Kristen Stewart has been making her own fresh pasta in quarantine: impressive?

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I know little about Kristen Stewart, other than she spells her name correctly (we ENs need to stick together). The more I find out about Kristen, the more I like her. She had an in-person interview with Kimmel to promote Happiest Season and her upcoming role as Princess Diana (I still can’t see this). I found out that Kristen’s mother does not acknowledge Thanksgiving with turkey, which is exactly what I would do if it were left up to me. More importantly, I learned that Kristen can cook and that she makes her own pasta from scratch. She brought Jimmy some photos of her creations. He carefully identified each dish, which turned into the sexiest few minutes of television I’ve seen in a while. Kristen showed a fettuccini Bolognese that looked scrumptious. Her cacio e pepe sent me over the edge since I just weathered failed attempt number three this past weekend. I’ve queued the video at the bottom up to the pasta talk. The whole food subject starts earlier, at 2:00, if you want to go back to it. Here’s some of what she says about pasta.

KS: So what did I put in that pasta? There’s um langoustines so like, I think this was around the time of the very long and extended election and we were like, ‘we need champagne and caviar and we’re going to go all out we have the best day ever!” and then I was like drinking lots of champagne and being like, I can’t eat any more caviar we had a little bit left I made a pasta

JK: Do you make the pasta yourself?

KS: Yeah

JK: You crank it out or you go through a machine

KS: Well, okay so I cranked it out, but that’s a machine. It’s like you could do it all by hand but I use the little thing that is there more no that’s doing it by hand

JK: I mean you could cut it with a knife, but nobody really does that. No, you’re doing it the right way I approve of all your decisions

I found Kristen charming throughout this whole interview. She’s got dry sense of humor that complements the awkward thing she’s got going on. I think her awkwardness is real, but I also think she plays to it because it works for her. I barked out in laughter at her “Well, same,” reply to Jimmy’s “It could go both ways.” I also use a pasta press and I consider it making my own pasta. Her cuts are beautiful, much cleaner than mine (I don’t get hung up on my cuts because it still tastes good). Unlike Kristen, though, I cannot look into a pantry and throw something together, I almost always need a recipe. I can learn a recipe well enough to make it without looking at it, but I don’t know food well enough to create my own dishes.

Looking at Kristen’s gorgeous pasta creations makes Robert Pattinson’s apocalyptic sugar and pressed cheese microwave pasta look like a cry for help.

As I said, this interview endeared me to Kristen. Too bad I disliked her Christmas movie so much. It wasn’t as bad as Holidate, but I had at least gone into Happiest Season thinking I would enjoy it. The jokes were ok and the cast was talented. I swear I’m not playing favorites, but every time Dan Levy was on the screen it was worth it. And everything you have read about Aubrey Plaza and Kristen’s chemistry on screen is accurate. But the rest – nah. I’d rather watch Kristen’s pasta pictures on a loop.

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  1. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    I watched a little of that Kimmel interview – enjoyed: “Isn’t Bottarga orange?” and Kimmel answering, “It can go both ways” followed by her quip “Well, same.”

    LOVE that she’s so open and defiant about her sexuality these days. (Mind you, I’m biased when It comes to KS – I think she’s gorgeous). Sad to hear Happiest Season isn’t so good though. Was looking forward to that one.

  2. Becks1 says:

    I enjoy her now – I think she’s come fully out of the Twilight shadow and she seems so much more confident and fun these days. I feel similarly about Robert Pattinson – if you had asked me during the Twilight craze what I thought those two would be doing in 10 years, playing Batman and Princess Diana would not have been it.

    I made my own pasta a time or two during quarantine, but I don’t have a pasta roller anymore (I used to have one from my great-aunt but it wasn’t well maintained and the metal started to give the pasta a taste, ew, lol) so I did do the whole rolling and cutting thing, which wasn’t as hard as I had expected. I asked for the pasta maker attachment for my KA mixer for Christmas so Mom, if you’re reading this, hope you got it!! lol

  3. L84Tea says:

    I have one of those counter-attachment hand crank pasta makers and it’s pretty fun to use. Homemade pasta is easier than most people think and it leaves you with the most satisfying feeling that you really accomplished something special.

  4. theothercleo says:

    I feel like you can tell that she’s a bit shy and that appearing on a talk-show is not the easiest thing for her but she tries her best and is quite funny (that “both ways” joke is GREAT) so it actually made me like her more.
    Happiest Season was a disappointment. I know it’s not the most original opinion but I found Harper awful and Kirsten and Aubrey had better chemistry than Kirsten and Mackenzie.

    • Sunnee says:

      I agree with your opinion on the movie. Funnily enough my sister brought her “roommate” home for Christmas 30 years ago, and we were clueless. Her gf had such a happy smile the whole time, the family fell for her. My dad loved her as another daughter. Two years later both sisters moved to SF and came out of the closet and we were like “oh, so that’s what was going on.” So the premise is real enough.
      Anyway the movie was a bit of a disappointment. I thought it should have been funnier. So, not quite a rom-com. I hated Harper’s character. Actually I think her whole family, other than Jane, was shit. But I did love Riley and Abby together.

      • Marie55 says:

        I liked the movie, but agree that Harper was not sympathetic to me at all! I thought Abby should’ve dumped her and found true happiness with Riley. Harper was a straight up liar and manipulated Abby. Toxica! Jane was my fave.

  5. Laura says:

    “Kristen Stewart has been making her own fresh pasta in quarantine: impressive?”


  6. Carol says:

    How many tiimes can she say “like”?

    • Mrs. Peel says:

      Exactly what I came to say! She’s not a teenager, she ought to stop talking like one.

      • Bibliomommy96 says:

        I’m 43, from from Cali, and say “like” a lot in a casual conversation, especially when nervous, lots of people do, relax.

  7. Kath says:

    It’s cool but not impressive. If you come from an Italian family homemade pasta is the norm, I grew up happily trying to sneak some raw dough for me to eat

    • Jules says:

      Yes, this! ^

    • Eleonor says:

      Italian here!
      Yes, basically you grow up watching your mother, your aunt and your grandma doing pasta. I used to help a lot, nobody taught me anything, when I started doing it on my own, phone call with mum and I knew exactly what to do. I don’t even use the machine, but I must say: her homemade pasta looks good, bravo!

  8. Dollycoa says:

    I dont know why, but I think Kristen Stewart should be doing better stuff than romcom and cheesy christmas movies. She looks like she has an edge to her. There are plenty of bland bimbos lining up to do romcom. I suppose it’s good that her sexuality hasnt stopped her getting those parts though.