Willow Smith laughed so hard on a date that she farted: relatable?

I haven’t watched much of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talks. I’ve seen some snippets and do appreciate that she’s trying a different approach to the chat show angle, though. As I understand it, her message is Real Talk, putting it all on the table. Even if I don’t show up for all of it, I did find today’s topic pretty relatable: Awkward Social Situations. You know, those times in which you wish you could suddenly chameleon yourself into the wallpaper while the rest of the room laughs at you for what seems eternity? No sooner did Jada bring up the subject than her daughter Willow mentioned something that has probably happened to all of us, the dreaded laugh fart. Willow said she was on what was ostensibly a first date when the guy made her laugh so hard, she farted. The good news is, the incident just made them laugh more and led to more dates.

Even Willow Smith has awkward moments.

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip of Tuesday’s Red Table Talk, the singer admitted she had “farted on a date one time” while speaking to her mother Jada Pinkett Smith and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris on the Facebook Watch show.

“I had met this person before,” Willow, 20, said. “We were having a very good time and he made me laugh really hard. That was the outcome.”

Willow continued, “He just looked at me and there was a moment of both of us realizing what had happened. And we both started cracking up even more.”

Willow said the two did go out again, jokingly saying, “A little fart can’t mess this up,” while gesturing to herself as her mother and grandmother laughed.

[From People]

I’ve embedded the short clip of Willow’s story below. She described that in the aftermath of the fart, they both stared at each other and did eventually laugh, but it was a self-conscious I really don’t know what else to do kind of laugh. Fortunately, it turned into genuine hearty chuckle between the two and they went on to see each other again, although Willow never does say who the guy was. I don’t know why, but it does, in fact, make me feel better to know that famous people get embarrassed by this kind of thing. Of course this happens to them, but I guess I assumed there was some kind of social contract that we were all supposed to pretend it was a backfiring truck and move on. But Willow is so relatable when she tells it because on the first date, you’re still trying to give off the impression that, if you’ll excuse the phrase, your sh*t doesn’t stink. I absolutely adore Willow’s response about how “a little fart can’t mess this up,” replete with hair flip. That’s right, Miss W. He’s lucky to be in your light, no matter how it sounds.

I can’t believe farting is still such a social stigma, and I say that as someone who is humiliated by the mere mention of the bodily function. We have wildly differing opinions on farts at Hecate Temple and somehow it divides right down the gender line. My husband and son are weirdly proud at their ability to produce any kind of gas from their person whereas my daughter and I will deny, falsely accuse and divert as soon as the “subject” comes up. The boys get indignant when we try to pretend it wasn’t us, like we have nothing to be ashamed of. But the same scenario that Willow described happened to me just a fortnight ago. We were playing charades and my kids made me laugh so hard I audibly tooted. It’s still being brought up and openly mocked today, so you tell me why I keep blaming the dog.

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  1. Noki says:

    Lol i cant believe this was a whole write up 🤣

  2. AnnaKist says:

    I’ve never had any real embarrassing things like this. My very best friend, though… Dhe has wet her knickers in public several times. The last was a few weeks ago when she took her hubby to the medical centre to have a dressing changed. She and hubby see the funny side of everything. This time, it was the pompous doctor, who refused to allow her to take photos of the wound. I mean, she is a bit ghoulish, but she was going to send the pics to the specialist. The doc;s seriousness set the pair of them off. The doc ordered them to stop laughing, which made them laugh all the more. As they were leaving his room, her bladder gave up and …pshhhhh. I asked if it embarrassed her, and she was almost choking with laughter, but said. “No.” She got to the car and just took her knickers off. That set hubby off again. I think I’d die with embarrassment.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    I once threw up on a date at the Blair Witch Project, the shaky cam made me nauseous.

    And another time, a first date was so enraged by the Matrix Revolutions that he started yelling and caused a ruckus. So much so he got kicked out of the theater. Usher escorted him out and I stayed behind because the Usher said, “just him” since I hadn’t done a thing. I followed after 5 minutes cause date was my ride, but he had driven off without me! I fortunately saw some friends attending a later showing, and the Usher let me go with them to see the movie again. And so I finished the film and got a ride from my friends, but worst first date ever.

  4. Chaine says:

    Not laughing, but from sneezing. It’s the worst because I don’t want to be in a professional situation and have the dreaded sneeze-fart.

  5. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    This entire post had me rolling!!! Thanks, Hecate, for the laughs!

  6. Savu says:

    Just commenting to say Willow has the cutest kitty 😻

  7. Jules says:

    Did I actually just read this? 2020 is also going down as the year that celebrities truly got shameless with seeking attention.

  8. Gaf says:

    Was it an angry Rudy fart????

  9. Anne says:

    If a guy made me laugh that hard on a first date I’d say he was a keeper.

  10. Haapa says:

    There’s also the dreaded cough-fart.

  11. Marguerita says:

    When I first started dating my current mister, he told me (in front of his two young boys) that “girls don’t fart”. So I farted, right then and there. I also proudly burp on command, loudly. Women are just the same as men, and some outdated social norm isn’t going to slow me down. People are people, and we all suffer gas. Don’t worry about my guy, he’s still around and the outdated ideas are slowly changing for the better. He is 12 years older (Gen X), so he gets a modified “soft” pass, as long as he shows growth. I’m also not always that disgusting, but the statement and the gassy situation couldn’t have been better. I’m 43, so I’ve seen a change in society over time for the better, which is awesome. I do my part, one fart or burp at a time.

  12. BL says:

    This is my favourite post of 2020 by FAR!!

  13. Laura says:

    A coworker once asked me in front of a dude if I’ve ever snored so loudly I’ve woken myself up. I said no. She rolled her eyes and said “Don’t lie just because there’s a man here!” I looked her dead in the eyes and said “I’m not lying. I have FARTED so loudly I’ve woken myself up, however.” The guy said “Me too! And it was on a leather couch!”
    Another coworker insisted to me that she had never farted during sex. I called BS because sex…well, it’s sex, bodies squish together, things slap around, weird things happen. And this coworker has had LOTS of sex, so I couldn’t imagine how nothing had ever slipped out before.
    I got a text from her a week later “I JUST FARTED DURING SEX AND I BLAME YOU!!!”