Stevie Nicks: The pandemic ‘is stealing what I consider to be my last youthful years’

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Stevie Nicks have been advocating for people to take better care of themselves and take necessary precautions during the COVID pandemic. Last month Stevie wrote a long Facebook post asking people to wear a damn mask to not only protect themselves but their loved ones, especially loved ones in the high risk groups. She also included a ton of facts, figures, and links.

Stevie is releasing a new single today called “Show Them the Way” and a live concert film from her 24 Karat Gold Tour. She was interviewed for AP News where she talked about missing singing live and how on edge she is being cooped up at home. She also said the pandemic is stealing years of her life. Below are a few quotes:

The bad news? Nicks is 72 and doesn’t want to be homebound when she prefers to be singing live on the road.

“This pandemic is more than just a pandemic for me. This is stealing what I consider to be my last youthful years,” Nicks told The Associated Press. “I don’t have just 10 years to hang around and wait for this thing to go away. I have places to go, people to sing for, another album to make. With every day that goes by, it’s like taking this time away from me. That I think is the hardest thing for me.”

“I have a lot of friends that are 60 and they’re going, ‘Oh I’m so old, I’m 60.’ I’m like, ‘You know what, the violins of the world are playing for you. You’re going to really appreciate 60 when you turn 72,’” she continued. “I don’t feel like the whole world is really getting behind getting this to go away. I feel like people are just thinking it really is just magically going away. All it takes is a few people that don’t wear a mask to spread. Just let one person catch it from you and there it goes — it’s like the never-ending story. That worries me because I’m going, ’Will it really be gone by the end of 2021?

“Will it be safe next year for us to walk into Madison Square Garden?’ I don’t know that it will,” she said.

Nicks is hoping to satisfy fans she would typically see in-person on tour with the new concert film “Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert.” It was recorded over two nights during her 2016-17 “24 Karat Gold” tour and will be available at select theaters and drive-ins on Oct. 21 and 25. A CD and digital album of the concert will be released Oct. 30.

[From AP News]

Stevie is that rocker. She has made it her mission to help people understand the gravity of COVID and the consequences of not taking it seriously. Honestly, I would love to see her in concert with Fleetwood Mac if we can get COVID under control. The last years of her life should be spent in celebration and it saddens me that she feels this pandemic is stealing away her youthful years.

It goes without saying that I love Stevie. As a child who grew up in the 80s, she has been a staple in my musical life. I always thought Stevie was cool but she just became 1000 times cooler because she is friends with Beyonce and Harry Styles. Like who knew? I do hope people began to take this pandemic more seriously so we can get it under control. The quicker we get it under control the quicker we can get back to a normal-ish life and be able to go to concerts. Then again I really believe we are moving toward a more remote and digital world so get ready for live concerts brought to you virtually.

Anyhow, here’s to Stevie getting inspired to write a new album while staying home. Hopefully making an album will bring her joy. Otherwise, I hope she continues to stay safe so we can keep her longer. We have already lost so many greats over the last decade, I’d like to hang on to a few for at least another decade if possible.

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  1. Big Bertha says:

    It’s true the other way around. Beyonce and Harry are cooler by being friends with Stevie.

  2. lemonylips says:

    I love her work so much. Storms is still one of my favorite songs ever. Even if it’s Fleetwood I only see her in it.

  3. Edna says:

    Love Stevie Nicks. Been a long time fan of hers. And I applaud her for speaking out about Covid and encouraging people to wear the damn mask.

  4. SJ Knows says:

    I agree with everything she says. C19 is also stealing time from everyone no matter their ages.
    Attending live concerts is way down on my list but when it is safe to do so many will flock and I will be spending time and money doing it too.

  5. Izzy says:

    I love Stevie Nicks and I get where she’s coming from. But for 210,000 Americans the pandemic has stolen lived ones from them. For more than a million families around the world. She’s alive and well. There’s grace in that.

    But yeah, I wish everyone would mask the fcuk up already. I would like to leave my house and go anywhere sometime before 2023.

  6. Darla says:

    Yeah I’m in my early 50’s and I feel this way. My 22 yo niece is always whining about it (entire family are trumpsters btw including her), and I said, well you’re young, you’ll have years after this is over, I feel like my last really good years are being stolen from me. Just my way of letting her know I have no sympathy go cry to someone else. You know what she said? “Oh well but your best years are behind you and you didn’t have the virus back then!” Oh yeah. I let her know I did not agree that my best years were behind me and in fact, had been planning my century’s “roaring 20’s” in December 2019. In Dec 2019, I still hoped the best was yet to be. But thanks to her Trumpy, that’s not looking so good now.

  7. Listen to what she says…I love Stevie Nicks 🌹🌙

  8. JennyJenny says:

    The pandemic IS stealing time away from those of us that don’t have an endless future.
    I was diagnosed with terminal breast/bone cancer in June. I thought I had more time!!! What Stevie said really resonates with me; there were still so many things I wanted to do, places to go. I miss my friends.

    And Stevie Nicks is a true Goddess ~

    • FHMom says:

      I am so sorry for this. I hope you find a way to do the things you want to do.

    • Anna says:

      @JennyJenny Sending love to you

    • Godwina says:

      It’s unfairness on top of unfairness. I hope the clouds break soon.

    • Nikki* says:

      Both my FIL and my SIL lived MUCH longer than their oncologists’ estimates, and I hope you stretch the odds and are able to find some joy and fulfillment despite the pandemic. Sending you love and very best wishes, JennyJenny.

    • Jaded says:

      JennyJenny – you are a true goddess. Sending you much love.

    • Vernie says:

      JennyJenny, I’m sending you love and strength and good energy. May you find a way to live these days on your terms. 💝

  9. Busybody says:

    Has anyone seen the “that fly was really vibing” meme? Made me laugh so hard and we’ve been listening to Stevie Nicks nonstop since watching it. (Pence’s fly, set to Stevie’s music)

    • scollins says:

      It’s a take off from doggface on Twitter with Ocean Spray and it is glorious. Google doggface and Dream vid, can’t remember his exact name.
      Take the time, you won’t regret it. Even Mick Fleetwood copied doggface!!
      Then check out/google what OceanSpray’s response was.

  10. Godwina says:

    My mother is 73 and still in ok shape, but she is really feeling this. Her bucket list is hanging over her head, including travel, which is her first love. She’s mentioned this pressure/grief a few times to me since March. One more loss to add to the growing pile of awful things, some worse than others, of course.

    • ClaireB says:

      Mine, too, almost exactly.

      This is also stealing a year from my kids’ childhoods and school experiences, and it makes me sad every day that we can’t just come together as a country to protect each other.

  11. Case says:

    This pandemic is stealing so much from so many. It’s taking away some children’s last opportunity to spend Christmas with their grandparents. It’s taking away new graduates’ job opportunities. It’s taking away new college students’ full experience on campus. It’s taking away older and sick individuals’ last opportunities of time to get out and experience the world. It’s taking Halloween away from kids who have been excited about their costume for months. It’s taking away opportunities to travel and explore for people of all ages. It sucks for everyone. It sucks for some people more and many of us are privileged, but it sucks for everyone to some degree nonetheless. That’s why we need to work together to squash it.

    • Nikki* says:

      I keep trying to be positive & count my blessings, but between my 94 year old MIL’s isolation, helping our adult kids who’re going NUTS trying to work from home w/babies and toddlers, to several job losses and money worries, it’s hard. My mantra is: If we’re all still here in 2 years, I’ll kneel & give thanks. Yet I’m DREADING winter…

    • MaryContrary says:

      Totally agree. It sucks for all of us.

    • april says:

      Grow up, Stevie Nicks. It affects all of us and complaining helps no one.

  12. zucchini tart says:

    Awesome woman. Few decades off from 70s here but feeling very tired and old with the pandemic but she’s just made me more grateful. We have to be mentally prepared that it’s going to be a hard slog out of this situation, though, and there may never be the same normal – probably won’t be like before ever again.

  13. Meg says:

    I was so fortunate to see them on their last four. I didn’t get to see prince so I got tickets to everyone on my bucket list. If I hadn’t the stress if this would be much worse. I don’t know how parents of kids in school are doing this. Damn trump

  14. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It’s time for entertainers to jump on the pay-per-view wagon. I’ve always loved her. LOVED her. She and Joan Jett made me the gothy gypsy I clung to for years lol. Her longevity says everything.

  15. Deeanna says:

    Released to theatres and drive-ins?? Does Stevie not know that movie theatres are closed and drive-ins are for the most part non-existent?