Aimée Osbourne doesn’t regret moving out at 16 during reality show

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Aimée Osbourne is the oldest child of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. She is 37 years old and a musician who performs under the name ARO (her initials). Although she’s put out singles before this, Aimée is releasing her debut album, Vacare Adamaré. I’ve embedded one of her videos below. Even if it isn’t your kind of music, I think we can all agree, she really has a good voice. I’m excited to hear more from her. Besides her inherited musical legacy, Aimée is mostly known as the silent Osbourne, most notably for her decision at the age of 16 to not be part of the family’s reality TV show, The Osbournes. Not only did Aimée choose not to participate – staying hidden behind locked doors while the cameras were rolling or having her face blurred should they accidentally capture her – living in the family home became so chaotic for her, that Aimée decided to move out. Sharon admitted in 2018 that Aimée moving out broke her heart, but in a recent interview with Yahoo, Aimée said she’s never regretted her decision.

On moving out of the family home at 16 because of the reality show filming: It wasn’t an easy time. In retrospect, I think my parents would have liked to have maybe done things a little differently. Reality TV shows at that point weren’t really like they are now; it was all very new and uncharted territory, so there was a hell of a lot of chaos around. The way that’s all done now is much more streamlined. It was definitely challenging and kind of scary at the time. But it was never something that I ever regretted not doing. I know some people find that kind of curious — because why wouldn’t someone that was young want to be super-famous and all over the place and start this whole cultural trend of reality TV? But just for who I am and how I was, even then it was never something that would have worked in my favor.

On her decision not to do the show even after it became so successful: I’m not really someone that thrives off a lot of attention like that anyway. So, the more successful it got, the more grateful I was that I’d decided not to do it.

On quarantining with her parents during COVID: I actually have been staying with them throughout! It’s quality time. There have been a couple of scary moments where any time you have a slight temperature or you don’t feel 100 percent, and your mind goes to the worst place. There’s been a couple of times where it’s been like, “Oh my God, what if I’m sick?” But I think everyone has gone through that during this year at some point.

On understanding her privilege: Well, I grew up in a world with direct access to fame and a really blessed lifestyle, and it’s been a wonderful gift; I’ve really focused on never taking that for granted, because I know where I come from is not the norm. But I think my motivation behind this music was never to be famous or super-wealthy or super-powerful. It was genuinely because I love to write. I love music. I’m super-inspired by it. It’s just something that came really natural to me. And the idea of trying to attach any of those other motives onto that felt like it would have taken away from being super-authentic, which I have always really valued. The closest I think I’ve ever come was when my management said, “You should put your full name under your bio, so when people search for ‘ARO,’ they get to the right page.” I was like, “Oh, are you sure?” [laughs] And so, putting “Aimée Osbourne” underneath my Instagram bio is as close as I’ve come! I should probably loosen up a bit on that stuff, but for me it was always about putting out the right, purest intentions. Because I believe when you do that, then the music and your messages reaches the right people in the right way.

[From Yahoo]

Obviously, there is a lot more in the interview about Aimée’s music and new album, which you can read here. In one of the Q & As, they refer and show a clip of the three Osbourne kids, Aimée, Kelly and Jack, on The Joan Rivers Show with Ozzy. As Aimée puts it, each of the kids has always had such distinct personalities but they also have had a very good sense of who they are, even from the beginning. I think that is true in Aimée’s case. She’s been asked several times how a 16-year-old says no to becoming famous on TV, but she is as resolute as ever that that life would never have satisfied her. And obviously she was right because what is also apparent is that she maintains a very close relationship with her family. A few years ago, she struggled with Kelly and Jack but apparently, they’ve mended those fences. Part of me wonders if Ozzy and Sharon shouldn’t have shut down the show instead of letting their daughter move out but Aimée doesn’t seem to hold any resentment against anyone about it. One thing I can’t seem to find is: where did Aimée go when she moved out? Was she on her own? Did she move in with a relative or family friend?

Other than the moving out stuff, I liked Aimée’s answer about nepotism. I feel like she understands she was born with one foot already in the door and her wealth has afforded her the luxury of not having to worry about writing music to put food on the table. She comes off genuinely grateful even though she has tried to distance herself from the Osbourne name.

Oh, and even though she pays her mom a lot of compliments as a businesswoman, she makes it very clear her mother will never be managing her *snicker*.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    I actually like that track – she does have talent. Love the photo with the pup, who is sooo cute.

    • Snazzy says:

      I love the side eye her doggo is giving Sharon. Doggo is not amused

    • AnnaKist says:

      I was just thinking how that could be me in most, but particularly that photo: the clothes, the bags, the dark vibe… except I’d habe Ziggy the Devil Doberman on the end of the leash. (He’s a very gentle boy and only got that name when we took a photo of him one night and both his lovely brown eyes glowed bright green!)

  2. manda says:

    I was always so curious about her, too, so thank you for this. I remember that they said she was a model, and really never spoke much about her. I assumed she was older than 16! Very interesting

    • sa says:

      I also thought she was older than 16. I never saw the show, but I knew there was a daughter that didn’t appear on it. I always assumed she was an adult daughter. I can’t imagine parents choosing a reality show over having their 16 year old live with them. It’s baffling to me.

  3. Esmom says:

    Wow, I had no idea she existed. What a refreshing story. But I too am curious abut where she went and why her parents chose the show over her. She seems remarkably well adjusted, then and now. Off to check out her music.

  4. Zaya says:

    I thought she moved out to the pool house. I didn’t realize she moved out completely.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I thought it was covered when the show began that she moved to the UK and stayed near or with family.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I remember a story from that time where she lived in the guest house for a time during filming so perhaps that’s as far as she moved out.

    • H says:

      I was a big Osbourne reality show fan and I heard Aimee moved to their Malibu beach house for the time they were filming. The one Sharon stayed in when she had cancer.

  6. Lex says:

    Can someone explain…

    That show started in 2002. Kelly was 18. Aimee is 1 year older… but here it says she declined to film…at age 16???

    • LaUnicaAngelina says:

      I noticed the math wasn’t adding up either.

    • Becks1 says:

      Maybe she meant once they first started talking about it she was 16?

    • souperkay says:

      So the production for their show would have occurred prior to its airing. It was a found footage show, meaning that they would just be there filming for hours, then taking at least double the hours to sift through the footage to find the story for each episode. That means that they were filming when Aimee was 16 but the post production took so long that it did not begin airing until she was 19.

      Reality shows nowadays are written and produced so the post production pileup of unusable footage and the exhausting man hours of cataloging it can be avoided. Production turn around is much quicker now.

  7. SJ Knows says:

    What? Sharon has a kid who isn’t a fame junkie like Kelly? Huh? lol
    No, I think Ami is her own person and she really has a lock on her family/what fame can do TO you.
    Amazed that Sharon let down her World Domination project and allowed Ami to opt out.

    Best thing Sharon has ever done? Throwing an entire HAM over into her neighbors yard!
    I laughed so much. What? What? Who, how, What? Is ham throwing a thing in the UK? That was major league Rock Star Wife behavior, and naturally her tiny, nasally voice as she does it.
    It became a running joke at my house…do your chores or you’ll Get The Ham. lol

    Ami is very lovely, she looks a lot like Sharon in these pics.
    If she can belt out a song like Ozzie, whose voice is still pretty strong, good for her.

  8. SamC says:

    I think she moved to a guest house on their property or lived in another of their homes, nothing that far away.

  9. Tom says:

    The kids weren’t in every episode or that’s how I remember it. Wasn’t it a plot point that Kelly went on an extended walkabout with a boyfriend. Kelly just disappeared for awhile, eventually surfacing maybe at a Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow with the boyfriend. I remember thinking how underage that kid was. Sharon and Ozzy were just fine with it.

  10. Chaine says:

    The song is ok. I think I would like it better if the accompaniment was not so chaotic. Distracts from her voice and the lyrics. Anyway, I feel as if her musical career has been riding off of this “The Forgotten Osbourne” thing for the last couple of decades. Every three or four years a story like this comes out and she interviews and the article will act like Ozzy and Sharon having a third daughter who is a singer is news.

    • Sarah says:

      I came here to say much the same thing about the song. Usually I love a good violin but I’m really not keen on what they’re doing with them at the start, it sounds almost out of tune?

  11. Noki says:

    She looks like ten people all at once.

    • Ripley says:

      Totally! The photo of her in the red, muppet sweater reminds me of Laura San Giacomo.

      I remember when the show first came out with how she had opted out and thinking super mature of her. Now would say it’s probably for the best.

      • Bunny says:

        Never knew what she looked or sounded like till today. As someone said above, she looks like Laura San Giacomo at some angles. She’s lovely.

    • damejudi says:

      I keep seeing a young Maria Shriver in some of her pics.

    • Lady Baden-Baden says:

      Yes! Does anyone remember Cher Lloyd, originally from the UK X Factor (but had some success in the US too)? This girl looks like an older version in the red muppet sweater (great @Ripley!) and I almost see Misha Barton in that pic with her mother

    • Ann says:

      Totally! I get Penelope Cruz vibes in addition to about a dozen other people. She definitely looks like her mother.

    • Grant says:

      She’s very lovely and striking. She looks a lot like Rachel Weisz to me.

    • emu says:

      and different people in each photo!

  12. Lucy2 says:

    I kind of like the song, and I’ve always thought she was the smartest of them by far, keeping her distance and staying off the reality show. she seems far more grounded and likable than others in her family.

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Omg I love her. Her song Cocaine Style swoons. She’s beautiful.

  14. Lauren says:

    I like her song! Also, she is stunningly gorgeous – she reminds me of Hope Sandoval.

  15. Snazzy says:

    sorry wrong place.

  16. Ariel says:

    Kind of horrified by her mom’s decision to instead of not film, to let her not yet adult child move out of the home.

  17. Onomo says:

    I think the Osbournes are narcissists and this kid is the golden child – naturally “independent,” and beautiful, and talented and probably praised to the high heavens.

    I too am horrified she was not being parented from 16 to 18, or maybe even earlier. Imho teens still need their parents, even if they say they don’t. It’s just more complex emotional support that I doubt her parents could give her.

  18. Sarah says:

    Honestly? Good for her. I never even knew what she looked like until today.

  19. emu says:

    Ooh I do like this.

  20. Geogia jaffe says:

    What’s with the accent mark? Is her ne pronounced ah-MAY???

  21. amilou says:

    This track isn’t as good as “Raining Gold,” which I saw/heard through this blog a few years ago. *That* was a cool video & song. It’s still on my playlist today.

    Edit: It was shared here —

  22. Helen says:

    I love the song! Her voice reminds me of Siouxie Sioux! ethereal, smooth, deep, gorgeous!

  23. Kelly Collins-Cunningham says:

    Wow. She is absolutely gorgeous. And so sane.