Joe Biden’s campaign manager: ‘Joe Biden is on track to win this election’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a Drive thru rally at the Jewish Society Museum in Philadelphia

I’m about to put all of *this* down and get something to eat and maybe cry a little and switch between tennis and MSNBC. But I’d just like to say a few things… I have every confidence, at this moment, that Joe Biden will win. He’s winning the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes. It’s looking very much like Biden will win Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona, which gets him to 270 in the electoral college, the magic number. There’s a good chance he’ll win Pennsylvania, and possibly even pick up Georgia or North Carolina (but probably not both). Shake off the negativity and let yourself enjoy it for a moment: a good, hard-fought win. A win is a win. I’m not blowing smoke – I wouldn’t be writing this unless I had convinced myself with good reason.

Biden’s staffers are now behaving like they pulled off the victory, which, AGAIN, they would not be doing unless they were sure. These are not Trumpers, they’re not making it up as they go along. Maybe it’s closer than they thought. It’s closer than I thought. But they have, at every point, behaved with dignity and respect for American voters and for the process. They’re not puffing themselves up and saying it’s all over – they want every vote counted. Trump does not want that.

So, yeah. The numbers didn’t look great last night or early this morning. But respect Joe Biden and his calm demeanor, and his trust in us. Sure, the news could be better. Sure, we still need to talk about how so many white people are completely willing to vote for fascism and white supremacy. But a win is a win. The last gasp of Mercury Retrograde tried to f–k with us and Scorpio Season was like “NOT ON MY WATCH.”

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  1. Jodi says:

    I’m not crying, you’re crying. just waiting for that final YES

  2. Bookie says:

    Please be right!

  3. Seraphina says:

    Kaiser I hear ya and you are making sense, but I’m too scared to call victory yet.

    • CL says:

      God, same here. But i am letting myself still have a glimmer of hope.

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      Same. I’m not declaring victory until every vote is counted and we know for sure. No news site has Biden leading PA yet and I don’t think it’s safe to say he’s won it yet. In fact, I read that AZ counted the mail in votes first, so that state is expecting most of the ones yet to be counted to favor Trump. I just can’t get my hopes up. I will not survive it if I do and Trump pulls it out in the end.

      • Anna says:

        @Brandy same here. I’m not sure where folks are getting these results but at CNN, NYTimes, and NPR, Wisconsin is still in play, too.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Anna Wisconsin has been called. Biden won it, all the votes have been counted.

        ETA: although now I’m seeing Twitter has flagged the tweet quoting nbc news saying that. Good God this is stressful.

      • Kelly says:

        Trump wants a recount in Wisconsin, which Biden is leading by ~20k votes and .6%. Per state law, if the margin is more than .25%, then the party requesting the recount has to pay for it. Given that his campaign was having cash flow issues prior to election day and there’s other states he may want to file legal challenges in, it’s unlikely that they will want to pay the about $3 million for the recount.

  4. Case says:

    I’m crying with happiness as the thought. I hope he pulls through for the win. I think he can. And even though it’s a tighter race than we hoped, winning these final swing states is no small deal. It’s actually a big win, and there’s not much Trump can do about it. Losing Michigan and Wisconsin would be a major loss for Trump

    I prayed before bed last night, and I don’t pray lol. Living in a country led by kindness, facts, science, logic, and experience will be most welcome. NORMALCY at last, can you imagine? I really believe Biden/Harris will make a great team.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      I’ve been crying since 10:38am, since I realized there’s a real chance.

      But as I posted upstream, that F***er McConnell still controls the Senate. We didn’t succeed there. And he will hamstring Biden in any and every way possible. After we take some time to recover, we have to pick the fight back up and look to the midterms.

  5. JanetDR says:

    Ahhhhhhh….💗 Shouldn’t have been this close but I will take it!!!! Thank you Kaiser.

    • IMUCU says:

      It still feels/looks too close to determine who will walk away with the electoral college….the amount of despair I’m having dreading a Trump victory is really taking it’s toll…

  6. Kimber says:

    It’s not just the white vote that Trump picked up. I’m at a loss – white, black, Hispanics…. wth?

    • Aurora says:

      You’re seeing the payoff of the targeted messaging campaign brought about due to Cambridge Analytica. A big part of the campaign targeting Black Americans was to make them apathetic about voting through messaging that “both parties are the same.” I’ve heard a disturbing amount of black people parroting this messaging.

      I hope Biden tackles Russian interference. I think Russian internet IPs need to be banned as a matter of national security.

      • Sigmund says:

        Yes, I saw this a LOT on social media, and I tried to shut it down every time. Not sure how much good one person can do, but I tried.

        Every time I saw a comment along those lines, I immediately thought, “There goes the Russian propaganda machine again.”

    • Anna says:

      Well, definitely not Black women. We save this f-ing country time and again.

      • Chris says:

        Also the amount of black men who defected is still pretty small. Especially compared to white women who voted against their own interests. Voter turnout amongst black voters is super high, so Biden will have them to thank. All that being said, the biggest problem group is white men. They overwhelming vote trump.

      • lucy2 says:


    • Sam says:

      Calling in from Miami here. The Latinx vote is complicated. Look at Miami and the Cuban vote vs say Arizona and other states. Trump ran a very effective disinformation campaign here where people are convinced that Dems are socialists/communists. It is that rampant and I have heard the word socialism like a million times. Trump in 2016 actively invested in a disinformation campaign to get voters (primarily aimed at black voters) to not care about voting. The pitch was, hey dems don’t care about you but I do. This is prob why Congresswoman Wilson had been yelling to get out the vote! Let me tell you about the ads here:
      -every ad for president or congress, the dems are socialists
      -every ad for president, trump will create jobs for the african-american community, he has a plan

      He plays a dirty ground game.

      • Prof Trelawney says:

        Also I understand a lot of displaced Venezuelans esp in FL support Trump, thinking he’ll save them from Maduro. Have you heard about that? I hadn’t until yesterday, and from students not from the news.

      • Prof Trelawney says:

        Saw your post below, yes, totally agree re recognizing fascism, sad…thanks for the insights too.

    • SpankyB says:

      I think if Trump had played fair it would have been a blue tsunami. The fact that Biden will win (fingers crossed) despite all of the interference and cheating on the Republican side is huge. Lost ballots (USPS interference), voter intimidation, etc is a lot to overcome, and we did it (knock on wood).

      • Sam says:

        Good point. To the question above, yes the Venezuelans also are in the Trump camp, saving from Maduro. I don’t see how people can’t see he is a fascist. Look, I am the child of immigrant and parents and have lived overseas. I have seen a military coup, I know dictatorship. The fact that other immigrants who have seen these same things can not see Trump is the same is mind-boggling to me.

      • Anna says:

        @Sam Same here. The signs of dictatorship and military intervention were there from the start. I saw it coming as I’ve seen it in my birth country time and again. The problem is that the fascism is rolled up with white supremacy in this country, and there are too many that want to support that in the hopes that some of the white privilege will trickle down to them, if they aren’t white.

    • Nic919 says:

      Let’s not forget the ballots that were never delivered in Florida. That plays a role as well in a state were everything is always so close.

  7. TaraBest says:

    Reading this brought tears. Please let it be true!

  8. Sofia says:

    Pull through Biden!

  9. osito says:

    I didn’t know who Heather McGhee was until just now, and she has gained a new Insta/Twitter follower in me. Face fixed, Heather, thank you for the reminder.

  10. AA says:

    I don’t believe in God but please God, make it so.

  11. S808 says:

    A win is a win but this is bittersweet. This election was supposed to be an outright rejection of trump and his enablers and it wasn’t. Trump has put a mirror on America and A LOT folks like what they see.

    • Sigmund says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but let’s try to remember that Biden is going to beat an incumbent president with a record number of votes. Despite all of the intimidation, voter suppression, and all around fuckery of the Republican Party. That is a powerful message.

      There are more MAGA-crazies than we thought, but they are still the minority. And we are not.

  12. LolaB says:

    Oh, thank Christ.

  13. ADS says:

    I have aged a decade over the last 24 hours – and I’m not even American!

    Please let this be the beginning of the end of ugly, populist, nationalistic politicking. The world cannot withstand much more of it without permanently going to sh*t.

  14. Leah says:

    Yes yes please be right.

    I am so very tired of worrying about the republic. After Joe and Kamala get in it will be in good hands.

    First, the WH is going to need one big pallet of Lysol. Big, biggest cans ever. Next, erasing Trump’s misdeeds which will be a long, hard road.

    • Anna says:

      I know @Leah I was thinking last night about the task of disinfecting the White House, too. Like, seriously, maybe it needs to be demolished and a new seat of the POTUS built in its place, a structure that represents the people…and that is not called the *White* House.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      I bet they leave the place trashed. They claimed Obama did but they never showed us the pictures. Hopefully BIden will show the pictures.

  15. ItReallyIsYou,NotMe k8 says:

    Please Please Please I hope you are right.

  16. notpretentious says:

    Go Biden!!

  17. Bendy Windy says:

    So angry about NC. I live here and we’ve been working for 3 years to flip this state blue. Ugh.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Ditto Texas where I live. I am beyond disgusted with my home state

    • AMA1977 says:

      Same here in Texas. I allowed myself to dream for about half an hour last night. I am surrounded by idiots who will vote against their best interests because of guns and god, and it is sickening. I really like lots of things about where I live, but the nonsensical knee-jerk Republicanism can EAD.

    • osito says:

      Please keep doing the work, Bendy Windy. It’s slow and the gains seem so small sometimes, but this slow work is how the religious right has gotten so entrenched in our current system. I know it seems futile, but the work you’re doing — the small, local, on-the-ground work — is the work that is going to help us all in the long run. You got this and we’re all right there with you.

    • Nic919 says:

      I mentioned this above but I think the USPS delays have played a role in NC as well as Florida. Many swing states had delayed in their metro areas but red states were fine.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        I’m in the biggest city in NC and I’m not reliably getting mail. When it does come it’s very late. I have informed delivery and there’s a whole days worth of mail that just never showed up.

  18. Grant says:

    I am so on edge I can’t even think straight. Please God let this be true. I’m not proud but last night I had to throw back some Benadryl with a bottle of wine and put myself to bed. I am so nervous and so disappointed in my fellow Texans. Please God!

  19. Atti says:

    It was TOO CLOSE. I am shocked by how many hateful hearts there are in the US. I thought 2016 was full of gullible and rebel voters. But this just reveals the truth.

    • Joanna says:

      Yes ! As a white person I am just so shocked and sad to see so many of us who supported him. A vote for him is a vote for a racist.

  20. bettyrose says:

    This headline made me cry. I’m trying to distract myself right now and was just looking for an RF or celebrity thread to hide in, but I’m all choked up now.

  21. Anna says:

    Where are you seeing these results? I’m on CNN and NYTimes but their needles have been stuck with the counts since this morning.

    • lemonylips says:

      I’m following twitter but am looking more at Biden tags so I get a clearer pov. Also MSNBC. They just showed that there are now 46 dem seats vs 47 rep!

  22. Cheslsea says:

    Praying you are right.

  23. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I can’t stop the tears. It’s very hard to cry when you’re holding your breath. Please please please.

  24. Noodle says:

    I’m so relieved. And now I’m terrified what will happen with the MAGA folks who will be pissed at this. Trying to soak up the happiness before the madness descends. Oh, and on a separate local note, known Q-anon believer and former MMA fighter Tito Ortiz was just elected to our city council. This year just keeps getting weirder.

  25. Suz says:

    Keep hoping, keep praying, keep doing whatever it is you do to stay positive.
    Even when Biden wins, it’s still so sickening to know that many Americans voted for such a hate and lie spewing monster who is in it for no one but himself. Who has proven all of this time after time after time about himself.

  26. Josie Bean says:

    Apparently PA has thousands of votes to count in areas where Hilary won in 2016. Perhaps there is hope that PA will turn blue.

  27. HK9 says:

    It’s not over till it’s over. I will breathe when he takes the oath. Dead serious-he who shall not be named has traumatized me that much.

  28. Becks1 says:

    Lordy please please please.

    This is a tight race. But a win is a win. Remember 6 months ago, a year ago, when we all thought a second Trump term was a given? And now it seems really unlikely. This is a big win. We just got our hopes up too high in the last week or so.

  29. Scarlett says:

    From your mouth to god’s ears, let’s make it happen!!

    P.S. Fun fact : I am an atheist and have been a practicing atheist for 30+ years….for my country, for my people, for women, and for the sake of humanity, I will set aside my beliefs and pray, whatever it takes, Prez Biden/VP Harris FTW!!!

  30. Ferdinand says:

    What’s the deal with the USA? He was supposed to be winning by a landslide!!! All polls said that! Come Election Day and there’s a minimal margin! After all those 4 years people still voted for the orange one !!

    I just can’t with you, USA!

    • Sigmund says:

      Hard to say. Likely one of the problems is that so-called independent voters were just unwilling to admit they were going to vote for Trump.

      But there are already some issues with absentee ballots not getting submitted, too. 27% of mail in ballots in Florida were not delivered. I’m also seeing some mention of issues with Philly metro absentee ballots, but I haven’t seen a number on that.

    • Anna says:

      White supremacy is what’s wrong with Amerikkka.

      • Tuntmore says:

        And apparently a growing number of black and Latinx voters are getting on board with white supremacy?

        I think it’s silly to say that minority groups voted for Trump just because of misinformation campaigns. That’s a broadstroke insult to a group’s collective intelligence. Many people were drawn to his “law and order” rhetoric, his anti-abortion pandering, and his supposed individualism.

        The truth is, there is no “good guy” among races and cultures. All cultures have been horrible to other humans since the beginning of humanity. Trying to blame the world’s problems on any single ethnicity or race misses the point. If you’re just focusing on one race/culture as the root cause of problems, then you’re never going to find the true answers.

  31. Snuffles says:

    I’m feeling very optimistic about this!

    Like I said in other threads, it’s not a total ass whooping but there is much to feel good about.

    I strongly believe there are more middle of the road, old school Republicans that just want the crazy out of the White House. They got their Supreme Court seat and Trump is no longer useful to them. I think once Trump is out, the more reasonable Republicans will come up with some more partisan solutions to tackling the Coronavirus- more testing, contact tracing, more PPE, better treatments and a comprehensive and competent plan to get a vaccine out.

    We will finally get an cabinet filled with qualified, competent people who aren’t criminal sycophants!

    I also believe more people are gonna turn on Trump once he’s out of power and he’s going DOWN! And his debts are coming due and he could lose everything. And Trump will probably take down some evil politicians with him.

    Finally, millions of of previously apathetic Americans have finally woke up and realize they need to be more active and engaged. Hopefully there will be more significant changes on the local and state level.

    • Anna says:

      What I’m afraid of, as a Black woman, is that even if his supporters “turn on him”, where are they going to turn to? White racists don’t all of a sudden change their tune. All of that rage that white and white-adjacent voters have about losing (please God let it be so #BidenHarris) will need an outlet, and BIPOC have always been targets in this country.

      • Snuffles says:

        I’m a black woman too. Maybe it’s because I live in a blue state and even bluer county, I don’t fear any immediate recriminations. I mean, yeah, sometimes I gotta deal with bigots but what else is new?

        I also feel like black women are feeling more confident in themselves and willing to stand up for themselves. But, again, maybe that’s just where I live.

      • Anna says:

        I hear you @Snuffles I live in a majority blue state as well but we still experience attacks here (and not always just from white folks…during early pandemic, Black people were being attacked in a largely Latinx neighborhood supposedly out of fear of looting. It was horrific). I’m just nervous about the many ways that the disenfranchised whites and white-adjacents could find to hurt Black people in particular. I stand up for myself and am confident and even carry protective items with me, but it’s not about me standing up for myself as much as the abusers feeling emboldened. Anyway, hopefully, I can quell my fears but still remain vigilant. Sending strength your way! 🙂

    • Sunnydaze says:

      I was thinking the same thing, the republican strategy seems to be “the ends justify the means”. The Machiavelli Party for sure. And that’s what’s so heinous about this…ok great, we might get on top of covid, but at what cost? So much damage has been done, so much death and suffering, even if they do turn on trump (which would be lovely) the extent to which they supported and enabled him is almost worse than what trump actually did. However…..I AM HERE for the future legal consequences this group of con artists will *hopefully* have to face. And maybe with a biden presidency they’ll uncover even more – who knows what some of them were hiding and getting away with.

  32. lucy2 says:

    Wisconsin has been called for Biden!

    • Milwaukee Voter says:

      We stood in line and voted in person to ensure that WI would flip. It worked! Mikwaukee city and county voted for Biden by a huge margin (69%). As a Milwaukee resident, I feel proud and happy.

  33. Also Ali says:

    WI calling it for Biden.

  34. MM2 says:

    This may be a political victory, but a moral victory it is not. I hoped for both, but I will take one & breath a sigh of relief.

  35. Poisonella says:

    I am from NC and I kid you not- Trump or one of his griftees were here every other day and if you could hear the goobs talk about him you’d think Elvis returned, so if Trump wins NC I’ll be astonished. When Biden has 270 I’ll pop the champagne!

  36. Veronica S. says:

    Do not count PA. I have a suspicion we’re going red by a thin margin, unfortunately. We’ll have to tally the wins elsewhere.

    This wasn’t going to be a victory regardless. This was going to have to clean up the mess. But this is, fundamentally, not even that. It’s overall a loss. The Republicans kept the Senate majority. This is just gridlock for four years unless we somehow manage to flip 2022, and I have my doubts. This one hurts more than 2016 possibly.

    • Anna says:

      Gridlock is better than continuing to slip backwards into complete and total doom.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Gridlock could lead to an economic crash that the Republicans will advantage despite their responsibility for it. I hope younger voters have learned their lesson and show up for the midterms in 2022, but I worry for us. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a lot of minorities carrying the weight of saving this democracy from its own collapse.

    • Eugh says:

      If you are in PA, please check the status of your vote!!! I saw someone’s get rejected due to signature and they had to do several confirmations to fix it

      • Veronica S. says:

        I did, but thank you. I’ve been voting by mail for years since my job travels, so I was thankfully prepared for this election going in.

    • Case says:

      We had a gridlock during Obama and while it was frustrating, it wasn’t a daily nightmare. It’s disheartening but I’ll take it.

      • Veronica S. says:

        We had gridlock under Obama, but we also weren’t dealing with a Supreme Court so strongly stacked against progressivism. I work for one of the largest medical companies in the United States, and they actually went out of their way to discuss this election – something they’ve never done in the five years I’ve been here – and basically admitted the Congress situation is suboptimal at best. There’s a lot of concern of what happens if the ACA is trashed by the Supreme Court with a Congress that can’t agree to pass anything.

        We’ll survive this, certainly, but at a cost, and that cost is most likely going to come at the expense of minorities and the poor, as it always does. We have a lot of work to do from the local level up to begin to fix this at the state level before we move up.

  37. Megan2 says:

    Kaiser, I want you to go enjoy tennis and some nice food and a good cry because you absolutely deserve it. But selfishly, I don’t know where I’m going to get any other news now because this is the only site I’ve been able to stand to look at since I woke up and realized that Trump could still win the White House.

    I’ve been “at work” for an hour and I’ve eaten a chocolate bar and half a bag of mint lifesavers already. This is going to kill me.

    • Anna says:

      Agreed! Hooray for @Celebitchy and all the Celebitches! This site has been a salvation amidst all of this.

  38. Bren says:

    Sadly, many Latino family members voted for Trump. As well as many of my Asian friends.
    So it’s not just white people.
    I just don’t get it. Makes me sad

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Misinformation Bren. Lots and lots of doubling down with the misinformation and it’s unfortunate

    • Anna says:

      White-adjacency. Hoping to get some crumbs from the white supremacist establishment. Sooner or later, POC realize (as Black folks know well) you will never be white to them and you will be thrown under the bus if push comes to shove.

    • Eugh says:

      Racism within inter-groups is real, that’s all I can say. Definitely happened to Latinos and Asians

  39. Suze says:

    Please be true!!! I cant help but think through all this anxiety and last night’s tension, that Bidens calm demeanor is exactly what we need in a leader right now.

  40. Sigmund says:

    Biden doesn’t need PA to win, as he can win with WI, MI, NV. However, the Biden campaign is already calling PA, and they are very confident in their numbers. Unlike Trump, they wouldn’t be saying so unless they were sure.

    • Anna says:

      Really? The PA numbers look very heavily favoring 45 from what I’ve seen… Would love to believe otherwise, of course.

      • Sigmund says:

        According to the update they held today at 10:00 AM, there are more than 1.4 million ballots outstanding in PA that will be counted over the coming days, and their analytics show those ballots will heavily favor Biden. (Their words. I took screenshots.)

        Again, though, Biden CAN win without PA. But the more votes for him, the better. His campaign currently expects him to exceed the necessary electoral college votes.

      • Snuffles says:

        It’s because the outstanding ballots are from strongly blue cities and counties in Pennsylvania and its almost 2 million of them.

      • Chris says:

        Yeah, hard to tell. Trump has a worrying lead, but they’re counting absentee ballots now so I guess depending on the stats of those, Biden’s camp is confident? Biden’s camp emphasized the fact that they always expected it to be close and that’s why they tried to strategize multiple paths to victory which may be the reason Biden wins. Biden hires smart people, not sycophants so they may know something that we don’t.

        Truly nothing would surprise me in the hellscape that is 2020.

      • Anna says:

        Ah, I see. Thanks for the update, folks.

  41. Teresa says:

    I don’t care if you are religious. Say a prayer and beg God to let Biden win this. Pray everyone.

  42. Chris says:

    Because this is a miserable nail biter I want to tell a positive story.

    I worked as an election officer yesterday. The election officers have to be there at minimum from 5 am-7:30pm or 8 pm. A woman comes in at around 2pm and the people who have worked the precinct in the past recognize her immediately. She brought multiple packs of mini muffins for us and said she didn’t have time to grab coffee on her way home from work and would be right back with coffee. She apparently does this EVERY election. She comes back with coffee and tells us that when she told the workers why she was buying so much coffee, they told her to just take it, no charge. Everybody got along laughing and joking around (no political discussions are allowed) mostly dems and a few Republicans (older veterans who aren’t hardcore trumpers) because we are all there to ensure voting happens. We cheered for first time voters to their slight embarrassment.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      My granddaughter got a round of applause and cheers when she was outed as a first time voter. By the poll workers and both parties waiting to vote. There’s always some ray of sunshine.
      I will say this. We live in deeeeeep red Texas but we have had no issues. My neighborhood is a sea of trumpers and they know our leanings, but when the husband was cutting limbs two of our neighbors came over and helped. I wish it were this way everywhere but sadly it’s not.

  43. Nina Simone says:

    Shout out to the black voters in Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. This country continues to show us black folks that we are not loved and welcome here but our resolve and hope keeps winning out. I am proud.

    • Chris says:

      Biden ABSOLUTELY owes his win to them full stop. If Biden clinches Georgia that’ll just prove the dedication to the dem party that black voters have and the dem party would do well to remember that.

    • Anna says:

      This is the absolute truth @Nina Simone

    • MsIam says:

      I’m in Detroit and I drove around yesterday past some polling places and there was literally no one there except people passing out flyers lol. I started panicking but I guess the early/absentee voting was off the chain! Kudos but we have got to stay focused. It’s sad that a plot to kill the governor was not enough to create a blue tsunami in Michigan.

  44. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Looks like RBG successfully argued another case before God!!!!!

  45. LarkspurLMM says:

    Let’s do this America – we are better than what we have had for the last four years. I’m totally disappointed by what has been revealed, but the reveal is hope that it can be fixed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Kaiser – loved your comments about Mercury retrograde. I have been reading the “astrology” of this election and it is a total s**t show in the stars/planets too. Just like the 2000 alignment. Go figure.

    Celebitchy was the first place I checked this morning, I needed your perspective. xo

  46. Guest says:

    Biden wins Maine – just projected

  47. Reece says:

    Tears! Relief!
    Talking myself down from anger over the course the night and morning.
    I don’t have coherent sentences right now.

  48. Snuffles says:

    THIS is why I’m hopeful for the future!! The youth vote of ALL races came out for Biden!! (Ok mostly POC youth)

    • Anna says:

      Thanks for sharing this info @Snuffles This is so encouraging since the future of this country is a BIPOC majority. If it were a white majority, it wouldn’t be so heartening given that white youth still largely voted for 45/white supremacy. I must say, that’s worrying given that “the children are our future”…but it is good news, regardless, to see the youth numbers! Our kids know what’s up!

    • Josie Bean says:

      I place my faith in the young – they are the hope for change – change for the better.

    • Veronica S. says:

      53% of white youth is just…wow do we have a long way to go addressing racism in this country.

      • Anna says:

        They do as their parents have done and those before them. Can a country founded on genocide, white supremacy, and chattel slavery every escape that? The only way is if this country becomes a majority BIPOC and even then, there are those (see other commenters on a percentage of Latinx and Asian votes re: white adjacency) who may still vote for “whiteness”. That idea that the old generation of conservative white voters will die off and make way for a new progressive generation: it doesn’t seem to bear historical weight. Those with privilege who benefit from white supremacy want to continue to do so unless they have undergone extensive reconditioning. They seem to vote as their parents do, largely, and that shows through history.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        My friend’s nephews are solid Trump at 19 and 25 years of age. Daddy’s money means more than decency.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m not under the illusion racism is an older white American thing, per se, but it is sobering to see those numbers laid out. I did a lot of pro-union work in socioeconomic justice in my twenties and only petered off in the last few years because my job involves so much travel, so I’ve mainly moved to donations, but it was very illuminating how much economy is the weapon of choice by which disparity is maintained in America.

        Progressives are going to need to start doing more work at a local/state level and building up because this change is not something that is going to be communicated easily across the aisle. White America is going to have to find a way to bridge the divide within itself somehow if we’re going to move forward at all. We literally owe democracy’s survival to ethnic minorities at this point.

  49. osito says:

    [this was supposed to be a reply. sorry.]

  50. Jaded says:

    Biden – 238 electoral college votes, Trump – 213…GO BIDEN!

  51. Guest says:

    Please please please let Joe win. Trump has done nothing but spread hate, racism, and negativity to every person in the US. HE is directly responsible for bringing out the worst in people. The NY Times had a great cartoon with a MAGA hat wearing person saying to another person, “I’m not voting for Trump because I like him, I’m voting for him because he hates the same people I do.” And then we have Joe, spreading one nation, one unity, ONE country. God we need a president (a REAL president) to heal our country. And now, I need a beer…

  52. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    It’s close but if Biden wins Arizona, and Nevada along with Wisconsin and Michigan I think I can discontinue my plans for turning Christanshavn into a CB refugee camp.

  53. EviesMom says:

    The fact that this race is so close is disheartening.
    Come on Michigan!

  54. Chris says:

    How many antacids are safe to take in a day? My anxiety is on the edgeeeeee.

  55. LouLou says:

    I don’t know how to be civil about my feelings about white women. I did not have a lot of hope that they would feel remorse and get it together, but I did expect the Trump support from white women to be less. I’m also white, which I am saying to try to prevent the “not all white women” comments from taking over. Shut it. You did what you did, Serena Joy.

    • L4frimaire says:

      The age of so-called intersectional feminism is over. There is more self interests over being a better nation. They only cafe when it affects them directly, not other women. Can’t have the suburbs invaded. Also side-eying the whole BIPOC term. Not the same interests or constituents.

      • Anna says:

        Agreed @L4frimaraire I use the term but also side-eye it, for sure, though also separate out Black because we’re our own group (and not monolithic, either).

    • Veronica S. says:

      Nah, we deserve it. White women are emerging as one of the stupidest and self-sabotaging demographics hands down. Just enough economic power to hang ourselves with it.

  56. Jen says:

    We have a Dictator in office who is going to use his sycophants like Barr and the Supreme Court to cheat and stay in office.
    People need to be prepared for this.
    This is not going to end with Biden winning. It’s going to end with Evil Trump remaining.

    JUST NOW on twitter-there are calls for ballots to be invalidated b/c they were completed with a sharpie. I am serious. It will never end!…

    • Sigmund says:

      Trump can try, but the SC has already ruled that absentee ballots are legally equal to ballots cast in person. The Biden campaign is confident he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on, and I believe them.

      Even if Trump wants to dispute individual state results, he has to take it to each state’s SC first. It would not immediately go to the federal SC. And the state SC would rule against him, because the precedent for absentee ballots has already been set.

      I know this is a scary time. But try to remember that this is when Trump thrives. When people are scared, and he can spread misinformation. He will try to fight this, but there is no legal reason to think he will win.

      Edit: The sharpie thing has already been proven false. It was in Maricopa County, which has already said that sharpie is accepted.

      Edit 2: Its also worth pointing out that, in the past, Trump’s legal strategy has been to keep fighting lawsuits for as long as possible until the other party gives up. But we have a deadline in our Constitution. Trump can ask for recounts and fight it as much as he wants. If he can’t prove he’s the winner by January 21st, he’s out. No one has the power to push that back.

  57. Jayna says:

    OMG! I have hope again.

  58. Josie Bean says:

    Michigan and Wisconsin are worryingly close!! I see calls for a recount.

    • Josie Bean says:

      Nevada is worryingly close as well. Biden must win these states. He is up by approx 3M in the popular vote. He deserves to win.

      I HATE the electoral system – it is NOT democratic. Utah is a perfect example. Salt Lake City is fairly liberal but the rest of the state is not. When we lived in SLC, our votes meant nothing – completely worthless and any Dem vote in Utah (for President) is meaningless and always will be in the current system.

      • Sigmund says:

        Biden campaign said this morning at 10:00 AM they expect to win Nevada. They have not been wrong yet.

      • SpankyB says:

        That’s how it is for Repbulicans in California. If you look at Dem/Repub map, it’s 90% red but there’s a small sliver of blue along the coast and that’s where the majority of people live. Luckily, cows can’t vote.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        I feel pretty good about NV. We went all blue and in 2016 & 2018, and voted Obama both terms. The hospitality unions here in Vegas regularly protested outside Trump Tower before the pandemic, I doubt that sentiment has changed. I also saw a giant random Biden/Harris Parade going down the busiest street in Las Vegas on my way home from work on Friday. I know anything can happen, but the Latinos here do not seem to like Trump, and they’ve been turning out the last few years.

    • Chris says:

      Most elections are close. As Scott Walker (blech) even said, a recount wouldn’t overcome a 20,000 vote difference. I guess even if Biden is only marginally ahead, the uncounted votes are from dem areas and absentee ballots that tend dem. So that must be why a bunch of states are unofficially called for dems.

    • Nic919 says:

      Dump got to keep MI and WI on far tighter margins than Biden currently has. Plus Michigan isn’t done yet.

  59. Jen says:

    Trump is already declaring a recount of Wisconsin!
    That is 10 Electoral Votes.

    • Sigmund says:

      He can ask for a recount (it’s within the 1% margin) but he has to pay for it and it won’t change anything. Scott Walker has even said a recount won’t matter. Trump lost Wisconsin.

      • jen says:

        Sigmund, I appreciate your taking the time to reply; thank you.
        I can’t be where most of you are-hooked on hope.
        He is not going anywhere. He will not relent. It will go on and on-somehow.
        A few days ago I said that we were doomed/that he was going to win, b/c people think this country’s citizens are better than they are. Were are fundamentally and horribly damaged people.
        And I was right-look at this race-how is it even be possible that this is a close race?
        Because this country’s soul is sick.
        Because it’s the silent Trump supporters who are the most dangerous.
        And along with their sociopath leader, they are going to murder the rest of us.
        And it truly hurts like Hell.
        I’m sorry.

      • Tourmaline says:

        @Sigmund thanks for your measured answers and info.

        Biden has now gotten the most votes ever cast for a presidential candidate in U.S. history.
        That’s a good thing.

        It’s playing right into the Trump cult’s hands when we spiral out into despair and hopelessness. He is not going to serve a second term (at least not now, but if he loses I’m sure he will immediately announce he will run for 2024). The top Republicans in Congress have by and large gotten what they wanted from him and are now ready to let the ballot counting take its course and say goodbye to him.
        Trump can flail and curse and sue but mark my words it’s ending for him.

  60. L4frimaire says:

    This is a difficult depressing day. Very disappointed in my fellow Americans and don’t see any silver linings. The lesson learned here is win at any cost, truth be damned. I really hope Biden prevails with all the votes counted. He’s ahead in the popular vote so hope the electoral college reflects that. This country is deeply divided and have a lot of real structural problems exacerbated by Trump. He will never be decent and thrives on chaos. I just want this over with

  61. Guest says:

    CNN just projects Biden wins Wisconsin

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      With remaining states and the color they’re projecting Biden will have 270 and trump will have just shy of 270.

      I feel like throwing up this is so nerve racking

  62. lobstah says:

    Still holding my breath…

  63. Christa says:

    First order of business should be to fire Bill Barr and send Trump to jail!

  64. ILoveMusic says:

    I had such terrible chest pains last night that under any other circumstances, I would have headed to the emergency room for a possible heart attack. It’s definitely looking better today, but part of me wishes I could go to sleep and wake up on January 20, 2021 just as Biden and Harris start to take their oaths.

    The orange one is going to do everything in his power to try to invalidate the results if the final tally is against him, but I believe if Biden wins, he’ll keep the victory. Like many others, I won’t relax on this until they are sworn in and the orange one is escorted out – by the secret service, or the military, or whoever it takes to get him gone.

  65. Alidorival says:

    Biden got Michigan! Iam just so excited and anxious watching from the Caribbean. Its Been tense here. Nail biting tense.

    Sidenote: Not so new here. Started following Celebitchy from the Leann/Brandi fiasco days.

  66. Grant says:

    CNN is calling Michigan for Biden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Leah says:

    Trump cult members are currently trying to disrupt the count in Detroit. Broke into the convention center and tried to get into the counting room. They were stopped. That arena is not their property to break into. IMO they should have been escorted off the property and back onto the public street. If they refused, Detroit PD should have been called. This is outrageous. None of these people seem to have jobs or a life it seems. Bastards.

    Nevada is making this an agonizing wait. Reno and Las Vegas are very blue and they have a history going blue along with California.

    Trump still thinks he has a chance in Arizona, as if. He made a big mistake in how he treated McCain, big. Bigly. Arizona doesn’t play when it comes to their war heroes.

    He wants to stop the count, as it is now. He will lose. Which is good but all the ballots must be counted.

    I am so nervous that this is going to blow up into violence.

  68. Val says:

    My mom has been beeping hope alive for me In my state of despair. I hope she’s right. I can’t deal with the alternative.

  69. lucy2 says:


    It’s happening, guys.

  70. Justwastingtime says:

    I knew Michigan was going to be okay. You know why? The have a democratic governor so the voter machines were going to work this year in poorer districts. The power of local government.

  71. Chardonnaygirl says:

    Please please please! My 10 year old has been talking me down. She said Mr Biden won the vote in her school and he will win for America.

  72. Ohlala says:

    Omg I am.not American and all of us in work were following all day long on our comps (Ireland) i had to have some wine..please please.please wake up Americans! I hope and feel it will be Biden. But….this all is soo sad. Sad that greed is above morals and basic human rights (as medical access) are seen as socialism (some imaginery i guess) and as a business..I don’t know how and what should happen for society like that to snap out of this nightmare

  73. Wiglet Watcher says:

    This is all, but over because of Nevada. Biden only needs 6 and Nevada has it, but they announced they will only give the final count at 9am their time Thursday. So… goodnight all.

  74. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I can’t look anywhere else until someone here says it’s safe lol.

  75. Rise & Shine says:

    Yes, this is a nerve wrecking, gut wrenching time, but PLEASE hold on. Take care of yourselves, and keep the faith. I think we can do this. I do not know that, but I believe it. And yeah, I just want the electoral in for Biden too. And yes, TrumpKushners will pull every trick in the book, not go quietly into the night, expect it, so what. GO JOE AND KAMALA and hang on everybody. There is a very good chance we can have decency back again. Thanks all for the support.

  76. Katebush says:

    Watching, hoping and praying for you from NZ.