Lin Manuel Miranda and Pearl Jam to host fundraiser for Georgia runoff elections

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The most epic musical mash-up is taking place December 16. Lin Manuel Miranda and 90s grunge band Pearl Jam are headlining a virtual fundraiser via Looped that will be hosted by Wayne Brady. The benefit is for the Latino Victory Project that will target Latinx voters ahead of the run-off senate race in Georgia on Jan 5. You can purchase tickets with a $10 donation. The Latino Victory Project will allocate the funds that are raised to help support phone banking, canvassing, mailers, and a bus tour through communities. Here is more on the fundraiser from People:

“I’ve long admired Pearl Jam’s music and commitment to advocacy — and their music has made an impact on me since I was a teenager,” Miranda said in a statement.

“I haven’t met them yet, but have wanted to for a long time,” Miranda added. “We thought it would be fun to meet in front of our fans while raising awareness and resources to make sure we get out the vote for the Georgia runoff election.”

“Georgia came through for America and now it’s time for America to come through for Georgia,” Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder added. “We — along with millions of others — are fans of Lin-Manuel for both his art and his activism and we are excited to work together to support progressive organizations Latino Victory Project, Latino Community Fund of Georgia, and The Hispanic Federation.”

“We hope you will join us live on December 16th as we talk music, art and activism,” Vedder, 55, continued.

[From People]

The presidential election may be over but there is still work to do to make sure that the incoming administration can get things done. I am excited how many people are extremely engaged. Close to a million people have already requested mail-in ballots for the runoff race in January. The efforts of Stacey Abrams and other organizers may just pay off for Warnock and Ossoff. There are 377,000 eligible Latinx voters in Georgia, of which 250,000 are already registered. They make up 5% of the electorate and their votes could definitely swing the election. Exit polls showed that Latinx voters in Georgia preferred Biden over Trump. Hopefully, they will turn out in full force for the runoff.

I am excited to see what Pearl Jam and Lin Manuel Miranda get up to. Lin Manuel said that he was a fan of Pearl Jam but have never met them so this is going to be a damn good show. Between Pearl Jam and Jewel, us 80s and 90s kids are getting our full lives in lockdown that’s for sure. With that being said, you can join the efforts to get out the vote in Georgia by signing up to phone bank or mail reminder post cards.

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  1. smegmoria says:

    God…..I will never forget that Pearl Jam performance on SNL in 1992. I didn’t have MTV so I had never actually seen Veder. Then he took off his hat….all that hair. 13 year old me will never forget.

    • Esmom says:

      Ooh, now I want to go back and watch, lol. Brb…

    • Lexilla says:

      Or when he wrote “Pro Choice” on his arm during a live performance for MTV Unplugged. Will never forget that.

    • M4lificent says:

      I had a running joke with my best friend for years, “I haven’t seen you this upset since Eddie Vedder got his hair cut….”

  2. Q T Hush says:

    Too bad we didn’t do mandatory mask wearing sooner, because then I’d definitely go to Georgia to see my next husband and Lin Manuel Perform actually I’m too old for Eddie. We can always play Harold and Maude I guess.
    I’m a boomer who watched my president’s head get blown off, marched in the Anti war movement and live by the rule theirs enough for everybody. I’m so disappointed in my generation. Power/Money is a false sense of superiority and it starts hard on our first day of kindergarten and remains relevant in college when the first words were usually “what does your father do?”. This is needs to abolished. Remember you had no choice coming into the world but it’s what you become while your here. Now I’m going to look for my peasant blouse, mini jean skirt, peace sign necklace and tape up my boobs just like the good old days minus the tape.

    • Hi QT HUSH —- Take heart…..we haven’t all lost our way. I’ve stood up, marched, and been counted right along with you —-ALL THOSE YEARS AGO — and I’m still standing. I’m a registered independent…always have been…since I voted first for McGovern…always will be. I believe in listening to what candidates say, looking at what they’ve done, seeing how they treat those around them, and then and only then, do I VOTE. I take it as a serious responsibility, an honor and a privilege that not everyone in the world has been given. I don’t understand how very polarized we’ve become; even in the Sixties I found good, honest debate and dialog; now it’s all red & blue, me or you. I’ve donated twice now to the Georgia funds for the two Democrat candidates and I’ve just signed up for the concert. Trump will no longer be President come Jan 20…and I wish reporters would stop asking him IF he’s going to leave….by law, he will leave. The big threat to getting us back to something approaching normal is McConnell and his far right, toxic agenda…. The Georgia Senate race is critical.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Hey! That’s my outfit! I finished it with round orange sunglasses, like Janis’s.

  3. Astrid says:

    Super cool!

  4. Stef says:

    Love me some Eddie Vedder long time, +25 years so far! Great to see Ed featured here for some of the activism him and the band do. They’ve raised funds and awareness for many great causes over the years and are still going strong!

  5. K-Peace says:

    The Georgia Senate runoff race is SO hugely important, i’m obsessed with what’s going on with this, and i wish more famous people were helping to raise awareness. I appreciate what Miranda & Pearl Jam are doing so much. I’m going to get busy sending out postcards. I wish there was a lot more i could do, to BEG & PLEAD with the people of Georgia to VOTE DEMOCRAT!! The whole future of our country depends on this race. I can’t even bear the thought of McConnell continuing to be in charge of the Senate. Biden won’t be able to get much done. GO WARNOCK & OSSOFF!!!!!!

    • liz says:

      My niece is a Democratic organizer in Georgia (she grew up in Atlanta, graduated from college last spring and has been working for them ever since). They are working non-stop to get the vote out. They know what issues will resonate with more Georgia voters ($15 minimum wage) and what will not (McConnell & control of the Senate). They need a lot of love, a lot of support and a whole lot of money. And I’ve been sending my niece some of my favorite chocolates. Every little bit helps!!!!

  6. Esmom says:

    The sad thing is it’s not hard to see how terrible Perdue or Loeffler are, yet hyper partisanship means they still have such a good shot. I have become conditioned to believe that somehow the Republicans are going to steal this election, especially since Biden managed to win the state against so many odds. I’m glad to see so much effort put into winning these seats. This sounds like a great event, and my 19yo Pearl Jam fan son and I might actually have something to watch together!

  7. goofpuff says:

    I’m 100% there. This runoff is so important. We need to nerf McConnell. The amount of damage he has done is at least equal to Trump. He is a power hungry asshole who cares for nothing other than lining up his pockets and consolidating his power. He doesn’t even care about the Republican party or if his actions take the party down as long as he is in power.

  8. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’ve been listening to Veder from the start. He and lead singers from other favorites during early 90s were truly the parents of grunge. I remember them teaming and creating singles before their big breaks. And I love seeing him do this. Very very kewl.

  9. Bendy Windy says:

    I am busy that night, NOOOO!

    I’ve already made my donations to both campaigns and I’m doing handwritten post cards, too. Come on, Georgia!