Tara Reid supposedly hospitalized for liver damage

Plastic surgery victim and fallen former Hollywood hottie Tara Reid is just 31, but somehow she managed to mess up her liver enough to require an extended hospital stay. Tara checked into a hospital in Marina del Rey, California in early October to undergo extensive tests for possible “liver and pancreas damage.”

Doctors found that she had elevated liver enzymes, which can be caused by alcohol abuse.

Tara was said to be combative and uncooperative, yelling at hospital staff. She was accompanied at all times by a “minder” and she had three quit on her while she was in the hospital. She also supposedly bragged that she knew Paris Hilton and Whitney Beers.

People who saw her in the hospital said she looked predictably awful:

“Tara was yelling at nurses and doctors, telling them they couldn’t tell her what to do,” disclosed the source.

“People at the hospital thought she was a homeless person. Her hands were dirty, and her hair was matted.”

An eyewitness – who ran into Tara as she emerged from her room a few days after her arrival – revealed she was “emaciated” and added: “Her face was dotted with red spotched. She was attached to an intravenous drip on wheels, and a nurse and an older woman held her up as she shuffled slowly down the corridor…”

“She had round-the-clock ‘sitters,’ who watched her every move. Even when she went outside to have a smoke – which she did frequently – a sitter went with her.

“One minute she was calm, the next she was raning.”

Three sitters quit on her.

In one of her quiet moments, Tara proudly told someone at the hospital: “I know Paris Hilton and Britney Spears” – and then displayed their cell phone numbers to prove it.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 29, 2007]

Tara was treated for the elevated liver enzymes and released. The high levels of enzymes she had in tests can be a sign of a damaged or diseased liver.

While OK! Magazine reports that Tara denies being hospitalized, the only quote they have from her is “I’m fine,” which sounds like she isn’t denying anything.

If she was angry like that it could have been a symptom of alcohol withdrawl, and not just simple diva-like behavior. Irritability, “rapid emotional changes,” and “emotional volatility” are among the symptoms of alcohol withdrawl, according to About.com.

If it’s true that’s incredibly sad and I hope that Tara gets the help she needs to turn her health and life around. She seemed to be doing better earlier this year, and hopefully she will be able to stop drinking before it’s too late.

Tara was seen out on 10/18/07 at the Reservation Road premiere, which was after she supposedly checked out of the hospital. She looks relatively sober so maybe she’s on the right path now. Thanks to PRPhotos for these pictures.


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