Ana de Armas & Ben Affleck photographed kissing on a balcony in New Orleans

It’s been months since we’ve seen loved-up paparazzi photos of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. As I always say, the photos dried up quite coincidentally after a Washington Post article calling them the “world’s first pandemic celebrities.” They’ve been off working on projects, sometimes together. Well now we get to witness them again thanks to a very “lucky” photographer who just happened to be there when now-skinny Ben was smoking on a balcony in New Orleans, kissing Ana the whole time. That’s so gross I could not date a smoker, not to mention someone who was smoking WHILE I was kissing them. I guess love is noseblind too. I might say that they were filming a scene together but People specifies that this photo was taken while they were taking a break. Oh and Ana had a ring on her left hand that looked super suspicious, but People, which was featuring this photo of them on top of their site on Sunday, points out that it’s a prop ring for the film she’s working on. She couldn’t be bothered to take it off, huh.

While Affleck, 48, and de Armas, 32, took a break this week from doing reshoots for their new psychological thriller Deep Water, photographers captured the pair, who had not been spotted together in several weeks, sharing a kiss on a balcony.

In one image, de Armas sat on the balcony’s railing as she held up her left hand, showing what appeared to be a diamond ring on her left ring finger, while Affleck smiled at her lovingly.

One source tells PEOPLE that the ring is simply a piece of costume jewelry from the movie the couple is currently filming together, in which they play a married couple.

PEOPLE has reached out to Affleck and de Armas’ reps for comment.

As People mentioned, Ben and Ana are in New Orleans to do reshoots for Deep Water, where they first met on set over a year ago. What does that say about this film that it wrapped a year ago and now they’re doing reshoots? Is Deep Water going to be Ben and Ana’s Gigli? It’s directed by Adrian Lyne (Indecent Proposal, Fatal Attraction, Flashdance, Unfaithful) so it could be amazing or it could be a stinker. It’s based on an original novel by Patricia Highsmith and the screenwriter who adapted it, Zach Helm, does not have a lot of credits so we’ll see. There’s your Afflarmas update, they seem to be doing fine. Will they last until this movie comes out next year?

We don’t have the kissing photos which you can see at People above, but we do have these photos of Ben and Ana leaving their hotel in New Orleans. Look at Ben’s tiny mask! What the hell? At least Ana is taking mask-wearing seriously now. It took her a while.



Photos credit: Backgrid

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  1. janey says:

    He looks like he strapped a sanitary towel to his face…

    • AnnaKist says:

      Ha! He really does. Can these people actually think for themselves? Surely he must know that his mask is about as useful as a chocolate teapot?

    • Bettyrose says:


    • Liz version 700 says:

      How in the world does he think that mask is remotely useful?

    • Züri says:

      Ha! Now I can’t unsee that, but it’s soooo true. Also, “Look at Ben’s tiny mask! What the hell?,” my thoughts exactly.

    • Arpeggi says:

      That was my 1st thought too!
      It’s look like the opposite of other ppl unable to use a mask properly: covers the nose but not the mouth and it overall looks so stupid

    • lola says:

      Yeah, I really thought for a minute he just put a maxi pad on his face.

  2. Flamingo says:

    I don’t get the purpose of the tiny mask. Is it some sort of statement or is he just too lazy to find one that fits?

    • nettie says:

      It looks like he took a mask from one of his kids!

    • Antonym says:

      I think he’s just mis-wearing the mask. I think it’s the same mask his bodyguard (or whoever it is behind him) is wearing. Ben just didn’t pull the nose and chip flaps out. I have a few masks of this type and the top and bottom fold flat – leaving you with what Ben is wearing.

  3. Laughysaphy says:

    That mask looks like a maxi pad stuck to his face. What an absolute dumba**.

  4. Louise177 says:

    I feel like a lot is being made over nothing. Reshoots doesn’t mean a movie is horrible. It seems most do them anyway. It could be Ben grabbed the wrong mask and didn’t have a spare. At least it’s something. Otherwise he would be raked over the coals for not wearing anything at all.

    • Marietta58 says:

      The reason why it looks bad is because their movie was supposed to be released already, early Nov 2020. So… what does that say? And they just pushed it back as late as last month, so it wasn’t like this has been months that they’ve known it was going to be pushed to August 2021.

      Now all of a sudden they have to reshoot? And yes you are correct, most films have some sort of reshoot. Just seems rather strange all of a sudden they have to. Not to mention, Ben was super bloated back then (he had just relapsed) and now he is skinny. That’s going to look so strange.

      And I am assuming he did grab the wrong mask (hopefully.)

      • Sparky says:

        With respect to the timing of the reshoot—-don’t forget to factor the pandemic, lock downs, etc.

    • Lilah casting says:

      He looks gross and he is a sexual abuser who likes to grope women and since he doesn’t get called out enough on it I am just here to remind people.

      • atorontogal says:

        Apparently it’s a family trait!

      • Mustang Sally says:

        He does look gross. In the last photo he looks greasy, unkempt and in need of a shower.

        The photo of him kissing her….no attraction/energy between them at all. No one is puckered up, smiling, etc. The body language is horrible.

  5. Trillian says:

    He looks like he’s trying to stop a nosebleed. Who knew that wearing a simple piece of protective gear correctly was something next to rocket science.

  6. Darla says:


  7. atorontogal says:

    Is he sober, because he looks lit af?!

    • CL says:

      I thought that, too. But I think anyone with a menstrual pad strapped to their face would look pretty lit.

    • laura-j says:

      He does indeed, New Orleans would be an almost impossible place to stay sober if you were tempted at all. My favorite place in the world, so no shade to New Orleans, but especially in the quarter it would be really hard not to give into temptation, not a first year or two sober place to go.

    • Lauren II says:

      I completely forgot about these 2 until i saw this. Ben is such a slob.

  8. lillyfromlilooet says:

    Yeah…that dead non expressive non-kiss face when he and Ana are locking lips is the EXACT same deadface he’d give with Jen Garner. I feel bad for the women who try to love him and I feel bad for him, because I get the persistent impression that there is no happily ever after with Ms. Right Enough for him. He gets to a certain point with everyone and then just goes away from himself, and the other person, and you can literally see it.

  9. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Haha the man with the bald head and polo shirt is looking at Ben like, “You really wearin’ a maxi pad on your face, huh?” At least that’s exactly what went through my head. 😂

  10. Penguinmama says:

    In the picture of him on the balcony- I thought it was Trump jr.-he looks awful!

  11. Ms Stacey says:

    Eeek he doesn’t look healthy at all.

  12. souperkay says:

    I for one am excited for a new Adrian Lyne film, he can really do erotic love scenes. I mean, just what he did with “Unfaithful” we do not deserve. I don’t even care that it’s these 2, I am ready for it.

  13. Janna says:

    It seems to me that he didn’t realize the mask has a top and bottom section that fold down. It doesn’t say anything good about his sobriety that he missed that.

  14. LeonsMomma says:

    Ben Affleck of one year ago doesnt look the same as the fall 2020 version. Good luck with the digital fixing —- will they put weight in him or take it off? Or maybe they added a “one year later” part to it.

  15. GuestwithCat says:

    Oh goodness he looks just looks so spent and ragged. So was she kissing him or draining out his life force?

    He’s 48 and has abused his body so he really should quit the cigs at this point or spend his latter years with the ailments that ultimately killed a lot of my older family members of the generation that smoked heavily. Even my husband and I battle poor health from decades dealing with the second hand smoke.

    But for Ben, I would imagine he feels he has bigger demons to battle. I feel for his loved ones who have to live on the periphery of his struggles and watch him be so much less than he could be.

    I think Ana really needs to consider this choice she’s making. I know she’s older than she looks but she’s still kind of young to spend her prime on a guy with his issues.

    • lillyfromlilooet says:

      Don’t worry about Ana. Ben will start distancing her, if this deadface response to her lips isn’t a sign that this already underway. I hear you about Ben. There is a mountain between him and a breakthrough.

  16. Jules says:

    Interested to see what happens with the movie when it comes out. They’ve been so over the top with the PDA, I think people will be happy to see their movie tank.

  17. Snowbunny says:

    I think I have the answer to the mini maxi mask mystery. In another photo, it looked to me like Ana was wearing a Soom lab Nano Airqueen mask, or something similar. If they are wearing those masks here, then Ben would have just failed to open up the flaps. That’s remarkably lazy and probably makes the mask ineffective.

    Also I don’t want to shill a product in the comments section, but in the spirit of staying safe in a pandemic, I recommend checking out the Soom lab masks if you are researching masks that are effective, breathable, and can be worn for a longer period of time without getting gross. If you get one though, don’t wear it like Ben.

    • Antonym says:

      I should have read further before commenting. I just replied with virtually the same thing above. 🙂

  18. ennie says:

    that’s like a child’s mask.

  19. Lizzie says:

    So the first pics we get of these two in over a month, in addition to and after outlets have been saying it’s been 3+ months since their last PDA pics AND break up stories starting floating around, are these OTT orchestrated balcony pictures where they’re fully aware of the paparazzi there (that they most likely called) on the set of their movie that originally wrapped 8 months ago? Not suspicious at all. Throw in Ana very obviously and deliberately making sure her hand with the prop ring was in full view to get engagement buzz going and they attempted to check a lot of boxes with these. They’re so transparent and disingenuous. He’s looked checked out for months and she’ll cling to this for as long as she can because she thinks it makes her relevant.

  20. SJ Knows says:

    OK, I don’t like BA, never have.
    Over grown man child who goes from one female to the next, etc.
    He has 3 children, why does he not spend time with them?
    Talent? Meh.
    I will give him the fact that he is tall but, boy he’s got a ton of baggage.
    Drugs, drinking, gambling, smoking, stupid and ugly back tattoo, cheating, including cheating with the Nanny, moves along to the next, then the next, next.
    If BA was earning $30K a year working in a factory, no one would notice him twice.

    • guilty pleasures says:

      @ S Knows, 100% true. He is not even average in the world of men one could choose. Outside of his lucky entree into acting with Matt Daman he’s pretty gross.
      I’m just here for the mask comments! He has a HUGE head, maybe that’s an issue??

    • JoJo says:

      Eh. True, but this baggage is also true for so many celebrities, many of whom also never even finish high school, but somehow they are put on a pedestal. I’m not dismissing his negative traits, but Ben is tall, lanky, darker. I do think he’s also intelligent and self-deprecating and funny at times. I don’t think Jen Garner would disagree, even today. I’d notice him if he was making $30K/year working in a factory. By contrast, I look at Matt Damon’s big fluffy helmet head, and I just think “no thanks.”

  21. mew says:

    In just 6 hours I’ve seen now 2 celebs wearing a mask like this, Harrison Ford being another one. Seriously please, wear a mask and wear it correctly.