Cindy McCain says Donald Trump should only blame himself for being a loser

U.S. Senator John McCain lies in state in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda in Washington

How much credit should we give to Cindy McCain and the ghost of John McCain? Cindy McCain made her endorsement of Joe Biden count. She recorded a voiceover for a Biden campaign ad, and she made it known throughout Arizona that swing voters and Republicans should feel fine about voting for Biden. On Election Night, it was said that the Trump “victory” party basically ended when Fox News called Arizona for Biden. While the margin of Biden’s victory in Arizona has narrowed, most media outlets called the state for him days ago. And the Trump campaign is currently suing the state and claiming that lawful military voters shouldn’t have a vote. It’s all kind of absurd. But here we are. Anyway, Cindy basically went on a victory tour, and she was on The View yesterday:

One former adviser to John McCain described President Donald Trump’s re-election loss in Arizona as the late senator’s possible “revenge,” but McCain’s widow says the unseated president has no one to blame but himself.

“What I think happened was not just my husband’s influence, but this administration has done so poorly on so many different things,” Cindy McCain said during an appearance on The View on Monday. “To start, with the pandemic, the military, leaving our allies on the battlefield, pulling out of treaties,” she said, listing off criticisms of the Trump administration. “All of those things combined, I think, made most people want to vote for [President-elect Joe] Biden.”

Biden, 77, is leading Trump, 74, by about 15,000 votes in the traditionally Republican state, according to the Associated Press.

[From People]

LOL. The final knife in Trump’s back, delivered by John McCain’s widow. She’s right though: Trump has no one to blame but himself, which is probably why he’s hiding in his lil’ baby bunker and running through his supply of emergency cheeseburgers. She’s also said in a few interviews this week that she hopes Trump concedes and shows some kind of grace as a loser. But I doubt that will happen!

Meanwhile, President-Elect Joe Biden has already shown his appreciation for his dear friend’s widow – Biden has appointed Cindy to the board of his presidential transition team. It’s mostly an advisory board, it’s not like Cindy McCain will be in charge of figuring out who will be appointed the Secretary of Defense (although I’m sure she’ll have some thoughts). It’s just one way the new president is thanking the McCains.

McCain Departs the US Capitol for the Last Time

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    I really feel like Arizona getting called so early on Election Night causing the WH to freak out was a middle finger up from John McCain in the great beyond.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      @ MaryContrary, Cindy is a first class lady and does not mince words. Mr. McCain was the epitome of what every Republican should strive to be. No matter the party, doing what is right for the people comes first. How he and Slimy Graham were ever friends makes my head spin. Slimy is the epitome of what is wrong with the Republican Party, including Moscow Mitch and Creatine Cruz.
      And the way that Agent Orange treated the death of Mr. McCain was outright disgusting. To make matters worse, he actually said that he gave McCain a beautiful send off, but no one called to thank him. The depths to which Agent Orange is still jealous over a man that bravely fought cancer and as a POW, is an exceptional example of his pettiness and his precious ego. A year since McCain passed away and he still talks sh#t about him.

      • holly hobby says:

        You know Miss Lindsey sold his soul when he backdoored Complicit Barbie and Dickless Ken into McCain’s funeral. This was after the McCains said the Rumps weren’t welcomed.

        I’m reading the book by Melanie’s BFF, from her descriptions of Complicit Barbie, it sounds like she is really thirsty. She just wants her plastic face everywhere.

  2. Jessie says:

    As an Arizonan, Cindy McCain’s help can’t be ignored. But please don’t forget the indigenous organizers and voters who turned out to vote him out. 89% of eligible indigenous voters went to the polls (most hours away, some rode horses!) and gave Biden 80,000 votes. That’s gonna carry the state blue.

    • Cachinak says:


    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I read about that! An Indigenous organizer mounting a horse caravan to ride two hours to the polls. That was so cool. I hope we get more Indigenous representatives in this new administration. And I hope they take Oklahoma ALL the way back.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      @ Jesse, that was a beautiful sight to see!! The display of conviction, pride, display of a strong existence and you are a driving force to be reckoned with! It’s was magical and it made me cry. I feel so bad for Native Americans, for they way they have been treated, from lack of running water, to lack of internet service, the crimes committed against members that lack sufficient actions and the refusal to address the poverty, addiction and the ongoing struggles just to survive each day. Native American have been placed on lands designed by the white settlers with no intention of respecting their relationship with sacred grounds. The crime rate against Indigenous members are disgusting and would never be considered acceptable in any US city or state. You can help though. Go to I have been donating since 2015!! It’s an essential right for Indigenous people to at least have the basic rights to indoor plumbing!!

  3. Sumodo1 says:

    Gawd bless Arizona.

  4. Jaded says:

    I read an article on the Canadian news this morning that Trump is keeping a list of all the leaders who have called Biden to congratulate him on the win – a “shit list” if you will – so he can put the blocks to any trade deals or business currently in progress. What a vindictive, spiteful toddler he is. I can just picture him rage-tweeting over his bowl of Captain Crunch about Cindy’s comments this morning.

  5. Dee Kay says:

    Good for the indigenous organizers who got the vote out, and good for Cindy McCain, and good for Gabby Gifford’s husband for taking McCain’s Senate seat for the Dems. What I like about McCain’s efforts is that she said what so many Republicans failed to say and *still* fail to say: that Trump is an asshole idiot that no one, regardless of party, should align with. It was important for at least some prominent Republicans to say this out loud and clearly! And she did.

  6. Courtney B says:

    I think there’s plenty of credit. So many states went pretty close, by presidential standards. I think it was big that Cindy came out so strongly. That likely convinced a number of people not to cite for a Trump who may have leaned that way for non-ideological reasons. Trump won in 2016 because the Dem vote wasn’t just suppressed in some states but *depressed* nationwide against Clinton. I think we saw that here to in reverse which is why the Senate didn’t flip and we lost ground in the house even when it was competitive for president and Biden took the popular vote by like 5 million. A number of conservatives obviously voted for idea/against Trump but not Dem for Congress. And, as pointed up thread, the indigenous population came out with big numbers. It’s like an actual coalition. Like in Georgia you had an overwhelming number of black women. Plus he peeled off suburban women. When you’re losing in so many minority demographics you can’t afford to lose in a single other category. And women helped keep it closer in Florida to counterbalance the a Cuban/Venezuelan Latino vote. I think we’re going to see more states be increasingly purple, like Texas, and maybe be blue over the next 2-4-8 years if the GOP keeps losing the geographic fight. There are only so many white men. I don’t know if she wants the job but Stacy Abrams for DNC chair!