The Daily Mail is so salty about Netflix’s social media for ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’

Lady Diana Spencer, the future Princess of Wales

For years after Princess Diana’s death, there was a cottage industry in books written by people who were in her life, and there was also a market for recordings and old interviews with Diana. Twenty years after her death, those interviews and recordings were still being parceled out to shows like Entertainment Tonight. Diana actually agreed to private recordings many times in her life, not to mention the many unauthorized recordings of her. But Andrew Morton has extensive Diana Tapes, as do various people who tried to work with her, like speechwriters and public speaking specialists. Morton’s Diana Tapes were the ones used for Netflix’s Diana: In Her Own Words, which Netflix seemed to be offering as a companion piece to The Crown. Several days ago, Netflix posted this on Twitter:

As you can hear, this is Diana speaking in very intimate terms about all of the misery Charles and Camilla put her through from the word go. The Crown is a drama, played by actors, and the official word from the palace is that The Crown is a work of complete fiction, complete dramatization. It is. The real story was A LOT worse. Well, now the Daily Mail suddenly cares DEEPLY about “social media trolls” and negative, hateful comments. It’s like they have no idea what happens in their own comment section?

Netflix has been accused of trolling the Royal Family after a ‘sinister’ post on its official social media account prompted a wave of online hate. Senior palace sources reacted with anger to the tweet, which invited viewers to watch a documentary on Princess Diana which they claimed would provide ‘answers’ to criticism of its flagship drama The Crown.

It was accompanied by a video that paints the Duchess of Cornwall in a particularly unedifying light by appearing to imply that she was seeking to remain romantically involved with Prince Charles right at the start of his marriage to Diana. The post has attracted a string of vile messages directed towards the Royal Family, which are still online despite the Daily Mail alerting Netflix to them more than 24 hours ago. Most of the comments are unprintable, targeted not just at Charles and Camilla, but also the Queen and Prince Philip.

A royal insider said: ‘It’s one thing to make a drama that not even the writer claims is entirely factual, but for Netflix to use its corporate social channels to create and post material that is one-sided at best feels like corporate trolling – it’s pretty sinister.’

Now Conservative peer Lord Forsyth of Drumlean has accused the US streaming giant of ‘crossing a line’. He said would raise the issue in the House of Lords and with the Prime Minister directly. Yesterday he wrote to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom complaining of the ‘hurtful, false, misleading and poisonous impression of people in our public life who cannot fight back’. He called for Netflix to be regulated in the UK in line with other broadcasters.

Lord Forsyth said: ‘What they are doing is absolutely shocking. It is mendacious and it is untrue. And as every day goes by without any action on the issue, more and more people are seeing this programme, and unfortunately people believe this stuff to be fact. If Netflix are also using a corporate account in that way [to deliberately publicise negative programmes about the Royal Family] then the case for regulation is even stronger. They [Netflix] can’t continue to say, ‘This is drama, this is not our fault’. They are clearly using a programme which is sensationalist and mendacious to promote their commercial interests. The royals do not have a right to reply. This is damaging, nasty and unpleasant stuff.’

But there are serious concerns – both in and out of the palace – that the show has already done irrevocable damage to the monarchy. And Netflix has now used one of its Twitter accounts, NetflixFilm, to promote a documentary, Diana: In Her Own Words, based on audio tapes she secretly made for biographer Andrew Morton. Its tweet stated: ‘The documentary answers much of what you’re asking.’ The post was accompanied by carefully edited real footage with a voiceover by the late princess, painting Camilla in a negative light.

Netflix declined to comment when asked this week if it had a vendetta against the Royal Family or whether it was appropriate for a corporate account to advertise its programmes in this way.

[From The Daily Mail]

Can you even imagine the Daily Mail “alerting” Netflix to the anti-monarchy comments left on Netflix’s social media? And the Mail asking Netflix’s PR department if Netflix has a “vendetta” against the Windsors??? LMAO!!!! This is all too hilarious. The Daily Mail is a racist, misogynist rag which actively incites hatred against many people, and the Mail was a huge part in the racist smear campaign against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But now they’re positioning themselves as a paragon of pro-monarchy integrity. It’s insane.

As for Lord Forsyth huffing and puffing and the damn government getting involved with all of this… you British peeps need a damn constitution. The British government has zero business getting involved with “Netflix is being mean to royals!” Oh, and “The post was accompanied by carefully edited real footage with a voiceover by the late princess, painting Camilla in a negative light.” DIANA painted Camilla in a negative light, NOT NETFLIX. My God, these people.

The Crown S4


Photos courtesy of The Crown/Netflix and Avalon Red.

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  1. Levans says:

    The tweet from the Economist sums it up nicely!

    • Sarah says:

      I love the Economist (on the whole) and that tweet is outstanding.

    • Becks1 says:

      It really does say it all .

      the continued screeching from the royal family about this (and I’m sure this is coming from the royal family) is just so pathetic. If something in the show is false and made up, then say it. But in my opinion the two things in the show that are making people go “wtf” the most are the lunch at Menage a trois, and the line “whatever in love means” (or whatever the specific quote is). And both of those things are true.

      • Gruey says:

        I wonder if other members of the public are starting to feel insulted by this. They certainly are insulting our intelligence fairly baldly. First, I have never seen people beg a question harder and more repeatedly in my life: what is false???? What is mendacious?? Which part is misleading???? What specifically? Secondly. What about the vast amounts of truth to it. Charles and Camilla are whining as if they have NOTHING to answer for. They have not acknowledged the slightest hint of wrongdoing. People’s disgust with the way Diana was treated has a lot of validity on the merits and they insult us by simply dismissing the show as “misleading.”

      • Mouki's wife says:

        The monarchs are all twisted up because Netflix took creative license with some of the dialogue and because they look so bad! But all they can do is flap about making noise because if they were to get specific about anything it would open up the conversation to dissect what parts are true, or God forbid, what really happened could have been so much worse than what they portrayed in The Crown. Charles was horrible to her. He needed to marry or give up Camilla, but he’s so entitled and spoiled he thought he could have it all and everyone would have to do as he wanted. Just terrible.

      • Yvette says:

        @Gruey … Perhaps their point is that they already answered for it 25-years ago.? There is a reason why Charles and Camilla waited a decade to marry after he and the Princess of Wales divorced.

        And quite frankly, if there is anyone alive who would truly be entitled to apologies and admissions of guilt with a beg of forgiveness, wouldn’t it be the children involved in the Charles, Diana, Camilla triangle? All four of the children involved–Camilla’s two kids and Charles’ two kids–have apparently made their peace with the events and their parents. I don’t understand why anyone else would want to rub Charles and Camilla’s nose in something that happened decades ago and for which they have already been publicly ‘pillared.’ But that’s just me.

      • Tessa says:

        I am not so sure about how or if the children have made peace. WIlliam and Harry had no choice. I don’t see how Charles and Camilla were “punished,” he hired expensive spin doctors for rehab, he and Camilla cooperated with Penny Junor who wrote many Diana bashing books (and St. Charles and St. Camilla). Diana was deceased and could not deny what was said in those books. I doubt they are the least bit sorry for what happened and they also blame Diana. She had the nerve to want to go to Diana’s Memorial Service, fortunately due to bad public opinion, she backed out at the last minute. She would have hijacked the event if she had shown up. It may have happened decades ago but it left many aftereffects and their past can never be erased.

    • Eleonor says:

      That tweet is perfect.

    • Dollycoa says:

      They should all have just stfu but they are so thick and vain and surrounded by sycophants and yes men who willingly do their bidding that they wont. They are making themselves look even more ridiculous and petty. All this stuff is a matter of public record. They are terrified not that people will think The Crown is true but that people will google to find out if it’s TRUE and realise it was much worse! That’s why they keep saying ‘ people are too stupid to tell fact from fiction’ which is obvious nonsense. They dont want people to delve too deeply.

  2. Snuffles says:

    History books, 50 years from now “And after centuries in power, it wasn’t wars and revolutions that destroyed the monarchy. Ultimately, it was streaming giant Netflix that delivered the final blow. With an assist from Princess Diana from beyond the grave.”

    • Sarah says:

      Oh I hope so!

    • H says:

      Diana is laughing from above, as she should be. Camilla had no intention of ever letting Charles go. Whether or not they had a sexual relationship in the first couple of years of the Windsors’ marriage is irrelevant, as C&C were deeply emotionally entwined. Charles and Diana’s marriage had no hope of working with Camilla involved. I’m very happy this is being brought up again. I’ve never liked Camilla, and Charles and her trying to rewrite history is not working now. Thank you, Netflix!

      • Ann says:

        Looking at that video of Diana crying in her red coat is absolutely heartbreaking. God, she was just a kid. She was in love with him, or so she believed herself to be. She had put her herself in his trust. I think the age difference makes his behavior that much worse. He wasn’t old enough to be her father, but old enough to understand how young SHE was by comparison to him. After all he had been 19 once, and more vulnerable than he was at 30 or 31, whatever he was. The callousness is beyond belief.

      • Tessa says:

        HE also was in the Highgrove Set, Diana was from a different generation. HE probably put up a facade of his wanting to marry her because he loved her. She fell for him. She thought he was a good person and experienced a major letdown beginning with the honeymoon and Charles wearing the C and C cufflinks in front of Diana.

    • Ronaldinho says:

      I’ve been saying for weeks that the Crown was based on ‘Diana, in her own words’
      If anything the Crown is kind to the BRF in the face of dreadful behaviour.
      Diana, Princess of Wales was always going to be a terrible thorn in Charles and Camilla’s side and would have made their progression to King and Queen very difficult.
      It is hard to admit when you have treated someone terribly – worse if literally the whole world knows.
      I’m glad the Crown have highlighted Diana and all she faced. It is intolerable how she was treated and then how history was being rewritten.

  3. Harla says:

    They really need to clean up their countries newspapers first, you know the ones that drove 2 senior royals away with their racist and misogynistic words.

    • Snuffles says:

      Reality and British media propaganda are in a game of chicken racing towards each other ag a hundred miles an hour.

  4. Maliksmama says:

    The BRF crying foul is ridiculous. They’re only getting back what they put out. BP, CH, KP have spent the better part of the last four years slandering Harry and Meghan and Archie. Now that the shoe’s on their foot, they’re crying like bit—-. No sympathy from me. They deserve it.

    • Lady2Lazy says:

      @ Maliksmama, yes they do. Every single word spoken, bit by bit, and then some!!

    • Emm says:

      Exactly! And they are making it sound like the Diana documentary is new, it’s not. I watched it a while ago, where was all this outrage when it first came out?

  5. Lady2Lazy says:

    Oh how common the Daily Fail is!! Sticking up for those who leak every bit of gossip and smear to publicly harm and hurt the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so that their “sources” of mean/hateful/vengeful characters will not desert them!! Oh how Diana is still very much the People’s Princess and will be forever more. I love the take by The Economist, putting it into perspective for them!!
    Truth is a hard pill to swallow for The Firm, I guess!

  6. Angel says:

    Their karma came sooner than expected and I love to see it. Ps : If I was one of prince Charles kids, I would remind him and his wife every day what they put my mother throught.

    • Oh says:

      Harry said about Camila that She’s a wonderful woman and she’s made his father very happy which is the most important thing ( that his words) lol. And the funny thing that when the press was attacking him and his wife she didn’t bother herself and support or defend him and his wife. Poor Diana, I can’t imagine having a son defending the same woman who made my life like a Hell

      • H says:

        I think Harry was very young when his parents split up and so he looked favorably on Camilla as she made his father happy. I did the same thing with the woman who broke up my parent’s marriage (my mother’s ex best friend). I did this to try and keep the peace within our now mixed Brady Bunch-like families.

        However, as an adult I’ve had a change of heart. When you cheat and break up a family, I really do not have much sympathy for you. (Don’t even get me started on Charles’ actions). Plus, when Charles and Camilla did NOTHING to help the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the media. Yeah, I’d be done if I was Harry.

      • Eleonor says:

        @Oh: there is a reason why William is still mad at his father, to the point his father finances him no matter what: because William was a teenager, and he was in the middle of the storm, I mean: Diana used him as confindent, and Charles being Charles…and the eye of the world press on his family. Harry was a child at the time, no wonder he was able to have a relationship with Charles.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla even smirked at the sermon at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. VEry disrespectful.

      • Tessa says:

        I think the PR was so heavy handed back then. The headlines were the boys “said” Whatever Makes YOu Happy Papa as the mantra. Boys are not that goody goody where they say those cliches. I doubt they actually said it. I don’t think either had a choice. They did this for their father. I don’t think Harry is fond of Camilla but he was polite and she did not return the favor by being more supportive of Meghan. And the headlines at the time were pathetic “Diana’s Sons Accept Camilla.” I don’t see how Charles treated William better, Harry was thrown to the wolves for years and Charles always apologized for William, Harry had to do his own apologizing.

  7. KL says:

    Because I am a giant Shakespeare nerd, I choose to see this in the light of Henry VII’s legacy of pro-Tudor propaganda coming back around to finally bite his distant descendants in the rear.


  8. BnLurkN4eva says:

    Charles had an a chance here to acknowledge what he did and make a sincere apology about his terrible behavior and expressed how he’s grown from the biggest mistakes of his life. It wouldn’t have worked for everyone, but it would likely have defused the situation and people would have moved on. It’s the determination to accept no responsibility whatsoever that’s egging people on. I can’t wait for the lot of them to be shown the bin already. If only Brits weren’t so reluctant to let go of any bit of tradition the Windsors would be toast.

    • Sarah says:

      Some of us would LOVE to let go of some of this ‘tradition’ nonsense but it’s deeply embedded in society and we have other more pressing issues to deal with sadly (helloo no-deal Brexit nightmare). In the meantime we can at least keep ripping into the BRF and pointing out how awful they are to help them destroy the institution themselves.

    • Snuffles says:

      Exactly! And the show literally laid the groundwork for him to do so! The emphasized the pressure that was put on him to choose a suitable bride even though his heart laid elsewhere. How reluctant he was and the fact that, even if Camila wasn’t in the picture, they just weren’t suitable for each other. The age difference and their individual temperaments were not what the other needed.

      Why can’t he just admit it was all just a big mistake? Didn’t he and Diana finally get on good terms near the end?

      I swear, that family NEVER learns!!!!

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        Exactly! They never learn, see after all that has gone down with H/M, they are still instigating the media attacks on them, (no one can convince it’s not them continuing this.) H/M gave up everything and moved to another continent to get away from them and they are still trying to sabotage the couple at every turn. They can never acknowledge wrong doing, see Andrew’s interview about Epstein – he couldn’t even admit any remorse of friendship with a pedo. These people are without equal when it comes to tone deafness.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        I’d've preferred Netflix didn’t make C&C into some great love story! Yeah…they were together. He wanted her to WAIT FOR HIM to make up his mind, after his Navy stint; SHE WANTED TO MARRY ANDREW PARKER BOWLES!! *HE* was the one she was wildly in love with, the “catch” of their crowd. SHE *ONLY* wanted to be Charles’ mistress (“My great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-grandfather, how about it?” Or something close to that). Didn’t one of Cam’s friends even tell the press that she’d've preferred to stay as lovers (after Diana), but felt “compelled” to marry after everything that happened.

        This Romeo and Juliette shit is PURE fabrication!

      • Tessa says:

        camilla made a huge difference. I think had she not been around Charles and DIana would have had a much better chance. I think she coveted what Diana had and made sure she got it.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles and Diana were polite to each other but I don’t think all was rosy.After Diana died, Charles pettily helped writers like Penny Junor (Junor said he and Camilla cooperated with her on the Diana trashing books she wrote) to undermine his late ex wife and scapegoated and gaslighted her He also foisted Camilla on is sons and used them to promote Camilla less than a year after Diana died.

    • NEENA ZEE says:

      100% – the thing that bugs so much about this is that Charles could just say he regrets how it all went down and with the benefit of time realizes he should have dealt with his wife and the mother of his children differently. And will vow to do better. That’s it. But he (and the palace) would never consider it.

      It’s painfully reminiscent of Trump… a complete and total inability to take responsibility or show vulnerability. Ironically, Charles and Trump both crave adoration and attention, but can’t grasp that it’s their self-centered, whining, entitled and imperious behavior that make them so unsympathetic.

      • Angie says:

        I just said the same thing further downstream! Just admit you were wrong and acknowledge her and probably no one would be screaming. Why is that so hard? He a man in his 70s. Diana died in her 30s. He’s already “won” four decades over.

      • sunny says:

        This part! If he or his team was smart he would do exactly that. Part of what everyone loved about Diana was her vulnerability and humanity. In owning his mistakes and regrets(even if fictional) he would appear so much more sympathetic.

  9. Belli says:

    The irony of the Daily Mail screeching about people not liking certain members of the royal family would be funny if their own comment section weren’t outright dangerous for other members of the family.

  10. Angel says:

    And btw what about the “never complain, never explain” ?

  11. cocoa says:

    It’s so funny and utterly shameful the GREAT BRITAIN would stoop this low. The British Royal Family has and will always be a COMPLETE MESS. This is downright disgusting and cruel. Now everyone has seen the facade of the British Monarchy as being terribly retched.

    However, this is not the funny part. The funny part is the groveling and whining of the prejudicial British Press and the insufferable BRF going on the “woes me, poor me” sympathy party that they are outrage of the Netflix (a streaming site) actually unveiled their faces for who they are as a monarchy. As the late Malcolm X quote and rings true to this day over 50 years later “When you set Chickens out to the pasture, it will find its way home to roost”.

    May Princess Diana Rest in Peace and Power. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle keep going, you will come out strong.

  12. Midnight@theOasis says:

    “Netflix declined to comment when asked this week if it had a vendetta against the Royal Family”

    Okay, countdown to how long it’ll take before this gets twisted to evil Harry & Meghan scheming behind the scenes and putting Netflix up to do their dirty work to disparage and attack the Royal Family.

    • Snuffles says:

      24 hours.

    • GuestwithCat says:

      I would not blame Harry and Meghan at all if they were behind this and would applaud them all the way while making a toast to the memory of Diana.

      But I have seen all the evidence pointing to Harry and Meghan being more interested in raising their son and working on charitable endeavors and trying to gain independence from this horrendous family.

      • Tessa says:

        Even if they wanted to, Harry and Meghan had no jurisdiction over the Crown’s production. They also could not take it over, and when it started out, there were no “red flags” for Charles and Camilla.

  13. Bettyrose says:

    So I watched Diana in Her Own Words for the first time after binging S4 and it doesn’t really support the claim that the show is fiction. It’s a dramatization of actual events… but fiction? Would that hold up in court?

  14. Eleonor says:

    I have read somewhere Netflix tried to contact the RF to have also their side of the story, they refused…exactly why are they complaining?

  15. Sofia says:

    Yeah the line “the Daily Mail alerted the family” or whatever had my alarm bells ringing. Individuals who work for the newspaper can do whatever they like and complain to whoever they like but my eyebrow did raise reading that.

  16. Cryptkeeper says:

    All the doom and gloom with Charles and Diana, The Crown.
    There were good times too don’t forget.
    Dickie Arbiter among others mentioned a period of time where Charles and Diana couldn’t keep their hands off each other.
    It seems The Crown is doing a disservice by not presenting a more balanced account. The Wales marriage didn’t get really bad until after 1986.

    • Snuffles says:

      There was an episode which showed that things briefly got better between them after the Australia tour. There was a whole section of them making up and Charles ignoring Camila’s calls. And, yes, Diana even said the same. I think the time between William and Harry being born was the best. Diana even said that. But, she also said, that after Harry was born, the marriage went completely downhill.

      • equality says:

        That sort of makes it sound worse though. It makes it seem like he kept her happy until there was a “spare” and then gave up.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        I believe Diana said, on tape, that Charles’ first words, upon seeing Harry, were: “A boy, with ginger hair”, and she said something in her died and closed the door (in her heart). She’d said she knew Charles wanted a girl (as IF *she* could determine if she’d have a boy or a girl!), and how when she found out in a scan that she was having a boy, she didn’t say anything to Charles.

        He was and *still is* a prick of the greatest magnitude.

      • GuestwithCat says:

        Damn, Camilla was a clingy burr. I forgot that about her.

      • Ann says:

        It was so sad to hear that Diana knew Harry was a boy from seeing one of her scans, but she didn’t tell Charles because he was so hoping for and expecting a girl, and they were close and happy at that time so she didn’t want to spoil it. Just imagine that.

      • Tessa says:

        What is rather telling is that Charles was disappointed Harry was a boy. It seems to me that parents who want a daughter after two sons do try again. I don’t think Charles wanted more than two so he could spend more time with Camilla . Diana had said early on she wanted four children.

    • Gina says:

      IMO, it doesn’t matter whether there were “good times” in this marriage. This is not relevant – now. What IS relevant – the constant complaining of Royals, their hardly concealed threats towards Netflix. The smear campaign is already happening. As usual: ambiguous headlines in Daily Fail, for example: “The star of Netflix committed suicide” (and it doesn’t matter that there is no connection between Netflix and suicide), and more.
      In my eyes, the most despicable thing is that DF, the lowest of the low yellow press of Britain, is the mouthpiece of Royals.

    • Becks1 says:

      in the “in her own words” documentary Diana makes it sound like it was pretty bad all along. there were good moments, but it was never a good marriage. She says something like “and yet somehow during all this Harry was conceived” which implies that things were NOT all sunshine and roses in late 83/early 84.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      please do not believe a word that dickie says. he is charles’ mouthpiece and will provide a slant that supports charles with zero evidence.

  17. Rebecca says:

    That Diana documentary isn’t even by Netflix. It was originally produced and aired in 2017 by National Geographic to coincide with the 20th anniversary of her death.

    They’ve had three years to whinge about this documentary.

    • Mignionette says:

      The issue here is not only what Diana said, but rather the audience who have been exposed to it as a result of Netflix acquiring the docu. Also the weekend the Crown was released the comments on social media were in every single conceivable language.

      For years the BRF have been able to control a mainly right wing global media (e.g. ABC scandal re Prince Andrew). Another reason the BRF are so happy to be in bed with the Tories, Oligarchs and Murdoch. All these factions helped to bully Diana (and Meghan) when they were deemed to have gone rogue.

      But the BRF do not seem to be able to get into Bed with Netflix so easily due to the business model and hands off approach with their creators. This is the reason for all the fake media outrage and lobbying govt officials on social media. Notice none of this shit was discussed in the HoC, bc there was no real basis for the outrage, the point of which was to declare the contents of S4 all lies as apposed to serialized fiction based on the truth.

      I pretty much predict that Netflix and other Streaming services will be bought out in 2-3 years by a right wing media conglomerate or Oligarch. That is unless Netflix continues to grow at such an astronomical rate which again is dependent on Broadband capabilities and censorship by various govts.

  18. Implicit says:

    “You’re not going to hunt are you?!” Followed by years of c and c hunting, Diana was the sacrificial lamb and no one cared to spare her not even her sosters. I for one never accepted old horse face Kamila and I never will. She has her own house because she’s used to being a mistress.

  19. Lorelei says:

    What on earth is meant by “The royals have no right of reply?” They can reply however they want. They’ve essentially been “replying” for weeks by sending out their minions to bitch about how wrong Netflix is about all this and how the monarchy is the victim in this situation. They could create their own counter programming if they wanted to.

    These entitled, whiny people are absolutely disgusting and I’m glad Netflix isn’t giving in to their nonsense.

  20. Marie55 says:

    I think this is all one big subtweet to Harry. They’re trying to make him feel guilty about the Netflix deal/trying to sabotage H&Ms potential for future earnings. Gross.

    • Snuffles says:

      It’s totally going to do the opposite. When Harry and Meghan drop their first program, the press is gonna be OFF THE CHARTS!! Their cache and their cache with Netflix is soaring daily with every published tantrum from the royal family.

    • Mignionette says:

      They’ve finally cottoned on to the fact that money is power for anyone seeking to escape the BRF. Diana marrying Dodi was not only about him being a brown muslim but also the fact that he was Rich and Mohammed Alfayed’s son.

      The BRF really need to choose their enemies carefully. Netflix will not just go away like the Alfayed’s did. In fact Charles is currently helping streaming services write the playbook on how to make money. All it takes now is for another disgruntled family member or Royal adjacent individual to sign a deal like this and it’s good night Vienna for the BRF.

  21. ennie says:

    Diana In her own words is on Disney Plus, as Nat Geo documentaries and shows are included in the platform. Netflix is playing it for now.

    • Mignionette says:

      Netflix global viewing audience: 180 Million

      Nat Geo global viewing audience: 10 Million

      Disney global viewing audience: 55 Million

      Netflix also has the age-group, demographic, audience and marketing strategy (social media savvy) that is problematic for the BRF. This is why they are now the evil infidels according to the gospel of right wing media.

  22. QueenB33 says:

    I’ve always wondered what kind of people would cheer on an executioner as the axe came down on a royal wife after she’s outlived her usefulness. Thanks to the Daily Mail, now I know.

  23. Angie says:

    If Charles was remotely smart or decent, when this came out, he should have given a speech something like this, “while this story is a fictionalized account, there is no doubt I was not the man or husband to Diana that I should have been and i will regret it for the rest of my life. I wish that I could change what I did but O can’t do since her death I have tried to make the best of my life and be the best father I could be in her honor. Despite everything, I did love her and she was an amazing person.” Or something like that. But no, he does the opposite. His reaction is proving how awful he is, was and always will be.

  24. Kalana says:

    Charles is of the white male Establishment and the Establishment is trying to close ranks to protect him and the rest of the family because how dare a woman or a BIPOC woman speak up.

    The tradition pushed by the monarchy is largely the promotion of white supremacy and misogyny. Have they changed the St. George medal yet?

    William owns what he is. Charles pretends to be open-minded. The MOS articles about leftist anti-monarchism shows what he really thinks.

  25. Dee Kay says:

    All of this is helping me understand what a truly terrible person Charles is. If Charles was a good man, he would have had compassion for his young bride, and even if he had confessed his love for Camilla (or anyone else) during their marriage, he could have done his best to ask if Diana could find it in her heart to live with him as a partner, as mother to their children, and as future Queen Consort. I’m betting Diana would have eventually, later if not sooner, accepted those terms and stayed married. If Charles had been kind to her, if he had treated her with sympathy and decency, if he had been emotionally open and generous with her, if he had praised all of her PR skills and said he just needed something different in his private/sexual life, I don’t know but I think Diana may have been okay with that.
    It’s because Charles just acted like a spoiled, selfish, inconsiderate, cold, harsh man-child to Diana that this has all happened.
    If he and Diana had stayed married, even if the marriage ended up being one of convenience rather than the fairy tale, they would have been the most popular celebrity couple of all time, and Charles, a very popular King. But no. Charles is who he is and did it *his* way, and now look where his reputation is ending up.

    • Mignionette says:

      John Major (PM who succeeded Maggie Thatcher) wanted to put this sort of arrangement in place so that C&D were effectively married in name only, but would be come King and Queen. But at some stage Charles wanted it all and wanted Diana obliterated from public life and the public’s affections.

      As the Crown alludes to he didn’t even want Diana to have lovers of her own, yet openly showered his mistress with gifts and surprise b-day parties attended by the whole aristocracy. This is what led to the Dimbleby interview. Charles was essentially forcing his mother’s hand to allow him to divorce Diana and marry Camilla, which again showed how naive and out of touch he was.

      When Diana realised there was no way back and she was going to be thrown under the bus to pave the way for Camilla, she fought back and that’s when the bitterness intensified between the two. So in the end Charles won the battle, but he was stupid if he ever thought he’d win the war. A whole new generation are now finding out through their own research (not the Crown) just how bad things were. So in the end I can’t see Camilla being Queen. Even if Charles pushes for it, he’ll pay the price with the UK public.