Sienna Miller: After Jude Law cheated, ‘there’s a whole six weeks… that I don’t remember’


Sienna Miller had a recent interview with the Daily Beast to promote her latest film, Wander Darkly. Sienna has quietly been building a somewhat interesting career for herself in her 30s – arguably, motherhood “settled her down” from her Tabloid Twenties, where she had a series of relationships which kept her in the headlines but overshadowed her career. It all started with Jude Law. When Sienna and Jude started up, she became the biggest It Girl of the ‘00s. It all came crashing down in the late summer of 2005, when the tabloids discovered that Jude was banging his kids’ nanny, and Jude and Sienna broke off their engagement. What followed was a relationship with Rhys Ifans and a whirlwind public affair with the very married Balthazar Getty. Balthy and Rhys don’t get any shout-outs in this interview, but Sienna speaks at length about the 2005 drama with Jude. Some highlights:

Performing in As You Like It just after Jude cheated: “That was one of the most challenging moments I hope I’ll ever have to experience. Because with that level of public heartbreak, to have to get out of a bed let alone stand in front of 800 people every night, it’s just the last thing you want to do. It was really hard. And the other thing was, it was at the height of all that paparazzi madness, and in London where there was an epidemic of bad behavior. They knew where I would be every night…There’s a whole six weeks of that experience that I don’t remember. I have no recollection of it. People who came to see me said we had dinner, and I don’t remember. I was in so much shock over it all. And I’d really just begun. I was only 23. But if you get through that, you feel like you can get through anything.”

The News of the World was hacking her at that time too: “I’m pretty resilient. There were moments where it came close to making me really feel crazy, and it was incredibly aggressive. The way I managed it was to get really litigious, start suing. I secretly recorded paparazzi on a lighter that was a camera, and got a privacy act taken to a high court to get the law changed in England, which essentially means that if I’m anywhere or coming out of anywhere where I can expect privacy they’re not allowed to take my photo. It was a long battle, and I think I was really paranoid. There was so much noise that it was hard to think straight and focus on my work, which I always took very seriously. It ate everything else. I look back on it and wonder how I did get through it—but I did.”

On the fake baby in American Sniper: “I actually want to get that baby! I just like the moment where Bradley’s holding it and he tries to make it look real by wiggling its little arm. We’ve laughed about that many times. It’s funny, because I think there was at one time a real baby, then there was an animatronic baby, and I don’t know why we had a doll baby in that scene. But look, the movie worked!”

Memories of Heath Ledger: “A boat would pick me up in the morning, take me across the Grand Canal, and pick up Heath in an apartment which was opposite mine. We’d have a Walkman with two earbuds, and he’d have one and I’d have the other, and we got to ride down the Grand Canal listening to music on the way to work. We shot in St. Mark’s Square, and the only day they gave us permission to shoot was when the city flooded, so by the time we were doing our close-ups we were up to our waists in water! The whole thing was like a fairy tale, and it’s bittersweet looking back at that film because I miss him. He was a friend and such a great talent, and to spend any amount of time with him was a gift.”

Her roles in her 30s: “As I’ve gotten older, I’m more selective about the kinds of things I want to do. And I think because the tides have turned in Hollywood, people are more focused on examining what a female experience is—the female gaze, essentially. But then I look back on Factory Girl and Interview, which are characters that were very layered and complex. I think the noise of that decade was overwhelming what was actually going on in my work.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I mean, yeah, that 2005/Jude Law era of her life was legitimately crazy. She was just enjoying herself, being an It Girl, thinking she would marry this handsome actor. And then everything exploded and she couldn’t walk anywhere without ten paparazzi harassing her. I’ve always sort of wondered after everything that happened to her with the British media, if that’s why she decided to move permanently to New York. I also think LA was never an option for her because Balthazar Getty’s wife Rosetta is one of the most well-connected women in LA, and Sienna would have been shunned. All of that can be true at once!


Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN and Avalon Red.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    A lot of that crazy pap stuff was her own doing, it was well known at the time that she and her publicist were tipping them off (as they all do) but it all blew up in her face and went out of control.

    She’s still messy but I think she’s learned to keep a lid on it, for the sake of her career and daughter. She’s a decent enough actress but yeah her behaviour did have an affect her career. That very public fling with Getty was quite something.

    • Public Domain Kitten says:

      Messy, horrible chick old enough to know better gets with cheating husbands, cries when it doesn’t work out, and still wants sympathy over a decade later? Nope.

  2. Jade says:

    IIRC it was revealed through the hacking that she was cheating on Jude with Daniel Craig. The whole Primrose Hill thing was crazy. It must have been exhausting living through this.

  3. TQ says:

    Yeah, that 2005 period when the affair came out was nuts! The Getty fling was so messy. I was surprised when the UK phone hack scandal revealed she’d had a fling with Daniel Craig in 2003, which Law apparently confronted him about. All so messy! She seems more chill nowdays.

    • SomeChick says:

      gotta love it when some dude who’s cheating on his partner gets mad at the dude his partner’s cheating with. either have an open relationship or zip it!

  4. Ctgirl says:

    She’s a cheater and the guys she gets with are cheaters. What did she expect?!

    • lucky says:

      I just fell down a Balthazar Getty internet whole and holy whoa, that family….

      • Regina Falangie says:

        When I saw the name Balthazar Getty, I pictured Balki from Perfect Strangers!! I was trying to picture them making out on a yacht!! 😄

  5. G says:

    Mmmmmm didn’t she cheat on him with Daniel craig…pot meet kettle

  6. Noki says:

    Another one using the current climate in protecting and defending woman to write a revisionist story.

    • Jules says:

      Yup, new one pops up every day.

    • enike says:

      the only problem with her revisionists story is that we all remember exactly what went on then, it was more than well documented

      Its no wonder thou Sienna wants to rewrite the story, she is probably more than embarassed and wants to get out clean from the mess she part-created back then. Sorry, Sienna, we remember it

  7. Jenn says:

    Didn’t she cheat FIRST with the very married father of 4 Balthazar Getty? So she expected loyalty she couldn’t give? Unbelievable!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      He cheated first with the nanny, they broke up and got back together when she cheated with Daniel Craig (who was with someone at the time- before he married Rachel Weiss).

      Getty happened years after they broke up for good.

      • Darla says:

        Ohhh, interesting. Well, that changes things. I always figured if you get back with someone after you cheated on them, they’d feel they owe you one. It’s probably human nature.

      • Desical says:

        Was Sienna part of the break-up of Jude Law’s marriage to Sadie Frost? It seems like the timing for when they met is around then, but nothing popped up and I’m too lazy to really look. I felt like that was big gossip back in the day, but I don’t remember the details.

      • Kaiser says:

        The rumor around then was that Jude was cheating on Sadie, but he started seeing Sienna after his split. But I remember thinking that there was something between Nicole Kidman and Jude while they filmed Cold Mountain.

      • Jenn says:

        No those balcony Getty photos were before the nanny. Let’s not re-write history. She even made a public apology.

      • Elizabeth says:

        In 2005 the Jude-nanny affair came out. In 2009 the Sienna-Balthazar affair came out. So after. Man she talks so much about how painful Jude cheating was for her and then she did that to another woman?

      • tealily says:

        I 100% remember it as he left Sadie Frost for Sienna, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. This is some of the first celeb gossip I remember getting in to.

  8. LillyfromLillooet says:

    I’ve always liked Sienna’s work and it sounds like her life is in a much better place.

    • Newbee says:

      Yes, people don’t give her credit for being a decent actress. Her whole it-girl, fashionista thing was boring. She’s really pretty decent in films. Think Daniel Craig was dating Satsuki Mitchell or whatever her name was when they were together.

      I remember her saying Daisy the nanny had better not bump into her in a dark alley at night. Jude Law has always looked sleazy to me and he gets more that way to me as the years go by. Also he’s a bit of an over actor. The rumour is he and Sadie regularly had threesomes – with men and women. I remember Sadie saying something about how Nicole Kidman never gave her a call to shoot down the tabloid rumours about things going on during filming of Cold Mountain and how she thought Nicole likes having (by being sexually attractive) power over men, and I thought that was weird.

  9. mlouise says:

    sometimes I find this site going for the jugular on some women… To me, she was 23 and it is likely it was very traumatic- just as she explained it was. I believe her.

    Believing women about what and how they experienced their own difficulties has to start somewhere

    • VS says:

      yet you do the same by infantilizing a 23 yr old woman. Strangely enough people of color are never infantilized, Never! at age 18 they are already considered to be adults with no room for mistakes……but the others are still teenagers till they hit 40

      • lanne says:

        I agree that WOC are never infantalized, but I also don’t think it’s infantalizing to say that what Sienna faced from the media was appalling. Yes, she was slut-shamed and yes, she made some terrible choices that should should be and was called out for. But let’s not downplay the real nastiness she faced from the tabloids–not their words but their actions. She was chased down the street by a pack of men trying to take her picture at night. No woman deserves this. Sienna Miller gets a lot of side-eye (including from me!) because she was just another mediocre thin white blond woman being called an icon (September issue of Vogue with no great acting roles at the time). She made a lot of messes in her life and she should be called out for that. But no woman should be threatened with physical violence, and she was.

      • VS says:

        @lanne — the british tabloids (which is the majority their entire media) are nasty; yet no one over there seem to want to do anything about it
        So this tells me most in the society are fine with them; perhaps it does represent their views; just like fox news represents the majority of the right wing in the US; although there is a chicken and egg problem there as well

        “But no woman should be threatened with physical violence, and she was” — 100% agree

      • MM2 says:

        I agree that woc are not given the passes that white women are, but society does infantilze woc sometimes, and it does effect them (not in a positive way). There was just a story here on Zendaya’s new movie, where she needed to publicly address this exact situation.

      • Dollycoa says:

        Agree. She was also an actor and had been around actors all her life. She wasnt naive. It was the same with Lily James, another pretty blonde actress. She was 31 and people were infantalising her over her affair. Maybe they just didnt care and wanted to fuck someone and didnt care that they were married. Women are perfectly capable of making decisions, good and bad.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I don’t think anyone gave sienna a pass because she was 23. I think her career definitely suffered from the mistakes she made. She’s a better actress than people will ever give her credit for, but instead she became this tabloid plaything.

        The picture around her affair with Getty were pretty graphic. I think most have been scrubbed from the internet now, but she was literally topless the whole time. The problem sienna has, and probably the reason she doesn’t get cast as much, is that she has that “i can steal your man” vibe to her, so women naturally hate her. She has stolen quite a few men so that’s understandable. I think she’s just someone who thrives on male attention and gets a lot of it.

        But she’s very pretty, has great style and is a pretty good actress. I absolutely loved her in Factory Girl. Her career has been middling for a long time, never quite popping. But maybe she will pop in her 40s when women no longer consider her a sexual threat. Who knows.

      • VS says:

        @February-Pisces — I don’t really consider that a woman can steal a man who does not want to be stolen. Beautiful women are made to feel a certain because of the way they look. Look at Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Anniston story (yeah I know there were other factors), look at Meghan vs Kate treatment, look at Liz Taylor vs any other woman, etc. In all these cases, the woman first mentioned is stunning and somehow that makes other uncomfortable (especially women; a lot of venom around Angelina or Meghan is coming from other women!, with Meghan there are many other factors at play as well)

        My issue with this topic is how some want to make it seem like a 23 yr old cannot make his or her own decisions. That’s my problem!

        The same thing with Kristen Stewart; yes the attacks crossed a line, but in all cases, Sienna just like Kristen made a very conscious decision!

      • February-Pisces says:

        My point is that female audiences generally see sienna as a sexual threat due to her mistakes, which has probably cost her a lot of work, so she has felt the consequences of her mistakes, more so than the men involved, so I don’t think she was given a pass. I’m pretty sure someone vandalised her flat by spraying ‘slut’ on the wall. I don’t excuse her mistakes, but she did feel the repercussions.
        I do agree with the Madonna whore complex’s between Meghan and Kate, which is all about people’s perception’s towards women who they feel sexually threatened by, vs women they don’t. Women are much kinder towards women who they don’t think will tempt their men to stray. I’ve seen that scenario play out in the workplace everytime a young attractive woman walks in.

        It was sienna who made the comment about being 23 years old. She about 38 now and you do evolve so much from your early 20 to late 30s.

    • sara says:

      Perhaps cheating and the media attention was traumatic. Didn’t stop her from going on to cheat multiple times with other men, for all the world to see.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Maybe it wasn’t the cheating that was traumatic for her so much as the media furor and abuse around it. A lot of women expect cheating and/or mushy fidelity boundaries to be an aspect of their relationships, but there’s really no way to prepare for a situation to blow up into a major media event with paparazzi and the kind of behaviors they engage in.

      • Sayrah says:

        Yep. I have no sympathy for her. She was so hurt by Jude but went on to flaunt her affair with Getty topless on a boat. She’s a pos and Getty was too.

    • hmmmmpppy says:

      23 year olds are kids. It’s so weird too to look at these pics and hear she was 23. She looks 30 to me! Ages are confusing.

      • Ange says:

        Now 23 year olds are kids? Give me a break. I had friends who were married with kids, a career and a tertiary education at that age.

    • Jaded says:

      @mlouise – I had some traumatic cheating events in my twenties. Did that make me go out and steal another woman’s husband? To run around topless on boats and get photographed, KNOWING that she’s a well-known actress and would have had paps hanging around 24/7? No. I took myself off, tail between my legs, and got quietly over my heartbreak. GMAFB. She’s trying to whitewash what amounts to incredibly selfish and fame-whorish behaviour that hurt an innocent wife and kids.

  10. Lola says:

    She was in the spotlight in her 20s! Give the girl a break. We were all messy in our 20s!

    • Lexy says:

      I don’t know about you, but I was not having a huge public affair with a married man in my 20’s.

    • Mercury says:

      Yeah i wish people like Meg thee stallion, nicki minaj and doja cat were given these breaks in their 20s. Crazy how standards work depending on race.

      • VS says:

        @Mercury — I said something very similar above in response @mlouise. Indeed, notice how the white women are kids in their 20s, but the black ones are adults from 18 (maybe even sooner)

      • Elizabeth says:


      • hmmmmpppy says:

        @vs, everyone is a kid in their 20s.

      • VS says:

        @hmmmmpppy — I disagree; a 20 yr old is young but is not a kid. if that’s the case we can’t hold anyone responsible for their actions because they are still a kid after all

        And as @mercury pointed out, that only seems to apply to a certain segment of the population

    • Greyling says:

      Lol no we’re not all messy in our 20s, a lot of people don’t have the luxury to be messy because they have bills to pay and other responsibilities.

    • Merricat says:

      I would not want to be forever judged by who I was at 23. Congratulations to those who didn’t make mistakes.

      • Lexy says:

        She’s not being forever judged! Good god. She still has a solid career. She’s in Hollywood! Of course people are going to talk about what she made public, on a gossip site, that’s part of the deal. I’m sure she’s weeping into her millions as people dissect the fact that she hooked up with multiple married men very publicly.

      • VS says:

        The pb is not about making mistakes 23; people make mistake way past their 20s; the problem is about treating a 23 yr old as a kid

    • Jaded says:

      I never had an affair with a married man in my twenties…or ever. Nor did I get photographed cavorting around half naked on said married man’s yacht. It’s called having some morals.

  11. Amelie says:

    Oh Sienna Miller, the Queen of Boho! She is also an American citizen as her father is American and she was born in NYC actually. So she can easily take advantage of that to get away from the British media, just like Meghan did. I remember the Jude Law nanny affair really well too. The paparazzi were insane back then tracking her all the time, but I have to wonder if she was also not helping to tip off the paps? She was so young and probably hungry for fame and to feel like she “made it.” She and Jude Law also reconnected a few years after the affair and dated again for a few years, I think a lot of people forget that.

    I was really surprised by the whole Balthazar Getty thing, given that she was on the receiving end of having her partner cheat on her. Whatever that was clearly was just a lust thing.

    • Sandra says:

      I didn’t’ realize she was born in NYC. I have it in my head that her dad was from Pittsburgh. Because she made a film there and while doing press for it she referred to it as “Shittsburgh” and she made amends by doing a pap walk with her dad giving her a tour of the city lol.

  12. Louise177 says:

    It’s hard for me to think of Sienna as a victim. Yes the media was horrible but she was in a number of adulterous relationships. The Getty affair was ugly in the way they flaunted the affair in public.

    • L4frimaire says:

      The Getty’s in general have a history of messy personal lives, sometimes sleazy. Look up their history. Gordon and Ann Getty were big socialites/ philanthropists in San Francisco,and the Getty’s are the top of society here. They basically launched Governor Newsom. Newsom was friends with the son Bill but they had a big falling out. Those younger Getty’s are now the top of SanFrancisco society, although Vanessa Getty seems more known for her evolving tightening face work more than anything. When Gordon Getty died, but turns out he had a whole 2nd family in LA. They’re just rich and get away with lot, and coast on their fortune. If anyone is flaunting affairs, it was Getty, not Sienna Miller. They ( Getty’s) do it because they can and no one will dare criticize them.

  13. Sandra says:

    I didn’t have time to read through all of your wonderful comments, but…didn’t he cheat on his wife and mother of his kids with her??? Boo hoo, Sienna. If it started with him cheating on her it’s going to end with him cheating on you.*
    *My apologies if it wasn’t her. But I think he DID cheat on his wife with a young British actress.

    • LOL says:

      Yes she did cheat with a married man And she flaunted that relatshionship He then dumped her and went back to his wife after he got bad publicity and his work impacted

      I still remember her with the married actor Bathetzar whom she’s went around gloating their relatshionship. And I remember her topless photos with him holidaying in Venice. Het career has been ok

      • Sandra says:

        I liked her in Foxcatcher. I’m not certain I’ve ever seen her in anything else. But she was good in that. There’s my something nice.

      • Jegede says:


        Everything you said.👌

        Compared to stars of yesteryear, like Liz Taylor and Ingrid Bergman who were practically ostracised from HW for similar shenanigans, Sienna had a lucky break!!🙄🙄

        God help her if she had been a WOC.

      • Jayna says:

        Nah. She dumped him. So he decided to be family man again.

  14. Marigold says:

    I have never liked her. She pronounces words on an odd manner and I’ve just never been a fan. I don’t know much about the gossip though.

  15. Lola says:

    Jude Law really used to be an exceptionally beautiful man

    • Cheryl says:

      I’m too distracted by Jude to have anything to say about ………(long pause) what’s her name?

    • L4frimaire says:

      He was ridiculously gorgeous, but then became a bit sleazy with his cheating and lost his hair. Loved him in The Talented Mr.Ripley. He’s kind of a zaddy now and done some interesting things like the Young Pope.

    • tealily says:

      The quintessential pretty boy. I, too, loved him in Talented Mr. Ripley. He’s had a lot of great roles.

    • Newbee says:

      He was fantastic in Ripley but I always found him a bit of an over actor and sleazy looking.

    • Abby says:

      I know. I have always thought he was incredibly handsome, and also a cad.

      My husband looks a LOT like Jude Law when he was younger. I think he could be his doppelgänger. Minus being a cad. 🙂

    • The Recluse says:

      He was good in the Young Pope and the New Pope series. A different role for him.
      I also got a fun, cad-like vibe off of his performance in Captain Marvel. Not a huge fan, but he’s interesting to watch, aside from his messy personal life.

  16. DS9 says:

    I find these comments fascinating. I’m not sure how we’re still at a point where we’re okay with women being hounded or wearing the vast majority of the blame for their choices and/or fubars just because “she deserved it”.

    People make mistakes. They do not so great things when they’re hurting, when they’re stressed, etc. Women are born into a terrible cycle of misogyny and then we blame them quite vocally for not being able to break it.

    • MM2 says:

      I am with you. These comments are so disturbing. If a woman cheats, she does not then deserve to be stoned on a public stage. I don’t give a hoot if she was 23, 43 or 83, no woman deserves this. Jeez, this is depressing as hell. God forbid I ever get hacked, info stolen that I made a human mistake, please not let me be judged on this site.
      And, woman cheating on men….give me a glass for the male tears, cuz I’ll drink it, rather than grab a pitchfork with the mob defending the delicate male ego.

    • Merricat says:


    • Darla says:

      I agree 100%. And MM2 boy do I hear you!

    • SofiasSideEye says:

      Can I sit at this table too? Because I’m with you guys.

    • CuriousCole says:

      I wasn’t reading most of them like that. It is possible to feel sympathy for her being hurt and humiliated by her fiancé cheating – but then Sienna turned around and did the same thing to another woman. That hypocrisy doesn’t sit well with most of us. It doesn’t mean I endorse any of the harassment she received from paps etc… It does mean that she will receive criticism for bringing up Jude’s indiscretion though, as it reveals a distinct lack of empathy for Rosanna Getty and her family. And Balthazar didn’t give the interview, Sienna did, so yes, she’s the focus of this thread but I don’t think anyone is giving him a pass on what he did either.

  17. Normades says:

    Sadie and Jude were big swingers but he also cheated on her behind her back.

    I remember Sienna’s big rivalry with Kate Moss who was Sadie’s best friend and hated Sienna. She accused sienna of coping her style and lifestyle. ah, those were the gossip golden days…

    • Newbee says:

      Also got the impression the rivalry was more on Kate’s side? IIRC Sienna went on about how she admired Kate Moss’s look. That boho-chic, waify it-girl thing is very 1990s.

      • Normades says:

        Oh totes! Kate hated Sienna probably because she saw her as a poseur but Sienna probably did idolize her and would have been her friend in one hot second

  18. Ann says:

    IDK. The British tabloids are incredibly nasty. Even the more mainstream British press is pretty nasty, actually. It seems to be more accepted there for them to harass actresses (more so than actors, they are also sexist), and it’s not OK. I’m sure it was very upsetting. That said, she made some bad choices and that will come back to bite you. I wouldn’t have gotten with a married man when I was 23. I made some bad decisions too but I knew that was off limits?

  19. chimes@midnight says:

    Just hear to say that I loved Sienna Miller in Stardust (“You can’t cross the wohl Tristan, nobody crosses the wohl.”), and I think Jude Law is a great actor. That is all.

  20. L4frimaire says:

    She was so heavily promoted back in her IT Girl days but don’t remember much of her work from then. Thinking about her paparazzi craziness and how intrusive the British press are, it makes sense she moved to the states.Seem like a lot of British celebrities do that when things get hostile. That was why Catherine Zeta Jones moved stateside. She was a tv star in UK and hounded by tabloids and left for US , ended up getting some plum roles, married Michael Douglas, and now is Hollywood royalty.

  21. Bath Lady says:

    The British paps were listening in on her phone conversations; IIRC, she’d set up a system to tell different things to different people and it ended up her not being able trust any of her friends/family. That had to be hell. (I think twas her? So long ago)
    I still look her up for her street style because I love almost anything she wears/how she wears it.
    Turned off by the Balthazar affair, tho. Topless, sure…but better that than gun glamor.

  22. Hello Kitty says:

    Sienna is not the first and will not be the last woman on Earth to ever be cheated on by a man she loves. It does not justify her later abhorrent behavior. She is a mess and I don’t have much sympathy for her.

  23. Melodi says:

    Boy are the comments on here full of internalized misogyny & selective criticism.

    What Greta Gerwig did was heinous but somehow she’s a fav. Some of you women are really arbitrary about slamming down the hammer. Gerwig literally had an affair with the director whose wife, 8 months pregnant, was on set everyday since she wrote the film. But you guys are OMG I LOVED HER TAKE ON LITTLE WOMEN but somehow SIENNA OMG WHAT A WH*RE

    Talk about cherrypicking your awfuls

    • tealily says:

      Doesn’t everybody hate Greta Gerwig on here too?

      • Ann says:

        I didn’t know about any of that. I still haven’t seen Little Women, not because I don’t want to, just haven’t gotten around to it. I was surprised to hear some hated it. I had heard good things. I do love the 90s version with Winona Ryder and I think that will always be my favorite. Winona really was so good (still is, I’ve seen her in a couple of things recently). Despite being prettier than Joe was supposed to be (aren’t they always?) I felt she really embodied her perfectly.

  24. Jaded says:

    Lainey had an interesting story about Sienna 6 or 7 years ago. She was sitting in a private airport lounge waiting to get on her flight when Sienna and her mother came in. Sienna looked around, checking to see if there were any paps or photogs around – there were none. So she took out her phone and commenced a very loud, very bitchy conversation with someone – her manager or PR person – and went on and on, all the time pacing around to see who might be listening to her or photographing her. After 20 minutes or so she and her mother left to find richer ground.

    Sure she may have been hounded by the press, but playing the innocent little victim is pretty hypocritical when she deliberately courted all the press she could, especially all the topless yacht-vacationing hijinks she got up to during the Getty era. Kinda says it all doesn’t it.

  25. The Recluse says:

    Some people are just chaotic: Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Getty…we’ve talked about a good number of them here.

  26. Juju says:

    I feel her on this. A depressive episode can really mess with your memory.

    I’m not the biggest fan of hers but the comments here are nasty. Give her a break. She lived a full life in her 20s so she doesn’t have to be bitter now, unlike some other people.