Katie Holmes thinks she could end up marrying ‘traditional values’ Emilio Vitolo

Picture Perfect: Love birds Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo hold hands in Soho, NYC

Emilio Vitolo and Katie Holmes have been together, by my records, for about three months. We first saw them out and about together in early September, but I feel pretty comfortable saying that this relationship started in mid to late August, at the very latest. That was when Emilio dumped his live-in fiancee via text, and since then, Emilio has been attached to Katie’s hip. She loves every minute of it, and they’ve done tons of pap strolls all over New York. I think they color-coordinate their outfits too. Which is sure sign of steadiness and true love, yes? So obviously, Katie reportedly thinks that they could “go all the way.”

Could he be The One? Katie Holmes is “on cloud nine” in her relationship with boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr., a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“She feels so blessed to be with a centered, down-to-earth, kindhearted companion who isn’t affected by the fame and puts happiness and traditional values first,” the insider adds of the NYC-based chef, 33, who “treats her like a total princess.”

The Secret: Dare to Dream actress, 41, was first linked to Vitolo Jr. in September and the duo has been hot and heavy ever since. Though they’re still in the early stages of their romance, the pair are already getting “serious.” Despite “some concern” from her loved ones, Holmes isn’t afraid of how quickly her relationship with Vitolo Jr. has progressed.

“She doesn’t care what people may say about rushing into the romance,” the source tells Us. “In her mind, this is the real deal, they’re riding a beautiful wave together and she’s already decided it’s got the potential to go all the way.”

Though she’s faced her fair share of ups and downs in her love life, Holmes feels secure in her budding romance with Vitolo Jr., who was previously engaged to designer Rachel Emmons.

“Ultimately, she’s a grown woman who’s free to make her own choices,” the first source says. “She’s got some seriously protective friends and family though, so [Emilio] better carry on treating her this well if he knows what’s good for him!”

[From Us Weekly]

This made me think of how the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise love-bombed Katie circa 2005-06. She just fell into their trap and she was so blissed out and “in love” and no one could talk her out of it. I think certain people are just susceptible to that kind of “falling head over heels, never paying attention to the red flags” kind of love/obsession/weirdness. Katie’s lucky that with Emilio, she’s not diving head first into another soul-sucking cult. The biggest red flag – which she’s ignoring – is that Emilio callously dumped his fiancee as soon as Katie came around. So, whatever. She is a grown woman, let her have her fun.

Katie Holmes and boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr dress to impress in NYC!

Katie Holmes and boyfriend Emilio Vitolo walk hand-in-hand as they go for a joyride in his red Pontiac

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. hold hands as they go shopping in NYC

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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31 Responses to “Katie Holmes thinks she could end up marrying ‘traditional values’ Emilio Vitolo”

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    She seems to have a bad picker.

  2. Jaded says:

    A “centered, down-to-earth, kindhearted companion who isn’t affected by the fame and puts happiness and traditional values first…”? Who writes this crap?! He’s a famewhore leech and a callous DB who ditched his fiance by text the minute he met Katie Holmes. My guess is he’ll springboard onto a younger, prettier, more famous woman given the first chance.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Who is this guy? I have never heard of him. Time to hit Google.

      • Jaded says:

        His family owns a tony restaurant in NYC where he’s the chef. He’s a wannabe actor and thirsty as hell so latching onto Katie was a very opportunistic move.

  3. downtherabbithole says:

    …She’s wearing a lot of winter clothes that are super baggy or have a lot going on in the front…is it possible that her blissed-out state is tied to that? I’ve always heard, “If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you”, and that’s proven to be true for me. I hope she gets luckier than that if this is what she chooses.

  4. Caitlin Bruce says:

    She seems to be the sort of person that follows her heart not her head. And when she’s in love she doesn’t listen to anyone else. I’m sure her friends warned her about Jamie, Tom and this guy. But she doesn’t seem to listen. I wonder why! When she was dating Chris Klein she seemed very normal

  5. lola says:

    He would dump her if a bigger star showed interest in him. That will never happen, but I hope she knows that.

  6. HeatherC says:

    If by “traditional values” she means “not the poster boy for a soul sucking money grubbing cult” then I guess she’s right?

  7. josephine says:

    I’m going to duck a little here, but I’ve totally enjoyed seeing his street style. He wears the heck out of those top coats – wish more men would embrace them. Her style by contrast is a comination of baffling, unflattering and cheap-looking. She sometimes nails the top or bottom but rarely both. She’s gorgeous but doesn’t seem to know how to dress.

    As for their romance, I don’t much care one way or the other. I don’t think she was in love with Cruise so I don’t think she’s someone who willy nilly falls in love – I do think she entered into a business agreement with him, and that’s always, always made me angry because an innocent child was sucked into it. But ultimately I think like any other woman, she deserves some happiness, and maybe he gives her that.

    • LillyfromLilooet says:

      You know, I never thought of it, but he *does* have great fashion sense, the way his pants fit is perfection, and he *is* teaching some lessons about a fabulous top coat. I wonder if he’ll break out a puffer coat at some point, and if they are coordinating, if they will have a puffer coat decision making sesh.

      If her team is pushing this marriage stuff–good chance they aren’t–but if they are, it’s interesting to know that this is Katie’s endgame/wish. This still feels like a visual punishment for Jaime Foxx withholding affection. How many times do you see a long term dating relationship dissolve and the two people go in hard and swift with others–like Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. Maybe?

      Unfortunately for Katie, the controlling self-centered type reads to her like papa bear head-of-clan energy. Aka her own dad, whom I suspect is a problematic model, yes? As different as all her dudes are, this the through line.

      Her dad saved his daughter and grand daughter from a titanically powerful and vile cult, though, I always remember that.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, I like his style, the coats do look good.
      I don’t think this is going to end well for her, as he seems to have motives for fame and attention. But who knows. At least he’s not a dangerous cult leader.

      • josephine says:

        I know, it would stink if he was just using her, but maybe she’s just using him for a good time. The fact that there needs to be an article about marriage, though, is bothersome for sure.

  8. Ariel says:

    But the worst that can happen (i wholeheartedly believe that her divorce attorney dad will insist she protect her assets if there is a marriage) is that he will do a million interviews and a book when their relationship ends.
    She has been through worse.

  9. Amelie says:

    I know you guys didn’t do this on purpose and this has been discussed before but omg her her fashion!!! And she can’t blame it on coronavirus lol because she dressed like this before the pandemic. He’s such a sharp dresser and she looks like she got dressed in the dark next to him.

    Well he’s clearly a low-key dbag and that’s how she likes them. Let her have fun and then ultimately realize she’s been wasting her time.

  10. holly hobby says:

    Oh no, honey, please don’t.

  11. Nicole says:

    I recognize that Katie takes a lot of fashion risks, but I honestly don’t get them. She’s got the figure to pull a lot off, but I’m reminded of Nina Garcia from Project Runway. I question the taste level.

  12. Sa says:

    When I hear “traditional values” I think it’s a polite way of saying sexist.

    If it’s not code for something bad, then there’d be no reason to be so deliberately vague about what those values are.

  13. BillyPilgrim says:

    Hmm, I didn’t realize “traditional values” includes dating another women all the while engaged to someone else.
    And noping out on said someone else via text.

  14. Bibi says:

    I enjoyed watching her movie The Secret: Dare to dream, that’s all I got

  15. Sandy says:

    This reminds me of a saying I love: “When you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, it’s harder to see red flags.”

    • Julia K says:

      Exactly. Has he asked for a loan yet? Just a little to help the restaurant biz until things get better?

  16. Mina_Esq says:

    Betraying the trust of your fiancé is real traditional values kind of stuff *eye roll* People can’t change. Past behavior is best predictor of future behavior. If he treated his ex with total disregard for her feelings, he’ll do the same to her. I suspect that Katie gets off on thinking she can change a guy. She can’t.

  17. april says:

    Her boyfriend has great style! I love his clothes.

  18. elle says:

    He’s always making eye contact with the camera, isn’t he?