Pretty house pajamas, a nighttime serum and a toy your dog will love

From CB: I’ve been making a lot of recommendations for kitchen appliances, because I’m ready to settle in again. I’m making myself wait because I just got a Kitchenaid mixer with a pasta maker attachment. However I’ve owned an air fryer for a few years now and still use it many times a week. If you don’t have one yet I highly recommend you get one. My mom bought this airfryer from GoWise last month and has been raving it about it. It has over 15,000 reviews, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Also both Ellie and DameJudie commented that they ordered the AM/PM serums by Instanatural that we featured in June and love them. DameJudi wrote “They’re great, and I mix the PM serum with the Tea tree oil serum that was recommended-my skin has never looked better!”

Instanatural Day and Night Serums TruSkin Tea Tree Super Serum

A scratch off habit tracker poster to keep you accountable
From CB: The original Panda Planner is highly rated, and I use their printables on the weekends to help plan my day. (Here’s a link to an article about how I schedule and plan my day.) This scratch off habit tracker by Panda Planner combines the joy of scratching little circles to help keep you motivated. Plus it comes with a metal pick. You just fill out the habit at the top. For me that would be cooking probably, since I’m eating too many snacks and convenience foods. These are $15 and have 27 ratings (they’re new), 4.5 stars and a perfect score on ReviewMeta. They come in three formats. You can get the 3 times a week or 5 times a week poster or the one that has a scratcher for every day of the year! Reviewers like how simple and motivating it is and write “It really helps me stay on track, I don’t want to miss a day!” “This habit tracker was the extra boost that I needed to keep up with my workout routine!”

A nighttime age-defying serum for clearer, bright skin
From CB: Tree of Life’s Ultimate Age-Defying Nighttime serum has beneficial proven ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and niacinamide. It has over 1,000 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women say it’s a great serum with multiple surprising benefits. The call it “the best ever serum” and say “In the week since I’ve been using it, any breakouts have cleared up, my pores look noticeably cleaner, my skin is soft, hydrated and glowy in the morning, and my PIH is already lightening.” “I have used it twice per week & my skin has already shown results. It is noticeably smoother, and I have not had any breakouts.” “I bought this serum to help with skin tone and wrinkles and I was not even expecting it help with the bumps but it has all but eliminated them and now I finally have my smooth skin back.” This also comes in a daytime formula.

A squirrel house toy to delight your dog Christmas
From CB: I know pets don’t know it’s Christmas, but they always love to get treats and toys. This Hide-A-Squirrel squeaky plush toy by Outward Hound comes in four sizes, all under $20, and has a whopping 27,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. There are different versions like bird, pizza, hedgehog and a festive gingerbread. Pet owners say this is their dog’s favorite toy and are astonished that their dogs can’t destroy this thing. “This is her favorite toy. She carries the squirrels around like they’re her babies. Her favorite pull toy is the squirrel house and its held up better than any toy.” “As soon as I showed my dog the toy he went crazy. I hide the squirrels in the trunk and he loves shoving his snout in the opening and pulling the squirrels out. Maybe he feels like he’s hunting, or perhaps it makes him feel like an apex predator, but he loves it, lol. I bought the small size for my 10lbs dog. The squirrels are just the right size and fit perfectly into his mouth.”

Egg peelers would make thoughtful mini-gifts
From Hecate: As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we make a lot of ramen and therefore peel a lot of eggs, mostly unsuccessfully. So these would be perfect! I mean sure, I’ll miss the countless arguments about who has the better method to peel the egg and ultimately takes off as much flesh as everyone else, but it will be nice to have an unblemished egg for once. Plus, just think of the confusion your family will have when they pull this from their stocking or Hanukkah wrapping. And with two for $9 they’re a bargain! ReviewMeta confirmed the 4.2 stars given from almost 600 reviews on Amazon. One issue I have is I buy cage-free or open range eggs, which stick to the shell more, but I am assured these babies still work, “Our friend has laying hens, and she is always giving us fresh eggs… peeling them after hard boiling is a nightmare. Now have them peeled in a third of the time and they are near perfect ovoids.” Not only do they work, they get the job done quickly, “By the time my coffee finished brewing, I had peeled ten eggs.”

An instant print camera for your hard to shop for teen
From Hecate:I just purchased this for my teen daughter for Christmas. She’s got a good camera on her phone but she never prints the photos. Heck, she rarely downloads them. So I thought it would be fun for her to have some photos she could actually tack to her bulletin board. There are a ton of options for these instant print cameras (what’s old is new again, right?) but I didn’t want to spend $150 so I opted for this Kodak version. It comes in six different colors, all with a retro look to them. You can buy the camera for $50 or bundle it with other options like photo paper, stickers, pens, etc. You can also purchase those items separately. Over 2,600 reviews said it earned 4.3 stars and ReviewMeta agreed. Many of the reviews said it’s a solid camera for this price, “I’m amazed both at the quality and longevity of these photos.” Honestly, this is the review that sold me, “I couldn’t find a better gift for my teenager !!! What a great idea not to have to go on a computer and go the old way and those teenagers have the pictures so professional and so quick I definitely highly recommend this camera especially for this price.”

A rechargeable beanie skullcap
From Hecate: I am seeing these bluetooth beanies all over the place and in colder places, this would be a great gift. I’m thinking about this for my son even though we’re in Southern California. He listens to music everytime we leave the house, I think he’ll love this. This particular one that Amazon recommended comes in a bunch of styles and colors for right around $30. It has 4.1 stars according to ReviewMeta and 480 reviews. One review said that even though it’s got multiple jobs, it does them well, “As a hat it’s very comfortable and warm. The Bluetooth has pretty good range. Great sound from the two speakers.” And the best part is, you won’t have to listen to your kid’s music if they’re wearing it, “Son wears this constantly and adores it. Hes not one to walk around with headphones in. on low volume, you cant hear it unless you stand right next to him”

Pretty House pajamas for you and your loved ones
From Hecate: The other day my dad and I were about to pick up some flowers for my mom who’s been poorly. But at the last minute we decided to get her some new pajamas because she’s in them all day. Oh my gosh, she was so excited. So it gave me the idea to give out a few sets as gifts this holiday since so many of us have a little extra time around the house. I thought this simple pair of Blis loungewear were so sleek and I love the five colors they come in. I’m going to get the Sapphire for myself and since they are only $25, I might get the black too. They have 85 reviews and 4.4 stars on ReviewMeta. Customers said they were the perfect weight, “Material is perfect! Not too heavy and not too light!” Many said the set looked nicer than regular pjs, “It is so comfortable and so pretty it looks like you could actually go out and it.” A few customers suggested going a size larger if you prefer a flowy fit.

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  1. Daphne says:

    I have been loving the Biossance vitamin C and rose oil serum. I got it as a free sample and have gifted it to a few friends. We all have the same experience of it absorbing quickly and being moisturizing while brightening. Sephora carries it if you don’t want to buy direct from the company. I also like CeraVe
    Vitamin C serum and it’s only $19. It also has hyaluronic acid. I use vitamin C in the morning before my sunblock or moisturizer with SPF. Vitamin C helps your skin barrier from the sun. Retinol at night.

  2. TeamAwesome says:

    I can 100% vouch for this exact dog toy and other toys like it. They are my border terrier’s absolute favorite kind of toy. He gets a holiday themed one for the bigger holidays, and his current favorite one is a pumpkin that came with “batsies” that he carries everywhere.

    • TaraBest says:

      I also have this exact toy for my schnauzer/poodle mix and he loves it! I also like that you can purchase replacement squirrels as he likes to pull the stuffing out of his toys. He’s had it for years now and it remains a favorite (plus we think it’s really cute to watch him hunt for the squirrels in their tree).

      • Original Jenns of says:

        Same! We actually just picked up the little tree for our toy sized dog and he LOVES it. Digging in it, dragging it around, chewing on the squirrels (I call them chipmunks with the stripes haha). Definitely recommend!

  3. Astrid says:

    I’ve tried a bunch of variations of egg peelers. Really, the best one is your fingers.

  4. wildwaffles says:

    We have the squirrel house and many others in that line for our two 65 lb+ labs. They are always a huge hit when we bring them out for them to play with!

  5. Solace says:

    Hi CB,

    Loving these lists. Can you guys or anyone in the comments recommend a good shampoo for fine hair/ or to prevent hair loss.

  6. Lucky says:

    Ooohh. I just bought that dog toy and I’m waiting for it to get here. How fun it made a cool things list! lol

  7. Joan Callamezzo says:

    The best way I learned to peel an egg is to lightly push down on it, slightly crushing it, then roll it. Then the entire shell is easy to peel.

  8. Liz version 700 says:

    Ok I may have to try the squirrel house for my cats. They love to hunt toy mice and then my mommy cat sings about her conquests of them around 3 am lol. I bet they would love to play with the squirrels!

  9. Daphne says:

    I have fine hair that breaks a lot. I have tried everything (I think) from natural home remedies to a bunch of hair treatments on tbe market. I use the densifique shampoo and conditioner and the the extentioniste hair mask from Kerastase. It’s pricey but lasts me 8-9 months. If you buy from them directly they send you a bunch of hair mask samples usually that are worth their weight in gold. Sephora also sells the line. I tried Olaplex, pureology, verb, Amika…the list goes on but all made my hair sticky and matted down which doesn’t work for fine hair. I also put argan and coconut oil on my ends. Open to suggestions.

  10. Minorbird says:

    I got the jammies, I could not resist and I love v-necks. I went w/black but have blue on my wish list for Amazon.

    Thanks CB and Family

    ps. If I still want the serums tomm, then I’ll get those.

  11. Dazed and Confused says:

    My go to way to peel eggs is to put them in a container and shake them in it. Loosens the shell and it comes right off. My favorite vessel to do this in is a mason jar with a plastic lid but you could use pretty much any container. Some people add a bit of water, but you don’t need to.

  12. Sup Soup says:

    I know we’re in a pandemic and all that, so I’m wondering whether you guys need money real badly or something?

    I’m not offended or anything, but the Amazon shilling is a bit too heavy these days. The frequency of these Amazon posts can be a bit offputting ngl.

    Like, y’all act all woke and then sandwiched between at times truly smart articles (and comments! one of the best comment sections) you’ll find these Amazon posts, even during the time when abused Amazon employees organized a strike, which is f-cked up.

  13. Christine says:

    I bought one of the dog toys, it was a milk carton with cookies to pull out. My 6lb dog wants nothing to do with the carton but LOVES the cookies it came with. Chewy sells replacements for these types of toys which is perfect. She likes to take them outside and they get gross so I just replace them with the 3 pack of smaller toys rather than buying the whole thing.