Donald Trump is going full Grey Gardens, hiding out & tweeting delusional crap

Trump delivers update on Operation Warp Speed

From where you sit, is the transition going as expected? I knew that if Joe Biden won, the transition period would not be easy. I knew Donald Trump would be a suckbaby loser and that he would pout and fume and try to terrorize everyone with his itty-bitty baby fists. But I guess I didn’t expect elected Republicans to back up his temper tantrum so thoroughly? That’s been the unexpected part – the fact that elected Republicans in local, state and federal government are all like “yeah, we’re the Party of White Tears and Karen Tantrums.” All of which is happening as Donald Trump goes Full Grey Gardens:

With Giuliani losing his games of 3-D and regular chess, Trump’s campaign and legal teams have reportedly been thrown into disarray, with backstabbing and chaos and power struggles. Trump himself, meanwhile, has been pretty much AWOL since he lost the election. He’s only made two public appearances—showing up late to Arlington National Cemetery on November 11 to spend 10 minutes at a Veterans Day ceremony; remarks touting recent progress on the COVID vaccine—since his despotic rant in the briefing room of the White House on November 5, when he baselessly alleged a massive voter fraud conspiracy was being perpetrated against him.

“It feels like bunker mentality,” an administration official told CNN on Tuesday. Indeed, the Trump White House these days has been more like Grey Gardens, with the reclusive president emerging only to play golf at his nearby Virginia club. Appearing to have largely abandoned his presidential duties, to the extent he ever sought to fulfill them, Trump’s only activities of late have been settling scores with insufficiently loyal officials—Chris Krebs, the top cybersecurity official in the Department of Homeland Security, became the latest purge victim after defending the integrity of the election—and wailing on and on about voter fraud on Twitter, which has slapped a warning label on a majority of his posts in recent days.

While his disinformation campaign may be paying off (half of Republicans in a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday believe Trump won the election but that it was “rigged” against him), even some of his allies seem to be getting tired of the act and appear ready to give up the ghost. The Wall Street Journal editorial board on Tuesday demanded he either produce evidence to back up his claims of improprieties with voting machines or shut up. Republicans not named Lindsey Graham gradually seem to be acknowledging Biden as the president-elect, and Politico reported Wednesday that several GOP senators were spotted fist-bumping Kamala Harris in apparent recognition of her imminent ascension to the vice presidency. And even Fox & Friends appears ready to move on, with Brian Kilmeade urging Trump—a loyal viewer of the program—to let the Biden transition move forward. “It’s in the country’s best interest if he starts coordinating on the virus and starts coordinating on security with the Biden team,” Kilmeade said.

[From Vanity Fair]

So, let me ask Republicans – does this tantrum end with a bang or a whimper? Will there actually be some kind of come-to-Jesus moment where elected Republicans around the country are like “yeah, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won”? Or will we still be playing these dumbass fascist f–k games one month from now?

The NY Times had a summary on the Trump campaign’s continuing efforts to block certifications and demand endless recounts in states Joe Biden won, with some local Republicans backing up those delusions. So no – even if there is some movement to come to reality, there are still enough dumbf–k crybaby losers around throwing tantrums, so it’s still going to take a while.

Oh, and don’t forget about Trump terrorizing all of us with his unhinged tweets this week. He goes on these delusion-benders on Twitter and after all this time, no one knows what to do about it (hint: just delete his Twitter).

United States President Donald J. Trump and First lady Melania Trump participate in a  National Veterans Day Observance

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. teresa says:

    Full Grey Gardens! OMG, that might be the best description of what Trump is doing.. thanks for making me laugh so hard I spit coffee out on my keyboard!

    • Perfect description Kaiser. 👏🏼👏🏼 In a newsfeed several days ago, a psychologist discussed Trump and narcissistic personality disorder. In psychologist opinion, Trump is a malignant narcissist. Said that a full blown narcissist can NEVER permit themselves to loose. Said, Trump will eventually concede but to his dying breath say he was forced out by voter fraud and enemies. Said that Trump will never let this go or stop trying to prove he won. As a narcissist he cannot accept or admit defeat in anything, even if it brings harm to himself or someone he cares about. All of that makes me sick….I can see he’s never going away until he drops dead and then his followers will probably elevate him to some sort of messiah figure. UGGGH!

      • Desert Lizard says:

        Then I guess we had better put a bunch of legal charges against him to give him something else to think about. I’m ready to see him held accountable for his crimes, all of them.

  2. Busyann says:

    Republicans will do this up until inauguration and then they’ll start twisting their words and lying about how complicit they were during all of this. It’s what those spineless, power-hungry, smug, jerks do all the time and dems just let them do it.

    • Frida_K says:

      Oh, they’re already starting. CNN has an article all about poor Emily Murphy (she’s crying white woman tears because she’s ANGUISHED!), and another CNN pundit is bolstering that narrative with this gem:

      I think what angers me most about the above hot-take is how she neatly deflects in the final tweet by attributing any dissent to her *cough* nuanced (sure, Jan, keep deluding yourself about how special and precious your thoughts are) stance. People are going to send her “angry” replies, and that’s them, not her, because she’s only sharing because, well…sharing the anguish of his supporters–ones who won’t speak up on the record until it behooves them to do so–shows how nuanced she is! She gets a COOKIE because these anonymous sources deserve a platform and our sympathy, and if we were clever like her, we would understand. (If we don’t, we’re all angry.)

      Well. I am angry.

      Put me on the record here for having absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for the 11th hour hand-wringers. I wish them all a life of misery. They deserve to be treated like pariahs until the end of their days.

      • Jess says:

        Frida, I’m with you. These people enabled this monster and now want sympathy. I think Walter Schaub’s tweet sums it up well:

      • Traveler says:

        No sympathy here either.
        There is something inherently wrong with every single person who is aligned with the GOP.

      • Lemons says:

        The Carries of the world are always willing to give the Emily Murphies of the world the benefit of the doubt.

        I’m so tired of it. Instead of denouncing what she and others have done to destroy our democracy and society, Carrie is sending essentially love letters about how much “the other side” has struggled. Meanwhile, women are being sterilized and deported, children will never reunite with their parents, and minorities and allies are getting assaulted in the streets during peaceful protests. And that’s not even touching on how these particular people have been lining their pockets.

      • holly hobby says:

        And the sad thing is the rotting orange she’s supporting would not even give her a second look on the street. He’d probably be repulsed by how she looks. Truth.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Yeah, I have no sympathy for her, either. In the face of seditious orders, you do the right thing and violate them or withdraw from the position. That’s American taxpayer money paying for her recalcitrance and complicity in a coup, and the majority of Americans made it clear they don’t want Trump.

      • clomo says:

        Jess, I can’t find it, do you remember what it said? I think it got erased.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Twitter and Facebook need to suspend his accounts, the tagging isn’t working. Not only is he not making public appearances, he has had nothing on his schedule for weeks, no work meetings, and they are staying at the White House for Thanksgiving. The government also runs out of money in early December and nobody is working on avoiding a shutdown. This is an attempted coup. And his spawn, except Barron, are all actively involved in plotting it.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah am beginning to think he will stay in the WH right up to the inauguration – I can see him trying to stop it happening on the WH grounds. He and his spawn see that as THEIR house and they are not going anywhere willingly.

      Even if he goes to Mar a lago for Christmas, the spawn esp Ivanka won’t leave the WH willingly.

      • cer says:

        I wonder if Trump really thinks that if he stays in the WH he’s still president, no matter if Biden’s taken the oath.
        Because that’s not the way it works.

      • Dara says:

        @cer, exactly this. After he takes the oath of office, Biden could run the country from his garage for all the difference it makes, and given the deep cleaning the White House probably needs, that might even be a good idea.

        A friend pointed out that even if Trump and his minions refuse to leave, the career civil service IT team that supports the executive branch will just turn off the phones, change the access codes to the situation room, and erase everyone’s passwords. I’m guessing Biden won’t even have left the podium before they finish the job. Never piss off the tech nerds.

    • I’m pretty sure the owner of Facebook is pro Trump.

      • Persephone says:

        I think I agree with that assessment. And it’s disturbing.

      • Anna says:

        Yes, he is. He is a terrible human being and has enabled *all* of this while all these years trying to evade accusation and pretending that he is neutral.

      • Chartreuse says:

        But all Trump supporters (that I know) say fb etc is a, left wing conspiracy. There’s zero evidence MZ is left wing that I’ve seen anyway.

      • clomo says:

        At least his wife isn’t, I’ve seen her say it/type it a few times to vote for Biden.

  4. Marni112 says:

    What Trump is doing at present is a continuation of his efforts to copmletely erode the confidence of the American people in their institutions and constitutional norms .I am surprized though that Mitch and the GOP are this gutless and standing by and watching this happen. .Even the GOP under Nixon took action to ensure that country came first.It makes you wonder whether the rumours of Trump being an asset are true and as such , he has dirt on the GOP that they are afraid he’ll release.

    • Good one Marni112…..By using his voice and actions to weaken belief in the democratic process he is continuing to carry out his PUTIN agenda. The more decisive he makes this, the more idiots he gets drinking his “kool-aid” and believing in his crazy narrative, the weaker our democracy and fundamental belief in the voting process that has withstood almost 200 years. I find it frightening in the extreme.

  5. Jay says:

    I only hope someone is documenting this full descent into delusion so it can be a film later, because our kids won’t believe this person was ever put in charge of anything.

    He’s actually trying to squat in the people’s house!

    • clomo says:

      After the fires are all put out for a little while there will be some hilarious movies on 45. So many angles and styles to do in. Although I think David o’ russel would make a funny one ala American hustle. Who wants to do cast, that would be a doozy? Who will Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale. And the person who played Melania wouldn’t need to talk. She could be like Margot Robbie in Once upon in hw. Just shots of her with the same expression on her face the whole time. Jared, no idea or him Jr and Eric. I’m sure for most of the rest of them I imagine, I imagine Martin Scorsese has a large rolodex of character actors. who for rump though?

  6. Midnight@theOasis says:

    My guess is the GOP establishment will only stop supporting Trump after the January 5 Senate runoff races in Georgia (unless of course Trump turns out to be a liability to them in securing those seats). Personally, I want to see his Orange ass hauled out of the White House kicking and screaming. I envision a full blown eviction like the ones done to countless other people who’ve losses their jobs and unemployment benefits due to his incompetence in handling this pandemic.

  7. Poisonella says:

    It’s always about money with these people. Currently they are hitting up the cheetoh’s base for $ to fight this “election theft”. Trump is going to go to Mar-A-Lago for Xmas, and never return- mark my words.

    • usa-usa-usa says:

      What’s funny is the broke-ass tRump campaign thought they could do a recount on the cheap. Wisconsin said recounting the whole state would cost $8 million upfront. So you know the trumpanzees figured just two counties would be under $1 million, easily. I would love to have seen the look on their faces when Wisconsin dropped that $3 million invoice.

      What’s criminal is the $3 million that the tRump campaign paid to Wisconsin laundered another $4.5 million for tRump because the fine print of the beg said 40% of every donation goes to election lawsuits and 60% would go to cover debt, which in griftese translates to straight into tRump’s pocket.

  8. Sean says:

    Is anyone else alarmed by the firings at the Pentagon?

    I read Erik Prince is behind most of it. All of this gives me major anxiety. My main fear is not Trump himself but the people around him. He’s a useful idiot whose shenanigans provide a cover for more nefarious acts.

    • Juls says:

      I am very alarmed about that and, frankly, all of it. If ever an adversary wanted to attack the US, well……disarray and zero leadership is an opportunity. January 20 can’t get here fast enough.

      • Traveler says:

        You know I hate conspiracy theories but I have to admit it seems like he is being allowed to set everything up to invite Putin in. If you look at the basic tenets of fascism, it is no longer much of a stretch to say that the GOP is moving in that direction.

    • Soupie says:

      That nefarious creature (Erik Prince) is the brother of one Betsy DeVos.😝

    • HK9 says:

      Yes-It concerns me greatly that very few people think this is important.

    • ollieslom says:

      And Erik Prince was the founder of Blackwater known as Xe Services from 2009-2011 and goes by the name of Academi since 2011. That little fun fact should strike terror in the civilian population of any country in the world (the US included).

    • Louise says:

      I think 45 is distracting everyone from the fact he is setting up his own militia via Eric Prince; a militia that will report to the new Sec. of Defense. I think Trump’s new army will create chaos (Portland et. al. was a practice run) and then declare War Measures and suspend a transfer of power to Biden so he can stay in power.

    • Louise says:

      I am very very very worried about it and I’m Canadian. I think 45 is distracting everyone from the fact he is setting up his own militia via Eric Prince; a militia that will report to the new Sec. of Defense. I think Trump’s new army will create chaos (Portland et. al. was a practice run) and then declare War Measures and suspend a transfer of power to Biden so he can stay in power.

  9. SJ Knows says:

    Ignore him. That will really piss him off. Bigly Baby needs all eyes on him in order to feel important. Trump and Rudy Guilliane are both unhinged, ranting, sputtering idiots who need to be sedated so the rest of us can get some quiet time.
    I’m not kidding…a lovely shot of diazepam with a blanket and a nap that lasts until 1/20/2020 would help them both. Old, crooked, lying liars with twitter accounts = no thanks.

  10. Becks1 says:

    For Trump himself – this is actually less messy than I had anticipated. I thought he would have packed his bags and just moved to Mar a Lago, or staged massive rallies in support of his idea of “fraud,” gone on Fox News every day, etc. As it is the days are just full of deranged tweets and sad pathetic lawsuits.

    For the Republicans – I’m ashamed to admit that I am a little surprised at their behavior. I thought at least some of them would be more open about accepting Biden, considering how well-liked he was in the Senate. But I think the R strategy is twofold – they’re half thinking, “Well, this is it, this is the last temper tantrum we need to put up with” and half thinking, “hey if he insists there’s fraud, that may help us to disenfranchise voters down the line, so consider it a win.”

    I do think after the GA special we will see more acceptance from the Rs. But that’s honestly what ticks me off – the Republicans, like Graham and McConnell – they know there wasn’t any fraud. They’re just going along with this for whatever selfish reasons. But anyway so yeah I think this will end with a whimper and Trump will go to Mar a Lago at some point and stay there and wont show up on Inauguration day to greet the Bidens.

    • Lightpurple says:

      If he goes to Mar a Lago, he cedes control of the White House. He is not giving up the Presidency. This is an attempted coup. He will have to be dragged out of there forcibly, along with Ivanka. This could get violent. My prayers are with the Secret Service.

      • Rapunzel says:

        LP- Secret Service has to be worried. It’s gonna be dicey if they really have to kick him out. Let’s hope they’re keeping an eye on any weapons he has.

        Sad part, though? I think he could take some SS hostage or kill them and his supporters would not care.

      • H says:

        I think once the votes are certified, he will run to Mar-A-Lago never to return. He can’t do anything after that but Tweet. Someone will remind him of his BRAND and how can an ex-President make money if he’s dragged out of the WH. Now, I want him dragged out, but even Trump would realize the optics of that – I hope.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think he WANTS to be dragged out, honestly. I think he thinks that will help him with his cult-like base (and it probably will) and I think he thinks it will help him if he runs in 2024. “I was UNFAIRLY and ILLEGALLY removed!!! They DARED to REMOVE the LAWFUL PRESIDENT!!! LETS RIGHT THIS WRONG IN 2024!!!!” He wants the footage.

      • LightPurple says:

        The man is taking advise on how to handle this from Junior, Eric, and Nagini, not a stable one in the bunch. And they love guns. They are attempting a coup.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Becks1- I thought he’d maybe run off to FL for Thanksgiving and never return. He’s apparently not going. Will he go for X-mas or New Year’s instead? Maybe.

      The more he crows on Twitter that he “won” the more I think LightPurple is right and he really will hunker down and have to be dragged out. And his supporters won’t care.
      They really are a cult.

    • ollieslom says:

      He won’t be going on Faux News. He’s turned against them and convinced his cult to turn against them too because they have actually been calling him out on some things and in preparation of his own network. They were chanting “Fox News sucks” at one point in Washington last weekend during their stupid whatever that was.

  11. MyNAME says:

    Leave his twitter up, but set up a private twitter where it goes nowhere and he gets automatic likes to think people care.

    In other words, put the tantrum throwing baby in a closet until he can behave.

  12. Melissa says:

    Don’t do Little Edie dirty like that!!! ;)

  13. anna says:

    why does it matter what the republicans think? they can think they are pink elephants for all i care, that doesnt change the reality of the situation. i’m annoyed about every journalist giving airtime to their delusions, to consider them as something worth considering. it seems a similar issue to the coverage of trump from he beginning- stop both siding this. there are no alternative facts, so everyone needs to stop creating a discourse where there is more than one reality. there`s not. biden won, trump lost. it’s as if i was thinking deeply about my crazy neighbours rants and then discussing them with a panel of experts. why would i? she’s nuts and her delusions are not worth fact-checking. end of story.

    • Anna says:

      Agreed @anna I wonder at this repeat of the enabling from 2016 when media gave him so much airtime and now here we are, he’s lost the election and we’re still giving him so much energy. I looked at huffpost yesterday and it was something like 20 articles about 45 and one about Biden. That, imho, is irresponsible journalism. Not that I trust mainstream news sources but this is the kind of seemingly innocuous behavior on the part of media that led to normalizing him in the first place. He lives for this kind of coverage. Why are we continuing to give it to him? And with that, I’m logging off and will not comment on any more posts about 45 at CB or click on any more news about him anywhere in the media. Just realized: I’m done.

  14. LaraW” says:

    Trump’s behavior is like Hitler’s before the Third Reich surrendered. The behavior of the Republican Party parallels that of Hitler’s officers, down to the SS officers covering crimes for god know what against the children in their border concentration camps. I fully expect the unveiling of a mass grave. Trump’s inner circle will be remembered and tried for their crimes, but the lower officials will slip through the cracks and make excuses for their behavior.

    After the Biden administration takes over and enforces strict covid laws, soon there will be no Nazis to be found anywhere in the United States.

  15. Jezebeelzebub says:

    Its deeply disturbing to me that so many fellow citizens find the behavior of the GOP not just acceptable but appropriate. I just dont understand this. What the actual fuck?

    Maybe Canada will launch a full-on, entirely successful invasion- the time is truly ripe! I’ll learn the words to O Canada, no problem. I sure as shit dont feel the same about my own national anthem anymore- let alone my own country.

    • H says:

      I’m happy to become Canadian at this point. I’ve asked a Canadian friend to marry me just in case 45 refuses to leave.

    • HoofRat says:

      I sympathize entirely, but why would we invade when it’s quite possible some states have more guns in private hands than we have in the Canadian Armed Forces’ arsenal? Can we just swap our horrible wanna-be republican/libertarian/screw-the-environment dimwits for nice, liberal-minded Americans? Less bloodshed, we wouldn’t have to set fire to the White House again, and we could put the money saved into building a rainbow-covered wall.

  16. Case says:

    What I love most is that while he is descending further into madness, Biden is just carrying right along, holding meetings and making announcements, paying no mind to this nonsense.

    All I can say about Trump is, well, “sad!”

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, it’s really a study in contrasts. But I feel bad that Biden and his team have to co-exist with such a messy and dangerous sideshow looming over them. They deserve so much better…but when has Trump ever made the right choice?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      You just know the fact that Biden is NOT engaging with either Trump or all this nonsense is getting to Dump bigly. Narcs like him DO NOT LIKE BEING IGNORED, esp by the object of their fixation, it only drives them to behave even more unhinged. The more Joe ignores him the more crazy he will get to get his attention.

  17. aquarius64 says:

    Murphy can ascertain the election. She’s upset that she will be blamed for COVID deaths because of the stalling

  18. Lala11_7 says:

    All Trump has EVA done was do Grey Gardens…when he was stationed at Trump Tower in NY…he holed up in a suite of small offices over run with boxes of files & cheap furniture…where ALL he did was talk on the phone to other Crypt Keepers while his minions ran around doing his dirty deeds…and he does the same in Florida…that’s ALL he’s done in the Whitehouse…when he’s not chasing publicity like a fiend…

    He’s ALWAYS been an insulated mutant troll.

  19. Seraphina says:

    Ironically, the look on Donnie’s face is the same one I have when Donnie makes the news.

  20. MaryContrary says:

    I knew he’d be a total baby and never concede. What I did expect, once he lost, was for Republicans to actually speak out and put the pressure on him to get the transition started. I guess, after five years of groveling and pussy footing around at best and flat out endorsing at worst, they can’t break their Trump habit. It’s disgusting and infuriating. I need to give myself a twitter break today because it’s freaking me out.

  21. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He’ll never behave. Never concede. The Republican party has been full frontal for four years. They’re not going to behave either.

    • ollieslom says:

      He needed parenting and discipline from the Repug party and no one in that party was willing to do that. Now we have a big violent toddler that is running around breaking everything, setting fires, throwing his food on the walls and having major throw himself on the floor temper tantrums.

  22. Jaded says:

    He’s desperately trying to turn himself into some kind of martyr to fire up all the neck-beards, Chads and Karens into keeping the violent protests, white supremacy marches and anarchy going. Because he is a malignant narcissist he will do literally anything to cling to his misguided notion of voting irregularities and consistently try bring down those who disagree with him by firing, lying and spreading malicious rumours about them that his base eats up. I can foresee him sloping off to Mar-a-Lago and running his anti-Biden campaign from there, perhaps with the view in mind of running in 2024 or, God(dess) forbid, convincing daughter-wife to run. The very thought of that gives me the shivers.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I read on twitter that there is talk of him holding a pay-per-view rally on the day of Biden inauguration. I can totally see that happening as he will want to brag about who got the bigger crowd size.

      • ollieslom says:

        I don’t doubt that. Nothing surprises me or shocks me anymore. And I don’t like that because it all just seems so normal.

    • ollieslom says:

      He needs to have them keep loving him and not forget about him. They have short attention spans and will move on to the next cult leader that comes along. He needs them to watch his future network and buy his book.

    • Sera Quill says:

      @ Jaded – side track from all this – I LOVE how you wrote ‘God(dess)’, I have never seen that before and it is Amazing!!

  23. Valerie says:

    Remove him.

  24. Ok says:

    Ummm…watching Rudy Giuliani live. He is dripping sweat and shaking. He doesn’t look well at all. Trumpy is truly destructive.

  25. SJ Knows says:

    Trump and Rudy both are old men.
    Trump is obese and eats a junk food diet
    Question: Why hasn’t the Universe caused either of these 2 lunatics to drop dead yet?
    A: Because even The Devil himself doesn’t want them.
    (I slightly modified an old Catholic joke here but it’s still true)

    • ollieslom says:

      Because the evil inside of them props them up. Some of the nastiest people live the longest and the gentle and kind people have short lives. Not fair.

  26. lisanne says:

    He will be president until January 20, so we can’t remove him. Yet.

  27. Lizzie says:

    I’m looking forward to the books that will come out next year when they all turn on him and tell everything.

  28. JanaTHING says:

    This loss has him unhinged, he’s not even dying his hair!

  29. Louise says:

    I’m with Julia, I think 45 is distracting everyone from the fact he is setting up his own militia via Eric Prince; a militia that will report to the new Sec. of Defense. I think Trump’s new army will create chaos (Portland et. al. was a practice run) and then declare War Measures and suspend a transfer of power to Biden so he can stay in power.