A Republican congressman is demanding that the Sussexes’ titles be removed

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The Hubb Community Kitchen

For the past few months, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been making really basic statements about voting and rejecting hate speech. I’ve even argued that Harry and Meghan are being very careful and very particular about how they say certain things, and they are not deviating from their scripts at all. Meghan has spoken about the need for women to vote, and the need for more women to be engaged in the political process. Harry has told Americans to reject hate speech and misinformation. Clearly, these statements all had an anti-Trump bias! Republicans stand for hate speech, misinformation and voter suppression, end of. So it was all “political” and many British commentators – like Piers Morgan – had absolute sh-t fits. Donald Trump even got involved, because why not. And now it looks like the Daily Mail urged some dumbass Republican congressman to write a letter to the Queen demanding that Harry & Meghan be “stripped of their titles.” For the love of God.

A Republican lawmaker is demanding the British government ask the Queen to strip Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of their royal titles for ‘interfering’ in the upcoming American election, claiming they are using them to influence voters. Congressman Jason Smith of Missouri will send a letter making the request to British Ambassador to the United States Karen Pierce on Friday afternoon, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Smith points out that the British Royal family has a long tradition of staying politically neutral and notes the United States has expressed concern about foreign interference in its elections. ‘As you know, the British Royal Family has long observed a policy of strict neutrality in regard to political matters. I am therefore concerned by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent comments regarding the United States Presidential Election, especially given international conversations surrounding foreign interference in our elections and the Duke’s status as a guest of the United States,’ he writes in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by DailyMail.com.

The Queen controls Harry and Meghan’s titles but acts on the advice of the government – meaning it would be up to her to act against the couple, but that if the prime minister, Boris Johnson, were to ask her to do it, she would have to at least consider the request.

Smith called their actions ‘a serious breach of the British Royal Family’s policy of political neutrality and an inappropriate act of domestic interference by one of our closest allies.’ The four-term congressman said even though the comments were made as private citizens, the fact the couple uses their titles confers the impression the statements came from the Royal Family and gives the words additional weight with voters.

‘It is my view the titles and privileges they retain by permission of Her Majesty the Queen, given with the advice and consent of her government, prevent the Duke and Duchess from separating comments made in a personal capacity from their official position within the British Royal Family,’ he wrote. Smith said it effectively means the British Royal Family is interfering in the American election. ‘Therefore, by allowing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to retain their titles, and these political comments to continue, the British Government is effectively condoning interference in the 2020 United States Presidential Election from officials at the highest level of the British establishment,’ he wrote.

‘I respectfully request the British Government ensure The Duke and Duchess of Sussex no longer attempt to interfere in our election or be stripped of all titles, styles, and privileges which they currently retain. I respectfully request you convey these concerns to both Her Majesty The Queen and to Her Majesty’s Government,’ he wrote.

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, any Republican who says that H&M’s comments were explicitly or implicitly anti-GOP is telling on themselves. I know in my heart that the GOP is the party of hate speech, domestic terrorism, racism, nationalism, misinformation, voter suppression and pandemics. But they’re supposed to pretend like they don’t openly stand for that sh-t! By so publicly taking offense to H&M’s (relatively milquetoast) political statements, these dumbasses continue to play themselves. Besides that, MEGHAN IS AMERICAN. She can say whatever the hell she wants.

Also: the rest of that Daily Mail piece was just a confused piece of reporting about Harry’s status in America. I have no idea if he’s here on a visa or what kind of visa it is, and neither does the Daily Mail. What they’re trying to do is agitate MAGA ‘Muricans and Donald Trump into publicly harassing and threatening Harry’s residency in America. And honestly? I’m pretty convinced that a dipsh-t like Jason Smith didn’t even write this letter. I think it was written by the Daily Mail reporter and given to the congressman. Which is a whole other thing.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at the US Open Tennis

Prince Harry visits the Black Prince Trust in Lambeth

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  1. Mindy_Dopple says:

    The amount of mental gymnastics it takes to even THINK this is an important issue to take on is baffling. Their nominee is unhinged on drugs and Typhoid Mary-ing all over the White House, but yeah, concern yourself with two private citizens who said NOTHING controversial.

    • Bibi says:

      I so recognize the type of sh*t acrobatics the dailymail would do to get HM in trouble on another level. This is f$ck&ng crazy the way they want to mentally harrass and silence them. This is inhumane. Really, i dont want to tell them to surrender but seriously, is this all worth it? I hope they do their netflix work and for the sake of their mental health, i hope they drop anything that could be related to politics, because I have a lot of love for them.

      • Ginger says:

        They should do whatever makes them happy. If they disappear for 10 years there will STILL be hateful articles about them daily. They seem to be in a really good place (if you listened to the Teenager Therapy podcast) They put their mental health and family first and Meghan said she is doing really well now. It’s not Meghan and Harry that need to change , it’s the press.

      • Aa says:

        I think it actually gets worse if they disappeared because Harry and Meghan lose any control of the narrative. Meghan alludes to this in the podcast that she wasn’t visible for 8 months of 2019 and yet negative stories were constantly manufactured. People weren’t seeing her face and hearing her voice as a counterbalance. Because she was on maternity leave Meghan was also missing receiving all the positive endorphins that come from crowds cheering for you and positive humor interaction that used to provide a counter balance to all the trolling in 2018.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        I think someone should start a money trail, and they’ll find a nice deposit somewhere for that dipshit, MAGAt Smith. A very nice deposit.

        I wish they’d be disturbed about Russia, China, and Iran’s interference in our election, particularly Russia’s…but then again… they don’t have a hereditary title to “take away”. SMDH.

      • Sid says:

        The SussexSquad on twitter did some checking and found that the Daily Fail writer who wrote the article about the flop congressman’s demand tweeted out her article BEFORE the Congressman actually made his tweet. The Daily Fail website also put up the article before the Congressman tweeted. So how the heck would she and the Daily Fail be able to do that unless this whole thing was setup? Oh, and apparently the Congressman and the writer both went to the same university.

      • Mac says:

        Let’s see the letter he spend to the Russian ambassador.

    • AnnaKist says:

      You are spot on, MIndy. What have their titles to do with him, or anyone else, for that matter? He sounds like a bitter, sniping, gossipy old harpy. Mind your own bloody business, you tool, and get on with being obsequious and massaging your idiot idol’s ego. And be ready to help move him out of that big house, and, fingers crossed, into the other big house.

    • Seraphina says:

      @Mindy, exactly this. Put energy where it matter. Our entire congress needs to be reset and the WH. Time to clean house. The virus isn’t limited to COVID, they too are a virus.

  2. PEARL GREY says:

    I wonder how much the Daily Mail paid him to do this. I hope they keep it up, they are doing the Sussex couple a favour by showing the world how right they were about the British press deliberately hounding them. They said they should leave if they don’t like the treatment, so they left, yet the press pack are following them from country to country. Keep proving their point. It was never about tax payers money, and it’s not about titles.

    Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan are doing their thing, marking World Mental Health Day whilst British media continue to lose their minds, living in their $14,000,000 mansion, cleaning their multiple bathrooms, playing with Archie in their drone-free garden, thinking of ideas for their £150,000,000 Netflix documentary deal.

    • Angel says:

      Republican in the us seems to be as trashy as Republican from France. Please vote them out on November 3rd. And I can’t for Meghan wait for her to win her lawsuit against the DM.

  3. lanne says:

    The daily mail can’t harass them in the UK, so they try to harass them in the US. How is this okay? This is embarrassing. I hope no one in the RF even acknowledges this. If they do, then they are the ones interfering in American politics, not the Sussexes. British tabloid media won’t be satisfied until Prince Harry and Meghan are dead. Classic family annihilator abuser situation. Any RF family member who works with the tabloids now is complicit in this abuse. This dude is just a dumbass wannabe Thomas Markle, used in exactly the same way.

    • VS says:


      You wrote exactly what I thought; The RF does work with tabloids though; they should ditch that and start working with real newspapers unless they are afraid those real newspapers won’t cover them or cover what they call “work” LOL

      • GuestWho says:

        They’re more afraid of the secrets the tabloids can spill than they are about getting coverage for their “work.”

      • VS says:

        @GuestWho —- tabloids can spill those secrets but who will care? only people who read those trashy papers. If the RF had people like Harry, Meghan or Diana (had she still been alive) as people representing them, those tabloids would stop having those powers.

        I think the only way forward for this family is to get rid of the tabloids and start working with real newspapers; stop with the jealousy as well; love, admiration, charisma and talent can NOT be bought. There is no need for jealousy when you are part of the same family! everybody benefit from the stars; everybody

      • GuestWho says:

        @VS ” If the RF had people like Harry, Meghan or Diana (had she still been alive) as people representing them, those tabloids would stop having those powers.”

        The RF doesn’t have people like H,M,&D – they drive those kinds of people out because they want to do work that is actually effective. What they are left with is two adulterous future kings, – one who gaslighted a teenager along with his current wife, and one who “allegedly” spends a fair amount of time cheating on his vapid doormat and is super lazy.

        Rightly or wrongly, they feel they have an image to uphold, and the truth does NOT support that image. The tabloids know where the bodies are buried…they have them by the short and curlies. If they were brave enough, they could break the blackmail cycle – but they are not brave. They are frightened that people will figure out that they are incredibly flawed people who hit the genetic lottery, and that eventually more of their subjects are going to question the efficacy of a royal family that can’t measure up.

        A lot of creepy people will care if their perfect image comes crashing down. A lot of people cared when Diana and Charles crashed and burned. It took Charles decades to salvage his image – and people still call for him to be skipped in the line of succession. Their “fan base” are older, conservative, and readers of tabloid trash.

        People only make decisions based on two things: fear or love. Which emotion is driving their behavior toward Meghan? Which emotion makes them kowtow to the tabloid press? They are never going to be free from the fear that people are going to figure out that they suck, so they are never going to brave enough to break away from the tabloids. They just don’t have it in them.

    • Ginger says:

      I highly doubt this moron even sent it. He posted it on his Twitter for a reaction (and he really got dragged for it) But if he did, the RF won’t do anything because it opens a whole can of worms on why Andrew and Fergie still have theirs.

    • Angel says:

      Exactly. Freedom of the press is essential but this is straight up bullying and harassment and abuse. And I cannot believe they even have a chance winning the trial next year. She NEEDS to win that trial !!!!!!!!

      • A free press is used too many times as a cover for bad journalism.
        We need a free and accurate press. We need journalists willing to be honest about how unethical journalists harms taints the industry’s integrity.
        Having news orgs push propaganda benefits only thugs and criminals.

    • Mignionette says:

      The BRF needs the tabloid reach. Especially the international reach of the DM, and that is why they work for them. Part of the survival mechanism is the scandal and resulting column inches. What else would the Tory Party deflect with during times of national crisis ?

    • BountyHunter says:

      All very correct. People also make choices based on anger and jealousy too though.

  4. Miss617 says:

    I’m with you that the Daily Mail wrote the letter and planted it in Smith’s office. It’s suspicious enough that they’d have the exclusive minutes before Rep. Smith published it, but Sussex Squad on Twitter did some digging and found that the Daily Mail US reporter who broke the story was college classmates with Rep. Smith.

    • Nanea says:

      It was so good to see that the Squad dug around and came up with the receipts!

    • Edna says:

      That’s crazy. And for a U.S. Congressman to involve himself and allow himself to be used by a British tabloid is disgraceful. The Congressional Ethics committee should look into his actions.

      • Swack says:

        Unfortunately he’s from my state- Missouri whose governor held a fall festival before his and his wife’s quarantine from Covid was over. The home of Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley. This guy is trying to make a name for himself like the other two (and the two idiot lawyers).

      • manda says:

        Yeah, I was wondering if, as a congressman, he actually has the authority to reach out to foreign governments on behalf of the United States? I would think there is a procedure for dealing with such concerns, like, possibly bringing them to the secretary of state? I don’t know, it just seems very wrong to me on that level. On top of the fact that the letter is laughably funny. Interference with elections? As if H&M saying these things compares with hacking into voting machines and having trolls spread falsities all over social media

      • Bettyrose says:

        Disgraceful and a bit surreal. Like…dude…this has literally *nothing* to do with you constituents. Be a bitchy gossip queen in your own time. Maybe anonymously on Reddit like your ilk does.

  5. Murphy says:

    The Queen will barely give this letter 15 seconds before she skips to the next page in the box.

    • Equality says:

      The queen will likely never see it. He will probably get a signed photo and thanks for writing form letter from a secretary.

  6. Sunny says:

    It’s that crazy in Missouri. Trust me.

    • MsIam says:

      What happened to Missouri? Didn’t it used to be known as the state of common sense? The whole Midwest has become Nutcase central.

      • Shannon Bullock says:

        There is a major urban/rural divide that is becoming even larger in the Midwest right now (I would argue that it’s happening in all states). You can predict political affiliation based on population density on a map without even considering any other factors.

      • jenellesTiktok says:

        Like Shannon mentioned, the rural counties have turned hard Republican but unlike some other states like Illinois or Kansas, the suburbs haven’t moved away from Republicans yet and the rural population isn’t shrinking as fast.
        Also the Ozarks around Springfield for some reason became a retirement destination and moved in a lot of conservative retirees. Talibangelicals are very energized and you have people like ex-con Jim Bakker moved to southwest Missouri and has a little religious survivalist cult community near Branson. You can get a load of how wacky he is these days on Youtube, he doesn’t water it down at all.

        The state is hardcore gerrymandered since Democrats lost control of the legislature around 2002 or so, and even after Missouri voters passed a ballot initiative asking for nonpartisan districting, the GOP put a semi-stealth initiative on the ballot that would undo it.

    • SomeChick says:

      Several of my friends who used to live there pronounce it “Misery.” Haha.

  7. Nic919 says:

    Someone on Twitter discovered that the writer of the Daily Mail piece is based in Missouri and went to the same university as this politician and more importantly the DM posted about this story minutes before this politician sent his tweet with the letter. There is clear collusion between these parties and it is targeting harassment over utter nonsense.

    Meghan is allowed to say vote for Biden and she never even said that. Harry didn’t even say half as much.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It also appears it may be an ethics violation for the politician to have engaged in this activity, particularly if he used taxpayer resources (his govt computer, office staff).

  8. Amy Bee says:

    By demanding that the Sussexes be stripped of their titles, the Congressman is interfering in British politics but he’s too dumb to realise that. The Daily Mail really wants them stripped of their titles and I’m here for it. I hope the royal aides can convince the Queen to ask the PM to do it. I don’t think it would have the desired effect that the Daily Mail, royal aides and some family members want but I’m hoping it does happen.

    • Mignionette says:

      The Daily Mail recognize that there is a whole Parliamentary process involved in relieving the Sussex’s of their titles, but that is not really their goal here. Instead I equate them to those shit stirrers in the playground who get rivals to fight each other.

      The DM know that there is ZERO chance of this happening. But they are just in the business of generating fake outrage and news for their gammons. The BRF are checkmated bc they are complicit in working with outlets such as the Heil. There is also that very delicate subject of Andy and his predilection for associating with CONVICTED PEDOPHILES and sleeping with CHILDREN. The BRF are currently walking a shit show of a tighrope.

      This circus show is not about stripping the Sussexes of their titles, rather it’s about continuing the news cycle against them by creating the appearance of impropriety to possibly influence a judge to find them problematic. They can no longer win on the facts so the only way to shame the Sussexs now is to make it appear that they are problematic. Amplify the most minor of non-infractions and turn it into a political storm. Do that so often (very similar to word salad) that a Judge becomes confused about whether M&H are really as problematic as they are sold to be. Also are they a threat to the diplomacy of the BRF.

      Most importantly are they living within the spirit of the agreement they made with HM the Queen as part of their 1 year review ?

      There are unspoken rules and conventions at that level of British society, i.e. keep your head down, don’t be controversial and we’ll let you do what you want, even abuse little boys. The English saying of ‘keeping your head below the parapet’ springs to mind here.

      The Sussex’s are bringing to light how the UK media literally ABUSE people and yes it is abuse. As long as you allow them to abuse, malign and defame you then they’re good. The moment you fight back you will be destroyed.

      This is why Levenson 2 is so badly needed.

      20-30 years ago the press were just figuring out how to wield their power destroying lives. 10 years ago they figured out how to influence elections. 5 years ago they help secure an election and referendum.

      This is why Levenson 2 now needs to happen more than ever. The press are now beyond dangerous. I do wish H&M were not the pall beareres for this fight because personally (iMHO) I think they will be damaged and broken by it. This is a horrible way to spend the first few years of family life. This is not just something you outsource to competent lawyers.

      Anyone who has read the interviews given by Meghan on this subject can see the effect it has had on her little family. Add the isolation imposed by the BRF and I worry about these three.

      • Elle says:

        excellent insights

        love your take on media’s development over the past 30 years and how they operate

        it’s frightening

      • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

        The road to hell has always been paved with good intentions. Levinson 2 will only alleviate the problems for a time. The problem isn’t the media as much as the problem is British monarchy right now. As the spare, Harry has no obligation to the British media and has made himself clear that he will not be obligated and held to the system. Good for him.

        Harry did not ask to be born into the position he finds himself in. He deserves a level of protection as the child of a direct heir but he also deserves independence and privacy. He should not be obligated to live on the public purse nor should he be subjected to the same level of scrutiny as there are currently 3 descendents in line for the throne. He will never be King so I feel scrutiny should be on the direct heirs after a certain age and the rest of the family should be left alone but with the idea they need to support themselves.

    • HeyJude says:

      By insisting they be stripped of their titles the American Congressman is basically infringing on their 1st Amendment rights wanting them punished for free speech.

      Let’s not forget that little part for the supposed “personal rights” party member. He seems way less like a American legislator in this call than a functionary of the old Soviet Politburo trying to silence the “opposition”.

  9. fluffy_bunny says:

    Pretty sure no one who follows M&H were planning on voting for Trump. They weren’t talking to hard core Trumpers either.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Then you only get your royal news here. Plenty of the diehard, racist Meghan haters are also diehard, racist Drumphers. In fact some of the key ones, who have been all over the Fail and Tumblr in different incarnations of the same names for four years? All pro-Drumphers who alternate between posting hate posts about Meghan and pro-orange menace posts.

      • HeatherC says:

        Exactly. If you go on Twitter and search #megxit (if you dare….it’s a cesspool) you’ll find a lot of the “people” with megxit in their profiles also have MAGA KAGA Brexit and Trump2020 in their bios as well

  10. lanne says:

    The Sussexes saying reject racism is more egregious that pedo Andy refusing to speak to the FBI about Epstein. Okay haters. DM should be charged with inciting hate, because that’s what they’re doing. And when we’ve seen public figures the focus of kidnap attempts in the US, to pull this stunt right now is completely unacceptable. The RF needs to speak out against this. This is their brother, son, grandson they’re talking about here! Does prince William hate Meghan more than he loves his brother? How can William stay silent in the face of this abuse his brother has contended with?

    • mytwocents says:

      lanne, this is exactly what I’m thinking, how can the RF KEEP staying quiet? When will they say, ok, enough is enough, leave them alone? How can they keep working with the Daily Mail? How can they threaten to sue Tatler but let this all happen? H&M are continuously hounded, the poor Teenage Therapy kids, who did the World Mental Health podcast with H&M, their Instagram page is full of disgusting comments. Can you imagine, on teenagers’ Instagram page? This really needs to stop. I don’t know how H&M can handle it because it doesn’t seem to be dying down.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The Royal Family consists of factions. The threats against Tatler come from W&K, not the Queen and Charles. Now why the Queen and Charles refuse to step up and do anything? Anyone’s guess, but it likely involves their inability to deal with William’s whiplash temperament.

        The platforms need to take responsibility for helping to tamp it down, that’s what Harry and Meghan have been saying for months. tumblr, twitter, IG? They allow the abuse to keep happening and refuse to address it.

    • Gina says:

      It seems that Prince William doesn’t love anyone but himself.

    • Mignionette says:

      Anyone who can ask this question thankfully has no experience of how dysfunctional families work.

      The BRF are just figureheads for the Tory Party in the same way the Church of England are the Tory Party at prayer.

      Everyone points to Henry VIII’s need to marry as the main reason for the reformation of the CoE. But it had much more to do with political tensions and the increasing power that Rome was wielding. Fast forward to the present and people now clearly see how aligned the BRF are with the Tory Party, despite the fact they’re supposed to be ‘apolitical. On which planet are people living ?

      Why on earth would the BRF reject the very things that maintain their status quo and immense privilege?

      In the same way that some white people fear equality and the loss of the benefits of white supremacy, the BRF fear losing their privileges underpinned by white supremacy, Their allies have kept them in power by manipulating the masses and upholding white supremacy, inequality and corruption for the top strata of society. The trade-off being that they get thrown under the bus in times of a poor political news cycle, That is their DUTY.

      Harry was expected to be grateful for his privileges and show his gratefulness by propping up his family members whilst occasionally sacrificing himself and his biracial wife and son. After all it’s just for show and his family have always objectified him as a defense mechanism for their own survival and justify the way they treated him. That’s the price. Take it and your one of us, leave it and we do what needs to be done to survive.

      Isn’t that what the RR’s said when they couldn’t get interviews with Meg i.e. she can either speak up for herself (and we’ll misrepresent her how we see fit) or we’ll make shit up. So essentially you choose what you consider to be the lesser of two evils. Despite the fact this was clearly a very unveiled threat the fact that RR’s feel so entitled to tweet it speaks volumes on how the BRF have briefed and enabled them against her. Contrast that with the fear they have re printing anything (not even Epstein related) re Andrew….

      Meg and Harry said clearly they were not going to play games with the press but ultimately they are being dragged into the gutter with the press.

  11. Anna says:

    I’m wondering if DM is acctualy able to stirr in USA against Harrys’ visa process

    • Bloemheks says:

      The US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency falls under the Department of Homeland Security. Considering the current level of corruption and criminality in the executive branch it’s not an unfounded concern.

  12. notasugarhere says:

    You can tell a Mexiter, MAGAT, or Fail person wrote it. Why? While ranting about ‘removing titles’ he refers to ‘Prince Harry’ but ‘Meghan Markle’. Always retaining the prince title for Harry, but not any title for Meghan.

  13. Mellie says:

    I’m glad this dumb f$&k has nothing better to do with his time…..

    • lucy2 says:

      Right? Is there nothing else going on that he should be focused on, like the people in his district who are suffering due to the pandemic???

  14. Bryn says:

    These old white guys certainly get bent out of shape every time Megan says anything

  15. Likeyoucare says:

    I heard from hugo youtube channel, the reporter that report this is the same one who was asking question at trump about meghan.
    Daily mail need to take back their minions, sussex already won one battle against US photographer.
    Daily mail will surely lose if the sussex sue them of harrasment in the USA as the judges are not in queen’s pocket.

  16. S808 says:

    This was a poorly coordinated set up by the fail. The reporter had the letter and an article up on the site before the congressman even tweeted about it. No one took this seriously because Meghan is a US citizen who can say whatever she wants. I hope the money was worth it to the congressman cause he earned his opponent some campaign donations. I saw people tweeting the link to make a complaint too, he better hope this isn’t investigated. I reported the tweet for election misinformation I think.

    • dawnchild says:

      I just donated to his opponent. Went there to spite this idjit, but actually the opponent seems like a great person! Check it out, folx! Kathy Ellis, Dist 8, Missouri for US House… :)

  17. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Cry more, Smith; cry more.

  18. Melissa Yancy says:

    The DM reporter went to college with Jason Smith. A Twitter account petolweekes found the link. And that DM posted the story before Smith posted his letter.

  19. DrSnark says:

    Amazing that the GOP is concerned about an American and British individual’s “interference” but have zero effs to give about wide scale, clearly documented efforts by the Russian government to get and keep their orange overlord in power. Whenever I think Republicans can’t stoop any lower, they prove me wrong.

  20. Jaded says:

    Most Americans don’t have that kind of knowledge about royal title protocol, or even give a rodent’s rectum about contacting the Queen in a state of righteous indignation to demand their titles be revoked. The DM has clearly paid this dipshit to continue their attacks against Meghan and Harry. Honestly, it’s so transparent it’s risible.

  21. Kkat says:

    And what does removing the Sussex title really do, They will still be Prince and Princess Henry, they can’t remove that one ever.
    And even though I know Duke and Duchess is a higher rank most Americans think Prince and Princess is better.

    I do worry a bit about the visa he is here on, but you can also outright buy your way in so maybe he will do that.
    “The EB-5 investor visa offers permanent U.S. residency and eventually citizenship when a person invests between US$500,000 and US$1-million in a new commercial enterprise that produces at least 10 full-time jobs.”

    It’s looking hopeful that Biden will get in, so I would think things would get better for them here then.

    • Mignionette says:

      I want the DM to threaten to start the process so it goes to parliament and then they’ll get educated on how ridiculous this all sounds.

    • Original Jenns says:

      Yup. HRH Prince and Princess Henry of Wales. Always, through birth, nothing they can do. And that goes for Archie, too, even though they’ve chosen not to give him a title. I am not a monarchist, but for this situation, I need Smith to bow down.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The ‘of Wales’ part is in question. He was only ‘of Wales’ because his father’s title was Prince of Wales. Once he married, he basically became Sussex, ‘HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex’. It raises questions.

        - If the Sussex title was removed before Charles is king, would Harry revert to ‘HRH Prince Henry of Wales’?

        - If the Sussex title was removed after Charles is king, does Harry become ‘HRH Prince Henry of Lancaster’? Once he’s king, Charles becomes Duke of Lancaster, so presumably his younger son would now be ‘of Lancaster’. To continue that, would the ‘of Lancaster’ part of Harry’s disappear once Charles passes?

        All of that just goes to show how silly it is to try to remove any of his titles.

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      Harry will be forced to agree to become Harry Mountbatten-Windsor and remove himself from succession if a deal cannot be struck but I believe the Queen is desperate to bring the entire family home and keep them in the public eye on their own terms. I am willing to bet Elizabeth is willing to make a deal that allows them their production company and Netflix deal. I think Battle of the Brothers is a warning shot that stories about William’s behavior throughout the years cannot be contained any longer. Now, I also don’t believe Harry cares enough about the institution at this point to take this deal and honestly wants his titles removed and to be removed from the line of succession and become Harry Mountbatten-Windsor. Regardless of what happens, he has his production company and his causes. There is no reason for him to rejoin and honestly, he is smart to walk away now rather than wait for the problems to arise when Charles takes over.

      However Harry does not have to be liked by the English. He was beloved by the Scottish, the island commonwealth, and he is beloved by the European aristocrats. He is the diplomat of the family – a skill he obtained quite by accident. The royal family lost their international mouthpiece and it shows.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Child rapist Andrew remains in the line of succession. Harry and Meghan are doing nothing wrong here. He and Archie will remain in the succession.

      • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

        I’m convinced that the only reason Andrew still has a title is because Elizabeth won’t hear of him being removed from the family. However, I think given Andrew’s horrid relationship with Charles that the first order of business for Charles will be to request Parliament remove Andrew completely from the royal family: his titles, his place in the line of succession, Royal Lodge, and Charles will hang him out to dry and make Andrew sit down with the US FBI and if he is charged he will not be given immunity or protected by the UK. If he isn’t convicted he may be exiled somewhere remote. Beatrice and Eugenie will be fine. They are both married and both of their spouses will insulate them from any scrutiny and yes “take care of them.” I doubt anyone cares what happens to Sarah Ferguson.

        Just to be clear, I’m not discussing stripping, I’m discussing Harry quitting and giving up his titles and place in succession voluntarily. However I am not as familiar with the UK constitution but I know there are similarities with Denmark so I don’t know if that is something he can do? However, I believe that that Harry is prepared to go that far, even if everyone else isn’t. He may wait a decade until George is 16. However, I don’t think Elizabeth wants to let Harry go because I think there’s a lot of dirty laundry that can be exposed and hasn’t been.

  22. Bettyrose says:

    I was yesterday days old when I first learned that the flower girl bouquet at H & Ms wedding almost killed Princess Charlotte. I assume a full investigation is being done into the florist and wedding planner who allowed this travesty to occur. /s (just to be safe)

    • Lady D says:

      Buzzfeed had an article up with 20 different headlines concerning Kate and Meghan. Those flowers were one example of the racism Meghan faced daily. When Kate chose them for her bouquet, they said she spoke the language of flowers. When Meghan chose those same flowers, the headlines screamed she was trying to poison Charlotte. One can’t qwhite figure out why they are such radically different headlines when it’s the same flower.

      • HeatherC says:

        Quite white. I was with my elderly aunt in the salon when this came out in tabs. She read it and said it was awful. I thought we would have a conversation about racism but instead she said they were attacking Charlotte. I was huh? “They’re saying this poor child would be stupid enough to unpin the flower crown and start eating it!”

      • bettyrose says:

        Lady D -
        Yep, that Buzzfeed article is where I saw this yesterday. It’s insane to begin with, but surely she was working with a respected florist who had no business selling poison flowers to a wedding party. I mean, if anyone is the criminal in this scenario. I know I know, why in the world am I debating logic here, but seriously.

  23. Lizzie says:

    Does this idiot realize the titles are the only thing keeping Harry and Meghan from actually campaigning? I hope they bring ethics charges against him.
    IMHO most Americans are turned off by celebrities campaigning.

    P.s. how does one ‘use foreign titles’. They just have titles.

  24. PixiePaperdroll says:

    Dear Jason,
    If you’re that concerned about election interference, perhaps you should start with Russia. If that isn’t enough for you, I believe you can work on China or Iran instead.
    You’re Welcome!

  25. MaryContrary says:

    Oh FFS: hundreds of thousands of Americans have died, millions have gotten sick, the economy is in free fall and this a-hole is going after Meghan and Harry?! It would be humorous if this wasn’t such a dark time.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Missouri reported over 2300 new coronavirus cases on October 9 (and 3100+ the next day) the day this idiot published his letter. This is a pathetic attempt at a distraction from his and his party’s massive failure as public servants.

  27. SJ Knows says:

    A U.S. Congressman has zero business and no power to be mixing in on H&M.
    The entire US govt is a sh*t show during Trump.
    Either do the job you were elected to do or STFU.

    He can sh*t talk all he wants on his own time, many do.

  28. Greywacke says:

    Apparently, Meghan and Harry are so relevant and powerful, they can sway US voters to the point it changes election results without even saying who to vote for? The BM may be on to something. Will and Kate would never have that kind of influence anywhere, even if they tried. H and M sell, Keen and Peen are flops.

  29. Josie Bean says:

    Harry and Meghan urged people to register to vote and to “reject hate, misinformation and on-line negativity”. So Rep Smith interpreted this as a slam on Trump????? So if they were to have said don’t bother voting and embrace hate and misinformation then that would be pro-Trump????? It doesn’t make any sense – clearly I am missing something.

  30. TeamMeg says:

    If true, this is a racist and incredibly f*d*up move on the part of that Repuglican, whoever it is. I wish Meghan could (and wanted to) run for office. I’d move to her state in a heartbeat, just to vote for her.

  31. Mariane says:

    The more they go after Harry and Meghan the more powerful they become. The GOP is so scared of them and it shows that they know they are not wining. This stunt backfired on the guy as now the squad as well as normal none royalists are campaigning to kick him out of his seat. I’d urge Americans on this site to do the same. You can either retweet or forward this or maybe even donate to the democratic candidate Kathy Ellis

  32. Lissdogmom02 says:

    With all the things happening this is the all important thing? So far as I’m concerned he needs to lose his job. Taxpayers are not paying for him to fraternize & or give any thought to the crown. Harry & Meghan are private citizens.
    I know everyone has the when they go low we go high. I’m more in favor of when they go low we throat punch them.
    This has daily mail written all over it, they need to be put harshly in their place I’m so over this.
    In the middle of a pandemic & a vital election I think they are the ones the establishment needs to look at for being an agent of chaos.

  33. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    I question that the USA is the safest place for Harry and Meghan. I know in California they live in a secure location but just from a diplomatic, political, and the current destructive standpoint I don’t think them being in the USA is a good idea. I actually do think they would be better off in Capetown or somewhere like Paris or (I’m biased) Copenhagen.

    Some tea leaves with love from my Danish circles, who are…just entertained by this debacle: The Queen wants Harry and Meghan back in the fold. She’s more than willing to come to a happy solution which will include the spare not being required to be on the rota going forward, their half in-half out deal (with some restrictions, of course) and most importantly Highgrove. She sounds desperate to get them back.

    • The Queen, Charles and Prince Jealous has to give up the right wing base for Harry and Meghan to return. Also Prince Jealous needs EXTENSIVE therapy to deal with his misogynoir towards Meghan AND his obsession with Harry being his doormat.

      • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

        I agree but please know that Charles is far from right wing. Charles’ streamlining plan of the monarchy has been basically bringing them in modern pace with the Scandanavian houses. Which in theory is not bad at all and would better serve the UK and be less expensive in the long run.

        Like I said the offer can be made and I personally hope Harry refuses any offer though I suspect if he does he will lose all titles and become Harry Mountbatten-Windsor. However, I do believe the Queen is getting desperate to contain this situation and with Harry gone people are starting to focus their attention towards William’s activities. My best guess is that the Queen can’t contain stories about William’s bad behavior over the years any longer and that would be a huge problem for the monarchy. I do see both sides of it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The streamlining plan was always Charles, Camilla, William and spouse, Harry and spouse. It was never intended that Harry and spouse would NOT be working royals.

        QEII may be desperate to contain things, but she’s burying her head in the sand instead of solving the problem. The problem being William.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Highgrove is the property of the Duchy of Cornwall, not the private property of Charles Windsor. It was purchased with Duchy funds at Charles’s request, but only done with the approval of the governing board. Highgrove cannot be given to Harry, nor could it be sold to him at less than market cost.

  34. JRenee says:

    We can’t get bills and economic aid passes through the Senate but this twit wants to dictate what these 2 say?
    No word 9n Russian interference in elections right?

  35. Tessa says:

    It’s ridiculous since Harry cannot vote and Meghan never endorsed a candidate by name.

  36. HeyJude says:

    Sure, they can strip Meghan and Harry’s as soon as they strip the Queen, Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and every one else who met with the Trumps when they hosted their visit at the Palace, that was far more severe meddling, and a de facto legitimizing of his hard right nationlistic administration and policies. Far, far worse than anything Harry and Meghan did otherwise just suggesting people participate in voting.

    If they wanna get into stripping titles, let’s do it all the way and go completely, full out. Strip the entire family, end the monarchy for their horrendous pasts and the historic crimes of the monarchy otherwise I’d suggest they, their proxy US Republicans, the Daily Mail, and all the imbecilic British press STFU about stripping titles from Harry and Meghan. H&M would start a slippery slope you guys don’t want to go down.

  37. Mary says:

    A dukedom is either a hereditary position or awarded by the Queen.
    Period. Over. Not a trump humper American congressman.

  38. Harla says:

    Last week ArtHistorian recommended “And what do you do..,” by former MP Norman Baker. I can’t recommend this book enough. The shady deals, the secrets and all the lies of the BRF are disgusting. I am more glad now than ever that a Harry took his family as far away from those people as possible.

  39. Merricat says:

    This is a stunt, nothing more.

  40. A says:

    The purpose of this on the DM’s part isn’t to actually go through with stripping the Sussexes of their titles. The purpose is to harp on and on about something they know will never happen, but they can criticize them endlessly for safely, just to keep making news. It’s what they had intended to do with Meghan and Harry from the very beginning. It was why they kept telling them to go if they didn’t like being in the royal family so much, why they kept telling them to pay back the money spent on renovating Frogmore cottage, etc. They never expected them to do any of those things, they just wanted an excuse to criticize them, because hating them sells right now. And they were not happy when, one by one, the Sussexes neutralized all of those reasons to criticize them.

    This was the same strategy the tabloids wanted to use with Brexit too. They wanted to have an issue to keep harping about, to whip up their side in a frenzy about. But then it actually happened. There’s a gulf of difference between rhetoric and practice as it turns out, and the tabloids and the people who read them keep misjudging their audience in a bad way. That’s the danger of giving your audience a cause to rally around–eventually, they’ll want to do something about it.

    So now this. As with everything else, the DM would be better served by being careful. You don’t want to be known as the tabloid that accidentally set in motion the chain of events that led to the abolition of the British monarchy. Because the Sussexes have nothing, absolutely nothing, to lose by losing their titles. Meghan spent her whole life without a title, and she got by just fine. There are billions of us on this planet who are the same way. The only people who this has the potential to harm, is the royal family. They are the ones who stand the most to lose if the process of stripping such titles is set in motion and made easier.

    Of course, that could very well be in the DM’s long term plan. But as we’ve seen, they also have no stance of their own. They do whatever they think will rally their readership towards the far right. Currently, this is it. Picking on a biracial American woman is their latest salvo in the culture wars they like to accuse everyone else of waging. And it’s working, as sad as it is to say. People who think that no one worth listening to reads the DM need to understand that that’s not true. Those people who read those tabloids vote. They’re not all crazies. People need to be watchful and vigilant, because as we’ve seen, and keep seeing, there are dire consequences to this shit.

  41. Sarah says:

    Obviously this is a completely stupid DM stunt.

    The real point of interest to me here is that it highlights the problem with the aristocracy and monarchy in and of itself.

    They want her title stripped because it gives her authority/credentials/clout and access. To them that is something she doesn’t deserve. My view is that no one deserves any of the above (Harry included) by virtue of an inherited title – in an ideal world that kind of influence should be earned.

  42. Marigold says:

    What a moron.

  43. Florence says:

    Did you misspell your own first name??