Why are media outlets trying to debunk the Fauxlania conspiracy?

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The “Fake Melania” conspiracy has been happening for the length of Donald Trump’s “presidency,” if you want to call it that. It was back in 2017 when the murmurs began, but the Fauxlania Conspiracy became pretty mainstream last year, when there was seemingly concrete evidence (a photo) where a shorter Melania look-alike did an appearance with Trump and somehow shrank several inches in a matter of hours. Then, a little more than a week ago, we had another Fauxlania appearance, where suddenly Fauxlania’s teeth and nose were completely different than OG Mel. I’m not saying that I’m 100% sure that Fauxlania exists. But I’m saying that I’m like 99% sure that Mel has a body double who makes appearances on her behalf.

One of the other ways you know something weird is happening is because The Man keeps trying to convince us that we’re crazy for even seeing how “off” Fauxlania looks. USA Today and other outlets suddenly – on the eve of the election??? – came out with stories in which they are trying to dissuade us from believing our eyes. USA Today claims that Fauxlania is mostly a distortion of a television screen (nevermind that she looks wildly different/shorter in still photos). USA Today also spoke to a former Secret Service agent who addressed the very specific conspiracy that an agent is perhaps acting as Mel’s double. The former agent, Jonathan Wackrow, said: “the United States Secret Service doesn’t use body doubles. Mrs. Trump’s lead agent is a woman … and she happens to look a little like her, but physically, she is much shorter.” Yeah, maybe the Secret Service didn’t use body doubles in the past, but it would honestly not surprise me if they were using a body double during this administration.

Anyway, all of that to say, people think Fauxlania turned up again. One of the Fauxlania “tells” is that she never takes off her sunglasses. And she has totally different jowls, and her nose is different, and she doesn’t look like she’s about to puke when Donald Trump kisses her. And she’s shorter.

Honestly though, I saw another clip from this same rally, and Melania was there. She spoke and truly, no one can imitate that accent.

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  1. Kynesgrove89 says:

    I think maybe she just got a raise so she acts better. Lol

    • Redder says:

      Did a raise have her teeth change from veneers to real? Because that woman coming out of the helicopter has completely different teeth than Melania’s veneers.

      • Kynesgrove89 says:

        Oh I know. I’m just joking around with her being a golddigger and all. I think it’s fake too

    • Lemons says:

      Yeah, that was Melania in the video, but she was clearly grossed out by the orange turd and trying her best to put on a happy face.

      That is not Melania in the plane. The media is just as complicit in his election and the deterioration of society by gaslighting us like this. Just stop. We can see with our eyes.

      • Betsy says:

        Yes, they are. I am so SICK of the media carrying the GOP’s dirty treason water for them. I’m tired of being gaslighted about this kind of sht too. Why would the Trumps do this? Why wouldn’t they?? Their whole shtick is rubbing our faces in their antics, daring us to do something about it when they know we can’t.

      • Lemons says:

        @Betsy, exactly. If they feel they can get away with it and make us look like fools, the Trumps will do it.

    • Christine says:

      I think it was a one-time bonus

  2. Darla says:

    I know that pictures can be very deceiving, so I don’t know. I’ve never been sure about this one way or the other.

  3. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Im generally not into conspiracy theories but there is definitely a faux-lania and I rebuke the gaslighting that the media is attempting on all of us about it. My eyes work just fine. Either Melania an alien who can shrunk herself two inches and change her nose and jawline at will or…IT AINT MELANIA.

    • Mac says:

      Noel Casler says they used Melania doubles on the Apprentice. Maybe Trump extended their contracts four years.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I’m generally against conspiracy theories, most of them are insanely stupid and have more holes than a kitchen sieve, but unless she redid her teeth and had some minor surgery there really might be a double acting here. The height differences might be shoes, but the rest is noticeably different (operating under the assumption that we’re not looking at photoshopped pictures).

    • TaraBest says:

      I don’t even understand how this is a conspiracy theory. It’s so very evident they are not the same woman. No theory about it.

  4. Mac says:

    You could not pay me enough to be Melania’s body double. Imagine having to kiss Trump.

    • tealily says:

      It’s gross how much he kisses the double. Completely unnecessary if she really is a double (which I suspect she is).

  5. Emm says:

    Omg that tweet from The Hill. Those MAGAts are truly living in a different dimension and this is all a game show for dump and his enablers and family. My anxiety is so high right now for tomorrow, I want to just go to sleep for the next year. The amount of damage he will do if he is re-elected because he has been reinforced that all of this works is beyond my capacity to think about for pure self preservation. The amount of gloating and even worse behavior from his followers will be just as bad. I’m not sure we will actually ever get out of the pandemic if he wins.

    • Suz says:

      I fear if he loses he’ll do some very serious damage out of spite and incite violence among his cult followers. “Stand back and stand by.” The best case scenario is that he flees the country to escape being tried for his financial crimes. And that he turns on his cult followers and blames them for his not winning.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I surely want him to stand trial for his multitude of crimes, but how funny (?) would it be if he did flee the country and left his MAGAts behind, lost and wondering why he abandoned them. they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

  6. Poisonella says:

    I get the feeling Melania knows her 4 year ordeal is coming to an end. After all, from the books I’ve read, she was the only one in his 2016 camp who even thought he might win. I can’t quite figure out the display of affection though. Maybe she’s feeling magnanimous now it’s about to be over.

  7. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    “Our nation is respected again….,”??? What the royal f@ck?

  8. Nina says:

    I saw one post somewhere with pics of both smiles side by side. Totally different teeth, which nailed it for me.

    • aang says:

      Yep, it is the teeth that convinced me. Why would a gum line and teeth shape be so wildly different? Height can change with shoes, noses can be contoured, and we all know she wears a wig so hairline can’t help here.

    • Nic919 says:

      Same here. No one can go from natural teeth to straight line veneers. On top of being shorter and having a different nose and jawline and not being repulsed by him, yeah it’s not her. Plus she’s always wearing the largest possible sunglasses when real melania does not n

    • Jay says:

      Also the fact that she was smiling – that alone is a tell! The real one has a range limited from “sultry pout” to “pained wince” – never seen a smile reach her eyes before.

  9. FrenchGirl says:

    This and the fact she never took off her big black sun glasses really feeds the conspiracy ( I totally valid )

  10. Suz says:

    Fake Melania is the only thing I can enjoy in this dystopian hellscape of a presidency.

  11. Adream says:

    Its pretty obvious that two Melanias were brought to that rally. One was employed to do the hug thing and the other one (the real Melania) was trotted out to do her speech. Seems like a lot of work and money wasted to me, but someone like Trump clearly needs to shell out money to have women in physical contact with him.

  12. L4frimaire says:

    The helicopter photo looks weird so will leave that one up in the air, but the other photos are her. While nothing the utterly corrupt Trump administration does surprises me, I think that’s the real Melania. If she’s being more smiley and affectionate, it’s because she was told by her handlers to fake it and play nice for the cameras. Her recent coldness and hand swatting was being talked about again, hence the smiles and kissy kissy. She wears the sunglasses because no matter what she does, her cold wolf eyes show her true disdainful expression.

  13. jferber says:

    My take: if she appears happy, smiling and is leaning into trump or holding his hand or doing some other normal marital affection gesture, it’s the fake Melania. The one coming off the plane really did NOT look like her at all. I don’t see it as a conspiracy theory if his wife hates him and contractually loans out her existence to anybody but herself to get a break from the orange turd. It actually makes a lot of sense to do this. She has zero interest in role of first lady and less than zero interest in trump, so yes, I totally believe this.

    • Murphy says:

      This is how I see it as well. It’s way easier to pay Faux Melania to be nice to Don than it is to get the real one to do it, her prices are way higher and take a lot more work.

  14. MsIam says:

    Maybe she smiling because knows it’s coming to an end (fingers crossed). Anyway I’m betting she files papers on November 4th.

  15. Ms. says:

    Anybody who can’t see that this is a different woman is blind and so… Well… It makes sense, really.

    As usual, the harder a Trumper denies something, the more true it is. The only thing missing is Trump saying that Biden’s actually got a stand in and the trifecta of GOP, fanbot, right wing media stupid will be complete.

  16. ChillyWilly says:

    I wonder if Trump even knows when it’s Fauxlania or do his people just switch her out without telling him? Lol

  17. Noodle says:

    Notice the wordsmithing happening in that statement. They don’t say she doesn’t have a body double, just that “The secret service doesn’t use body doubles.” What if it’s Melania/Trump who wants the body double? The secret service isn’t involved at all in the decision making in that scenario.

  18. jferber says:

    Noodle, excellent point. Nuance. All nuance.

  19. The Recluse says:

    I think they trotted out the real Melania at the most recent event so they could belittle the rest of us for knowing damn well what we saw: a stand in in that helicopter photo. No one can fake that voice and accent of hers. But we can tell the difference when the fake one is there: forehead, lines/wrinkles on the sides of her face, teeth, nose…

  20. Nina says:

    The “ Mooch” says they use her sister.