Christina Aguilera throws out baby toys from husband’s family (update)

Christina Aguilera is known for diva behavior, including demanding that reporters not look her in the eye during interviews and showing up hours late for appointments. She was said to have improved her attitude quite a bit with pregnancy, though, and a story in Star Magazine a couple of weeks ago had her acting more generous towards others and buying expensive gifts for her employees and friends.

The old Christina might be back, though. This week Star is reporting that not only has Christina typically insisted that her baby have top-of-the-line everything, but that she even threw out some toys her husband’s family bought her from Babies R Us because they weren’t good enough!

Christina is also said to be planning an ultra-elite baby shower so that she can bring her child into the world with all the brand names she relies on to make her feel superior and worthy of her celebrity status:

Six-months-pregnant Christina Aguilera’s ultra-expensive tastes may be getting out of control! According to a friend of the singer the only way Christina, 26, will participate in a baby shower is if it’s “first class all the way. She wants it to be at a ritzy place like the Beverly Hills Hotel, rather than at a friend’s house, like what was suggested. And she wants a celebrity party planner like Mindy Weiss to organize it rather than her friends. She’s definitely hurt some feelings, the way she handled the situation.”

Not even the star’s patient hubby, Jordan Bratman, 30, seems capable of meeting her lofty expectations, adds the friend. “Jordan came home with some toys for the baby that his family had bought at Babies R Us, but she didn’t like them – so she threw them out! She only wants gifts from the exclusive places she’s registered at, like Bellini, Petit Tresor and Bel Bambini in Beverly Hills!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 29, 2007]

My husband lost his last job right after we had our son, he’s three now and is our first. Before he was born we told friends and family that second hand was great, and many of my son’s baby items were hand me downs or purchased from consignment stores. A baby doesn’t know if they’re decked out in the latest in designer accessories, all that matters to them is that they’re loved and cared for.

I understand wanting nice things if you’re well off, but throwing out perfectly good toys from your family because they’re not pricey enough is just conceited. This story might not be true, and maybe Star is making a leap based on the known news that Aguilera is registered at exclusive boutiques, but it seems like something she would do based on her past behavior.

Like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera has not yet announced her pregnancy, but there doesn’t seem to be a need for it now considering how much she’s showing.

Update: Thanks to all of you who pointed out that if this story is true she may have discarded the toys due to concern over the recall of toys made in China with lead paint and unsafe parts. This didn’t occur to me, and I appreciate everyone who pointed it out.

Header image is of Christina shopping for baby items on 10/7/07 thanks to Splash News.

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