Zendaya on the pandemic: ‘Things are going to stay different for quite a long time’

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Zendaya covers the latest issue of Elle to promote Dune. The interview was conducted by her Dune costar Timothee Chalamet, in what I assume will be another movement to create Timdaya, the couple we desperately need. Timothee and Lily-Rose Depp broke up at some point, I’m pretty sure, but I have no idea what’s going on in Zendaya’s love life at the moment. She always seems to have admirers and beaus. Timmy seemed very jazzed about getting to do the interview, for whatever that’s worth. Timdaya 4 Eva!!! You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

The virtual Emmys: “There were these people in hazmat suits that went around to all the nominees’ houses with awards. So basically if you won, you’d grab it quickly from them and have it. If you didn’t win, they’d just take it with them and leave… Yeah. I got to keep mine. [My assistant] Darnell [Appling] was actually the one who handed it to me.

Her Emmy win was full of love, surrounded by family & friends: “It absolutely was. Everybody was there and screaming, as my family does! We are a very loud family, and I was worried that they were going to be screaming for too long. And the little clock would start ticking, and I’d be like, “Ah, thank you.” And then it would be over.

She quite liked doing the Emmys at home: “I got to feel all fancy and put on this beautiful custom [Armani Privé] gown and do my hair and makeup and then just be with my family in the living room, which was actually quite nice. it was great. And we got to take pictures in the house, so I knew I would be happy with them. There was none of the usual “Ah, I hate that picture” that is suddenly circulating everywhere. So it wasn’t bad. It actually worked really smoothly the way they virtually transitioned people over to different media outlets. They really had it all figured out.

She wants the youths to have hope: “Well, my intention there was really just to be honest, because it feels like a very hopeless time, specifically in this country. I know a lot of my peers feel enraged and exhausted and tired of living and growing up in a system that feels like it wasn’t built for us. At this moment in time, it is hard to find joy and beauty in things, and I really think that is important. Right now, we as Black people need to embrace joy and not let it be taken away from us.

What she’s looking forward to doing once the pandemic is over: “I don’t know—I think that things are going to stay different for quite a long time. We’re probably going to have a new normal to keep people safe and healthy, which I’m totally down for. I mean, I love traveling. I don’t feel super-safe traveling all over the place quite yet, but I can’t wait to get back to it. I love being able to visit different places. I think that’s one of the beautiful parts of our job. Anytime I go on either a press tour or travel for work, which is really the main reason why I travel, I try to find as many museums and educational tours as I can. Some people think it’s boring, but I absolutely love it. You get all this information, and you go home and you start telling people random things like, “Did you know that this was built and….” I just love having random facts. So, yeah, I miss traveling for sure. Luckily I’ve been able to work, so I’m grateful for that, being able to work safely. I do miss being able to actually go to the movies. But you know what? All of that can wait.

[From Elle]

I have something to confess… but is anyone else just feeling sort of okay with all of the pandemic restrictions and all of that? There have been moments or weeks when I felt a little stir-crazy, and there are legitimately some things I miss (seeing my mom and going to restaurants), but pandemic life suits me fine, in general. I think that’s what Zendaya is kind of saying too – she doesn’t believe that “normal” will be happening any time soon, and she’s fine with that. She also seemed to kind of shrug when Timothee suggested that virtual awards shows (like the Emmys) will be the norm for a while. I definitely think… that’s a real possibility. The awards season has needed a shake-up for a while, honestly.

Cover & IG courtesy of Elle.

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  1. Anners says:

    Once the Orange Turd is out, and travel is safe again, I’d really like to do some cross border shopping. I miss Target. And I miss face to face time with my friends. I was lucky in that my family bubbled together to help look after my nephew. But ya, otherwise I can handle another 6 months to a year of restrictions probably.

  2. Anna says:

    True…We are going to be dealing with this in some form or another for a long time. I think that part is the hardest right now, the realization that, after all these months, it’s not something we’ll just emerge from but that this means major real-life changes for the foreseeable future. I’m finding it tough right now to wrap my mind around all that that means including dating (currently single and in my late 40s so it’s causing some distress to think that I may never be able to date freely again and being a bit older adds another layer of undesirability on top of health concerns…). But that’s a lesser worry, tbh. I’m thankful for what I have, deeply grateful. I just miss the sun on my face and being able to make a quick run outside, things like that.

    But as for pandemic/quarantine restrictions, I’m fine with it. I’m actually happiest when I can just be alone in my home creating and living. My migraines have all but stopped since I don’t have to go to the PWI and deal with people who give me instant headaches. It’s been amazing to be away from that daily energetic assault. That said, my anxiety levels have gone *way* up because of the non-masking people. I’m so afraid of getting covid that I start to have heart palpitations the night before I have to go to the grocery store, and that lasts all the way until I’m back home again with groceries safely disinfected, floors mopped, and me showered. It’s exhausting on every level. Still, I’m thankful that I don’t have to be out there everyday. My heart truly goes out to those who must be on the frontlines day in and day out.

    • ME says:

      I really hope the sanitizing and hand washing continue long after this pandemic is over. I always thought people were gross. I just can’t believe how few people actually washed their hands before ! I also think masks during cold/flu season should be mandatory. I remember in years past seeing people in the grocery store coughing openly and just spraying their germs on everything ! The anxiety during this pandemic has also been A LOT. I also dread getting groceries. I wipe them all down and then jump right into the shower…and then I obsess if I missed anything or didn’t wipe good enough. Ahhhhhhhhh…..

      • Anna says:

        With you @ME And agreed, people are gross. I was always the one with hand sanitizer. Amazing how dirty people behave in general. It’s like the covid mandates just brought us up to a basic level of cleanliness i.e. wash your hands after you use the toilet. Then I went to a doctors office that had no automatic sinks or dispensers and no paper towels on some kind of eco-cost-saving measure! I get it but how are people not going to get sick?! I just… 🙁

  3. Noodle says:

    To answer your question, Kaiser, I’m okay with several facets of the new normal. I miss going to stores and restaurants and all that, but I know that will return, likely in spring or summer. The hardest part for me has been the increase in demands on me. I work full time (from home) and have a side job for income. Husband was laid off in May. My three kids (15yo with special needs, 12, 6yo with special needs) have been largely virtual schooling from home since March. All the little pockets of time that I used to have to meet a girlfriend for a walk or lunch, or just go lose myself in Home Goods are gone. Every moment is a demand. And that’s exhausting. I’m truly exhausted.

  4. MaryContrary says:

    I haven’t seen my parents in over a year-we’re on opposite coasts. Other than that, I’m actually enjoying just being home. I’m an introvert though-I find my friends who are extroverts have had a much more difficult time with all of this.

  5. ME says:

    Well I just think about all the lack of flying celebs are doing because they can do interviews from home and accept awards from home. That’s pretty good for the planet at least ! The thing is, I see so many people who haven’t changed their routines at all. The pandemic hasn’t affected them much. They still have parties, socialize, and do pretty much what they always have. They don’t care. The Kardashians are a prime example of that…but I know people in real life who aren’t giving a sh*t about Covid. Selfish jerks.

  6. Bingobango says:

    Love Zendaya! Timdaya would be cute but I hope they just remain friends.

    Yeah, after the last 4 years normal is never coming back. We need to remember what we’ve all been through this year and use it forge a butter future.

  7. Maggi says:

    Pandemic Confessions…My sensitive introvert self is more than ok with social distancing…

  8. Mindy_Dopple says:

    I think the pandemic has changed more than social interactions but also they way we look at each other – especially our loved ones. All my family is in Texas and living in self isolation with my husband in Massachusetts has been TOUGH for me, but compounded by my families reckless decisions regarding the pandemic. They’ve risked contracting COVID for trips – for extracurricular activities – even the holidays. It’s broken my heart but also changed how I see them. They’re selfish and will do selfish things. I don’t hate them, I still talk to them regularly and hope they’re still around to meet my bun in the oven. I’ve had to dig deep to find understanding and peace.

  9. Astrid says:

    It’s kind of a mixed bag. So many families are struggling. I”m OK with working from home and seeing my teenagers more than I would have pre-COVID.

  10. Lucy says:

    How sensible and understanding. After all the KarJenner “safe” partying bullsh*t, reading what she has to say is like a breath of fresh air. Wouldn’t expect less of her.

  11. paranormalgirl says:

    I miss live music shows. But I can deal with streaming.

  12. Darla says:

    I miss live music terribly. And my business is impacted very negatively by no corporate events. So I can’t wait for it to go back to normal, but I know it will be a while. My guess has long been the corporate event industry won’t come back until CES, Vegas, January 2022. I believe 21 is basically a write off as well.

    On a personal note, yeah I am single too, and in my early 50’s, so…but where there’s a will there’s a way, and I do have a new prospect. 🙂

  13. Marigold says:

    I really love staying at home. I’m an even bigger homebody than I thought!

  14. Snuffles says:

    Yeah, I’m gonna need more time to get back to normal.

    Once I’m vaccinated, the first thing I’m going to do is give my parents a big hug and sit down inside their kitchen and have a meal with them. And see my family in person.

    As far as going out and about. I’ll do more of it, but it will take another year before I take off my mask. I’ll probably get back to physically going to the grocery store and shopping. I’ll get my hair and nails done. Get a massage. Maybe see my chiropractor.

    What I won’t be doing anytime soon is eating inside a restaurant, going to a concert or any kind of crowded situation. Getting on a plane or traveling unless I absolutely HAVE to.

    I hope to resume traveling in 2022 because I’m already plotting a huge trip with my BFF!

  15. Sof says:

    Interesting that she mentions going to museums because it’s the only thing I miss. That and apparently taking the Metro, as I dream about it at least once a week!
    There is this exhibition I really want to see but I won’t be going as it’s on the other side of the city and I can only get there by taxi. To be honest, I don’t think risking my family’s health is worth it.

  16. Mina_Esq says:

    I learned during the pandemic that I actually don’t like staying home as much as I thought I would. In fact, I hate it. I went from at least 3 social engagements per week to zero or, like, BS virtual wine tastings and what not. I miss travel the most. I miss festivals. I miss crowded pubs. Once we are at herd vaxx levels, I’ll accept every party invitation that comes my way, even if it’s on another continent and even if it is to celebrate like a cat’s birthday. And if no such invites come, I’ll host parties at my house. My God, I’ll even stop complaining about kids’ birthday parties.

  17. A Fan says:

    Sigh. Zendaya is the best. Smart, sensible, grounded, cool. All wrapped up in a gorgeous package.

    [*She does a lot of good.*]