The Affair: married dude Dominic West canoodles with Lily James in Rome

Dominic West at the 22nd British Independent Film Awards, Roaming Arrivals, Old Billingsgate, London, UK - 01 Dec 2019

I’ve never known much about Dominic West’s private life beyond the fact that he was married. But then, maybe a month ago, I was chilling out, watching Architectural Digest videos and I came across this one, below. Dominic is married to Catherine FitzGerald, who is “a member of the FitzGerald dynasty, an Irish royal and aristocratic dynasty that originated in Normandy. Her father, Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin, was the last Knight of Glin…She grew up at her family’s ancestral home, Glin Castle, in Glin, County Limerick.”

So, Dominic West’s wife is rich and royal and she has a family castle and West definitely married up. That video was a complete surprise to me because I honestly didn’t know ANY of that. And now that I have a better understanding of who his wife is, I cannot believe this sh-t. Dominic was seen in Rome, openly having an affair with Lily James. The last time we talked about Lily’s love life, she was posing for staged paparazzi photos with Chris Evans. These photos are different though…

I mean… whew. I’ll say this: Lily’s not the married one. She’s just being a single girl, hooking up with Chris Evans for a week and then jaunting off to Rome to bang a married man. I have some thoughts about her, but I’ll save them for the time being. But Dominic? Gross. Pig. I can’t believe he would do this to his wife.

Lily James attends The Fashion Awards 2019 at The Royal Albert Hall. London, UK. 02/12/2019

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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  1. Darla says:

    Oh Lily! I knew it wasn’t serious between her and Evans, that was a one night stand caught on camera and then they staged the photo op in the park, probably for HIS reputation, LOL. I figured she hit it and quit it and I thought, awesome girl!

    But this? This is just tacky Lily. Very tacky. No. Openly boning a married man ain’t it.

    • Mercury says:

      It’s amazing how you automatically blame Lily. No mention of the cheater in your paragraph whatsoever. Put the blame where it belongs. They say that patriarchy is upheld by women. You’re proof of that.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        If Lily knew at all he was married then the blame is split. Blame does not 100% fall on the married party if the other party knew. I believe in those circles everyone knows. Or they have people/handlers that know and want to protect a marketable image

      • Julie says:

        His marriage is no secret. They’re BOTH trash..

      • Darla says:

        Thanks Mercury! Have a great day!

      • SnowQueenM says:

        IF Dominic West and his wife are still really married and not separated or something… I don’t think it’s out of bounds to put some side-eye on Lily James for having an affair with a married dude. It’s true that it wasn’t Lily that made vows, and Dominic West is the one to blame for imploding his own marriage, but… Sneaking around with a married person is so gross. At bare minimum, it says that you don’t care who you hurt as long as you get what you want. Which is pretty crappy. There are plenty of attractive people out there who are not married. Find one of them, FFS.

      • Oy_Hey says:

        Nobody gets a pass – in reddit speak EAH honestly. Dominic is married and even if they are currently “separated” you don’t get to have a public gf rollout before you rollout your divorce. It’s gross and trashy and not good for kids, of which he has 4. For Lily – girl – you may not be the one that said vows but you don’t have to help them cheat either. Go back to fun one night/week long stands with nice single guys like Captain America. I get that Matt Smith most likely cheated on her with Claire Foy but that doesn’t make it ok to do it to someone else.

      • detritus says:

        Yes to this.

        And no, the blame is not equal. One person broke their promises.

        Lily isn’t making great and nice choices, but she didn’t say vows to the wealthy wife.

      • Regina Falangie says:

        Thank you Mercury. That’s the truth right there. HE’S married. HE’S breaking vows. Full stop.

      • Sigmund says:

        The blame lays fully on the person who took the vows—him. He couldn’t cheat if he wasn’t willing, and it’s not on her to uphold his promises. We have no idea what lies he told Lily.

      • Myra says:

        For me the blame 100% lies on the married party even if the other woman was a lustful, seductive Jezebel. The other woman (or man) did not make any commitments or promises in the relationship. Btw people have rarely blamed the other party in a situation where the husband cheats with another man.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Full Stop? Nuh uh. If I’m pursuing or flirting or sleeping with someone I know is married I am disrespecting their marriage and assisting the cheater to cheat. The other man or woman gets no free pass. Both of them carry blame.

        Alienation of affection is a law for a reason.

        Full, Full Stop.

      • Lizzythe2 says:

        Agreed Julie both are trash. The man made vows and any woman who knowingly sleeps with a married man is also at fault.

      • Myra says:

        @Wiglet Watcher, it’s not a law that is recognised everywhere. I think you will find it applied in very few places. If your husband goes out and cheats on you with another man, who is at fault here? What about serial cheaters? Are all these other women at fault, too? What if he engages in a threesome? This is why many women take back cheating spouses, they really believe the third party has an equal share of the blame and their spouse only had a partial role to play here. No, as painful as it is, it was your husband’s fault.

    • Frenchie says:

      Yeah wondering how Evans is feeling this morning… just kidding! This seems to confirm the hookup then pap stroll stories ! Seriously Lily what are you doing girl? This is a mess! Doesn’t she know dude is married? They are both at fault obviously, but girl you need to get your act together! You get caught up by the paps banging Captain America in the middle of the night and now, a weekend affair with your married costar? Girl… I am starting to have judgment on you and now I sound uptight and unsupportive of a fellow female and I hate that! Maybe someone is struggling re: breakup with Matt Smith I don’t know, but I hopefully things will get better for her… In the meantime I never thought this Lily James would be such a source of hot gossip… Darla should we go check on Evans? I mean I volunteer… lol ! Honestly somebody have a word with Lily I kinda worry for her here…

      • SM says:

        Yes. He is the one to blame. He is trash and frankly, a cliche. A cliche like no other considering he spent 6 (?) years on a show the Affair about how affairs break up numerous peoples’ lives. However. As a woman for whom a partner is a full stop when it comes to male relationships I can also side eye a woman who goes into something like this. I mean mean are men, some of them inevitably have brains in between their legs but what a woman like this thinks? That she is not contributing to break up of the marriage, wellbeing of kids by engaging with a horny midlife crisis? That he will somehow be different with her, that she can save him from himself? Is that a way to prove to oneself that you are desired? How do you compartmentalise your passion, someone’s pain and blame?

      • minx says:

        Even if he and his wife are separated, or have an arrangement, it’s disrespectful to carry on in public. A pandemic gives cheaters a perfect way to be discreet. It speaks badly of both West and James that they were being so open.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      Shame on Dominic, you pig!! Always blame the married party! Married men, and women too, have been doing this for centuries, this is nothing new!

  2. Sayrah says:

    Ugh, life imitates art.

  3. Seraphina says:

    I think that expression on her face, in the last pic, says it all about her. And when you are famous, you can’t be incognito in this day and age, when technology is at EVERYONE’s fingertips. Serves him right.

    • Straighthair says:

      These pics are really curious though. They’re obviously professional paps and the two aren’t one bit worried about being pic’d by a random civilian. She’s got a Netflix release out soon, Rebecca. Is all coverage good coverage these days?

  4. Belli says:

    Wow. What a tool.

  5. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Disgusting behaviour by both of them. Utterly.

  6. Case says:

    What is she doing getting photographed with these guys during a pandemic??? It should be so easy to keep in on the down-low.

    Affairs are gross for both parties involved. Gross for him for doing this to his family (he and his wife seemed like a cute couple). Gross of her for knowing what he’s doing to his family and not caring.

    • minx says:

      My thoughts too. Even if he’s separated, is this really necessary? And during a pandemic? Lily shouldn’t waste her youth on this guy. I had to look up his age, he looks much older. As for him…young flesh beats a castle, I guess.

    • Straighthair says:

      I’ve always liked her and him as an actor but getting with a married guy like this? He’s 50, Lara Croft’s dad, and basically looks like her father, which makes those neck-kissing pics even grosser. To me it looks like someone did call the paps. All coverage is good coverage? I don’t get it! I mean, we understand HIS motivations, but she could easily get better. What are you thinking, girl?!

  7. B says:

    ..Is it not possible they’re separated?

    • Teresa says:

      I would assume they are. People don’t tend to be that Cavalier with an affair, especially famous people. Though I would say if they are separated it’d be nicer for the family if he used way more discretion and not making out with a different woman for the world to see for quite some time.

      • Lisa says:

        Well the impression I have of him is that he neither believes in nor practices monogamy. He says it in a jokey way but he means it. Embarrassing for his wife that he’s doing it so publicly.

    • S2 says:

      “We were seperated” will almost definitely be the story NOW (“we quietly separated several months/years ago, please respect our privacy”).

      And, even if that story is true, openly making out with a woman 20 years your junior while still legally, and publicly, married is disgusting behavior by anyone, let alone someone (a celebrity used to being the public eye) who should FOR SURE know better.

      West and his wife have been married a decade and have four small children. Just absolutely disgusting behavior.

      And, yes, James isn’t the married one, and she’s in no way at fault for West’s behavior, but women also need to have more respect for each other and, far more importantly, themselves, and stop fooling around with married men.

      • Darla says:

        Yeah, for me it’s about having respect for yourself. You just present yourself as trash if you openly flaunt a sexual relationship with a married man. Things do happen, but show some self respect and keep it private at the very least.

      • Sigmund says:

        We have no idea what stories West told her and it‘s none of our business. For all we know, he told her they were separated. Its on him to uphold his wedding vows, nobody else.

    • Millie says:

      He’s not wearing his wedding ring. For all we know they’ve not been together for a while. Not everyone runs off to People with a statement about eternal love and friendship.

      • Larry says:

        Was about to say – no wedding ring on the finger. Though I am not sure whether he has ever worn one (w his wife being posh they may simply be part of the set that don’t “do” wedding rings for the man), so doesn’t necessarily mean much.

        What winds me up the most about this is her nose hanging out of her mask – I don’t know why but it REALLY winds me up when people wear their masks like that!

      • osito says:

        @Larry — YES!!! The mask-as-mouthguard/chin strap is the most important part!!!

        I have never seen Lily James act, and I find the picture of her wearing the giant gold bow to be highly unfortunate, so my opinion of her is not high based on those two facts, but I’ve always liked Dominic West. That said, if he’s cheating, he sucks. But *she* is really p*ssing me off by not wearing that damn mask properly!!! Now I *never* want to see her act, and I don’t feel bad for thinking that she looks like a messy Real Housewife in that gold bow picture! And not fun messy, but cruel yet zonked messy.

      • Larry says:

        I follow deuxmoi on Instagram, where people can send in their stories about interacting with celebrities – N.B. the stories are not verified so may not be true. But after this story broke, a number of messages were posted onto the account by girls that claimed to have either hooked up with Dominic West or been courted by him, with some of them going as far as 6 or so years back when he was engaged or just married. Either way, even if not all of these stories are true, evidence is mounting that he is a certified serial cheater. (on a side note, also lots of posts on how Matt Smith apparently was a serial philanderer during his relationship with Lily – I think that question came up in some of the posts about their break-up?)

      • Larry says:

        Also – anyone else think he looks a bit like Giles Coren? Ew.

    • lucy2 says:

      I was wondering that myself. Especially with so many quarantine splits, it’s possible they separated at some point.

    • sunny says:

      This totally. They could be separated or have an open marriage- she is of the aristo set. More than anything it looks terrible because of a lack of discretion on his part.

    • Mia4s says:

      A story just popped up on JustJared saying no separation and the first his wife knew of this was the photos. So if that is true he it total GARBAGE with a capital “G”. And yeah Lily is either co-garbage, or at best, none too bright and bought into a “yeah…I’m totally separated” line with no due diligence. Ewww to them both.

      • Jamie says:

        I am fully embracing the term “co-garbage” to describe the non-married cheating partner. This is brilliant, lol!!

      • Darla says:

        Oh he’s definitely garbage, but as far as James goes, I really have to question her intelligence. NO smart woman puts herself in this position. If he has not separated this WILL affect her career and all the crying about she didn’t take vows won’t change a thing. Smart women know this.

    • Straighthair says:

      Daily Fail’s reporting his wife is utterly “heartbroken” over the pics. Seriously, if it were me and my husband did that, no matter how heartbroken, I’d just say we were separated. Can’t imagine how intrusive the paps would be and saying you’re separated would possibly help minimise the attention somewhat. She must be angry and upset.

      • Nikki* says:

        Not sure why you would pretend you’d been separated ; to me, that seems to imply if a man strays, the woman is somehow at fault, perceived as less attractive, pitiful, etc. The blame is entirely on a cheating partner, and I think it’s perfectly healthy for any betrayed spouse to call it exactly what it was. I resent any stigma on the person cheated on, as if they have lost pride or self respect.

      • Straighthair says:

        You’re right, Nikki, but I all I meant was it’d just help the coverage die down quicker. Like, “Oh, phrr, we’re separated” = no big deal vs “Oh, that cheater broke my heart” = lots more clicks. I’m pragmatic that way and as a “civilian” I hate the idea of any media attention though I like reading celeb gossip myself. The stigma against the cheated-on party is not good, I agree. But I just meant it would prob help deflect media attention during a painful time. She has every right to call him out as a cheat in public and should do as she wishes.

  8. S808 says:

    Gross and incredibly tacky of West. Hopefully she didn’t know he was married? Lilly, girl, the mask goes OVER YOUR NOSE. We’ve been in a pandemic too long for people still not be wearing masks properly.

    • lemonylips says:

      oh but how would one wear their sunglasses then? jokes aside, that infuriates me. I see people wearing them below their noses so they can look at their phones and stuff.

    • theothercleo says:

      I don’t see how she wouldn’t have known. I knew he was married and I’ve never been very interested in his private life (well,until now I guess) so I’m pretty sure the woman he just shot a tv show with was aware of that.
      I really hope we’re going to find out that West and his wife have been separated for a while (although as other commenters said,that AD video is quite recent) because this is so cruel to his spouse and kids.

      • S808 says:

        Yikes. This is incredibly gross and tacky of her too in that case.

      • KW says:

        they worked together in 2012 on a play Othello. They know each other so shame on him and shame on her. their masks are bugging me and it’s a pandemic. Friend of wife says he won’t answer his phone!!!! Douche bag. Change the locks to the castle, honey, you are too good for this low life.

    • escondista says:

      Maybe Dominic and Catherine have been separated for a while but there is no way Lily didn’t know he was married. All you have to do is google his name and his wife and kids are there on the front page.

    • Larry says:

      oh phew glad it’s not just me

  9. Zapp Brannigan says:

    He has four kids with his wife, hope they are all okay, because this (waves hands around wildly) is real a$$hole territory.

  10. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    Dominic West is a known dirty dog. On a visit to Cambridge Uni (possibly doing something at the union??) he got STEAMING in one of the College bars and hit on a friend of a friend (she was a mature student, but a good 20 years his junior). She was flattered at first and flirted a bit, but made it clear she wasn’t interested in a shag when he openly talked about his wife. Even so, he was apparently VERY difficult to shake off. Maybe he wasn’t used to being turned down. Anyway – I can only presume his poor wife is aware. He’s not exactly discreet.

    • TQ says:

      Interesting about your friend’s friend, @Lady Baden-Baden.

      I remember hearing rumors of affairs before but didn’t find anything straight away. But I did find his comments on infidelity from 2016 in an interview with The Independent, and where he comes off like a total cad:

      ‘The British star of The Affair told The Evening Standard he struggled to understand why wives would get so upset by a cheating spouse. “I mean, I think women should be more indulgent of affairs,” he said. “I really do. It’s daft to kick someone out over a fling. Isn’t it? Everyone should turn a blind eye to men’s behaviour between the ages of 40 and 50. Let it all blow over.”’

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Would he show the same “indulgence” to his wife if she was tupping the pool boy I wonder (Narrator voice: She didn’t wonder, she knows he would not)

      • Darla says:

        LOL Women should be more indulgent of affairs, so this isn’t a two way street. Welp.

        I’ve always hated this guy because he was the worst part of The Affair, and took so much screen time away from the best parts of the show which were Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson of course. I mean, Noah was the worst and I guess I always conflated him with West, and looks like I was right.

      • lucy2 says:

        Ew. That is just…abhorrent.
        I hated his character SO MUCH on the Affair, now it seems like it wasn’t much of a stretch for him.

      • minx says:

        What a pig!

      • Straighthair says:

        Ugh, another of those nice fatherly actors I quite like as on-screen presences demystified. Christopher Plummer was the other one. Best to know nothing about these actors.

      • Deering24 says:

        Come to think of it, he played a glib, charming aristo-connected cheater on THE HOUR.

  11. Tiffany says:

    Dominic comes from money as well and I think he is also an aristocrat.

    Those photos don’t strike me as this being new to him. He has done it before.

    Also, who tipped this off? It is so random and also….in Rome.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Its his wife who is an aristo, not him – her first husband was a Viscount and her family has a very aristocratic linage.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Lily probably tipped them off. Girl is doing the most to get her face out there. Hopefully he and his wife are separated. But why is Lily casually dating multiple dudes during a pandemic? Normally I would say get it, girl! Evans and West are fine AF, but still not worth contracting a deadly virus for.

  12. Sumodo1 says:

    Obvs Lily hasn’t seen “The Affair” or she’d get the hell away from this sweaty 50-year-old. She’s 35 and should know better.

    • S2 says:

      James is 31 and West is 51 (in three days), not to mention the one who is married with four young kids, so if you’re picking between the two of them for who should “know better” in this scenario, it’s not even close.

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    The actor of The Affair is having an affair? That’s crazy. I don’t know much about him but I’ve seen him is various things over the years, and he’s always seemed a bit shady with relationships. And so has she quite frankly…albeit a younger and fresher version of oops, I did it again.

  14. Werq says:

    What’s up with Disney princesses? First Snow White and now Cinderella turned out to be homewreckers…

  15. Girl_ninja says:

    Brb imma go comfort Chris Evans. He must be devastated😏

    • theothercleo says:

      I feel like this story just made that Evans-James fling retrospectively more interesting. At the time it seemed like they were caught before a one-night stand, a bad look during a pandemic and probably not the public image Captain America wants. But now I wonder if Lily was ok with the staged pap pictures for other reasons? Distracting the press with speculations about this relationship so that she could actually carry on her affair with Dominic more “discretly” (for a while at least).

      • Darla says:

        Or, maybe it’s even more interesting than that, since I think it is obvious James and Evans hooked up. Maybe she liked the publicity because West wouldn’t leave his wife. If we find out he’s left her, hmmm….hooking up with Captain America would tend to light a fire under a man’s ass.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Oooh! Good theory Darla!

      • Frenchie says:

        I always wondered if Lily was somehow leaking the infos and I think it might be happening again here… I mean someone had to tip off the paps when she and Evans were leaving the club and entering the hotel (two different locations) and same thing here with the kissing at the restaurant and whatever scooter ride… I mean how did the paps find them on both occasions? Is she that famous? Someone somewhere somehow wants her love life to be exposed… Her? I don’t know, but that lingering thought I had when the Evans fling came out has made a comeback… Weird

      • S2 says:

        Recall when she hooked up with Evans, it was only very shortly after her last, live-in relationship with Matt Smith ended, as they’d broken up once, but had been “quarantining together” according to the same tab who had the pics of her and Evans.

  16. Snowslow says:

    In the aforementioned video he comes across as an excited and horny puppy so colour me unsurprised.

    His wife probably shrugs it off in that way only aristocrats know how to, and then pulls the blanket to herself in the bed she shares with the gardener in her aisle of the castle (the children are in the other one).

    Or so I hope because if they’re not separated this is going to hurt.

  17. TheOriginalMia says:

    They probably thought the masks gave them some anonymity. It did not. Or…They were outed by someone who wanted this affair exposed. Messy, either way. I saw the Architectural Digest feature on them. He definitely married up. The mansion was actually beautiful and the history was interesting.

  18. Grey says:

    I am watching The Affair for the first time and just find his character to be so f*cking unlikable. It’s gross that he would do this in real life. If you feel the need to cheat then maybe you shouldn’t be with your partner?

  19. Pauline says:

    My thoughts as well

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    He’s known as a mega douche who cheats all the time on his wife – Lily, well this speaks volumes about her. She’s young, successful and attractive but don’t sh!t were you eat.

  21. Ameara says:

    Her agent is in Rome with them and they’re in a new TV show together. You’d think her agent would tell her to be low key because this is all people will talk about once the show’s released. Messy!

    • Ellyn says:

      They share the same agent, who evidently brought her young daughter along to dine with the cheating clients. So there is nothing secretive about this relationship if even your business partners know about it.

  22. Angel says:

    Yikes. I hope him and his wife are separated otherwise this is very embarrassing for the both of them.

  23. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Eh, I mean…he’s hot in that dirty rumpled way, so I get it Lily. And he was very very good as Noah on The Affair.

    Is it ever surprising when a man of a certain age with some solid muscle mass and a flat-ish stomach cheats on his partner of several decades? It’s always disappointing however. But maybe he and his wife are in an open relationship.

    • lis says:

      ‘Is it ever surprising when a man of a certain age with some solid muscle mass and a flat-ish stomach cheats on his partner of several decades?’

      What an astute and hilarious observation! Gave me a good laugh.

  24. Juxtapoze says:

    In other news, stop wearing your face masks as chin guards!

  25. Emily says:

    I thought this guy also dated Amanda Seyfried but I realized it was the wrong Dominic!! She dated Dominic Cooper who was her costar in Mamma Mia for a few years. He is also British which is why I was confused.

    This is super messy though and while Lily James is free to date whomever she chooses, it reflects badly on both her and Dominic. He also apparently has four kids with his wife. Do parents never think of their kids when they do these kinds of things?

  26. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I got to 9 minutes of the AD video, and had to stop because my first impression of him upon opening the front door and generally acting as if it were his acncestral home, was confirmed when he said they met in university, and he happened to go to Glin, culminating with him saying he promised himself that one day he would live in Glin Castle.

    Jesus, he doesn’t even *try* to hide his avarice and Machavellianism.

    • Lizzieb says:

      @notsosocialbutterfly. Thank you! I thought it was just me. I thought he was arrogant and annoying. I actually really liked her. He seems like the kind of guy who seems charming until you really know him. Poor woman. He seems like captain douchecanoe. And he isn’t really well known. He needs to get over himself.

      • Lizzieb says:

        I just realized he waited until Catherine had had three children with him before he married her.🤢🤮. Now he is probably part owner of the castle as she and her sisters purchased it after her fathers death. Ick. Imagine the woman feels stuck. This must be so humiliating. My opinion of Lily James has also plummeted. Agree with the poster she probably set up the shots…she is too well placed and posed. Ick. Ick. Ick.

    • Anna says:

      This is exactly like his character in The Affair who “marries up” to a woman with great family wealth, has a bunch of kids with her, uses the clout to launch his career, and then dumps her after blatant affairs.

  27. Sarah says:

    I’m fairly depressed at the umber of comments attacking her in this thread. The patriarchy is still firmly on top when we’re judging her behaviour rather than his.

    He’s the one who is married as far as anyone knows. I don’t agree with her taste in men but that’s totally her choice, he’s the one (potentially) doing something wrong here.

    • lucy2 says:

      Eh, I still think it’s poor decision making on her part, unless they truly were separated before these 2 got together.

    • Darla says:

      It’s wrong to have sex with a married person, come on. Does feminism mean saying that’s right now? He’s an obvious POS , so it’s not a surprise to me. for me, my own self-respect would never allow for openly being with a married man. I’m very private about my sex life to begin with. I certainly would not flaunt sleeping with someone else’s spouse, what can I tell ya.

    • Anonymous says:

      Feminism doesn’t absolve women of all wrongdoing, and sleeping with a married man and gallivanting around Rome while he’s still publicly married is wrong. Completely shielding women from criticism when we pull sh*t like this isn’t empowering, it’s cowardly and infantilizing.

      • NixD says:

        No, feminism does not or should not absolve women of wrongdoing but the issue here is that she appears to be the only one who is getting the blame. This goes back to the notion that men cannot control themselves so it is primarily up to women to make sure that an affair does not take place. In my opinion, she is cheating herself. HE is the one cheating his family.

      • Darla says:

        Well I can only speak for myself, but of course he is to blame, and he is a disgusting person but in my view always has been. I just can’t stand him and he destroyed the affair for me. I am surprised at James. So my posts may have been more about her, but that’s why. I should add a disclaimer that i find West to be a disgusting throwback, I guess. And honestly, there is nothing attractive about him! Another reason he ruined the affair for me. What woman in her right mind is going to cheat on Joshua Jackson with this sweaty pig? I don’t know.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t disagree with that. I don’t like that she’s getting more of the blame either. It goes 50/50, in my opinion. But the post I was responding to literally said, “it’s her choice…he’s the one doing something wrong,” implying she isn’t. That’s what I took issue with. Of course she shouldn’t be pilloried or anything, but it’s such a misrepresentation of feminism and gender/sexual equality to say it’s totally morally okay to knowingly sleep with married men. That’s what I was objecting to. Hope I explained that alright.

      • M4lificent says:

        Unless his wife is fully consenting to an open marriage or they are genuinely separated, this should have been a hard pass for Lily. Supporting other women means respecting their committed relationships, even if their partners don’t. I would never knowingly want to be an accomplice to creating pain for another woman, even one I didn’t know.

      • Sigmund says:

        Honest question: how is this wrongdoing on Lily’s part? She’s not the one who took the vows, and we have no idea if they’re separated or have an open marriage, much less what Dominic told Lily. There’s an awful lot of assumptions being made here and it smacks of slut-shaming.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s assuming he’s still with his wife and she knows, if he’s separated from his wife then of course neither one of them is doing anything wrong. And I don’t understand how anyone could willingly be complicit in betraying and causing pain to another person, even if they aren’t the one married to them. That smacks of being a selfish asshole.

    • Sarah says:

      I just find it interesting that so many comment are ONLY criticising her.

    • Div says:

      He is far more to blame, but it’s gross and tacky of her too. But I do agree that it isn’t a 50/50 situation when this sort of thing happens which many people jump towards…more of an 90/10 sort of situation. He’s the married one who made vows, so he wrecks his own home—not her. But she doesn’t have to help contribute to the destruction of wrecking his own home.

      But yeah, he’s a disgusting pig

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        Human emotions doesn’t recognize that though. If a wife walks in on her cheating husband in the act, grabs a gun and starts shooting, she’s probably aiming at them both, not kill him yell at her to recognize the 90/10 split. Same with a husband walking in on his cheating wife and lover. The lawyer will argue temporary insanity. logically, yes the person in the committed relationship is the one to blame, but in the heat of the moment, does human emotions recognize that? I don’t think it does, so I advice all persons getting involved in a relationship to avoid people in committed relationship if not for your morals, then do it for your butt. You never know when an angry spouse/lover will burst in with a gun. That’s all I got.

    • Myra says:

      I completely agree with you. It also appears like sl*t-shaming to keep count on when she was last with Evans and that other Smith guy. Having an affair with a married is a selfish choice, but she is not to blame for the affair – he is. She is only responsible to herself. He is responsible to his wife and children. We also don’t know if it’s an affair

    • cassandra says:

      I also think the comments are because, prior to this summer, Lily James has been a pretty neutral/boring celebrity and we all knew Dominic West was skeezy.

    • S2 says:

      It’s not “slut-shaming” to hold women accountable for their actions. And sleeping with a married man is a choice—a lousy decision.

      Pretending there’s an explanation beyond the obvious in an attempt to absolve? When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. “Maybe they have an open marriage” … “Maybe he told her it was over” … “Maybe she saw a unicorn, fell over and accidentally stuck her tongue down his throat on a public sidewalk.”

      Also, James is 31. It’s not her first day as an adult woman. If she’s ever say, read a book, watched a movie or seen a TV show, pretty sure she should be up to date on the idea cheaters aren’t the most honest. (“But he told me he’s gonna leave her”)

      “I didn’t take any vows” is a cowardly, gross excuse. One no one would need if we didn’t already know it was wrong. It’s not James’ fault West cheated, but that doesn’t absolve her of her own bad decisions. She’s not the temptress, but she’s not the innocent either.

      You wanna have a 2 AM hookup with Captain America? You go girl! You’re both single. Have all the fun. (Slightly side-eye you both for doing it mid-pandemic, but whatevs.)

      This isn’t punishing or shaming a woman for being sexual, it’s factually noting that James didn’t bother to select a partner for that activity that wasn’t already involved with someone else.

    • A Better V says:

      Equality doesn’t come from coddling women and ignoring their sins; it comes from holding both men and women to the same standards. If we agree that he is disgusting for cheating on his wife, then by these standards it should follow that she is disgusting for enabling that behaviour as his partner.

      Moreover, it is inherently more ANTI-feminist of us to infantilise and deny women their agency in these scenarios than it is to say, “Hey, these two assholes are awful”, which they indisputably are. Shielding women from all criticism under the veil of feminist thought is a fool’s errand.

      Lily’s a jerk. Dominic’s a jerk. Neither of these statements is anti-feminist; on the contrary, it advances us further.

    • Cheryl Aman says:

      I don’t get a vibe here that anyone is attacking her and her alone. The comments regarding her seem to be about her taste and her pr management skills. The attacks on him are about his ethics and vanity. Maybe I read through too quickly, but is there a single comment that says she is a slutty jezebel temptress entrapping this hapless male?

  28. Shutterbug says:

    He has to be separated from his wife, right? If not, this sort of behaviour is pretty brazen! Maybe he thought his mask would disguise him….

    Hope it’s not another Ewan McGregor situation. That seemed to be extremely hurtful and unexpected for his wife and kids.

  29. fani says:

    Based on the video, his wife seems absolutely Lovely and he seems Obnoxious.

  30. Veronica S. says:

    I would hope they’re split. Otherwise….very gauche on both of their parts. He’s a gross, philandering jackass, and while Lily isn’t the married one, but agreeing to publicly engage with a married man is pretty tasteless.

  31. JEM says:

    Jimmy McNulty was also a huge man-whore. Turns out he’s very Method!

  32. Nic919 says:

    I guess he wasn’t really acting when he was being a douche on the Affair. And with Ruth Wilson leaving the show the way she did prior to the last season along with Joshua Jackson, I really have to wonder how toxic that set really was.

  33. SpankyB says:

    He looks like a younger, thinner Harvey Weinstein

  34. Daphne says:

    I was waiting for his mid-life crisis to start. He is an incredible stage actor and was commanding on The Affair, much thanks to the strong women who starred with him. Who knows, maybe they have separated? I certainly do not blame Lily. I surmise she is heartbroken after the final conclusion of her breakup and daring an older man has some perks. You look like an idiot, Dom.

  35. Margles says:

    Oh wow. The Fitzgeralds are so ancient that there is a Masterpiece Theater show about a bunch of them (“Aristocrats”). Their aristocratic lineage is many centuries older than the royal family’s and their ancestor was considered the last person who would have been able to unite the protestants and catholics (against the English) because he was so wildly popular with both groups.

    Anyway, everyone should watch Aristocrats and learn about the Lennox sisters…

  36. Jennette Morton says:

    Isn’t this for a TV series?

  37. Lola says:

    His Wikipedia says they started dating in 2020..

    • Was just going to comment that-


    • BayTampaBay says:

      Per Wikipedia: Edward “Ned” Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham married Catherine FitzGerald, an Anglo-Irish aristocrat, the daughter of Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin, and Olda Ann Willes. Their marriage did not produce any children and they divorced in 2002.

      Edward “Ned” Lambton, 7th Earl of Durham is currently married to (as his third wife) the former Marina Hanbury, sister pf Rose “Rose Who?” Hanbury Cholmondeley.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        And Ned Lambton’s 1st wife was Christobel McEwen, who is now happily married to UK musician Jools Holland.

        West had a daughter in his early 20s with Polly Astor, of the infamous Astor family. Polly’s niece is Rose Astor van Cutsem, wife of princely pal Hugh van Cutsem; their daughter Grace was a bridesmaid at William and Kate’s 2011 wedding, who infamously was snapped on the BP balcony unhappily grimacing and covering her ears due to all the noise.

        Point being is these people tend to ‘get around’ with each other, no surprise.

  38. Div says:

    I was going to say the fact that they are being so open about it strange, BUT they would hardly be the first Hollywood couple to be caught having an affair in broad daylight. Unless he’s separated, he’s a pig and wrecked his own home and she’s being tacky and gross.

    He’s far more to blame and on a moral level doing far more wrong as he is the married one, but after seeing actresses get nearly all of the blame for an affair (sexism) why would a girl with a “girl next door image” do something gross like this and risk the possible damage to her career? Leaving morality aside, you think she would have been more savvy. If she had a “bad girl” rep that backlash wouldn’t be quite so bad, but she doesn’t have one of those.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      Maybe she’s attempting to shake the good girl image. We’ve seen it before where young ladies feel pigeon hole into an image and does something drastic to dirty up their image a bit in the public’s mind in an attempt to change the image.

      • Straighthair says:

        Think LnLurkN is 100% correct. The pap pics look completely professional. He wouldn’t do this to himself; she probably feels pidgeonholed with all the “innocent” roles she’s gotten. Probably called the paps with the Evans thing too. And there’s nothing wrong with her dating around; good for her for having some hot time with Captain America, but this married-man, dad-type affair is a bit sleazy.

  39. Chic says:

    Wife had the castle but no $$, I think DW rescued the finances on this one. Isn’t that castle rented out too?

    • Purpeller says:

      Castle was run for a time as a hotel to try and make ends meet.
      They have had to sell some of the contents.
      So while they are definitely privileged and rich, they’re not at the level of some of that group. Also, titles don’t mean the same thing in Ireland – they’re a legacy, and are used by the people who have them, but they have no official standing: we’re a republic. The title died with her father as he had no sons. They did try to get one of the grandsons to inherit it but legally wasn’t possible.

  40. Rae says:

    I’m not going to join the pile on, as it’s not confirmed that they are actually having an affair. Both parties could be separated from their respective exes, etc. They’re both adults.

    I can’t see these guys being so glib to having an open affair in public, surely? In the middle of Rome? I can’t see either of them calling the paps about an affair either, as neither James or West would come out well after this reveal if is it was an affair. However, I’m prepared to be wrong and I will wait to see.

    If it is an affair, and Dom hasn’t separated from his wife previous to this starting, then they both are equally to blame and I will judge both of them equally harshly. Unless, of course, it turns out James was duped somehow…but that excuse would get a serious side eye from me.

    • Lizzieb says:

      if Lily James is innocent she needs to denounce this douche quickly. This makes her look really bad.

    • Khia says:

      Their shared manager is with them in a few of the shots and so is the manager’s daughter. Still looks pretty inflammatory. He is just the worst. From The Wire to The Affair.

  41. Kyra WEGMAN says:

    if i’m feeling generous maybe he’s in an open marriage? he’s gross, clearly. but also — yuck, girl. it is not fucking feminist to sleep with someone else’s husband.

  42. Lexilla says:

    I saw the headline and thought this was a plot summary of The Affair (never watched it, no clue if it’s even still on). But this was way juicier!

  43. Lizzieb says:

    I see Catherine West’s ex husband had a child with another woman while they were still married. Wow…she must have a terrible picker. Poor woman. If she and Dominic were not already separated I hope she leaves a bootprint on Dominic’s arse when she kicks him to the curb. I would be livid to be humiliated like this. Best of luck to her

  44. Lola says:

    I really hope that he and his wife are separated and the kids know about it, so they won’t get side blinded by this. Because otherwise they are both trash and he’s a shitty father.

  45. Kathryn says:

    On Twitter someone said they were filming…..

  46. Kalana says:

    Does Lily want to be the next Sienna Miller? What is she thinking? Her career has so much potential. Don’t do it girl. Love yourself.

    Dominic West has always looked dirty and like he smells of stale sweat, so no surprise there that he’s a dirtbag.

    Also, can anyone id where Lily’s dress is from because I love it.

  47. Mignionette says:

    Lol – all Dominic’s shit is being laid out to bare after he openly admitted he hoped Trump had died of COVID on morning TV….

    Never piss off the shitty UK tabloids.

    • Original Penguin says:

      I’d forgotten about this.

      Totally the right wing press overlords coming after him for being anti trump.

      They’ve probably been sitting on his cheating for a while

  48. TheOtherSam says:

    So many photos at the DM, taken at reasonably close range. Did they not see the photog lol? Seems to me someone wanted this public, they wanted to be papped…not the first time for Lily, if stories about her and Evans were true.

  49. Lemons says:

    Is Lily really that well known that she is getting papped in Rome with a mask on? Like…girl, no you’re not. She is not particularly remarkable lookswise, so…We know someone is calling to publicize her outing. Either the married man is trying anything and everything to get out of his marriage (not the smartest way to go so with everything he has to lose), or the girl who was mysteriously papped with Chris Evans is mysteriously calling the paps again on this outing on the terrace at a restaurant and riding on a motorized scooter.

    That is why this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I mean…there’s not one picture of her face and she’s been identified.

    Both parties are dumb. Lily, if you’re going to cheat, don’t be so dumb. Dominic, you are just not redeemable and I hope your wife is getting hers.

  50. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I always got the distinct feeling that he wasn’t acting when he was on The Affair and playing a complete cheating douchebag. I saw that video with his wife some time ago and thought, “Oh. Maybe I was wrong.” But I wasn’t. The first instinct is NEVER wrong.

  51. Mindless Contemplations says:

    This is so, SO Messy! WOW…

  52. Jayna says:

    I assumed he was probably separated, so this didn’t interest me. Now, I see on DM that his wife’s friend said they are still very much married and his wife thought their marriage was good. She’s devastated, and as of that article Dominic hadn’t returned his wife’s calls.

    I always loved him from The Affair, but when I saw him in that video touring the castle, he came across as so full of himself.

    • Darla says:

      Welp, if this holds true and the wife goes public, Lily James just killed her career. for this dude. Now that is next level stupid, and all debates about whose vows and whose most responsible aside, I cannot respect the derp in anyone. Sorry.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yeah, both will have affected their careers thou he is more likely to get a ‘second chance’ cause you know ‘white male privilege’.

        Lily just need to look at how Sienna Miller behaved during her affair with a still very married Balthazar Getty to see what is coming her way. It was strongly rumoured that Sienna was tipping the paps off as she wanted to force him to leave his wife and kids. Now am not suggesting this was Lily’s intent but she has just ruined her reputation – hooking up with a single man is one thing, but a married man with 4 kids. Silly silly girl.

        As for him, he deserves to be taken to the cleaners, bang goes living in a castle. He never had a good reputation to begin with – has always been a hound.

      • Mignionette says:

        @Digital Unicorn he doesn’t own the castle. It belongs to his wife who is an Irish Aristo. Those sorts of estates come with iron clad pre-nups so they never leave the family.

        He’s screwed….

  53. Darla says:

    I feel so guilty, I would love some good old fashioned juicy gossip to take my mind off Trump, but this has too many people, (4 little kids!) getting hurt. I can’t.

    Can we gossip genie Evans and Slate back together? I really liked them, and she brought the gossip in her own way. I personally think she’s the best he’s ever done, and this story about his former fling don’t do anything to change that opinion!

    • Original Penguin says:

      Lily with dark hair looks a lot like Jenny Slate, I’ve never thought about that before!

      I think Jenny I’d happily married now and hopefully not looking back.

      • Darla says:

        Oh did she marry that guy? I read about the engagement but not that they actually married. I looked it up, wiki says she got engaged in sept 2019, no update on the marriage. Maybe it’s just not updated, or maybe they’re not married, not sure. And you’re right, James with dark hair looks A LOT like Slate.

      • Straighthair says:

        They don’t look anything alike, Lily vs Slate. He also dated Lily Collins back in the day, aside.

    • Lola says:

      The start of Evans and Slate definitely overlapped with Slate’s first marriage, so maybe not a good example:D

  54. SJ Knows says:

    HE is a PIG!
    He is married with young children.
    DM is saying his wife had no idea, and they are very much still married. Pig!

    As for Lily James….I will judge her all damn day long.
    She knows he is married with children. She wants shat she wants.

    Who are these idiot people who cheat as easily as breathe?
    Why bother getting married at all? Or, wait until after the spouse is aware, do not blindside anyone like this. And, when young children are in the mix….No! Take a cold shower and behave like a caring parent.

  55. Original Penguin says:

    Multiple reports the wife was unaware. It goes without saying that he is awful and 100% responsible for the impact on his marriage.
    However I do judge Lily separate to his behaviour . Everyone knows he’s married, as he has made being married to a castle heiress part of his upper class Etonian persona.

    You do not do this with married men. Period. Her behaviour is poor too.

  56. IncenseBurner says:


  57. Lory says:

    I wonder if he wanted a divorce and she wouldn’t agree—so he forces her hand by going public.
    Whatever the reason. GROSS.

  58. Mariane says:

    So the guy played a guy married to a wealthy woman who also has 4 kids and starts an affair and hasnt learned anything from that??? What an idiot for doing this without ending his relationship with his wife. They are both wrong and I suspect her innocent girl image will suffer.

  59. Mika says:

    That is not a silver fox. That is a sad old man wearing pants that do not fit.

  60. Naddie says:

    I don’t think “normal people” rules applies to these people, honestly.

  61. Suzanne Ambs says:

    All I can say is…if I had the chance to live in that castle…I’d walk on hot coals daily to keep my address….That place is spectacular….but then what castle isn’t…or wasn’t. Ireland no less. He will give that up if she kicks his butt to the curb. He’s sexy and I watched every episode of The Affair never realizing he was really British…Hearing his British accent…HOLY Mother of God…he’s even ten times more sexy!!!! His wife seems lovely, educated, has a pedigree….AND she’s very pretty. WTH is he thinking. The young thing will dump his mid life crisis ass in a heartbeat…if some HOT younger man bats an eyelash at her. MEN…so fueled by SEX. I guess that’s how God intended it to be.

  62. Bianca says:

    both are vile pigs, there is no coming back from this. She puts females to shame and both deserve public shaming fot their utter disgusting behavior. His poor wife..

  63. Isa says:

    Lily, he’s not that hot.

  64. Katebush says:

    Oh man I always really liked Dominic West. Never saw The Affair but I liked The Wire .
    Super disappointed in him and it’s a real bad look for Lilly James and her butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth act

  65. Miss Margo says:

    The TEA!!!! I mean, he’s married with 4 kids. Like break up first!!! Lily is gorgeous though. Damn.