poor guy must constantly deal with adoring fans who populate Kaley’s apartment. One person notably missing from Dumpy’s page is Kaley’s husband, Karl Cook. I understand Kaley is in New York filming The Flight Attendant, so I guess Karl is back at home in California. I wonder which house he’s staying in – his? Hers? Or maybe the mythical home they may eventually share? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Dumpy doesn’t need some guy trying to siphon off Kaley’s attention, as if any guy could!




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  1. Darla says:

    Kaley is really hitting those mask shots, and I think that’s great. I have always really liked her and I hope she succeeds with her film career.

  2. SamC says:

    I don’t mind her and she will periodically post about the issues, training, safely/slowly introducing new pets into the home, and money they spend at the vet on the senior dogs, all with health issues, they adopt. However sometimes wonder about their other dogs…awhile ago she adopted another small dog that seemed to be the focus of all the attention (at least per IG) and that one seems to have been bumped aside a bit when this one came into the home, same with the rabbit.

    And not sure there are issues with the husband; whatever they do seems to work. He’s back on the horse show circuit but was in her IG posts not long ago, looks like he visited NY.

  3. Caitlin says:

    That outfit is horrible. I can’t imagine her in a serious role I wonder if she has the chops for it? I used to find her annoying with the whole thing with Henry Cavill and then her quick marriage and divorce but she’s pretty harmless really.

  4. MarineTheMachine says:

    I know some people will judge, but I will absolutely buy a similar dog stroller when my Shorkie becomes older! He already adores his dog carrier and bike basket and loves a good scenic view. I noticed that dog strollers are quite popular in Europe, maybe because there are less green spaces than in Canada where I live? Asphalt streets turn very hot during summer for dog paws. Anyway, I am mentally getting prepared to look ridiculous. But I am sure I will also cross paths with ultimate animal-lovers who will, as usual, gush over my little Mister Darcy!

    • Jensies says:

      You should get one! I have one for my little dachshund because of his back issues and he LOVES it. He’s never been excited about walks but now when we ask if he wants to go on a “stroll”, he freaks out and jumps into our arms to get into his stroller. He’s so calm and zen in it. It’s a great solution for older or injured pups.

    • Pinkstripes says:

      I bought our senior dog a pet stroller/jogger this year and he loves his enrichment walks. He gets tired more quickly these days and wheeling him around farther distances does seem to make him happy. I highly recommend it. Also think of those street dogs in places like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and China whenever you appreciate your pet – and make a donation (doesn’t have to be a big one) to help out those beautiful animals, some of whom would end up in the meat trade without help. I follow a bunch of those amazing people (they’re transparent or accredited charities) on IG and they’re having a hard time with donations in the COVID age.

  5. SJR says:

    Aww, he’s cute! I took in my Brothers senior dog a few years back.
    I guess she’s about 14 y/o. I never lived with an inside dog before, she’s pretty mellow.
    I think folks can do as they please with their fur family members, and a dog wearing a hat always cracks me up. 🙂
    Love how she does a little bouncy step, looks so proud pushing him.
    See? Not everything about 2020 is a dumpster fire, and I want any happy news I can get now.

  6. jaylee says:

    I legit just bought my 16 year old cocker spaniel a stroller 2 weeks ago & I’m waiting for it to arrive. We are on the pain management phase of his life & as long as he’s eating & his little stubby tail is wagging we are committed to helping him live his best life. Senior dog accessories are a godsend.

    • Peanutbuttr says:

      We have one for our 14 year old doxie. She cannot keep up with the younger spaniels. However she now prefers the off leash dog park where she can go at her own pace.

  7. nettie says:

    Good for her. She is giving that dog a great life. I wish there were more people like her!

  8. Other Renee says:

    Good for her! Dumpy looks happy and full of sweetness.

  9. Enis says:

    I have a three legged, one eyed, senior dog who has his own stroller because when he is done walking, he is done. He lays down and won’t get back up again, and I got tired of carrying him home!

    He’s my big, furry, obnoxious baby.

  10. Jetra says:

    Love the stroller! I have one for my cat! She loves it!

  11. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I love content about Kayley and her animals.

    I have a pet stroller for my cat as it is way easier to get him in that than a regular carrier and I’m only a ten minute walk from our vet but he’s a big lad (6.5kg – not particularly overweight, just big) and the first time I carried him there pre-stroller I nearly gave up!

  12. Gemgirlaaa says:

    I adopted a senior dog this summer after losing my last cutie-pie after 17 years together. Even if you can just foster an older pet – its so rewarding. They have so much love to give and it’s so awful that people dump them when they are “too old”. Our new guy is 11 and still plays with toys and loves going on walks. I’m the over protective one who carries him back home from walking haha.

    We have our new baby back up to 14 pounds and he does get heavy after a while. We still had a dog stroller – but I found this awesome “backpack” for hiking and trail walks. It’s a Pup Traveler by Ruff Rescue and he LOVES it. I put it on and he jumps in my lap to crawl in to the harness so we can go out. Its so cute. And it keeps their back (and yours) from getting messed up. I’d been looking for one like this forever! And its a small biz, so extra great 🙂

  13. Ange says:

    My cousin used to take his old dog around in a wheelbarrow, it’s a shame none of us ever thought of this type of thing lol