Heather Graham on lockdown: ‘My goal is just don’t gain weight basically’

Heather Graham was on Conan O’Brien’s show earlier this week. I’m not sad he’s ending his show next year. He was creepy with her and it’s like the whole interview was a bit where he was hitting on her. Heather reminded Conan that he was married and that she has a boyfriend, which he seemed fixated on. Yes he’s a comedian but he doesn’t have to do that. Heather handled it like a champ, she’s surely used to dealing with crap like that.

Before anyone bashes Heather for the quote in the title, she sounded perfectly reasonable about it and she’s not the one who brought it up. Conan was telling her how great she looked and she said she’s been working on not gaining weight. She lives in NY with her boyfriend, who is Dutch. Heather is promoting Wander, out now on demand with Aaron Eckhardt and Tommy Lee Jones. (Here’s a link to the trailer.) It’s getting mediocre reviews and is about a man with mental illness, played by Aaron, obsessed with the murder of his daughter. She’s also in The Stand miniseries, which is coming out next week on CBS All Access! Heather was sweet and fun to watch in this interview. Whenever I see her I’m impressed with her sunny personality. I’ve embedded the interview below and here’s part of what she said.

“You look absolutely gorgeous. I have to say, you’re killing it right now. You do not look like you’re suffering.”
Thank you I’m definitely trying not to gain weight. I did gain a little weight but then I lost it. My is goal just don’t gain weight, basically.

“Do you get obsessive about that?”
No but my boyfriend started cooking and everything he cooks is really fattening. Chicken tikka masala and pizza.

She thinks accents are sexy, but Dutch sounds weird to her
I’ve always thought guys from other countries were cute because they have an accent or speak Italian or Spanish. Dutch is not a very sexy language. When a guy speaks Dutch it’s like [makes throat clearing sounds].

On how she gets to sleep
I can get pretty nervous sometimes, but I’ve be doing this thing called yoga nidra because I have trouble falling asleep. My boyfriend, he falls asleep really fast and I get really mad and jealous. I do yoga nidra. This woman talks to you in this really soothing voice, her name is Jennifer Piercy, I’m obsessed with her. She just goes ‘your left ear, your right ear… feel a sense of vacation mouth.’ That made me feel really relaxed.

[From Team Coco on YouTube]

In lockdown I gained enough weight to go up a size. I lost about half of that then gained some of it back. It’s been a struggle. Like Kaiser has said, I feel like we all should go easy on ourselves. We’re stuck at home, I’m still exercising but haven’t been able to go to the gym, and I did learn how to bake so that’s been nice. Some of us are gaining weight and it’s ok. No shame on the people who lost or maintained though, we’re all on our our journey. Heather has said she avoids sugar and white flour and that she does yoga and pilates to keep in shape. Plus she told Conan she bikes a lot.

I couldn’t relate to finding Dutch unsexy though. My ex husband is German and I’ve always thought German and Dutch sound similar. I’ll hear Dutch and get confused because the words are so alike and I can pick out words I understand just enough to get confused. I like how powerful they sound and find German sexy.

I want to try that yoga nidra now! It sounds so awesome and like a nice way to fall asleep. I looked up the practice she mentioned and found some tracks online. I’m definitely going to use that during my nap this afternoon.

Also, I have to mention Heather is 50! She’s surely done Botox and a few other things but she’s not lying about it like J.Lo.

Here’s that interview!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Astrid says:

    I was born and spent my early childhood in the Netherlands before moving to America. I think Dutch people who speak English with an accent are sexy but the Dutch language to me is not sexy. Too guttural.

  2. elfie says:

    God I love her. She’s been my #1 girl crush since I first saw her in Drugstore Cowboy. I also like Conan but he definitely gets pervy when there’s a beautiful woman on his show, he always has been like that.

    • hipster says:

      LOL, in Crazy, Stupid Love there’s a bit where the chirpy friend says Conan O’Brien looks like a carrot when Emma Stone’s character insists he’s super hot.

  3. Em says:

    I don’t see how this isn’t fat-shaming indirectly. He tells her she looks gorgeous and not suffering from the pandemic, and she responds thanks and she’s trying not to gain weight. So beauty is again recognized to be linked to weight. It’s just reinforcing stupid stereotypes for Hollywood’s standards of beauty.

  4. Mrs. Peel says:

    I’ve always loved Heather Graham. And she looks amazing for 50 – I don’t care if she’s used Botox or has been tweaked, she looks natural and happy.

  5. Jaded says:

    Eh…I’ve gained about 10 lbs during lockdown and I couldn’t care less. I still exercise almost daily but I’m sure eating more comfort food. It’ll come off when this plague is gone. She actually sounds pretty chill about it, I’m not going to bash her for the “trying not to gain weight” comment. I don’t see it as she’s desperate to conform to Hollywood norms – she has a great figure, doesn’t look unnaturally thin and simply wants to maintain it as she ages.

  6. Boxy Lady says:

    Conan has always been a creep. I saw a really old clip of Conan’s on YT. Chris Rock was there and the next guest was Sofia Vergara, way before she was on Modern Family. Oh my god, Chris and Conan were so gross toward Sofia. She handled it really well and concentrated on promoting what she was there to promote. I felt really bad for her watching that clip.

  7. Ellie says:

    I do not see this as fat shaming at all. We’re all out here doing our best in quarantine, and for me, that includes trying to stay at the weight I was before without the benefit of the gym or the freedom to move about outside like I normally would – because when I gain, I start to feel sluggish. And I can’t afford all new pants. The pants thing wouldn’t apply to her, but maybe the sluggishness does.

  8. DiegoInSF says:

    I thought this was Ginger Spice from the picture!

  9. Grant says:

    Conan is so gross. I also don’t think his stupid Woody Woodpecker schtick is funny in the slightest. He’s the red-headed stepchild of late night IMO and I’m glad he’s losing his show. Give that opportunity to a woman.

  10. hipster says:

    Think she comes from a very strict, conservative Catholic family and had a very, very strict upbringing (randomly, her dad’s an FBI agent) so she’s very chill and easygoing herself. She seems to be living a great life; good for her.

  11. AL says:

    She’s 50?!?! Oh, my god, and I didn’t realize JLo was 51. I am so out of the loop, lol. I remember listening to “Waiting For Tonight” in like middle school, I didn’t know JLo was about 30 then.. I’m in my 30’s now! But I digress. I really miss going to the gym. I’m so sad, it was one of the places that I loved just putting my headphones on, working up a sweat, and seeing people of all shapes and sizes just working out and doing their best. My gym was pretty diverse as far as clientele, and that always made me happy to see. I miss it so bad.. I’ve gained a little during quarantine and cuz of the holidays, but I’m trying not to worry too much, while also trying to keep stress eating down. It’s so hard.

  12. Nibbi says:

    I’m definitely here for the “simple, non-virtue-signaling confinement goals” like just not gaining weight. At first I was being so hard on myself like, I’m going to start running tho I hate it, gonna do yoga every day, gonna reorganize every shelf and drawer in my pad, gonna read all my ‘unread’ pile, gonna write my book, do all these things I find hard to do in normal times… super hard on myself and high expectations. Now it’s like… did I get something done today? Am I in decent shape physically and mentally? Am I dressed and groomed? GO ME !!! … The easier standards have helped me feel better during all of this drawn-out, horrifying crap. I encourage everyone to lower their standards if they’re beating themselves up too much.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Same here. Had so many goals in lockdown but with home schooling and working from home, some of that is on hold, because things can be overwhelming at times, and health and sanity comes first. Discovered a few good YouTube workout videos, started a few books and got good book recommendations ( will read/finish later) , and spending way more time on social media, like a lot more.

  13. Jensies says:

    My goal has been to not catch COVID, but to each their own I guess.

    Also, I’ve been doing yoga nidra all year, I found a studio that does a class, and I love it. It’s so relaxing, and equivalent to 4-5 hrs REM sleep.

  14. L4frimaire says:

    She looks really good and relaxed. Haven’t seen her in much lately but she’s a good actor. I envy and admire anyone who hasn’t gained or actually lost weight in lockdown. A few extra cookies or glasses of wine really catch up. I’m trying to really increase my fruit and vegetables while cutting down on junk food, but it’s an adjustment. I heard on public radios Marketplace program that cookie sales are way up and Pepperidge Farm is having a very good year, lol.