Karamo Brown: ‘Dating in COVID is a mess. I’m just back to fully being single’

Karamo Brown and his long time partner, Ian Jordan, ended their relationship and engagement back in September. Karamo told US Weekly in a new interview that he dated a guy he met on Twitter but that they have since broken up. Between receiving inappropriate pics and dating during a pandemic, Karamo has decided to remain firmly single. He said that dating at this time is a mess.

“We’re no longer talking,” he told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting Amgen and Novartis’ “Know Migraine Mission” program. “Dating in COVID is a mess, and so that is done altogether. I’m just back to fully being single.”

The Real World alum added, “I’m a hopeless romantic, and so for me, I’m always about like, how can I find someone who I can spend my moments and my time with? … You have to just find people who are like-minded [and] on the same page.”

Brown revealed in September that he ended his decade-long romance with Jordan, 48, amid the coronavirus quarantine. The I Am Perfectly Designed author proposed to Jordan in 2018 and again earlier this year, but their wedding had been delayed due to COVID-19’s global spread.

Brown admitted that his breakup from the director has been an “adjustment” for him, telling Us: “He’s my best friend and someone I love. We just had a moment where … our relationship had to shift.”

After attending therapy together before their split, Brown said that he “was able to take the steps and find clarity [and] find happiness.” He is additionally “wishing” the same for his former partner.

[From Us Weekly]

Karamo comes off as mature here. He didn’t smear his ex or go into detail about the breakdown of their relationship. I love that he also wished him well and said he wanted to see him happy. If everyone ended their relationships this way, the world would be a much better place. I do hope someone snaps Karamo up soon. That beautiful man should always have someone to cuddle with besides his dog. He is right that COVID has made dating even more complicated and messier than normal, but hopefully soon, we can get back to some normalcy and us singles will be able to date again in a safe(r) way.



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  1. Boo says:

    That’s so sad! From their Instagrams it always seemed like Ian was close with Karamo’s sons.

    • Mtec says:

      I find this to be really sad news also. Had no idea they were no longer together! i thought for sure they’d get married

    • PixiePaperdroll says:

      Karamo was on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me last year and talked about how the stress of wedding planning had put his fiance in the hospice twice. That’s not a good harbinger of things to come.

  2. Sean says:

    I recently reached the same conclusion. While this period in time is hard on everyone, it can also be seen as a blessing in disguise. This whole has provided a bit of an opportunity for a reset. To conduct a self-assessment and work on issues that may have been causing insecurities or setbacks.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Same. I was originally depressed about it but radical acceptance is helping (as did winning the election!!). Love Karamo and Queer Eye 2.0.

  3. Ariel says:

    One of my favorite thing about this generation of Queer Eye is their different experiences.
    Bobby discusses his homelessness and being rejected by his bigoted parents when he came out as gay. It is very powerful when he is there to say, i’ve been where you have been, and i know how hard it is, and i am so proud of you.
    Karamo has 2 teenage kids at home, which us non-parents can’t relate to, but if their subject has kids, he is there to say- i hear you.
    And Jonathan is gloriously non-binary, spreading that joy everywhere he goes.

    It is a wonderful step forward- that you can see in our society.

    The first generation Queer Eye guys, i feel like many Americans thought every gay man was the lovely Carson Kressley, but showing all five, and their differences, i feel like that taught people about how gay wasn’t one thing.

    So a generation later- the subjects on Queer Eyes and the audience are way beyond “tolerance” of homosexuality.
    Love and acceptance.

    It gives me hope in our nazi filled, fascism leaning, we’re fine with corruption as long as the libs suffer, world.

    • AMA1977 says:

      To build on your point, I look at the generations after mine (I am Gen X) and they seem to have this sh!t figured OUT. They are so open and accepting and just matter-of-fact about the “differences” between people, like they actually understand that at the core, almost everyone wants the same things and that we all deserve respect, empathy, love and kindness. It gives me such hope.