Ben Affleck has lost weight by eating more protein and working out a lot

Us Magazine has a new photo of Ben Affleck where you can really tell that he’s lost weight. You can see that picture on their site and I’ve embedded a tweet with it below. I do think he looks better with a little more weight on him, but he’s an actor and there’s immense pressure to be super fit. US has a whole background story with insider quotes on how Ben has lost weight, by eating more protein and working out more. They also have some minor details about his life with Ana de Armas, which I’m wondering about, but I’ll talk about that in a moment.

Ben Affleck has been focused on his health amid the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in massive weight loss, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

The Gone Girl actor, 48, “has been trying to eat healthy, work out a ton, cut out carbs and eat lots of protein,” the insider says, adding that Affleck, who is sober, “isn’t drinking” in order to try and be as “healthy as possible.”

“Ana also tries to eat healthy and has gotten Ben into it more,” the source says. “They are doing good. They are focused on Ben’s kids, work, making time for dates and just enjoying each other.”

[From US Magazine]

Ana and Ben’s constant paparazzi photos were such a staple of the early pandemic but we haven’t seen a photo of them together in months. It’s almost like they can’t be bothered walking their dogs unless they want attention. Justice for Elvis and Salsa! I’m sure Ben has a backyard that’s bigger than my block and that his yard team cleans up all the poo. Still, we get photos of Ben walking to Jen’s house, those are in this post and they’re from this weekend, but we don’t see Ana arriving at Ben’s house. The last photos we got of her arriving there were from a month ago. It’s just suspicious to me.

Meanwhile I wonder if he’s losing weight for a role he wants or just because he can. I’m still baffled at how people can lose weight during the pandemic.

This is an older photo of Ben and Ana. You’ve probably seen it a few times. Elvis!
Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana de Armas taking the dog for a walk

Look at Jen’s tree in the background! I saw that on Instagram.

Update: When this post first went up I said Ana’s last Instagram was from October. She’s since posted photos from New York City, where I’m assuming she’s filming, with Elvis.

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This is Ana’s last Instagram post, from early October.

photos credit: Backgrid and via Instagram

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16 Responses to “Ben Affleck has lost weight by eating more protein and working out a lot”

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  1. Snowslow says:

    Ah! To have a younger lover. Gotta keep up.

  2. loba says:

    He’s not drinking. The exact same thing happened to me last summer. Within two weeks of abstaining completely, my face morphed.

  3. Chaine says:

    Went overboard on the weight loss. In the linked People photo, he looks rather emaciated. That’s got to be for a role.

  4. tcbc says:

    Yeah that’s too much weight too quickly. Looks like he transferred his addiction to exercise.

  5. Marietta58 says:

    Ana posted photos in NYC on Instagram today, with Elvis, no salsa tho. As for Ben, he does not look healthy. Unless it’s for a role that he needs to look emaciated. Which I doubt.

    Just hope he’s not ill 😷

  6. Lena says:

    He looks bad and I’m sure the US Magazine PR piece was rushed out to counter the criticism. When he’s lost weight before he looked fit in other places like his arms but now he just looks like The Machinist. And his next role as a detective that was supposed to start in April has been postponed a year so it isn’t for that. Who knows (I don’t) what’s going on with him personally but it’s suspicious.

  7. a0 says:

    I think his sobriety is the main reason for the difference in his appearance in the last year. He put on a lot of weight for Batman and this looks more like his physique back around the time of Argo.

  8. Grant says:

    Wow. These photos really lend credence to that old adage that once you reach a certain age, you have to decide between your body or your face. Looks like Ben chose his body because his face look very gaunt and weary. Whatever makes him happy though!

    • AMA1977 says:

      His face does look gaunt. He looks older and tired, which pains me to say because he’s a Forever (shame) Dong for me. 10 pounds back on would probably do a world of good. And I agree, this is a “face or ass” situation gone wrong!

  9. huckle says:

    Somebody may have already mentioned this but Ben Affleck reminds me of a young James Caan.

  10. LaurenS says:

    He really looks terrible. He cannot do anything in moderation.

  11. Lizzie says:

    Ana (as of the time of this comment) hasn’t booked a new role in a year plus so she’s not filming. At least not for a movie or TV show. I’m fairly positive her brother lives in NYC though.

    He looks unwell. I try not to speculate on people’s health so I’ll stop there.

    The release date for their movie has been delayed until next year. I find it hard to believe it’s not coincidental they’re hardly photographed together anymore now that it has been. They used to seemingly be unable to do anything without the other (and paparazzi!) and he’s now been photographed without her several times. I think whatever arrangement they have has cooled off immensely. If they’re even still a thing. I have my doubts.

  12. SpankyB says:

    He’s morphing into Rupert Everett (before plastic surgery).

    We’re so used to seeing Ben bloated that his normal thin narrow face looks foreign. Good for him, I hope he keeps up the healthy living. Addiction’s a bitch.

  13. lola says:

    So no one is taken Ana’s pic without Ben, and she has to post her own pap shots?!:D

  14. JoJo says:

    Stress and anxiety can also cause significant weight loss, sometimes like 15% of your body weight. I’ve had it happen multiple times in my life. Your metabolism speeds up and hormones are affected due to stress and it’s relatively uncontrollable and gaining weight back can be a slow process no matter how much you eat. My guess is he and Ana broke up and he’s not taking it well, potentially combined with whatever he is doing to shape up for upcoming projects (and possibly any kind of detoxing from any slip-ups he might have had in Ireland, etc.) Just my guess.