Hilaria Baldwin claimed to bring ‘a bit of my culture’ to her Spanish-themed wedding

West Side Story Opening Night - Arrivals.

One of the things which – sadly – just occurred to me is that Hillary Thomas really didn’t have to do THIS much to create this stupid fake Spanish personality. She grew up a privileged Bostonian who spent a few summers in Spain with her family. Why wasn’t THAT enough? Why couldn’t she just be who she is and just love everything about Spain and Spanish culture? There are tons of regular old Americans who are Anglophiles or Francophiles or Sinophiles or obsessed with various other cultures. And it’s fine, because Becky from Iowa hasn’t created a new persona where she’s a Parisian named Sabine. You can love a different culture and try to incorporate parts of that culture into your life without being a f–king lying grifter fraud. Take, for example, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria’s 2012 wedding, which was in New York. She could have easily just incorporated some Spanish elements and declared herself a big fan of Spanish culture. Instead, this happened:

In 2012, Hilaria incorporated several Spanish elements in her 175-guest wedding on June 30, 2012, claiming to People at the time: ‘I liked that I brought in a bit of my culture.’

The couple married at Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Manhattan, with the nuptials including readings in both English and Spanish. Hilaria donned a long white veil with lace embroidering the crown of her head, reminiscent of a mantilla, a traditional Spanish lace worn over the head and shoulders.

During their vows, Hilaria is also seen fanning herself with a flamenco hand fan. The couple exchanged wedding bands that have the inscription ‘somos un buen equipo’ – meaning ‘we are a good team’ in English. The lovebirds had their first dance to Contigo by Luis Miguel and when celebrating their third anniversary, Hilaria posed a video montage of their wedding with the song Ave Maria playing over the clip.

In a previous interview, she said she walked down the aisle to it, explaining it is one of her favorite Spanish-language songs, although the song is Latin.

Even the couple’s proposal was an ode to Spain. When Alec proposed just three months earlier in the Hamptons, Hilaria told Extra TV that he chose Montauk because it was ‘as close as he could get to Spain, to my family.’

Later that year, Hilaria spoke with Vanity Fair España, describing her marital bliss and dropped an anecdote about how her family couldn’t understand how to pronounce her new last name – Baldwin. The translated article reads: ‘For now, she confesses, she has enough with learning to spell her new last name. ‘I had to repeat it to my family three times: Baldddwinnn. And the third time they said Oh, we already know who it is! Why didn’t you pronounce it right the first time?”

Hilaria’s parents, although they retired to Spain in 2011, spent a majority of their lives in the US. While Hilaria has long described her mother as Spanish, records revealed that Dr Kathryn Hayward is in fact a fourth-generation Massachusetts resident.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is just f–king INSANE. She wasn’t even really in love with Spanish culture, and she clearly did little research on anything. She was like “I wave a flamenco hand fan and wear Spanish lace, everyone will believe that I’m Spanish then!” And all of the f–king lies she’s told about her family – yes, two white American parents couldn’t pronounce “Baldwin” and they had to watch as their idiot grifter daughter faked an accent and a whole new persona. I would love to hear from the Thomas family, actually. Please let them give an interview!!

Hilaria Baldwin at the National Geographic Ocean Odyssey opening in New York

Jennifer Lopez heads to studio for New Year's Eve rehearsal

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    In some of those shots the Penelope Cruz cosplay is strong.

  2. Char says:

    As someone born in Latin America and who gets shit for having a real accent and sometimes mistaking words, Hillary With The Fake Accent is really a slap in the face. Lots of immigrants get shit for their lack of full comprehension of the language on the country they now live, they face racism and xenophobia and this basic AF bit** is faking a heritage to look interesting. And worst, she isn’t good at it.

  3. Kate says:

    This is the hilaria-ious drama we deserve for enduring 2020.

    • Ash says:

      Agreed! Feel free to make every single story on CB tomorrow about this woman, it’s glorious!

      • Bros says:

        My question is how is anyone surprised??? She’s obviously an unstable personality, definitely always got the impression she lives on the knife’s edge of sanity, keeps having babies to fulfill some deepseated emptiness in herself, is extraordinarily needy and thirsty for attention and validation and the extra persona is just one more symptom of this unstable personality she has. If baldwin ever breaks up with her, youd see this manifested in all kinds of insane ways, threats of suicide, stalking, etc. she is an obvious nutcase.

    • My3cents says:

      This is a neverending Christmas gift, and I’m here for it!

    • cassandra says:

      I’m taking this as a sign that things are looking up!

  4. Erinn says:

    I think there’s a bigger message here on how easily people believed a barely even half baked scheme like this. And I don’t doubt that some of the reason that this is coming up now is because of Trumpers – but broken clocks are right twice a day. She deserves the criticism.

    It’s f-cking weird that someone would craft a persona like this – but I also know there are plenty of other celeb or celeb adjacent people who do weird stuff like this. How often do we hear about celebrities lying about their age, or upbringing. I mean that trash-ass Kidd Rock came from a wealthy background and is named something basic like Robert, but plays it up SO HARD to seem like he’s one of the “good ol blue collared bros” when he’s never spent a single day living that life. But people eat that shit upppp

    • Honora says:

      I think they “believed” because the vast majority (like me) knew about her but weren’t particularly interested. Until this happened I’ve barely clicked her stories on this site. Lots of people know her name from headlines (she must have a Good publicist) but don’t actually read her articles watch her videos/interviews. Why would I be interested in his trophy wife even if she is from Spain (so is a Hemsworth wife) and pretty And strong and has children? It’s not enough to be interesting other than for filler content on talk shows that need filler and filler articles for tabloids, which again, only the very bored probably click.
      Was anyone a fan? Genuinely curious.

      • Chaine says:

        ITA, all I knew about her before this was that she was Alec Baldwin’s obvious gold-digger wife who does yoga ostentatiously on social media and likes babies. She just seemed like a boring hanger-on and I didn’t read the articles.

      • kgeo says:

        I swear, I didn’t even know she was supposed to be Spanish. I just thought she had an ‘interesting’ name. There is nothing about her that reads Spanish to me. Not that you can tell someone’s nationality by looking at them, but if she was trying to play it up, visually, she wasn’t even that good at it.

      • lucy2 says:

        Same – all I knew about her was from here, that she was attention starved, liked to post underwear photos, had a lot of kids real fast, and seemed like a LOT. But I didn’t expect her to be THIS MUCH!

  5. Seraphina says:

    If I were Spanish, I’d be a bit offended she didn’t do a bit more research and went with the obvious – like the fan and lace veil.
    And thank you to Hilaria for the comedy gold at the end of 2020. Gracias Señiora.

  6. smee says:

    NYPost is having the time of their lives trolling AB and his esposa 😉

    Someone needs to take the phone away from her for awhile.

  7. LizzyM says:

    As a French person living in Paris, I absolutely adored the « Becky from Iowa / Parisian named Sabine » part of this article. Thank you for the laugh.

    Also I noticed that her Wikipedia page had been updated following this debacle – it no longer says she was born in Mallorca but Boston.

  8. Smiles says:

    This is just bonkers!! How on earth did this woman who is constantly posting thirst traps on the ‘gram not think that this wouldn’t eventually come out?! Lmao

  9. Mina_Esq says:

    The more I learn about this, the more embarrassing and offensive it gets. She created a caricature. She could have just pulled a Gwyneth. I think Gwyneth is also very much into Spanish culture. She wrote a cookbook and did a travel show, I think. Hilary could have just done that, geez.

    • Midge says:

      I loathe Gwyneth, but she actually lived in Spain for a year and attended school as an exchange student. When Gwyneth speaks Spanish, her Spanish accent is way better than Hilary’s. Hilary never attended school in Spain. She went to Spain for vacation. That is all.

  10. Lauren says:

    I cannot take her seriously. She married a public figure, why make an entire fake backstory when it’s so easy to fact check it? Why? What did she gain from this?

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      Attention, that’s what! She obviously needs help. Why would her family and long-time friends go along wth this? She obviously needs help. I wonder how long this fantasy/ fraud has been going on?

  11. ThatsNotOkay says:

    I love all things Italy, have been there multiple times, Italian it’s my favorite food, studied the art history, watch all I can about it, speak the language (mildly), wish I had a home there–and might one day, can do a perfect Italian accent, yet I am not and never will be Italian. And I accept that.

    In fact, acknowledging your love of a different culture, teaching your kids to appreciate it, and being welcomed into it is far more interesting and special than pretending it was yours all along and lying to yourself, the native speakers, and the world. I find people of other cultures really appreciate “outsiders” who embrace their lives and cultures and often treat you especially nicely because they see how much you value who they are.

    • Wickedwotchofthewestcoast says:

      Hell, I’m second generation American from an Italian family. 90% of my family still lives in Italy but I’ve always said that I’m American. Cause I am. When people ask me where I’m from (I got all the Sicilian coloring and could have easily passed for Mexican when I was younger) I say San Diego. I’m not an immigrant , I was born a citizen of the US and have always been afforded the privileges that and being white have given me. My great grandparents and my grandparents (they were children when they came over) were the ones that had to build a life in a foreign country, learn a new language, and become citizens. While I’m so proud of what they went through, that’s their story not mine. I’ve made my story off the life they laid the foundation for. While I can’t relate to an immigrants struggles in the US (I can for other countries but that’s a different story) I do remember my grandfathers stories and now work with a lot of Mexican immigrants and it’s sad that this woman who hasn’t experienced a fraction of what those people face on a daily basis, spent years being praised for her lies while they get treated like dirt.

    • lucy2 says:

      I lived in Rome for a few months (loved it) and wouldn’t dream of trying to pass myself off as an Italian, and strangely didn’t speak English with an accent when I came home…

  12. Sarah says:

    Whew! Just more of The Media™ writing whatever they want AMIRITE Hilary and Alec?!? So bullied! Poor little pepinos!

  13. Ziggy says:

    Why didn’t she just marry a Spaniard in Spain???

    • ME says:

      The lies wouldn’t have worked on anyone in Spain !

    • Esmom says:

      Someone said on another thread that she was hunting for a celebrity husband, lol, and that Alec wasn’t even her first choice. She crafted the persona to seem more interesting to a celeb.

      • AMA1977 says:

        This is fascinating to me. How empty must you be inside to just want anyone who will have you as long as they are rich/famous enough? And to bring FIVE CHILDREN into that union? And how deluded Poor Pepino Alejandro is. He thought he was especial, and now he finds out that she was just on the hunt for fame and fortune, and he was the mark who took her up on it. I wonder if her “I love you SO MUCH, big daddy!!” game is stronger than her Spanish senorita game. I think it’s probably not, and that’s sad. And Hilaria(s). 😉

  14. YeahNo says:

    Here’s my point. Both Rachel doelzol & hillary stepped into privledged characters of prospective ethic identities. Hilaria/hillary an “interesting” lifestyle author/ influencer & Rachel a lecturer/ activist. It’s like drinking the cream that someone else worked to churn out. They took the personae of hard won priv without any of the work or generational grit. Some just think it’s an innocent I love Lucy episode – tis creepier & weirder

  15. msromperstomper says:

    The thing I can’t understand is why her FAMILY would go along with this. Like when her parents are sitting there at the wedding, aren’t they like wtf is going on here? And why is her brother texting her in bad Spanish? The only thing I can think of is that the whole family was in on the con and that they all got something out of it – money, connections, house, whatever.

    • Insomniac says:

      I wonder if they just kept quiet because their daughter was marrying a really famous person and they didn’t want to screw it up, for her or for them.

      • Cava24 says:

        Or she has been a handful for a while and they were relieved to have her be someone else’s problem going forward. There are certain forms of family dynamics where there are unspoken agreements that you just don’t call people out on their crazy because they will react badly -this may be a bigger issue given the geographic divide- they may have worried she would be estranged from the family if they didn’t go along with it. They may also have told themselves that most celebrities have fake personas and this wasn’t actually hurting anyone directly.

    • Midge says:

      Thank you! Why is her brother, Jeremy texting her in Spanish?! I have so many bilingual friends in NYC who moved here from other countries. They ALWAYS text their families in their first language. JEREMY, I see your bad Spanish and raise you proof that you EVER ATTENDED SCHOOL IN SPAIN AS A KID. That to me was the biggest lie in the NY Times article today. No way they attended school in Spain as kids.

      • msromperstomper says:

        Midge this is hilarious. Is the whole family crazy? At this point I feel like it’s the only logical explanation…

      • Cee says:

        I cringed at that. His grammar was better than expected but nowhere near the level of a native speaker, or someone raised by a Spanish mother or schooled in Spain.

      • jenn12 says:

        I would not be surprised if he never wrote it, or if she translated it into Spanish using Google translate. She is your common liar, caught with evidence, and trying to power over and through it through gaslighting and denial. The fact that she leaves her parents out of things, citing their privacy… I’d bet she severely limits their interactions with Alec and the kids, because it would be a dead giveaway. Alec doesn’t seem overly involved in family life anyway.

      • Sof says:

        The txt most likely she sent from Alecs phone to her phone. It reads like google translate Spanish and she only uses one tense it’s such BS.

    • Christina says:

      The family is getting lots out of their association with a famous American movie star. Check out the Reddit thread. Whew!

      They promote a health business in Majorca owned by her brother, and Dr. Hayward endorsed the method, which is okay if you are a doc making an independent assessment. Dr. Hayward is Hilaria’s mother. The Baldwins provided an endorsement on the website. Since everyone has different last names, no one knew that Dr. Hayward is Hilaria and the business owner Jeremy’s mom. Spaniards discuss it in the Reddit thread. ¡Escándalo!

      Hilary’s family is leveraging the Baldwin name and their degrees to prop up Jeremy’s business in Majorca. Hilary thinks this is fine because her family thought it was fine, that no one would find out. Welp…

      As a Latina, Hilary has pissed me off. I speak like a Brady Bunch kid because my mom didn’t want me to suffer discrimination she got as a Spanish speaker. Screw the Baldwins.

      • Cee says:

        I need that reddit thread! Can you point me in the right direction?

      • jenn12 says:

        @Cee, one of the older threads has a link to it. The mother is the doctor quoted on there. Yes, she’s a doctor, but they make sure not to mention she’s the owner’s mother.

      • Christina says:

        Thanks, Jenn12.. My attempts failed.

        Cee, the thread I saw is from yesterday and there is a picture of a couple with it.

    • Sue says:

      I agree with Cava that something is weird with the family dynamic. Inventing an alternate persona plus Hillary’s constant need for newborns makes me think something was off with the family dynamic in the first place.

      • msromperstomper says:

        This is wild. A whole family of grifters! But I do like Cava’s suggestion that Hilaria was that one family member who was too much and they were all like “whatever Hilary..I mean “Hilaria”. Insert family eye-roll. The whole thing is comedy gold.

    • OhBoi says:

      I’m sure her family is OK with it, because that’s the way they think the world works. What do you learn in a high school that costs $54K a year other than how to perpetuate your privilege.

  16. FHMom says:

    Why didn’t her family stage an intervention when she started with this Spanish mierda? This is absolute lunacy. And thanks for the laugh, Kaiser. I keep rereading and it gets funnier every time because I can relate. My 17 year old speaks in an English accent for fun and I spent 2 years studying/living in Spain. I get the allure, but this is mental illness, and I almost feel bad for enjoying it.

    • Christina says:

      Because they profit from the grift. They aren’t gonna say crap, because their mom is using her degree to promote her son’s business without telling people she is his mommy. She can’t draw attention to herself. It will make it worse.

  17. Lizzie says:

    IMHO she is an attention seeking weirdo.
    My mother is of Irish heritage of which she was immensely proud (her grandparents came from Ireland to the US). I’ve always considered myself having 50% Irish heritage. My daughter has an Irish name. I admire the Irish people/culture but it would never in a million years occur to me to claim that I am Irish or speak with an Irish accent.

    • Darby says:

      I think most of us already knew she’s a next level famewhore with a baby fetish.
      How many new moms keep posing for photos in lingerie with their babies???
      And Alec is complicit in the entire Spanish sham.
      Alec is what? 63 now?
      Time to pack it in and retire to SPAIN.

  18. Donut Nut says:

    She looks like the actress who played Punky Brewster in the bottom photo.

    My maternal grandmother was Spanish. But I am just some homegirl from the Midwest who now lives in Virginia. I like visiting Spain, but I’m far from “spicy,” “exotic,” or whatever people have said to me over the years so props to her for pulling off what I couldn’t as a person with Spanish blood lol.

  19. Kalana says:

    Huh, did Alec get an annulment for his first marriage? How did he get married in a Catholic church?

    • Mumbles says:

      Yeah that stuff is as shady as hell but I’m guessing because he didn’t marry Kim Basinger in a Catholic ceremony, that wedding doesn’t “count” in the eyes of the Church. Like I said, shady as hell.

      I’m still laughing that Montauk was picked for the proposal because it’s close to Spain. This chick is crazy AND dumb.

      • GreenEyes says:

        No there was some shady stuff w/ that Catholic wedding. Someone was bought off. My mom and sad could not get married in the Catholic Church because my father was married before (and it was not a Catholic wedding). But as the Catholic Church taught me.. pay enough or know someone and whether contested or not they will annual your very Catholic marriage even if kids are involved. It’s all shady.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Mumbles the Montauk thing is as funny as Palin’s “I can see Russia from my house!”

    • Chrissy says:

      He definitely got a shady annulment. The archdiocese of NY likely granted it for him. He probably put on high pressure.

  20. Amelie says:

    Even I know Ave Maria is not a Spanish language song. I’m Catholic and heard that song a lot in church (I’m assuming it’s played in other Christian churches too but I have no idea). It has ALWAYS been sung in Latin, so most of us laypeople don’t really know what the lyrics mean unless you studied Latin. She really is stupid isn’t she. She can’t even do basic research! Oh my god, truly this is the story that keeps on giving hahahaha.

  21. Oh_Hey says:

    This is so insane and I love following it for the craziness of it all.

    She didn’t even have to do it. Ben Affleck is a known Boston native who is a fluent Spanish speaker from being an exchange student in Mexico. He talks about it and his love for the culture and does press in Latin countries without an interpreter but never claimed to be Mexican or Spanish or any other Latin or Hispanic (those are NOT the same) ethnicity. Mess.

  22. K says:


  23. Dogma says:

    I want them to have a 6th child, a baby girl named Karen LOL

    • Darcy P says:

      I just feel bad for the kids. They named them all very authentic Spanish names right? So are they part of the “My Spanish background hoax” to further that claim, because if so- that’s just sad? The kids names are great, but it is definitely a bit of a side-eye when you see parents Alec and Hilary from Boston.

    • A Fan says:

      I think Hilary should be the new Karen…

  24. readingissexy says:

    Kinda funny how race works—my father is mixed Latinx (born in Peru to my Peruvian grandmother and American grandfather) and my mother is Canadian American. My brother is obsessed with those genetic lineage tests, and when he took multiple, they show consistently that he is 40% or more Spanish heritage.

    Anyway, this is all to say…..I ALWAYS CLAIM MYSELF AS WHITE. Unless you are from Spain and/or have direct lineage with a strong ethnic identity, the ethnic/racial cosplaying is a major psychological problem, a form of cultural appropriation, and truly, probably a symptom of capitalism, gender oppression, and whiteness/racism. Yes, all these women claim an identity for a myriad of reasons, but they seem mostly connected to money and power: Dolezal claims blackness for academic clout and a job, Hilaria claims a Spanish identity to date and wed Baldwin, etc.

    I’m sure men do it too, but it seems like this has been occurring more with white women?? Am I wrong? White women are power-adjacent but not quite in the same position as white men, so they manipulate their identity to gain money and power??

    • Mindy_Dopple says:

      That’s a good point – we only know of white women – or the Kardashians who are Armenian – who appropriate culture because they view the other culture as more fun. They take it to the next level with mimicking their skin tones and hair styles, levels I don’t see men taking most of the time. The only one I thought of was Justin Timberlake with the cornrows – EEEK. I’ve taken only one of those genetics test and it was just out of curiosity. My parents are literally born and raised in Mexico and immigrated in their 20’s when they had us so it was a no brainer what the results would be – although it’s labeled as Native American (55%) – and since most of Texas was Mexico and now America at one point I get it – I still don’t go around saying I’m Native American. To my sister and family I correct it and say Native Mexican or Native North American – the other big chunk (32%) is again no surprise – it’s European/Spanish/Portuguese – Hello Conquistadores! I don’t go around calling myself either of those. I’m still Mexican American in my eyes because that’s what I grew up with and how I still interact with my family to this day. This is really bizarre. I am however interested in finding out what kind of Native Mexican I am – did our bloodline ever intersect with a major tribe. I really want to see the ruins of Mexico one day.

      • Anilehcim says:

        The Kardashians are a great example of people who claim something that’s kind of farfetched also. Their father, Robert, was a third generation American. The Kardashian women run around claiming Armenia like they’re first generation Americans. They are four generations deep on American soil. They’ve been here a really long time. That whole “yay Armenia” shtick is a crock.

      • Sayrah says:

        But at least the kardashians are Armenian even if it’s eye roll worthy. This chick isn’t Spanish at all.

      • Fleur says:

        I think the Armenian thing is different. Robert kardashian senior is Armenian on both sides, and there are legitimate subcultures within the US— Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish, etc, where you speak a language and move proudly within that culture and should allowed to identify that way. Many famous Hispanic people are born in the US.

        That’s not the case with hilaria, just saying inter American subcultures shouldn’t be denied.

      • Dee Kay says:

        The Kardashians *are* Armenian, though, in a way that Hillary Baldwin definitely isn’t Spanish.. The Kardashians’ father raised them in Armenian American culture, was proud of his heritage, took them to Armenian cultural events, fed them Armenian food. They’re white but they grew up ethnic white, like (as Fleur says above) Greek Americans can be generations removed from immigration and still grow up with a lot of Greek culture or at least Greek-derived culture, and they are taught the culture by one or both parents. In Little Armenia in LA, the Kardashians are well-known frequent visitors, everyone talks about what their favorite spots are. It *is* their community. (What is less excusable is the way they co-opt Black culture, however.)

      • KLO says:

        @anilechim the Kardashian sistersand Rob are part armenian and they 100% have looked the part since they were children. The country I’ m from has a lot of expat armenians who look very much like Kourtney, Kim,Khloe and Rob. So yeah, your argument is invalid.

  25. Jules says:

    This story just keeps getting crazier, and I think there are a lot of other fakey-fake celebs and influencers out there who are freaking out. And I’m still confused– did Alec know, or did she fake him out too?

  26. Bunny says:

    FTA, Hillary of Boston said: “I liked that I brought in a bit of my culture.”

    I mean… if batshit crazy is a culture, then yeah
    She nailed it.

    • S2 says:

      “If batshit crazy is a culture, then, yeah, she nailed it.”

      Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard.

      The mantilla, saying “si” instead of yes, and waving a flamenco fan around during the vows? I just can’t. Hilarious Hilary may be fluent in the language, but her idea of “Spanish culture” seems to be based on a couple of turns through the Small World ride at Disneyland.

  27. Lunasf17 says:

    How did Alec not notice her parents were New Englanders and not Spanish?! This is crazy! Did she get her whole family in on the charade so she could cash in?! Girl is committed, I’ll give her that. I guess she cashed in with her rich old husband 5 kids so Hillary wins I guess. Please keep covering this story, it’s what we deserve for 2020.

    • Chaine says:

      I think he didn’t notice because he is a shitty person who could care less about his partner’s family, regardless of who his partner is. He probably observes that her parents are present in the room, says some pre-set polite lines (“good to see you, nice weather we are having, how bout those Mets”), and otherwise ignores them.

    • Lorelei says:

      There is absolutely no way this is a surprise to Alec. His “people” would have vetted anyone who got that close to him, and she would have had to provide all of this info for the paperwork for the marriage. I also got married in NYC around the same time and they required my birth certificate with the marriage application.

      Why Alec went along with it is another story, but I don’t believe for a second that this is all new information to him. He probably just thought it was a harmless “hobby” of hers or something? Or he loved her enough to play along. But he knew.

  28. Teebee says:

    All I can say is when Alec Baldwin married and I heard her name was Hilaria, I thought “What kind of weird ass name is Hilaria?” I didn’t think Spanish, or Italian, or European, or Latin American… I thought who the hell is named Hilaria? Never heard her speak, only saw her posts here occasionally, and pegged her as attention-starved, and ill-intentioned with her thinspirational posts. She has a lot of kids. And Alec looked tired.

    But this. This is second Christmas. This is awesome. Both love the spotlight. Both opened a Pandora’s Box. Both are desperately trying to shove the lies back in. Keep the updates coming!

    • Bre says:

      I thought the name was Irish only because a novel I was reading( by Dervla McTiernan l) had a character with that name but the H wasn’t silent

  29. phaedra says:

    I drank all that sangria last night for nothing. Although it’s true I couldn’t pronounce the word “Baldwin” after my fourth glass (then baldwinned all night into the toilet,) I still woke up a white American. @readingissexy is right: this is a bizarre white woman phenom. Privilege and attention seeking appear to have an intoxicating effect. I guess if I wanted a ton of Instagram followers I could try drinking a ton of gin and waking up British like Madonna did for a little while.

  30. Midge says:

    Her impersonation of a Spanish person is so lazy. I’ve spent a ton of time in Spain over the past 15 years, have as many Spanish friends as American, and have been to 2 Spanish weddings – 1 in Madrid and 1 in Bilbao. My Spanish friends are dumbfounded by the American perception of Spanish people, especially the idea of “dark skin” perpetuated by Hilary. Yesterday, I sent the IG video that Hilary made for MLK day (showing her tan skin next to her daughter’s light skin) to a friend from Pamplona who has very pale skin and light freckles. My friend’s answer to my text: “She is FAKE!! nightmare for her children and parents.” Also, I am convinced that Hilary dyes her hair darker. Her eyebrows are lighter than her hair and she pencils them in to make them appear darker. Not all Spanish people have black hair and dark skin! It’s all so bizarre and lazy.

    • msromperstomper says:

      Honestly this whole thing is reminding me of those racially/ethnically insensitive Halloween costumes. That’s about how sophisticated her understanding is of Spanish culture.

    • SMS says:

      Americans are clueless about Spain and Latin American. I’ve seen ignorant comments about being white, not Spanish, that Spaniards are or aren’t Latino or Hispanic, that Latinos are South American (uh Mexico?). Terms that Spaniards and Latin Americans use to identify a culture and history are used by Americans to create a Spanish speaking “race”.
      It’s really not that hard to acknowledge that people come from individual nations as diverse as Spain, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic and Mexico. All these nations, like the US, are multi-racial and have their own culture. Lumping them together is lazy and condescending. As a dual national I find that more insulting than anything Hilaria did.

      • Midge says:

        YES. Thank you

      • Cee says:

        Best comment on here.
        Just as the US has different ethnicities, so do we. Some countries more than others, but we do not fit into a mold.
        She’s cosplaying a Spaniard and yet her costume looks nothing like my maternal grandparents (born and raised in northern Spain, unlike Hillary Thomas)
        My mum is white, blonde and blue eyed. I’m sure Hillary would be SHOCKED to learn my mum is 100% ethnically Spanish. This is why stereotypes, ignorance and laziness are a bad mix.

      • Sparky says:

        @Cee— A perfect example are the daughters of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain. Both have blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Christina says:

      Exactly! Americans are dumb and lazy about anyone not from the US. And we shouldn’t be called “Americans”. South Americans are Americans, too, because they live in South AMERICA. It’s the Manifest Destiny crap. In the US, many think that anyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican. It is SO offensive to call someone from Ecuador or Belize or Nicaragua a Mexican, but that’s why Hilary doesn’t know that Spaniards are European white people. She thinks of them like Americans do. She THINKS she is printing Spain when she’s actually supporting stereotypes.

      As a Mexican American, I am offended.

    • Ellyn says:

      All her performances in Latin dance competitions are the likely source to explain Hilaria’s regimen of fake tanning (and possibly her haircolor choices).

  31. Alibeebee says:

    Every time I see an article about Hillary .. my teeth itch! WHAT CULTURE??? OH THE ONE YOU chose? picked and chose like a vulture picking only the fleshy yummy parts of a carcass??? you mean that culture? UGH

  32. Amy Bee says:

    This is just bonkers. It means her parents also went along with this act.

  33. lowercaselois says:

    So many lies with her. I don’t believe a word she says about her wedding. IMO I think she might have been chronic liar her whole life and felt compelled to re invent it.. At this point , If she admits to any of her single lies, then she probably feels like she is admitting to being a liar, and then we will have reason to distrust what she says. Just delving into this interesting psychology.

  34. Stacy Dresden says:

    I only wish she had gone on Oprah to lie so we could all look forward to enjoying a forced “You Lied To Oprah!” sit down a la A Million Little Pieces author James Frey.

  35. Lizzie Bathory says:

    “although the song is Latin.” I’m dying.

  36. Kate says:

    So when she first said Baldwin to her family she said it with a Spanish accent and it sounded weird to them until she just said it with an American accent and they recognized it immediately, right? But she told the story to make it sound like her Spanish-speaking family couldn’t pronounce the anglicized “Baldwin”?

    • lucy2 says:

      Her family from MASSACHUSETTS. LOL.

      • Lorelei says:

        It’s especially hilarious because everyone, and I mean everyone, in this country, has at least heard of the Baldwins and knows who Alec Baldwin is. My grandmother, who in no way kept up with celebrity gossip, even knew who he was because he’s a household name. It’s not like this was some D-list rando that her family had never heard of. Pretending they couldn’t pronounce “Baldwin” is hysterical. Imagine being a fly on the wall during that conversation.

    • Amy Too says:

      That’s exactly what that story sounds like now that we know she and her family are actually not Spanish. She says “finally I pronounced it really slowly BALDDDD-WINNN and then my parents understood and asked me why I didn’t just pronounce it normally the first time.” So yeah, that makes it seem like she was pronouncing it with a heavy Spanish accent or she was Spanish-izing it (like Anglicizing but with Spanish) so they didn’t get who she was talking about it until she pronounced it “normally,” as in “Bald-win,” as in the actual English/American way that he and everyone else says his name. And then because the parents are American and speak English they understood her.

      This sounds like one of those stories where she was “technically” telling the truth, but everything was out of context: so people were assuming she was speaking in the context of being a Spanish-speaking Spanish person with Spanish-speaking Spanish parents who couldnt understand or pronounce English last names because that’s the narrative context she was constantly pushing.

      • OhBoi says:

        I’m sure her family is OK with it, because that’s the way they think the world works. What do you learn in a high school that costs $54K a year other than how to perpetuate your privilege.

  37. Fleur says:

    I agree about her hair not being that naturally dark and her eyebrows probably being lighter. It’s like Laura Preppon, clearly a redhead but she insists on that box brunette hair and unnatural eyebrows.

    I have a mixed European background, dark hair and naturally jet black eyebrows (used to hate how dark they were in my teens! Now I love it!), but I would never dare call myself a Spaniard. I understand her family made a home in Spain, and she doesn’t deserve to have her life or future ruined, but it’s interesting how heavily she dove into this. I’m surprised she didn’t move to Spain full time like her parents and brother since her heart is in Spain. It’s okay to love and admire a culture, but tricky to claim it unless you have citizenship.

  38. Cas says:

    I’ll admit I used to follow her on Instagram for a while. But over time, I started feeling uncomfortable, like it was enabling someone with some real problems beyond general celebrity attention-seeking. The admiration she gets from followers for being so thin so soon after having babies, constant praise for her thinness + heavy workout schedule, and applause she receives for eating vegan and feeding her kids diet food, just fuels these issues. Plus the exposure of her daughter who often seems uncomfortable in front of the camera.

    Her parents probably go along with the lies because she’s unstable in other ways and they want to be supportive, don’t want to alienate her.

    And it’s all so unnecessary. Like so many others have said above, why not just be an American with a love for Spanish culture?
    I reckon it started as a grift to stand out in the future-trophy-wife pool, and when it worked, it was beyond the point of no return.

  39. Cacec04 says:

    Once upon a time, I had a friend whose father was from South America. She liked to constantly drop this into conversations and also would pronounce certain words with an accent for flourish. Her dad came here as a child and had an accent but he did not speak to her or the rest of the family in Spanish at all and she didn’t live with him until high school. She was a very insecure girl and I believe she did this to make herself sound more interesting to others instead of (and like Hillary) being the basic White girl she is. I thought it was annoying, but Hillary taking it to the extreme she has makes her really unhinged.

  40. Chelsea says:

    At first this was funny, and to a certain extent it still is, but that part where she claims she had to teach her American English speaking parents how to say Baldwin makes her sound like a sociopath. Like who tf does this? She didnt just lie on herself about where she grew up she lied on her parents. And as someone said above her whole faking not knowing English is really gross and messed up when you consider the bigotry so many face in this country for not speakinc English fluently but instead she uses it as a joke or a way to make herself sound exotic or interesting.

  41. lolalola3 says:

    OMG I totally want to change my name to Sabine now! I did move to Paris a few months back. So what if I can barely speak the language & Know diddly about the culture? I do a great Peter Sellars a la Pink Panther accent (see! see! it just naturally falls outta my mouth like that!). I am so totally excited with the new me.

  42. chitowngal says:

    I’m a native Chicagoan. My father was Puerto Rican. He came to Chicago in the 50s. His mother was born in PR, but her parents weren’t. They were Spaniards and she was blond with blue eyes. As a result, he had brown eyes and dark hair, but was light-complected and always mistaken for Italian, because he ‘wasn’t dark enough’, to be Puerto Rican. He was bright, well-spoken, and loved to read and learn. Yet, I remember more than one occasion from my childhood, when we were in a store together, and the staff, management, etc., would immediately raise their voices and assume he was hearing-impaired and didn’t understand what they were saying, once they heard his heavily-accented English. He knew the weight of being ‘less than’ and ‘otherized’ and was always worried that we would know it too, even though our mother’s German and Scotch-Irish ancestry meant that we never would.

    When this story first broke, I thought about the ‘why’. What was so wrong with being Hillary Thomas? It seemed to me, that her dishonesty was rooted in a need to feel ‘special’ and I felt sympathetic even though I didn’t like or agree with what she did. In my opinion, every soul that comes to this earth is ‘special’. Whether it’s amplified, dimmed, or barely a flicker, our ‘special’ is always there. For the sake of brevity, I won’t discuss my thoughts and feelings about her commingled racism, ‘spanfishing’, appropriation, privilege, etc. That is because I find her persistence in claiming that ‘the truth’ and ‘her truth’ are the same, to be the more significant issue. ‘The truth’ has an innate authenticity rooted in logic. ‘Her truth’, is a personal belief or opinion, that she doesn’t want to be contradicted, so she’s making the two interchangeable. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Celebitches. May the best things that happened to us in 2020, be the worst that happens to us in 2021.

  43. Godwina says:

    This is utterly SURREAL.

  44. so says:

    I’m wondering how she managed to fool VF Espana into thinking she was actually Spanish…