Lori Harvey arrived in Atlanta with Michael B. Jordan just before Thanksgiving

Marjorie Harvey , Lori Harvey at the photoall for 'Fifty Shades Freed' in Paris

Last year, we talked about Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s beautiful stepdaughter. Lori is young, gorgeous and she DGAF. Last year, we talked about her because after dating Justin Combs, Puff Daddy’s son, she went on to date Puffy. She’s also dated (just in the past few years) Trey Songz and Future. And now she’s moving on with People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Michael B. Jordan. Lori Harvey is a damn baller.

Lori Harvey dated Trey Songz, Diddy, Future and now Michael B. Jordan. She’s unlocking achievements like it’s Call of Duty. Looks like Michael B. Jordan and his new sexiest man alive crown will be breaking bread with Lori Harvey … ’cause they arrived together in her hometown just in time for turkey.

Lori and the ‘Black Panther’ star touched down in Atlanta Wednesday onboard a Delta flight from L.A., but it looks like they got the celeb treatment, as they exited down a staircase to the tarmac. No crowded jetways for this duo.

They both had their face masks on and hoodies up, but photogs saw enough of their faces to know it’s them. Lori does live in the ATL, so makes sense they’d head there on Thanksgiving eve. They threw their luggage in a waiting car and rolled away together … leaving us all to wonder if Michael and Lori are a hot new couple.

This is the first time the celebs have been linked together one-on-one like this — there were reports they crossed paths at Nobu earlier this year while in a large group of friends. Lori was still with Future back then, but he’s been out of the picture since August.

[From TMZ]

One of the things I like most about Lori Harvey is that she’s an enigma. She’s not out here giving interviews about how hard it is to date famous men, nor is she telling all about her relationships or breakups. She moves in and out of relationships silently, like a shark or something. It’s all pretty badass. So no, I don’t hate this. My one minor qualm is their ages: she’s 23 years old and MBJ is 33. But it’s not that big of a deal considering that she’ll probably dump him in six months and date someone even hotter.


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Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, cover courtesy of People.

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  1. RoSco says:

    I love this for her. I want to see who people think she can level up with!

    Side note: MBJ is hot but the thirstier he gets – People’ssexiest man of the year?!? – the less attractive I find him.

    • VS says:

      MBJ thirsty? a magazine declared him…..he did NOT ask them to do it; how is that thirsty?

      • Cassandra says:

        He didn’t ask them to do it, but he did agree to participate 🤷‍♀️

        I don’t think it’s particularly thirsty, just good publicity.

        Now, what Chris Evans does on Insta- that’s thirstyyyyyyy

      • Jillian says:

        The chosen gent needs to be on board with the whole sexiest man bit and the appropriate marketing push behind it. “I’m honored and humbled, and just a bit adorably embarassed”, plenty decline to participate in this corny stuff. MBJ is gorgeous but I find him exactly this corny 🙂

    • kacy says:

      So do you have this issue with other men who’ve been declared sexiest man of the year

  2. Lauren says:

    Get those dcks girl! I’m super envious though, Michael B Jordan is so hot!

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I too came here to say: get it girl! This makes me quite happy actually. We should celebrate women enjoying their sex life any way they see fit, without being judged all the time.
      On a more superficial note: damn this girl is beautiful.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Or if not celebrating, they can at least be respectful. That bar isn’t too high- folks have so far managed to cope with not saying other early aughts crap. Obama gave up saying the kinds of things he said in the 70s.

  3. anniefannie says:

    1 question? How does one “ move up” from
    MBJ? I think she’s hit the pinnacle folks and
    those two are fire!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I believe he’s the sexiest man alive, not the sexist? Unless there’s something Kaiser knows that she’s not spilling.

  5. Noki says:

    The urban blogs are not kind to her at all,they say she is for the streets. I am just glad she was able to evade Futures super sperm.

    • Joanna says:

      Whoah! What does “for the streets” mean? Are they calling her a hooker?

      • Noki says:

        Pretty much saying she is loose and for everyone. Even when she was dating Future who has a dozen ‘baby mamas’ the derogatory comments were aimed at her.

      • Chanteloup says:

        misogyny is alive and well 🙁

      • ethy says:

        Ok but how many people do you know who have dated someone then gone straight to dating their father??? That is beyond weird to me.

  6. Jannie says:

    Is MBJ even a good actor? And he’s dating a privileged rich girl 10 years younger than him?

    • Green Desert says:

      Yes to your first question. See Black Panther, Fruitvale Station, Just Mercy, Creed. Or his tv work on The Wire and Friday Night Lights. Even that one season of Parenthood.

      To your second question, I say: and? Feel free to share who you think would be an appropriate choice and why.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Don’t forget his first stint: All My Children, playing Jackson Montgomery’s adopted son, Reggie. His love interest was Amanda Seyfried! I still so miss AMC…le sigh…

        Fun fact: Chadwick Boseman played him first, in 2003, and MBJ from 2003-06!

    • Delphi says:

      Oh wow – absolutely yes! I would say he’s one of the most talented actors working today, and easily one of the best of his generation (and lots of serious film critics would agree).

  7. Chanteloup says:

    Riding in the same plane/car ≠ dating. How 1920’s are we??

  8. Chanteloup says:

    Also is someone from the airlines collecting from tmz or how are the paparazzi right there for that photo and identifying them, in masks, that far away. I would hate for everybody to be up in my business like that. The price of fame, and why we have rich people flying in stupid private jets, I guess!

  9. SJ Knows says:

    She is beautiful!
    She’s young and free to date whoever she wants. Btw dating does not mean she is sleeping with every person she spends time with either. Will people never stop sh*t talking women?
    That’s half the fun of being young, running around getting to know a ton of people, new places, new jobs.
    Heck, I switched jobs every 6-8 months for 3 years and who cares? They all were low paying, entry level jobs, I was trying to figure out where I fit. No harm, no foul.

    Now, Steve Harvey is a hot mess in his personal life, IMO. lol

  10. Sasha says:

    My goodness. I just looked at some more photos of her and she might just be one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen!?! Truly a perfect face!

  11. cherriepie84 says:

    I like Lori….a lot. As someone up-thread said she is not running all over the place giving interviews and all up in our faces. She also reminds me of my 23-year-old self dating, dating, and dating! except for the rich and famous guys part 🙂

    I also agree that dating does not equate to sleeping around.

    • I am Mimi says:

      “I also agree that dating does not equate to sleeping around.” And so what if she WAS having sex with the men she dates? Do we hold men to these puritanical standards?

      • Joanna says:

        Exactly Mimi! I dgaf anymore what people think about how many people I’ve slept with. I told one guy, men do it, why not? Surprisingly I haven’t gotten much shit from men about it, much less than I expected.

  12. TheOriginalMia says:

    I have no idea if they are dating. Seeing as filming has kicked into high gear again here, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s here for a movie. If they are, good for them. Side note: I thought she was Steve Harvey’s blood daughter, not step-daughter.

  13. Lively says:

    Do u Lori … she escaped future without a baby, that alone needs a standing ovation 😂😂

  14. Mee says:

    What does she do for a living?

  15. jferber says:

    Damn, she is pretty!

  16. Grandmasutra says:

    She is pretty, that is what she does for a living.