Anthony Mackie: Chad Boseman kept the same phone number, ‘a lot of cats can’t say that’

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I watched the Avengers Assemble special last night and Anthony Mackie was supposed to show up, but didn’t. He’s away from home filming a project and promoting his film with Jamie Dornan, Synchronic, out in theaters and VOD this week. They play police officers who are partners. It’s dark scifi about time travel and a black market drug and it looks really good. I want to see it now and just might pay the money for it at home. (Sidenote if you haven’t seen Project Power yet on Netflix watch it, it reminded me of that movie.)

Anyway Mackie doesn’t have social media so he couldn’t get caught up in the “defend Chris Pratt because no one want to f’ck him” controversy. He’s also said he leaves his phone at home a lot, although he was checking it at the beginning of this Access Hollywood joint interview with Jamie Dornan, you could tell! They were super cute together and that made me want to watch their movie. I always love seeing Mackie’s interviews though, he’s so charismatic and fun. Here are some quotes from that and you can watch it below.

Jamie Dornan on the cute photo of him dressed up
Jamie: I didn’t have any say in how that happened. I have three little girls under 7. Dress up is a pretty standard part of the day along with feeding and sleep. That just sort of happens. The mistake I made is letting my kid take a picture of it and posting it.

They were asked if their kids know what they do for a living
Anthony: I wish my kids were as impressed as their friends. When I go to my kids soccer games I have major beefs with the [other] dads

Q: Because you’re the coolest guy?
Anthony: Right but my boys are like you know that’s just dad and their friends are like ‘yo your dad is at the game.’ It’s a rough situation.

Jamie: They’re starting to become aware. I did a voice in the last Trolls movie for them. I basically straight up asked Universal [for] a part. So they got a real kick out of that and telling their friends that dad was the smooth jazz troll in in Trolls World. I’m just this goofy idiot that they live with.

Anthony: Wait until you turn 14 and your daughter’s friends start recognizing you for being the man.

Anthony on the first time he met Chadwick Boseman
Anthony: As I described him to him Chad was always a strange fellow. I’ve known Chad since 1998. He was in Black Box theater [at Howard U] and he was about to direct the play. I walked in because they have a large Elizabeth Catlett collection, the largest in the country. My girlfriend at the time was like ‘yo you should come meet my friend Chad. I walk in and he’s in an office chair spinning around the theater by himself. And I’m like ‘yo what’s up man?’
[Chad said] ‘Don’t break my vibe.’
‘Nice to meet you.’ And he just went spinning around.

For the amount of celebrity and acknowledgement he garnered so quickly with being such huge iconic figures, that never went to his head. He was the same dude every time I saw him and he never changed his number. A lot of cats can’t say that.

[From Access Hollywood on YouTube]

I like how Mackie said that Chad was weird and he would tell him that to his face. That’s something I would say about a friend too! I also like how he explained what a standup guy Chad was, by saying he never changed his phone number. That wouldn’t occur to me but of course celebrities have to get switch numbers because they need to cut people out of their lives. No judgment on that, but Chad never had to do that. It says a lot about him and his integrity.

Also that was so cute how Jamie Dornan explained that he begged Universal for that role in Trolls World Tour to impress his daughters! He may have told that story before but it was the first time I’ve heard it. I just might shell out the $20 for this rental later this week.

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  1. Miss Sata says:

    This is a strange comment “Wait until you turn 14 and your daughter’s friends start recognizing you for being the man.” Not sure what it means but very weird

    • Celebitchy says:

      In context it’s not bad because Jamie has little daughters and was talking about them and Mackie only has sons. He meant it in reference to not being cool with his teenagers except when their friends acknowledge him.

  2. Darla says:

    Ohhhh I learn about the coolest stuff on here. I definitely will see this.

  3. Bc says:

    I miss Chadwick. Sometimes i still cry.

  4. Lucy says:

    Jamie doesn’t post a lot on his instagram, but his bio reads “dad jokes” and his feed totally lives up to it! Lol, it’s sweet. Also, that’s such a lovely story about Chad. No surprises there.

  5. Lola_Lola says:

    I want to see this movie too! Jamie was so good as a serial killer in The Fall with Jillian Anderson. They both were so good.

    • PixiePaperdroll says:

      Too good in The Fall! I had no opinion of him before seeing it and now I’m stuck thinking he’s the creepiest creeper ever.

  6. BlueSky says:

    I think he has a Twitter account but doesn’t tweet much.