As it turns out, Karens are voting for Biden. Richards & Aarons are the problem.

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We all complain about the New York Times’ coverage a lot, and to be fair, the NY Times has completely deserved all of the contempt. They’ve been giving humanizing stories about Nazis, they’ve been cozying up to fascists and they are obsessed with painting die-hard MAGA people as “independent voters.” But… they have also now provided us with perhaps my favorite graphic of the entire election? The Times did a study on the voting preferences BY NAME. As in, “this is how a majority of Emilys will vote” and “this is how a majority of Kevins will vote.” They looked at the 102 most common names (and boy are they some white people) and discovered What’s In A Name Politically:

How much money was spent to learn that Dicks (Richards) are for Trump? I mean. Karens are the big surprise though – Karens are making up one of the largest name voting-bloc for Biden. Perhaps Karens knew that this was the year their name became synonymous with “being a racist a–hole,” and they wanted to show everyone that they can be better than a few outlier Karens. The fact that Nancys are MAGA is not some big surprise, but I expected more from Roberts and Jameses. I will take all of the Biden Barbaras out to lunch, and all of the Lizzies, Beths and Pattys can come too. Who knew that Christophers and Josephs would break even between Biden and Trump?

Also: tell CB that 61% of women with her name are voting for Biden. And as always, some of the worst offenders are white bros – Aarons, Scotts and Ronalds are terribly MAGA this year. The Times put together a searchable table so if you have a common first name, you can see how other Anns or Lindas are voting – go here to see.

Since I always forget this… remember that Mother Pence’s real first name is Karen.

Republican National Convention - Day 3

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21 Responses to “As it turns out, Karens are voting for Biden. Richards & Aarons are the problem.”

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  1. Lemons says:

    Dicks vote from Trump…No surprise there.

  2. JanetDR says:

    Eek! Janets are high on that list. Not this one!

    • LadyMTL says:

      My real name isn’t on there but the male version is, and it’s a majority Trump name, ugh. I also looked up one of my least favorite men’s names (Greg / Gregory – every one of them I’ve known has been a total douche, starting with the one who used to bully me in primary school*) and no surprise there, it’s one too.

      * Apologies to any nice Gregs out there, lol.

    • megs283 says:

      Not my MIL, either :-)

  3. Liz version 700 says:

    White men gonna white man things sigh.

  4. Esmom says:

    WTAF? I’m sorry but I can’t with this. I’m really starting to despise the NYT and NPR is no longer on in my house all day. I can’t believe the degree to which they have normalized the utterly batsh^t abnormal.

  5. Linda says:

    Please don’t lump me in with MAGAts. I’m a Biden girl and I voted for Kamala during the primary. I’m a proud lefty and I went full silent scream when I saw my name trending slightly for tRump. Blegh.

    • notpretentious says:

      Linda, was the Kill Bill siren blaring full volume in your head?! Lol. We won’t hold this against you, promise!

  6. Sayrah says:

    Dang! Sarahs unite for Biden! 68% to 23 for trump 👀

  7. Peanutbuttr says:

    No surprise. The image I have of a Karen is an outwardly progressive woman who will protest anything that may result in having to actually interact with BIPOCs on a regular basis.

    • Honora says:

      Why though? There are plenty of straightforward GOP Karens, where is this narrative of covert gop Karens coming from? Know it IRL?

      • Peanutbuttr says:

        I didn’t mean that they tell their friends they vote blue but secretly vote red. What I mean is that there are a lot of people who espouse progressive values but turn out to be racist assholes when “provoked” – I.e. when a black person chooses to stay in the gentrified neighborhood rather than moving to the predominantly ethnic neighborhoods like they want or a person of color tries to buy a condo in their building. Or a black person wants to watch birds in Central Park.

  8. H says:

    Not my Uncle Richard. He’s a union, card-carrying Democrat who loves to give my Trump loving father a raft of sh*t all the time. However, I am so happy that Richard Gere isn’t voting for 45. I saw that picture and freaked.

    • Miranda says:

      I have a good Richard, too. Outspoken Democrat who grew up in the deep South, but never hesitates to put the folks back home in their place.

      My stepmom is a Karin (the Dutch spelling still counts, right?), and she was very happy to see her name redeemed.

    • schmootc says:

      My Dad is Richard too. And I have a friend named Richard as well. Neither will be voting for Trump. My Dad hates his guts in particular – says he has all the bad qualities of humanity in one person. Yep, he most definitely does.

    • AMA1977 says:

      I know, I thought I was going to have to put Richard Gere in the Boycott Column with crazy Tom Cruise and got sad, I’m glad that’s not the case.

      My “technical” first name (not the name I go by) is on the list in the Biden column, but my husband’s is sadly solidly MAGA. Fortunately he’s not!

  9. Mignionette says:

    Lol at Thomas and William, but Harry being no where on that list.

  10. Honora says:

    Makes sense .. if you consider Karen middle aged. Old people (well the white ones especially I think) vote consistently (they show up to vote.) so a bunch of the 53% would have been older and not Karen’s anyways. Also a bunch of them were younger Church/prolife types, are they considered Karens?

  11. Nev says:

    Kaiser you shook me!!
    I would’ve been so disappointed.
    He has one of the sexiest walks ever.
    That’s all.

  12. A says:

    I love everything about this.

    And the Nancy of it all does hold up, in my experience. (No offence to anyone named Nancy who’s voting for Biden, I love you all).