Diplo denies being in a romantic or sexual relationship with a 19-year-old TikToker

Diplo at arrivals for 22nd Annual amfAR...

While I have a secret, shameful crush on Diplo, I’m not blinded by lust or anything. I know he’s a douchebag. I have no illusions about that. That’s why I’m ashamed of my lust for him. He’s objectively gross. I know that. But the bajingo wants what the bajingo wants. My point is that I tend to believe all of the stories about Diplo being gross. He was an a–hole to his ex-girlfriend M.I.A. He’s an a–hole to a lot of women in his orbit, professionally and personally. There have always been rumors about him hooking up with young women – not underage, but YOUNG – on the road, as he performs and deejays. And yeah, he’s always surrounded by young women too. Which is why I do believe that this 41-year-old man probably has a creepy relationship with a 19-year-old TikToker named Quenlin Blackwell.

Diplo responded to the backlash he received from fans after 19-year-old TikTok star Quenlin Blackwell claimed she was living with the 41-year-old DJ. Last week, the social media celeb shared with her 4.1 million followers that she was shacking up with Diplo.

“I live with Diplo right now, and he fully supports my endeavors,” she shared in the TikTok video. But after fans began speculating that Diplo and Blackwell were romantically involved, the artist took to Twitter to set the record straight.

“OK so I rent one of my properties to @quenblackwell. And yes I use the studio that is in that building,” he said on Sunday. “Her social media is sarcastic and chaotic and I can see you can get a twisted idea but there is nothing but a friendship between us…. As a landlord I don’t really consider age or race as a qualification. U just gotta pay security deposit. And don’t poke holes in the walls or ruin my carpet.”

And when a fan inquired what he and a 19-year-old had in common for a friendship, the “Genius” artist responded, “We made music together.”

Blackwell also defended her choice to live in Diplo’s home and rejected the notion that she was dating him. “i’m an adult. i’m not being groomed. platonic relationships exist,” she tweeted on Sunday. “i’ve been living here for over a year…i’d rather break both my legs and be forced to walk than pursure diplo romantically and he’d rather choke.”

She explained that he is always busy and “barely in LA” and said that the artist has been supportive of her career. “diplo has given me the opportunity and the security to create. diplo and his team are my mentors in LA and [they] are my safety net,” she said. “diplo and his team have saved me numerous times from the weirdors in LA. my parents trust him. i trust him. y’all are making me feel icky. diplo is my LA dad..nothing more.”

Diplo has appeared in several of Blackwell’s TikTok videos, including one where the two are seen dancing together with a caption that reads, “When you dont have to pay rent.” She also posted several other videos titled “Living with Diplo: The Series” where she highlights what it’s like to live with the DJ.

[From Page Six]

So, he strenuously denies and she strenuously denies it. Which is how you know there probably is something gross happening, because neither one of them would have jumped to the other’s defense that much. I mean… yeah, it’s not illegal, and yeah, it’s possible that Diplo is just renting her some space and genuinely mentoring her and looking out for her in a fatherly way. But the vibe is more “looking out for her in a creepy pervert way.” But whatever, she says there’s nothing happening and we should believe her. (The one thing I completely believe is that pre-pandemic, Diplo was barely around. He travels a lot, which is why his relationships never work out.)


Photos courtesy of Quenlin’s Instagram and WENN.

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11 Responses to “Diplo denies being in a romantic or sexual relationship with a 19-year-old TikToker”

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  1. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Diplo still looks like he doesn’t shower and smells of sweat and my suspicions of him being a creep have been confirmed. And apparently there have been whispers about him dating barely legal (or not legal) teenagers for years. Which doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Stacy Dresden says:

    She looks like such a child. I know she isn’t, but my protective instincts are pinging hard.

    • Redder says:

      I might be showing my age, but I still consider 19 a child. I know she’s “technically” an adult, but she’s still a teenager! She still has around 6 years for her brain to finish developing. Diplo is disgusting for letting her live with him regardless.

  3. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Azealia Banks said they hooked up when she was 17. He’s gross.

  4. Va Va Kaboom says:

    Interesting he added her race into the discussion. He didn’t mention not caring about a tenant’s gender, sexuality, religion, etc. just age and race. But no one was side-eying the situation because she’s a PoC. They side-eyed it because he’s 41 and she’s a teenager.

  5. Amy Too says:

    She’s 19 and has been living there for over a year, she says. Did she move in on her 18th birthday? Did she move in when she was 17?

    • K-Peace says:

      Not necessarily.—She could be 19 1/2 right now; she could be about to turn 20 soon. And if she moved in, for example, 1 year & 1 month ago, then that would mean she was 18 or even 18 1/2 at the time.

  6. Ariel says:

    Girls are groomed to protect men.
    I think back to what Nicole Eggert said about Scott Baio, he told her if she told ANYONE about their “relationship”, that everyone on Charles in Charge would lose their jobs. It would be her fault.
    Pretty powerful reason to stay quiet.
    So gross.

  7. Lemons says:

    As long as she is in a safe space away from Covid and the dangers of Trump, do you, girl. You’re 19. This is the time to make these types of mistakes. Use protection.

  8. niki says:

    Just like Drake, none of these grown adult men are “genuinely mentoring” the teenage girls they bring into their lives. Absolutely not.

  9. Lasagna jones says:

    Yeah I mean clearly she’s found a sugar daddy that works for her. *shrugs* of course he’s pervy.