Was Kourtney Kardashian Photoshopped into the Kardashians’ Xmas photo?

Trumps Depart to Spend the Christmas Holiday in Florida

Apparently, the Kardashian-Jenner clan decided to spend the Christmas holiday in Tahoe, which… I mean, on one side, good for them, on the other side, I’m sure they are breaking tons of pandemic guidelines. Here in America (for our foreign readers), every state is issuing their own guidelines and at the federal level, most people just try to do whatever Dr. Fauci tells them. Dr. Fauci has said that different households shouldn’t mingle for Christmas. There are six different households represented in this “Christmas photo.” I don’t get it.

When the Kardashians posted this pic on social media, the biggest complaint wasn’t that they’re breaking pandemic guidelines though. No, the biggest complaint was that… Kourtney Kardashian looks like she was Photoshopped into the pic in between Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian. Really look at the pic though… my best guess is that Kris Jenner, Cory Gamble, Khloe and Kendall were all in the same photo, and then Kourtney was added separately, and Scott and Kim were added separately too. Those three don’t have any connection to the other four. It’s super-weird. People are saying that Kylie possibly took the photo. So… did they not invite Rob?? So strange, this clan.

Oh, E! News has the scoop – Kylie was not actually in Tahoe at all – she’s spending the holiday in Texas with Stormi, with her on-and-off lover and baby-daddy Travis Scott. Sources also tell E! that Kourtney *was* in Tahoe, despite not showing up on anyone else’s IG Stories this week, and despite the fact that Kourtney seemed to be posting on social media from LA. Huh.

Photos courtesy of the Kardashians’ social media.

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  1. Babsorig says:

    This entire clan annoy the heck out of me, TBH.
    Does everyone of them have a fake butt or what? Anyways, merry Christmas to y’all CB’chers wherever you may be. And a very wonderful new 2021.

    • Mustang Sally says:

      Kim needs to stop with the duck face and peace-sign fingers. She looks like Vanessa Hudgens at a Coachella concert.

      PS – on the fake butts, a background (or image) that has blue behind it makes it easier to manipulate (cough) – I mean clean up. Hence, the blue “lake” behind her waist & butt 😉

    • Soupie says:

      They probably all sit around the dinner table and discuss their issues with their fake backsides and what to do about it.

  2. Ang says:

    I would be pleased if they were all photoshopped in, to show that they did not gather six households together. Grrrr.

  3. Noki says:

    I know its definitely photoshop because Khloe is taller than Scott and he has never towered over anyone like that.

  4. Amy Too says:

    I think everyone except Kourtney was there. Everyone else had a shadow in front of them except for Kourtney. And she looks to be in a completely different amount of focus than the others. She’s all washed out. But honestly, I wouldn’t go either. Because pandemic. I live in Michigan. It’s going to be 21 degrees this evening and my family is doing a masked, outside Christmas Eve lights walk with my in-laws. Because pandemic! We are dropping off/picking up bags of gifts for each other and will be walking around in snow and ice outside wearing masks in below freezing temperatures because that’s what is safe right now.

  5. Chaine says:

    If it was photoshop, wouldn’t they have shopped Kylie in too? At any rate, at this point I am SO SICK of seeing the Kardashians on their jaunts all over the world for fab vacations while the rest of us are in lockdown trying to be responsible and not spread the virus to others. I truly hate them! They are horrible, horrible people.

  6. FancyPants says:

    I can’t tell any of them apart any more so [shrug]. When you’re that plastic in real life, you’re always gonna look photoshopped.

  7. sara says:

    I really don’t gaf. I want everyone in this family to fall off a cliff.

    • minx says:

      Thank you. Same. Useless, useless people, all of them.

    • AnnaKist says:

      If they do fall off a cliff, can someone first grab Kris’s boots for me, please?
      As for photoshopping, I know nothing about it, but has khloe always been taller than Kendull? To me, they all look as if they’ve gifted themselves new faces.

  8. MaryContrary says:

    She looks like a hologram. But the rest of them look like blow up dolls-so whatever. We know they’re congregating and creating their own super spreader events. Tahoe has begged people not to travel there because their hospitals are so overrun. But, as per usual, normal rules don’t apply to this group.

  9. Mina_Esq says:

    It’s amazing to me that Kyle turned out to be the most responsible one in this group. She also skipped Kim’s island birthday trip.

  10. Jules says:

    Are you f-ing kidding me with these outfits? They’ve got to be trolling us.

    The real question is- is anyone from this family real?

  11. ME says:

    So NONE of them think it’s a good idea to actually listen to doctors and experts about the pandemic and that you really shouldn’t be travelling or spending time with anyone outside of your household? Not only that but they had to post pics just to show how stupid they are? Kanye is in Belgium and will probably join them today or tomorrow, no need to quarantine because celebs can do whatever they want. Khloe was just in Boston and now she’s in Tahoe ? Selfish jerks all of them. I bet their nannies don’t even get ANY time off ! How nice of Kylie to fly on her private jet and take her hair stylist with her to go pose at a charity event with her baby daddy. Tone def to say the least.

  12. Implicit says:


  13. Velvet Elvis says:

    I notice that Kim is wearing those hideous Kanye shoes.

  14. Sisi says:

    At the very least there are a few groupings were taken with different photo settings. Some have that muted iPhone color aesthetic while others don’t.

  15. Adream says:

    Everything Kim wears looks SO uncomfortable.

  16. K says:

    I think at this point , they are only photoshops. If you see them in real life they are probably pixels. How Twilight Zone.

  17. EOA says:

    I normally don’t care but Khloe Kardashian is actually in Massachusetts right now or was as of a few days ago. (The Celtics first game was last night).


    • Julie says:

      I hate that she was maybe house-hunting here. Can’t stand any of them. The local news stated that Tristan Thompson wasn’t worth the 19 million and that he was probably contracted for his name only. The mentioned how the position he played isn’t as a big deal as it used to be and how (in what ways he isn’t a good player). It made it obvious to me why he associates with the Kardashian and their reality show, not that he’s a good person any way.

      Khloe just wanted ANY NBA player. And then they want to walk around and be such a plague on our culture and society. I hate that they’ll be in Boston…GO AWAY Kartrash and Thompson. Ugh.

  18. Still_Sarah says:

    I feel bad for Rob K. They didn’t even TRY to photoshop him in when it is obvious that other family members were photoshopped in. What a put down for poor Rob. But then again, maybe he’s happy to be persona non grata at the K clan Christmas. Maybe he’s relieved.

  19. KC says:

    Honestly, they all look photoshopped to me. Like maybe they’re not really in that setting. Kris and Corey look like they’re from the same picture and still going strong I see. Kourtney really does look like a hologram. Kim and Scott look like they could be from another picture. The other 2 sisters I’m undecided on. And what on earth?! Has Karen been messing with her face?!!😯. I really thought she’d be the one who didn’t because she started modeling with her original face but here she looks tweaked….and so much like her mum. Also, isn’t Rocky dating Riri now? Although I guess that doesn’t meant Kylie wouldn’t skip out so he could be with his daughter. But if RiRi is on the menu I really don’t see Kylie still being an option. IJS🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. Soupie says:

    Kylie and Kendall:
    Do not EVER impersonate my beloved REAL Romy and Michelle again. You pathetic posers have NOTHING on Romy, Michelle, Mira and Lisa.

  21. Smoothie says:

    I don’t understand, if you are going to photoshop why wouldn’t you take out the cameltoe