Margaret Qualley is ‘totally smitten’ with Shia LaBeouf & her family is ‘concerned’

Shia LaBeouf and new girlfriend Margaret Qualley go jogging together

Shortly after we learned that FKA Twigs sued Shia LaBeouf for the emotional and physical abuse he inflicted on her while they were dating, we learned that Shia has a new girlfriend. He met Margaret Qualley over the summer, and they’re so “hot and heavy” that he does airport pickups for her, and they’ve been photographed together all over LA for weeks. It’s gross and dangerous. We’ve all been young and we’ve all been manipulated by a toxic guy, but I’d like to think that as soon as a dude’s ex filed a lawsuit calling him an abuser, I would be out. Still, we don’t know what Shia has told her and… yeah, it’s just a bad situation and I hope she finds a way out. In the meantime, we can only hope that Margaret’s parents are staying involved. Us Weekly says they are.

Margaret Qualley is all in on her budding romance with Shia LaBeouf, but her loved ones are concerned after the actor’s ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs accused him of abuse.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star’s mother, Andie MacDowell, is “keeping an extremely close watch on the situation,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “If Shia so much as puts a foot out of line, she’ll come down on him like a ton of bricks.”

Qualley, 24, and LaBeouf, 34, were spotted making out at LAX airport on December 19, less than a week after Twigs, 32, sued him for alleged sexual battery, assault and infliction of emotional distress. The Disturbia star, who is seeking long-term inpatient treatment, said in a statement that “many” of the allegations against him “are not true” but accepted “accountability” for his past mistakes.

Although LaBeouf has a well-documented history of personal and legal issues, Qualley is “totally smitten” by him, the source tells Us, adding, “She trusts he’s not the bad guy people say he is.”

[From Us Weekly]

Us Weekly has Margaret’s age as 24, but her Wiki has her as 26 years old, born in October 1994. It was news at the time, because Andie MacDowell was one of the first big-name celebrities to sort of run away to the country and raise her children out of the Hollywood system. What I’m saying is that Margaret is 26, she’s been an adult for a while, Andie doesn’t really have a say in her daughter’s life, but I still hope Andie is involving herself because Margaret is absolutely going to need an exit plan.

Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Margaret Qualley picking up food to go

Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley enjoying a romantic hike in the Hollywood Hills

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  1. Anony83 says:

    Isn’t this almost the exact same article that was written when she was dating Pete Davidson (right down to the note that her mother would step in as necessary)? I’m genuinely asking because I’m not sure if I’m confusing her for someone else.

    I want to say when she was dating Pete we were like “wow, she’s got a bad picker” but this is beyond bad picker. This is a self-destructive and dangerous picker. I hope she gets out safely. And soon.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      No, her mom was actually pretty supportive of her relationship with Pete. It was a Cindy Crawford who was keeping an eye on her daughter’s relationship with Pete.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Thank you! First thing that came to mind! AMcD was “concerned”, too, w/Pete, as was Cindy Crawford, when her daughter was dating him.

      Honestly, I’ve never gotten the “allure” of men like this (“troubled”, drug problems, violent….). About 10 yrs ago, I dated someone who started sending out little *flags* (ie: manipulative), and after about 4 wks of dating he felt comfortable enough to let his freak fly, and got SCREAMINGLY angry at another driver when we were in Santa Barbara for the weekend. I mean, the cursing, screaming so loudly the veins in his neck and head came out… I made him pull over, and I got out of the car right there, and told him we were DONE. I called my sister to drive up and come get me. That scared the BEJESUS out of me. If someone can get that violent at others, at some point, it’s going to be turned on YOU.

      • FYI says:

        Pete Davidson isn’t violent, nor does he do drugs. He used to smoke pot, but I believe he’s off that too now. He has mental health issues, which he’s been open about, but he is nowhere near the same category as Shia.
        Not sure why people are saying that Pete Davidson is an a-hole? He has dated people, that’s it?

      • Jaded says:

        FYI – you’re right. Pete has openly admitted he suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder but having it doesn’t turn you into a violent a-hole. If anything it causes insecurity, disordered emotional reactions and poor impulse control. Shia is a whole other scary level of mental illness – narcissistic verging on sociopathic behaviour.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        FYI- So, the only real connection is struggling with addiction and mental health issues. As far as I can tell, he’s never been accused of physical or mental abuse by any of his girlfriends. The only evidence people have is that Pete is described as being “a little intense” by at least 1 of his past girlfriends. He’s describes himself this way too. So, whatever that means he’s clearly aware of it being a problem. He obviously seeks help when he needs it. So, I don’t think he should be lumped in with Shia at all. Shia is a literal monster.

      • Moorele says:

        Good for you- perfect way to deal with that situation!

  2. Harla says:

    My heart aches for Andie! It’s so painful watching your adult children make horrible decisions, I know because I’ve watched my son make several this last year and it just kills me.

  3. Jack says:

    This and the Pete D. arrangement smell like PR dating to up her profile.

    • Chaine says:

      That’s what I thought too. otherwise, why date these complete a-holes when there are plenty of non-celebrity decent guys out there?

    • bettyrose says:

      I will never understand how Shia LeBouf is a thing or how dating him would up someone’s profile. Abuse allegations aside, he lacks talent and charisma. Throw in abuse allegations and WTF even is the point of this guy? Why is anyone giving him chances? I don’t even want to be so petty as to point out that the picture above suggests he’s stuffing his workout pants, but reason number 1 gazillion that he’s just a garden variety insecure dude. Why is he even?

      • gemcat says:

        Since FKA Twigs statement, I am very concerned for all women near him, and don’t really consider myself a fan of Shia even though he can be a good actor (as there is definitely some vulnerability in the eyes that translates to the screen especially in Honeyboy and The Peanut Butter Falcon) but yeah still hells nah!! But basically I came here to say that he shows his dick like ALL the time, so I honestly do not think he’d bother to stuff his workout tights, it looks more like the fabric is thinner …maybe from scratching..🤢

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      This seems entirely plausible. Potentially sways some percentage of public opinion for him, and brings her greater name recognition.


      He is a serial abuser, and if this is pr, it is as nauseating as those pols who support the current sedition movement in government for campaign grift.

      2021 isn’t on the path to redemption yet.

  4. Madelaine says:

    What really bothers me about Shia Laboeuf is that his physical violence was explicitly directed at a bi-racial woman, which actually speaks volumes about his subconscious ethnic bias and ungentlemanly predispositions. Notwithstanding the fact that I find him grossly overrated both physically and professionally. He looks very average to me, even slightly repulsive at times. Therefore, I suggest he let himself fall into complete oblivion so that a deserving gentleman can benefit his spot.

    • Truthiness says:

      I think he is an equal opportunity abuser, he was with Mia Goth for ages and Mia has horror stories of her own. I don’t know if Mia has completely recovered from the abuse even by now.

      • Aoife says:

        Totally. A man like this will abuse any woman he’s with for a significant amount of time. He doen’t know how to have a non-abusive personal relationship, I would imagine.

    • osito says:

      While known domestic abuser Shia LaBoeuf is a horror show of many dimensions who abused at least two women who are ethnic and racial minorities in the States (Karolyn Pho is asian), he was an equal opportunity abuser. This isn’t a positive for him — not being overtly racist isn’t a tick in the “pro” column for a man who (among many things) knowingly gave his partners STIs, beat them, made them feel responsible for his behavior, and then questioned the validity of their stories in the US newspaper of record. But I don’t want to erase the experience of his other victims, both known and unknown, who are not ethnic or racial minorities.

      I think you might be picking up on the optics of this situation (is outed for being abusive by two non-white women, comes out as “seeking help” and pantomiming health with his new white girlfriend), which I don’t think is incorrect at all. But the optics don’t mean that he hasn’t already begun the cycle of abuse with Qualley. In fact, I think the timing of them coming forward as a couple all but confirms that he has.

    • Evenstar says:

      He was also caught on camera getting physical with and screaming at his then-wife Mia Goth, who is white, years ago. Not saying he doesn’t have racist biases, but I think he’s a danger to ALL women regardless of race.

    • Miranda says:

      While Shia seems to be an equal opportunity abuser, I could absolutely see him holding the fact that Twigs is biracial over her head. I don’t know enough to actually call it “common”, but that sort of thing is certainly not unheard of in toxic interracial relationships (by which I mean that the emotional aspects are toxic, not that interracial relationships are inherently bad). Certain white men are well aware that many police don’t give a s–t about WoC, and use that to threaten the women and keep them from reporting the abuse. I have a Lakota friend whose ex actually told her that (thankfully, she did get the hell of there. He was eventually convicted of a different crime and sent to jail, where he died of COVID a few months back, Which marks one of the few occasions when I think we can all say “GOOD”).

  5. Arb says:

    I think his game is honesty. I think he tells them a version of the truth that admits to the basic facts of his behaviours but recasts him as a victim of himself. His self awareness and apparent guilt are going to be very appealing to young women with savior complexes. That’s just my guess but I’d put money on it. Between that and the love bombing, she is not leaving until the scary reality of one of his outbursts literally hits her.

    • A says:

      100% this

    • emma33 says:

      ITA – I’m sure he’s divulging personal information to her that makes him SEEM vulnerable and enourages her to think she is the only one who knows him and can truly understand what a tortured genius he is. I know people are saying she should have known better, but at 26, this kind of thing is really, really seductive. (It was seductive to me at 40! Argh.)

      • Nori says:

        Exactly. It happened to me to and that’s exactly it. I was 28 and he was about 39… these guys are master manipulation and will find gfs immediately after and pretty easily… they seem vulnerable and aware but it’s actually a manipulation tactic.

  6. GuestwithCat says:

    What on earth is the appeal, both to women (and to the entertainment industry)? He’s generically plain looking, veering into looking very rough. He’s mean and abusive. And he’s got an STD of some sort that he shares because he’s mean. I’m not shaming people who have STD’s, because most decent people try to be responsible about their condition and respect their partner’s health. People like him who play the stealth game with it are disgusting.

    I will never understand women like her who have the good fortune to see practically a warning label on the guy’s forehead and still think things are going to be different for them.

    I also am too immersed in my mama’s culture to understand why a woman or man would hit 18 and miraculously think they know everything and stop listening to elders’ wisdom, experience and advice. You don’t have to take orders from them, but why ignore such resources?

    I avoided so much trouble and heartache from loser men like this because I was raised to watch out for the warning signs, and if I missed something my mom would see it. My mom sees everything.

    When I was 20, I was dating a guy from work who seemed great, but my mom saw something I missed about how he disrespected dogs. It was a small thing but she caught it and went ballistic telling me to watch out for this guy. Sure enough, I found he had a hidden cruel and unstable streak in about a week 2 of us dating. My mom knew in fifteen minutes of setting eyes on him. So did the dog. After that, dates had to meet my mom and our dog. Elders do not have all the answers, but they have perspective from being on the planet longer. And some dogs are wise, too. But not my sister-in-law’s dog. That dog eats poop and loves everybody.

    Happy New Year everyone. I’m not hungover but I badly need coffee.

    • Great Comment, GuestWithCat. I agree with you and Kaiser. Qualley seems to be a bad picker. Sounds like you have a very insightful mama. I have that same ability to pick up on those small red flags in people or situations that encourage me to take another look and be wary. It has never served me wrong. Unfortunately, I grew up in a large family that rushed into relationships and situations that proved toxic or harmful. Although I always tried to be diplomatic and frame my thoughts to encourage them to take a pause, they just considered me over cautious and socially inhibited. They live their lives on rollercoasters without breaks and are always the victim when the ride stops; then they get right back on and do it again. I’ve had to distance myself as I just can’t live that unexamined life allowing assH**** after assH*** to trash my life as they continue to trash theirs.

    • Fruitcup says:

      For the love of God, any woman reading this: IF A MAN DOESN’T LIKE HOUSEPETS AND/OR CHILDREN, GET THE HELL OUT VERY QUICKLY.

      • Miumiiiu says:

        Being mean to pets would be alarming. I don’t think prefering to not have a pet and not always wanting to touch people’s dogs is that bad as I’m a non violent female and not a huge pet fan . I actually like cats but I’m allergic. Dogs are fine but i don’t really want to touch them and find they all smell a bit even when they’re washed regularly. I mean some people smell too , it’s not that weird

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        @Miumiliu, I don’t think she means not being fond of pets, rather hates them to the point of resenting having them around, or even existing. Some people are just hostile to animals without a need and it probably signals something missing in them and therefore a red flag. I’m allergic to all of the usual pets, (never been around the hairless ones people keeps suggesting) but have from mild to critical responses to close contacts with all the regular pets I’ve been in contact with. Still, I just keep the necessary distance, alert the owner of my issues and wave a cheery hello to pet and go on with my life, no resentment necessary.

    • Sandra says:

      “I’ll never understand women like her…”
      Here’s the thing. You don’t personally know her or many other women who end up dating a bad person. We know she grew up the child of a celebrity and wealthy and that’s it. We don’t know what her relationship with her family really is, if she’s experienced a trauma, or how her mind works.
      I’m glad you’ve got a protective and intuitive mother and it seems you’ve got a good relationship with her. Not everyone does. My mother is both protective and intuitive and we’re close, but at the time I entered an abusive romantic relationship in my early 20s, we were both still reeling from my father’s untimely and sudden death. She just wasn’t able to step in like that for me. Everyone’s stories are different.
      Let’s all just hope Margaret gets out of this safely.

      • GuestwithCat says:

        Hi Sandra I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through. Like I said, I was dating a guy who initially presented well, to me, at least. Dating is like walking in a wooded dog park in Autumn. You think there’s pretty leaves all around until your shoe comes down and you smell the poop. Some people are experts at hiding their evil.

        But this man’s issues are well documented public information. Especially with FKA Twigs coming forth.

        And you are doing what you’re sort of accusing me of doing, working on a lot of assumptions based on a few things I said. I had a whole life of crap before and after that anecdote to mess with my head, too. You are right, people come from very complicated backgrounds and have many things influencing our choices. But this time, as with Ryan Phillipe and Johnny Depp, all this wealth of information is out there about how they make women suffer.

        He’s got a warning label on his forehead. I don’t know how Margaret Qualley can ignore that. I can understand how FKA Twigs got taken by surprise. She explained that. This time, I guess Margaret Qualley is just choosing not to pay attention.

        I just don’t get his appeal that he can overcome the information that’s known about him now and groom another potential victim. And I wasn’t just saying I don’t get his appeal to Margaret.

        I can’t understand how he keeps getting work. All those starving actors out there in LA and NYC and they keep going to the well with the same problematic ones who look like they hate grooming and hygiene and decency. These guys don’t even seem to have to try. They keep getting chance after chance after chance. Hollywood, cut them loose for goodness sake.

    • Miranda says:

      The STD thing is what really got me. It’s just…breathtakingly misogynistic.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      You gave me my first laugh of 2021 about your sister in law’s dog who eats poop and loves everyone. I bet he attempts to kiss on everyone too, I know a dog like that and he’s so lovely, you almost forgets his eating habits when he comes in for a smooch. Thanks for the laugh.

    • jenn12 says:

      @GuestWithCat, did you ever hear of a kids’ book called Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach? It’s based in Cuban folklore and is hysterical. But within the humor is a story of a girl who listens to her grandmother who tells her to judge a man on how he acts when you spill coffee on his shoes accidentally. It’s about listening to your gut and your elders. My kids, both bio and work, love when I read it. It’s also a great message. You and your mom sound fantastic.

    • bettyrose says:

      ITA x1000000 Guest with Cat. Not to be superficial, but his total lack of physical appeal means he needs an amazing personality to impress women. Like, he has to be super funny, nice, interesting to talk to, and creative with planning dates. I can’t imagine that Shia is any of those things. So maybe all of his relationships are studio set ups, but then he’s abusive to women who are contractually obligated to be seen with him. Deargawd. Is Andie McDowell influential enough to end this charade? I only know her from Groundhog Day but I think she was a model?

  7. Ann says:

    Ugh, not only is that guy abusive, but ugly af. Ladies, raise your standards!

    • bettyrose says:

      I can’t even. I was never model potential and my parents aren’t famous, but like I never would’ve dated this dude in my 20s. What is going on here??

  8. Implicit says:

    Good Lord two well known toxic dude Bros? Sensing some serious issues no judgment just noticing, worried

  9. Lillyfromlilooet says:

    Uh wasn’t he supposed to check in somewhere for his issues? Inpatient? Aka go away for awhile and not continue with relationships while in treatment? Or is his pr team still “searching” for a program for him?

  10. Dee Kay says:

    I like Margaret Qualley as an actress and dancer and am very sad she’s in a relationship with this abusive douchebag but probably no one on earth is as sad about it as Andie MacDowell. I really feel for MacDowell and hope she has a good enough connection with her daughter that she can really speak truth to her about this a–hole.

  11. L4frimaire says:

    LaBoeuf seems to have a physical type. Qualley, Twigs and his ex-wife all look similar, with large doe eyes and puffy lips, slight overbite. The thing is, these type of guys can be so incredibly charming and attentive, intense at first, that’s how they get women. It’s later that the controlling and abusive traits surface, the other side of the coin. She probably thinks he’s getting help, this time it’s different, that she’s different. I hope this is true for her sake.

  12. tcbc says:

    This girl must be a stunner in person to get work because she’s so weird-looking and gummy in photographs. Shia is also weird-looking, I am not a fan, just observing.

    She unfortunately picks users: Cary Fukunaga, Pete Davidson, and Shia. Hopefully she’ll grow out of that.

    • J.Mo says:

      I’ve only seen her in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and she stood out on screen. Her throwback clothing is not a flattering look. It’s like casual 80’s day attire.

    • bettyrose says:

      Not gonna lie, I friggin’ love her 80s fashion. I agree these pics don’t suggests she’s a standout model, but she went to several art schools so perhaps she really did display talent in dance and theater. As for Andi McDowell, I can only suggest people Google her 90s SNL appearance. I was so embarrassed for her. Acting is not her gig. But I like that she raised her kids out of the spotlight. And I watch Groundhog Day every year. It’s like a holiday movie for me (if one can call Groundhog Day a holiday).

  13. Merricat says:

    Until our society stops teaching girls that love can fix a troubled man, this will continue. Gah.

  14. Erin says:

    Please, please stop saying if you were in a relationship and someone did X, Y or Z you would be out.

    I’m sure the intent is not there, but that is absolutely shaming, blaming and triggering to victims.

    Abuse is an insidious thing. It’s never black and white. The manipulation is there from the beginning until the you “love” this person, but you’re so broken down you can’t see a way out. You’re so scared, bc the deadliest time for victims is when they try to leave. Maybe there are kids involved, and maybe the abuser is using them as tools (threatening abuse to them to keep a victim in line). Maybe the victim grew up in an abusive household and that seems “normal.”

    There are so many things to think about. Let’s put the onus on the abuser (how could someone do that, I would never hit someone, etc) and stop acting liKe you are so strong and would be out, no problem. It’s hurting victims.

    • Merricat says:

      You’re right.

    • Whistledown says:

      Thank you so much for saying this. People don’t realize that they could get into a relationship like this, even with good parents and self confidence. It shows a lack of understanding of the process a manipulator uses. It helps no one. Shaming women for entering these relationships keeps victims silent and future victims vulnerable.

      • GuestwithCat says:

        I guess I need to repeat this. I’m not trying to shame victims. I know people get stuck in abusive relationships because some people are hideously manipulative and damn good at it. Or maybe they change, they develop addictions or something and it brings out an abusive side and blindsides their partners.

        What I was TRYING to say:

        I can’t understand how he continues to get work or dates now that all of his crap is a known, published quantity. When he consistently acts, dresses, behaves, projects into the world the message he thinks he doesn’t even need to try for his partners or for his work. Look at him. Everything about him shows he knows he doesn’t even have to make an effort. Somehow he’s got the world eating out of his hands despite being a miserable piece of shit. This has got to stop. How do we stop people like this getting rewarded with our time and treasure and they don’t earn anything. Worse, they smirk and trod it under their shoes.

        People are going to keep getting entrapped in these horrible situations if we keep trying to squelch discussion about the subject by saying everything is victim shaming.

        It’s not shaming people to wonder why people don’t heed all these red flags. You’re right. I don’t understand the process. I’m not saying I’m better than anyone I’m saying I am missing crucial information. Not about every kind of abusive relationship out there, but this specific kind of situation where the horrific nature of the abuser is out there, well documented and known and still all of that goes completely unheeded. Why?

        If we asked and understand better why men and women don’t pay attention to red flags or don’t see any, even when some are called out, then maybe we can find more effective ways of reaching people so they don’t become targets of pathological people. FWIW I’ve seen this happen to men a lot, too.

        We teach kids about their bodies in health class. We teach about birth control and things like that. But we don’t teach them basic fundamentals about respectful relationships that should go along with the lessons about the biological aspect of relationships. That needs to change.

        I hope this next generation coming up is the generation that tackles the insufficiency of mental health education and services because my generation certainly didn’t get the job done.

        We know these abusers and con artists and grifters need to fix themselves but most don’t. It does no good pointing at them. You can’t shame them, they’ve got no shame. All we can do is pull everyone else aside and ask what can be done to reach you? To help you?

        Also Hollywood executives got some explaining to do if they keep hiring this man who is abusing women. They dump good women all the time because some asshole says she is “difficult”.

      • Nini says:

        If you’re saying you’re missing critical information, maybe I can provide some. You asked:

        “this specific kind of situation where the horrific nature of the abuser is out there, well documented and known and still all of that goes completely unheeded. Why?”

        Notice that in American pop culture, young girls are groomed from toddlerhood that they’re born to save monstrous men with their love. Beginning with “Beauty and the Beast,” which is quite literally a monstrous horrible BEAST that the hero is supposed to save with her love and kindness.

        Continuing with Twilight and movies, music, and media aimed at women of ALL ages constantly repeating the same theme of sacrificing oneself to reform a troubled man.

        Young girls are indoctrinated, gaslighted, and inculcated with this since before they are old enough to even talk.

      • Merricat says:

        Yes, the dark, moody man has long been a staple of “romantic” stories. Bad boys can only be tamed by the love of a good woman. You’re the only one he trusts, the only one who knows the real him! Ugh.

  15. Mia4s says:

    “If Shia so much as puts a foot out of line, she’ll come down on him like a ton of bricks.”

    Sigh….it…it doesn’t work that way. It really doesn’t. Also? Your daughter is 26 and not reliant on you in the slightest. She will make her own choices, for better or (as appears here) a lot worse.

    This article feels like Act 1 is a very sad story we have all seen before. Ugh.

  16. FF says:

    @ Nini

    Add Kylo and Rey from the recent Star Wars to that list of pop culture abusive relationship romances.

  17. GuestwithCat says:

    Hi Nini and to everyone who responded to my posts. Sorry I could not reply to each one. Thank you for the insights. I always thought the Disney storylines sent horrible messages so my own daughter wasn’t allowed to watch any of them until she was older and we could analyze what was being conveyed. She loved Tangled but could still deliver a pretty astute commentary on why the story is problematic on so many levels.

    But not everyone gets such oversight applied to the content they consume. Even I have gotten massive criticism from other moms for ruining the magic of Disney for my kid. My daughter says she doesn’t mind. She says watching Disney with her friends is not as much fun as watching with me and my sarcastic quips.

    Those are all good points that were made. So much of this toxic message gets internalized. I never bought into the appeal of the bad boy but I think it’s because the traits that are being sold as appealing to American girls were always sold to me as bringing shame and disgrace to the family name.

    It’s weird because I’m American and yet not. In some respects my daughter is in the same boat. She feels much kinship with her friend whose family is Indian and very strict about boys and has high expectations of the kind of spouse she should choose. I’m not quite as strict as they are. I have opinions and I’ve voiced them. My daughter knows what I think but she also knows she will have to make her own way. But she has my unconditional support.