Snoop Dogg criticizes Cardi & Megan’s ‘WAP’: ‘Oh my God, slow down’

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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” was one of the biggest moments in pop culture in 2020. The song and video broke records and it became one of those cultural things which everyone had to have an opinion about. Personally, I found it really raunchy, but I also enjoyed the fact that Cardi and Megan were having fun and owning everything about it. Plus, it wasn’t *for* me and that’s fine. Not everything has to be *for* everybody. Cardi and Megan were two young women singing for other young women. Conservative commentators had a field day and basically acted like wet ass p–sy was destroying young minds. There’s also been this thing where Black men in rap have been criticizing WAP too – because they’re used to objectifying women and they hate it when the objects of their misogynoir rap about self-love and getting some on their terms. Well, add Snoop Dogg to the pile.

Add Snoop Dogg to the list of people who are critiquing Cardi B’s hit single, “Wap” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. As an elder statesman in the rap game, Snoop has had a change of heart on a number of topics over the years. On Thursday (Dec. 10), he sat down for a virtual interview with host Julissa Bermudez for Central Ave, in which he explained his feelings on Cardi’s controversial single. Snoop thinks the song may be too raunchy.

“Oh my God. Slow down. Like, slow down. And let’s have some imagination,” Snoop said of the track. “Let’s have some, you know, privacy, some intimacy where he wants to find out as opposed to you telling him…. To me it’s like, it’s too fashionable when that in secrecy, that should be a woman’s…that’s like your pride and possession. That’s your jewel of the Nile. That’s what you should hold onto. That should be a possession that no one gets to know about until they know about it.”

As the father of a 21-year-old daughter, Snoop talked about speaking with her on the topic. “My daughter is from a different era, though,” Snoop added. “She’s from this era. She may be doing the ‘Wap’ or, you know what I’m saying, a part of the ‘Wap,’ but I can’t be mad at her ’cause it’s her generation, you know what I’m saying? But, at the same time, the things that I would rather see, you know, ’cause I’ma older man…”

As the performer of such misogynistic tracks like “Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)” and “Bitches Ain’t Shit,” Snoop appeared to realize the hypocrisy in his statements and seemed to imply it was more of an age thing.

“Now, when I was young, 21, 22, I may have been with the movement,” he added. “I probably would have been on the remix. But as an older man, I love it, that they are expressing themselves and doing their thing. I just don’t want it that fashionable to where young girls express themselves like that without even knowing that that is a jewel that they hold onto until the right person comes around.”

[From XXL Magazine]

I think there is nuance to what Snoop is saying, especially with “I probably would have been on the remix. But as an older man, I love it, that they are expressing themselves and doing their thing…” He’s basically admitting – in so many words – that he understands that the song isn’t FOR him, it’s for women his daughter’s age. But the rest of it, all of the hand-wringing about women’s sexuality being their “jewel” or whatever… for the love of God. He used women as sexual objects throughout his career, in lyrics and music videos and in life. That’s why so many men had a problem with “WAP” – they were so used to defining women’s sexuality on their terms, and they can’t stand it when two of the most famous women in music are like “no, let ME tell YOU about my WAP.”

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    • escondista says:

      Sexist grandpa yells at cloud.

      • Anna says:

        This. lol…sigh

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Pretty much this. Supposedly this crap is supposed to be all about ‘protecting women and girls’. Besides the more obvious reasons why that’s bullshit, and the evidence it just makes girls and women targets for more abuse, wasn’t it so protective and pro-woman how he went after Gayle King?

      • Jaded says:

        Jealous sexist grandpa. He apparently can’t deal with wildly successful women rappers.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Sometimes it’s grandpa, sometimes it’s granny, sometimes it’s aunty. And other times it’s a young person exposed to the wrong kind of guidance from one or more of those people. Nobody is immune, misogyny is something we all have to work on. Because women are worth every kind of change men are worth.

  1. ABritGuest says:

    Not the guy with album Doggystyle and with song like Ain’t no fun trying to police Cardi and Megan? WAP is forgettable to me but so much hypocrisy& misogyny in the criticism of it

  2. Jillian says:

    You nailed it: you’re OUR OBJECTS, how dare you have agency!

    • Julie says:

      His daughter is up and coming singer and her music is ultra sexual. That’s his real issue. Had she ended up more virginal he wouldn’t have a word to say about WAP. In fact, just a year ago he was busted getting down with Celina, the biggest industry groupie who’s only 3 years older than his daughter. You read his psychology right

  3. Chica1971 says:

    Whenever it is not about men or for men, it’s a problem.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      Well said. This is exactly what it boils down to.

    • GuestwithCat says:

      Yep that’s it. You said it. When it’s not about them or for them, suddenly they’re these great philosophers.

      But I get that as a father, he’s probably regretting some of the things he put out there and did to commoditize (not sure that’s exactly the word I’m looking for) sexuality.

      So much changes for a lot of us when we bring another human being into the world.

      I did give WAP a listen. My ears melted. Lol, I am definitely too old for this music! But I’m glad the women are creating the music they feel comfortable with. I grew up listening to hair metal bands sing about underage groupies in the most appalling ways and everyone thought that was just fine. It wasn’t. It was like Jeffrey Epstein’s personal playlist. Yet I sang along with half of those songs without a thought.

  4. Julie says:

    I hate him for forcing me to defend mediocre song

    • MF1 says:

      Yeah, me too. I don’t care for WAP. I think it’s kind of a stupid song (and not because it’s raunchy), but I hate his misogyny even more.

  5. sa says:

    This is the dude who was a pimp at one point and everyone treats it like an amusing anecdote, so am I supposed to be surprised that he thinks he should have a say in how women present their sexuality?

    • AnnaKist says:

      I can’t stand this man. Kind of off-topic, but you mentioned his past “career”. U was doing a bit of research because of a d and m I had with my best friend. I knew that brothels in our state (Australia) are legal, under the Summary Offences Act 1988, but I discovered that pimping is illegal. It’s illegal to “live off the immoral earnings of another person”. Immoral or not (eh, it’s just sex, after all), whatever the job, it’s despicable to sponge off another person, and he’s vile for exploiting women then, and now, still trying to control what they do.

  6. ce says:

    I love snoop but he’s showing his age (and his ass) here. 90s male rappers: hit songs literally degrading women and their bodies. WAP: women loving their healthy vaginas. Which one is the problem??

    • Eleonora says:

      This. Rap, or at least the rap that made it overseas, wasn’t good for respecting women. Suddenly, it was like in every MV, women were nothing but meat that had no other existence than dancing sexy for fully-clothed men, who often said degrading things about them.

      Glad female rappers are taking control.

  7. Oatmeal says:

    Snoop needs to stfu and sitdown somewhere

    This dude has made a 30 year career of hyper sexualizing, objectifying and sexually demeaning women.

    I remember being in college at a friends house and someone put on Doggystyle. I was mortified and second hand embarrassed for how crass and needlessly vulgar the album was

    Matter of fact ,I have never really bought any gangsta rap albums, just bopped along to the radio hits (still love gin n juice btw), but the actual albums were just violent cesspools of misogyny.

    So while I cant stand Cardi and could care less about WAP I’m not trying to hear Snoop, a man who walked a red carpet with two scantily clad women with dog collars around their necks that he held on a leash, not trying to hear that BS from his hypocritical a**

    Lmaooooo, these rappers kill me . They got no problem living at strip clubs and having “dancers” in their videos but always wanna change the narrative and pump the brakes when it comes to their daughters


  8. Tiff says:

    His first album is literally titled Doggy Style. SMH.

  9. Honora says:

    Sure sure whatever until the jewel part. Gross.
    We have a long way to go. Similarly Obama’s joke about not wanting to like his daughters partner was off to me. Women don’t say that about their son’s partners. It’s normal for men to say that and or make jokes about violence against their daughters dates because it’s understood that sex is something being done to their daughters, and fathers can’t handle it. At least it’s normal unless the daughter is married. If she’s married she’s been given away so the father does not make jokes about hating his son in law. The hating is all about a man “damaging” the daughter’s worth and potentially breaking her heart. Jokes like that seem normal but what’s implied is very sexist and not pro sex for women. I’m not saying more sex /dating is a good thing for all women, some women (and men) may only get engaged and married to One person and that’s lovey, but men should lead by example instead of assuming boys will be boys and whatever boy his daughter is with is probably shit because he’s a male and thus wants to sleep with many femAles and damage their “jewel.”

  10. Godwina says:

    “that should be a woman’s…that’s like your pride and possession. That’s your jewel of the Nile. That’s what you should hold onto. That should be a possession that no one gets to know about until they know about it.”

    That is some purity myth BS right there, one step away from purdah rhetoric. Ah, patriarchy–the Great Hypocrisy.

    • detritus says:

      Another commenter mentioned this is really about his daughter and that tracks.
      He used wh*res. His daughter is a reflection on him and therefore should be a Madonna. A woman with no sexuality and only purity.

      He’s banging groupies his daughters age so drop the jewel nonsense. Wonder how he’d describe his peen if a WAP is a jewel.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      +1. Misogynists will try to convince people that it doesn’t matter what’s said about women and girls, and that half the population is not worth changing our language and traditions. But we live in a femicide culture and a rape culture. We live in a world where too many people see nothing wrong with voting for politicians who would take reproductive rights away. What people are taught about girls and women will always matter.

  11. Willow says:

    Snoop Dogg and your Doggy Style when it comes to anything about women, shut your mouth and take all the seats. You lost all credibility long ago.

  12. Sojaschnitzel says:

    Really disappointing.

  13. BlueSky says:

    Says the person who had two half naked women on a leash at the MTV VMAs and has produced p0rn. Yet does not have the same energy for the male rappers. Have several seats, hypocrite.

  14. Chill says:

    Death to the patriarchy.

  15. Ariel says:

    Didn’t Snoop direct porn at some point?
    Cranky old man.
    I mean, perspectives change, and good for him for understanding that song is not for him.
    Or me (i’m 48).
    But i have been appalled at the amount of old man whining about this song when no one says anything about what young men say- including Snoop.
    I bought the first Snoop album- Doggystyle.
    I bought the Chronic, on which he was featured.

    This argument that well of course women are equal and can say what they want BUT….

    Just good, old fashioned sexism.

  16. Joanna says:

    He’s got some mf nerve. Gtfoh w that

  17. Athyrmose says:

    Where was all this outspokenness from him when that little monster shot Meg?

    Useless ass.

  18. Noely says:

    I don’t even like this song but all that criticism from men about it just kinda prove the point Cardi and Meg were making. It’s especially hypocritical coming from Snoop Dogg of all people.

  19. Kris Jong Un says:

    I remember back in the day, Snoop had a groupie give him oral sex on stage during a concert. He can have ALLL of the seats.

  20. Lanie says:

    Now sir, you think I don’t recall the lyrics to “Ain’t No Fun?”

    Have several seats, Snoop!

  21. shanaynay says:

    Snoop you got a lot of nerve!!!! Pot meet kettle!!!!

  22. Grant says:

    This guy literally raps, “if the b!tch get an attitude, pop it like it’s hot…” He can miss me with this faux-outrage. Just disgusting.

  23. Implicit says:


  24. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Men can date their hands for all eternity. I can’t stand WAP, but please, let them sing. As women, we’ve been objectified since Egypt’s first dynasty. If we have to now endure men’s ridiculous opinions about women and their words, please, keep singing about wet p@ssys.

  25. Isa says:

    I remember seeing a Snoop performance at a college (lol), not that long ago, with his female backup dancers on stripper poles on stage next to him. But that’s okay? He is being *beyond* hypocritical.

    • Isa says:

      Update: it was in October *2019,* University of Kansas, with unedited lyrics and strippers on poles. The university apologized in the media and claimed they had specifically told him they wanted a “clean” show. He has no objection to raunchy lyrics as long as it’s men in control.

  26. Silent Star says:

    Ok. But if he was fully on board with WAP I can’t help but wonder if we wouldn’t just think he was being inappropriate “at his age”, and “why doesn’t he just grow up”. I recognize the hypocrisy, but I also understand that people change their opinions about things as they get older, and I’m ok with Snoop admitting that.

  27. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I’m a 63 year old white woman and although rap is DEFINITELY not my thing (heavy metal/hard rock y’all) there was so much noise about the video I decided to check it out and TBH I thought it was fine. They were owning it with no apologies. As for Snoop, well…he understands it’s a generational thing, good for him, but maybe he should check himself.

  28. Lisa says:

    My friend managed security at many of his shows in a specific location and he routinely had sex with underage –like really young— girls on his bus. So all of this seems very disingenuous. Would be nice if people with tangible evidence and accounts came forward and brought some justice.

  29. Valerie says:

    Did anyone tell him to slow down when he named his first album Doggystyle?

  30. Lulu says:

    I am a young woman and therefore the ‘target audience’ for that song/video. I appreciate what those ladies were trying to achieve with it but, it fell flat in my opinion and not for the reasons snoop gave. Song is not good enough or catchy enough (think ‘My Neck, My back’…) I also didn’t find the video appealing. It was made for the male gaze, just like other typical hip hop/rap videos are. Kelly Rowland’s videos for example, cater to the female gaze and sell me ‘female sexual empowerment’ much more convincingly than Cardi and Megan. This video is just vulgar and so is the artwork. (I blame Miley for the gross tongue trend that won’t die). Sorry, not a fan. All that being said, Snoop can go yell at rocks with his hypocrisy and patriarchal nonsense.

  31. Atti says:

    Wait until the right guy comes around? Oh Snoop… he doesnt exist. Am i supposed to stay celibate for another 30 years into my grave?

  32. Eleonora says:

    Out of all people…

  33. MargaritasForBreakfast says:

    Wasnt this the guy who brought two nearly naked women ON LEASHES to an awards show? Wasn’t this the guy who produced “hip hop porn” for many years? This is a problem within the male dominated hiphop world. It’s ok for men to sexually exploit women, but it’s not ok for women to utilize their own sexuality. Snoop and other hiphoppers need to sit all the way the F down.