The Sussexes launched an updated Archewell site, with new partnerships

Britain's Prince Harry (L) and his fiancee US actress Meghan Markle (R) visit Nechells Wellbeing Centre to join Coach Core apprentices taking part in a training masterclass in Birmingham, central England on March 8, 2018.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Birmingham to learn more about the work of two projects which support young people from the local community. The Coach Core apprenticeship scheme was designed by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry to train young people aged 16 - 24 with limited opportunities to become sports coaches and mentors within their communities.

On New Year’s Eve, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched a big update to their Archewell site, which already had a “soft launch” months ago. As we already figured out, Harry and Meghan are using “Archewell” as the umbrella for all of their work: charitable foundation work, advocacy partnerships, and the work they’re doing with Netflix and Spotify. To introduce the update, H&M posted this:

I am my mother’s son.
And I am our son’s mother.
Together we bring you Archewell.

We believe in the best of humanity.
Because we have seen the best of humanity.
We have experienced compassion and kindness,
From our mothers and strangers alike.

In the face of fear, struggle and pain,
It can be easy to lose sight of this.
Together, we can choose courage, healing, and connection.
Together, we can choose to put compassion in action.

We invite you to join us.
As we work to build a better world,
One act of compassion at a time.

[From Archewell]

“I am my mother’s son”… wooo, someone has been watching The Crown Season 4. Yeah, Harry has always been Diana’s son in spirit and passion.

They also used Archewell to announce new partnerships: they will be working with the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford Medicine. They’ve also partnered with the Center for Humane Technology. They will be supporting the work of The Loveland Foundation, “a growing organization that focuses on providing affordable and accessible mental health resources to Black women and girls.” They also will be working with World Central Kitchen, a partnership which was announced last week.

What else? Through Archewell, they’re setting up the Archewell Foundation Fund for the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry, which will “support the goals and overall mission of C2i2: reimagining technology, championing racial and economic justice in the tech sector, and strengthening democracy through culture-making and public policy work.”

What’s striking is how thoughtful – or as Meghan would say, “mindful” – these collaborations and partnerships are. We knew that Harry and Meghan spent the bulk of the past eight months working on Archewell and what they would do with their foundation. My guess is that we’ll be seeing these thoughts turn into action very soon. Compare this with the vague, insubstantial project launches from the other couple. I mean, 2021 will be pretty interesting.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend The Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House

Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex arriving at Mansion house

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Moxylady says:

    I love them. They are a force for good. I wish them nothing but good things.

  2. Aurora says:

    “ We have experienced compassion and kindness, From our mothers and STRANGERS alike.”

    Feel the burn narcissist fathers and jealous siblings.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The weeping, wailing, mourning and gnashing of teeth from the BM was glorious to behold. Then out came the ‘clipping their wings’ narrative followed by the hit pieces from the usual suspects. Bravo to the Sussexes. They are on the on the path of righteousness and have shown the royal family for the frightened and jealous dolittles and do nothings they really are.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      Yeah, that stood out to me, too. I could FEEL the incandescent rage wafting across the Atlantic alllllll the way out here to California lololol

    • Ainsley7 says:

      I don’t think that’s how they meant it at all. It’s clearly meant to be on the poetic side. They are saying they have experienced compassion from every level from their mothers to strangers. I doubt they would deliberately undermine their own message just to take a swipe at the royals.

      • Becks1 says:

        Agreed Ainsley. I think people are reading WAY too much into this opening and assuming it doesn’t mention Charles bc Harry and Charles aren’t on speaking terms. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, no one here knows it. But I don’t think this poem-of-sorts is meant as a jab at Charles. People are overthinking.

      • Nic919 says:

        I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be shade but narcissists think everything is about them no matter what. And the UK media is so insular they have no clue how parochial they look to the rest of the world. They are not the centre of the universe and have not accepted that they don’t matter like they once did, a hundred years ago.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        I think people are thinking of the way the petty BRF will take it rather than how it was meant. I don’t think H/M live their lives thinking of ways to hit back at their families, but we know their families live to undermine them.

      • Aurora says:

        I disagree. l think Harry in particular would want to convey that their mothers specifically — as opposed to their “families” — were the arbiters of kindness. I think the Sussexes word choices are as deliberate as their choices of organizations for collaborations.

      • Yvette says:

        @Beckys1 … I think not mentioning Charles was smart and politic. The Queen has restricted (forbidden?) the Sussexes from using their HRH and Royal titles in general. If Harry had used his connection to Charles in any way, the British media and Palace aides/courtiers would claim that Harry was using his Royal tie to his father for financial gain. Just witness how vehemently the Tabs have gnashed their teeth over, and focused in on, the fact that Harry only acknowledged his mother, not his father. 🙂

  3. Britt says:

    I love it and I’m also enjoying the hope the continues to diminish from their detractors and RR’s. This launch has pushed the BM over the edge because they had a countdown of when they could possibly return to the U.K. and asked for comments from the Sussexes and BP. Reality is hitting hard. These next few months are going to be interesting especially where the RF and their relationship with the Rota is concerned. Harry and Meghan are working and partnering with very great organizations and philanthropists. They’re moving on and everything this past week was a warning. “We’re not coming back, so stop with the lies about an extension. It’s over” 😂

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Hehehehehe. The Sussexes are saying they are not coming back in so many ways:
      We choose not to come back
      We are too busy to come back
      We don’t have to deal with your toxicity ANYMORE so we are not coming back
      We are financially secure for life, while you thought we will end up broke, so we are not coming back
      We are loving our lives too much to come back
      We have a son to protect, so we are not coming back
      We don’t want to do any more heavy lifting whilst you take the credit, so we are not coming back
      We don’t want to be thrown under any more buses, so we are not coming back
      We live in a much better house with a sea view, so we are not coming back
      WE ARE THE BRAND, so we are not coming back
      We are living our lives our way so we are not coming back
      I will stop here as my petty knows no bounds.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        THIS is a post of beauty!!! Brava, Elizabeth Regina!

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Thank you @(TheOG) Jan90067. I’m supposed to be writing a blog post but distracted myself instead.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        Elizabeth Regina, this is absolutely perfect!

      • Winter Day says:

        @Elizabeth Regina love the list and all it’s pettiness glory. Lol…

      • Indiesr says:

        Love it! 🤣

      • Gail says:

        Can’t stop laughing at this . And I am equally as petty but the incandescent, tone deaf, tampons inserters, can no longer put my arm around my brother, distancing ourselves from Harry and Meghan (as if they were ever really supportive of them to begin with) protector of the child rapist.Bully my brother and his wife out of the uk. Took her to two tennis matches so I am so supportive of her, refuse to put out any kind of defense and condemnation of the racist abuse of my daughter in law and my grandson. Yes all that shit and more . Makes me completely agree with everything you have said . We (Harry and Meghan) are never ever ever getting back together, with the f——inf monarchy and its pathetic media lap dogs.

      • MerryGirl says:

        I stan your pettiness Elizabeth Regina LOL.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        @Elizabeth Regina this is a awesome list and so so true. I think Harry and Meghan are simply living their response to their families and the BM and they can’t take it. I can’t believe these people believe that H/M can’t make it unless they include BRF in whatever they do and they have not done that and I can’t see them going there, ever.

      • GuestwithCat says:

        @Elizabeth_Regina that post of yours is almost like a poem. Lol. “We Are Not Coming Back!”

        What strikes me about their launch is they are sort of doing a parallel of what Betty and Charles have been doing for over a year in showing or highlighting the Royal lineage of the direct heirs.

        But here they’re highlighting the maternal lineage of compassion and altruism rather than the stuffy colonizing tradition Harry and Meghan could have laid claim to but had to abandon because it is so steeped in racism and everything antithetical to the values they want to promote.

        They could almost sign their launch: With Love from Diana and Doria to Harry, Meghan and Archie. I know which lineage I prefer, myself!

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Perfectly said Elizabeth Regina perfectly said

      • Nev says:

        WORD UP.

  4. Harla says:

    Imho, this is true royal work, not the waving to adoring crowds, not the uttering of platitudes to the unfortunate. This is it, working toward a better future for ALL, working to uplift communities, putting compassion into action.

    After listening to their podcast and now seeing these partnerships I fell much more hopeful for the future then I have in a long time.

    • ➕💯 Harla. I totally agree. Very impressive rollout — as always when the Sussexes are involved; terrific partnerships with some serious thinkers and players; and great first audio. They are truly living their best lives. With all the negativity in the world, they are a bright spot that will make a difference.

  5. Alexandria says:

    No review please they’re done. Onward Sussex!

    My Duke and Duchess, come to Singapore once you can!

  6. Cecilia says:

    When i saw the website in knew that they’d been working on archewell before they even officially announced they would step down. Yeah them leaving as senior royals had been a long time coming.

  7. S808 says:

    The fact that one of their first partnerships is with an organization focused on making mental healthcare accessible and affordable for black women and girls….yes, yes, THANK YOU!

    • Dee Kay says:

      A lot of Meghan’s journey with the British Royal Family has been a case study in how smart, high-achieving, talented, hard-working Black women are treated in white-dominated societies. How so many people strive to make Black women feel small, wrong, and crazy. Black women’s and girls’ mental health is an issue that definitely deserves to be at the top of Archewell’s priorities and I am so glad that it is!!!

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        @Dee Kay I agree with you completely. I think that this is Meghan’s lived experience now especially following the events after her marriage to Harry. She may have seen bits of it growing up and on Suits when her character’s black father was introduced, but the events of the last few years must have crystallized for her how black women and girls experience the world.

  8. Seraphina says:

    when I read the piece yesterday I was stunned by how powerful, how beautiful, how string and how serious it all was and how it tied together so beautifully. THIS is how it is done. This is class and mindfulness and WANTING to do good. Some should be taking notes. THIS is a power couple indeed. Congratulations to Harry and Meaghan I wish them all the best and will continue to cheer them on – they are an example for other celebrities for for everyone. We should all try to do good and ignore the negative.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Wasn’t it just? The thoughtfulness behind each written piece and the level of intelligence behind the collaborations is just epic. The Sussexes will go on to do great things whilst the RF continue to be several steps behind them.

    • Nyro says:

      They are so officially above and beyond the “royals” now, it’s astonishing. The idea that you hear from royalists, that they’re riding on their titles and the “royal brand” is utterly ridiculous at this point and just them grasping at straws, trying to lay claim to Harry and Meghan’s work and star quality. And it’s crazy because one minute these people mock them at every turn for being “woke” but then turn around and say they’re trying to be a separate “royal court”, as if they wandering around America cutting ribbons and unveiling plaques and staying silent about anything that actually matters to people. They are now operating in a space that the royals and British establishment know nothing about and can’t even get into. The door is closed on these bums now and I love it.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        How those tables have turned. The royal brand is a legacy brand that is fast losing it’s potency. What Harry and Meghan did was to use everything thrown at them to build their own brand name recognition. Love their smarts.

    • Harper says:

      Yes, they are a power couple but what stands out to me most from them is their gentleness. They have been figuratively spat upon by their family and both the British press and people but they haven’t retaliated. Every time they speak or appear their personas are so loving and gentle. They are truly forces for good in this world and I think Harry is exactly the kind of person Diana was molding her children to be.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        same for me Harper. the peace, kindness and joy they emit is coming back to them manifold. they may be accused of being too syrupy but i love that!

      • Capepopsie says:

        They are taking the high road, when others are taking the low road, just like their friends the Obamas! 👌 ❤️

      • Well said Harper. It’s sad that —- after all their successful effort to jettison Harry and Megan —- the Cambridge’s haven’t done anything substantial or helpful with their now solo and embiggened platform. I truly believe that the Sussexes have moved on, it’s the royal family and the British press that can’t seem to let go. And, by not letting go they just seem smaller and darker. Internalizing toxicity is extremely harmful and the Sussexes constantly prove with their words, their actions, and their projects, that they are not going down that rabbit hole.

      • windyriver says:

        @Lowcountry Lady – It is sad, because this is the future of the monarchy. But the Cambridges never intended to work more than they do. They said as much early on; fewer patronages, don’t expect them to always show up, etc. (Remember Kate and the Irish Guards?) If people show us who they are for years – lazy with no interests – believe them. Harry and Meghan were a problem because they wanted to work. When they weren’t amenable to being held back, which threatened to show up Will and Kate, it was time for them to go.

        The Cambridges like the popularity the Sussexes have, but it doesn’t mean they were willing to do more work for it. Hence the easy way out, embiggening and copying (bench, couch, clothes, etc.). They expect the same attention if they act the same way. But an act is all it is, no substance. They have no interest in what they do, and it shows.

        So instead of doing more of their own work, rather than copying the Sussexes, they’ve chosen the “tear them down and show them who’s really in charge” route. But the impressive Archewell launch shows it’s too late for that. I think it was Truthiness who had one of my favorite comments – it’s like shutting the barn door when the horse has already escaped and won the Kentucky Derby.

      • Love you response to my comment WindyRiver. Spot on. I think you nailed the Cambridges. Your comment reminds me of that great Maya Angelou quote: “ When people show you who they are the first time, believe them.” As you say, the Cambridges have also come out and stated publicly that they intended to not be as involved as others. I’d forgotten that.

      • windyriver says:

        @Lowcountry Lady – thanks for the reminder this is a Maya Angelou quote! Have seen it in comments more than once, but lost track of its origin.

        Also, have enjoyed your many comments on these various threads as well.

        There’s a couple of other interesting comments down below, one from @ABritGuest that you replied to, about TQ and Charles having little option but to publicly support Will, the heir, as opposed to Harry, once Will and Harry started having problems – which I’m inclined to believe. The other is the one by @ArtHistorian, about the power of the courtiers, which also rings true. Finally, I read a smarmy interview with Lacey in Elle where he points out how marvelous it is that Will is doing his duty. Which made me wonder, first, “What does that mean?” He’s essentially an eldest son waiting for his inheritance, with a touch of celebrity high profile thrown in. He vacations when he wants, has affairs when he wants, could have the job (pilot) he wanted. Had a choice who he married (of those who were willing). Has two lavish residences, plenty of staff, access to a private helicopter, etc., etc. Yes, occasionally he has a responsibility or two, kind of like a banker or other professional who has to schmooze clients at cocktail parties or in the company box at events. What is Will prevented from doing because of his position?

        Which made me wonder further, what might have been different if Will actually did his duty, like TQ and Phillip, Anne, his father, even Camilla and Sophie – and did, say 400 engagements a year. Not even special projects, just your basic bread and butter royal work. Even given all the dysfunction in how the Firm operates – courtiers with too much influence, racism, jealousy, etc. I think things might have evolved quite differently. This theory is still a work in progress though! Maybe another time…

    • Seraphina says:

      I need to correct my typos, not enough caffeine when I wrote it. I wanted to write that other royals and other celebrities should take note. We should all take note.

  9. TeaForTwo says:

    I think my favorite line is ‘I am my son’s mother’ immediately after ‘I am my mother’s son.’ The combined hit of those two linked phrases actually took my breath away.

    So happy that Britain’s loss is America’s, my beloved California’s, gain.

    • BW says:

      I gasped.

    • bettyrose says:

      ITA! Though of course their impact spans far beyond California, and they continue to serve the people of Britain and the Commonwealth, I so love having them in California. I’m in the Bay Area (over 300 miles from Montecito for those unfamiliar with CA) and not likely to ever bump into them having a latte, but after the pandemic I can definitely see a time when they’ll be speaking somewhere and I’ll have the opportunity to attend.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Same here. In the Bay Area so if they ever show up at City Arts and Lectures or the Commonwealth Club, I’ll do my darnedest to be there. Love how they are partnering with universities and tying all their different interests together.

  10. Ginger says:

    These two just amaze me. I thought we wouldn’t see much of them this year but we have. I can’t wait for 2021 with these two. They give me so much hope. This website launch is their way of saying there is no extension.

    The British press are livid that Harry didn’t include his dad. What do you expect when your dad has done nothing to support you publicly?

    • Bren says:

      If Charles was included the narrative would be that they’re trying to use the royal connection to profit and remain relevant. No matter what Harry and Meghan do the hatefuls will always find a slight.

      I love the simplicity of the new website. I can’t wait to see what more they have to offer in 2021.

      Happy New Year!

      • ABritGuest says:

        Exactly. Royalists were complaining just last week that they are trading on their royal connections& that is the only reason they got Spotify deal (where’s Eugenie’s one then-shes HRH, has a FAB voice & apparently wants to launch a podcast for her anti slavery work?) and now same people are complaining Prince Charles wasn’t acknowledged. As I keep saying it’s set up so they are always wrong.

        Harry has probably been the only one to consistently stick up for his family members inc Charles. Remember him having to do a save in that Charles at 70 documentary when Will was being a tad shady. And he did that bbc radio show with Charles in 2017& a speech in 2018 where he talked of how Charles environment work had inspired him. So not mentioning Charles could be shade but I think more likely to avoid BRF ties with Archewell (after all banned from using ‘royal’)& avoid awkwardness of Meghan not being able to honour her dad for obvious reasons. I also think themes of kindness, compassion etc may be what they genuinely attribute to their mothers. But I imagine CH will hit back over next few days lol.

        I like the partnerships- obviously been cultivating them for a while& seem to be supporting the experts doing the existing work & not pretending to reinvent the wheel 😬

        The Scum was hit hard by the launch- guess it made their extension talk seem like BS. they did a countdown of ‘royal’ events which may see Sussexes return to the U.K including Invictus. They reached out to BP& Sussexes spokesperson despite being on non engagement list. So funny for the irrelevant non royals

      • Ginger says:

        Agreed Abritguest. In the SA documentary Harry said they he always protected his family and now he has a family to protect. He always stood up for his family and had their back and now he has his own that is his priority. It’s a shame they never had his.

        Harry always defended his dad because I think Harry just wanted a parent. He lost his Mom and Charles just seemed very absent. One story I heard is that Charles would have his staff discipline his sons if they were bad because he didn’t want to deal with it. Maybe that is why he was so drawn to the military. He needed discipline and guidance and he wasn’t getting that at home.

      • My Two Cents says:

        This old tweet by Richard Palmer (from the Daily Express) on Oct 8th 2019 has been re-circulating on Twitter:

        ‘Nobody in the Royal Family or the Royal Household is supporting Harry and Meghan at the moment. Even the couple’s aides seem embarrassed by their actions. William, who dropped his brother like a ton of hot bricks earlier this year, and Charles have distanced themselves.’

        So why should Harry mention Charles? Even the RR was saying Harry and Meghan had NO support !!

      • Tessa says:

        Charles just sat back and let WIlliam try to run rough shod over his brother and try to take over as head of the family. His not reining in William and just letting Harry, Meghan and Archie leave was just a disgrace IMO.

  11. Oh says:

    I saw some people on this site were under the illusion 🤣🤣 and they thought that Charles was supporting H&M behind the scenes and they wanted him to be a guest on Archewell Audio Lol how do yall feel now??🤪

    • Sydney says:

      That behind the scenes support talk always confused me. You allow your son and his family to be ran out of the country you will be king of and all you can offer is private support?? Charles showed which matters he’s willing to be vocal about. Racism his daughter in law faced, someone calling his then 3 day old grandson a monkey he’s quiet as a mouse. A fictional streaming show he calling all his media pals to speak out on his behalf to let it be known he disapproves.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Charles did far more to shield his mistress Camilla. He spent a lot of time, money and energy over the years on PR and courting the press. The fact that he did nothing to visibly protect his own son and let him and his wife be thrown to the wolves speaks volumes. He reportedly called Harry “c**%$nt struck” and sicced his favourite mouthpieces on them. Harry may choose to forgive in years to come but his leaving the country and stepping down as a senior working royal tells me all I need to know.

      • Ginger says:

        You are right Elizabeth. He protected Camila and threw his sons under the bus, especially Harry. His private secretary was the one that did the “Charles sent Harry to rehab” story so it would make Charles look like a great father. So disgusting.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Charles is pathetic and projecting. We all remember his tampon fantasy.

      • VS says:

        @Sydney — behind the scenes support is all BS……that’s performative allyship. Anyone who pretends to support you but only does so behind closed doors is not an ally; they are a performative ally

        I saw some people complaining about Charles; it is all BS; my answer to them is: I suppose Harry can now also support his father behind the scenes just like Charles apparently always does.

        Why aren’t some royalists happy with that? they are always shouting the rf is supporting H&M behind the scenes yet they want H&M to acknowledge the rf publicly……something is rotten there!

        The same issue happened with the #ForcesForChange issue…..according to some “it was bad but somehow Meghan should have acknowledged TQ and Catherine the Great and Fture Fture Queen”

    • Sofia says:

      Eh. When someone suggested the Charles on the podcast, they were shot down pretty quickly and by numerous people. We’re not a monolith, one person’s opinion does not represents everyone’s here (no opinion does)

      Also if someone tried to say “Harry and Charles are in touch”, people would shoot them down with “I doubt it”. And if someone tried to say “Charles financially supports them”, people would point them towards the NYTimes comment and the BRF’s own financial reports that say Charles hasn’t been supporting them since March.

      • Gk says:

        I wonder if Charles wanted to help or was angry and did not want to help or did not help hoping they would fail and return to help him. Stuff that will eventually come out in well sourced books. If he wanted to help could he or would there have been too much scrutiny ? I guess my experience of being a regular person is most parents I’ve known try to help their adult children but I’ve heard of those that don’t.

      • ABritGuest says:

        GK my guess is that once William had issues with Harry& these started to be leaked to the press, the Queen& Charles had to back the heir. The monarchy comes first& no way would they support the 6th in line over a heir.

        Richard Palmer seems to be stirring & suggesting William & Harry were the main ones with beef& Harry didn’t have problems with the rest of the family except they didn’t agree with their press stance. Bringing the Sussexes under BP &giving them funding was perhaps only protection Queen& Charles thought they could safely provide.

        Whilst I think all households had issues with the Sussexes& all were involved in the leaks, i think lack of visible support for Harry was also because Queen& Charles know the firm is vulnerable once the Queen goes& need press support to shore them up. So they couldn’t be seen to back the Sussexes’ actions against the press. Look at the panic just over the latest season of the Crown to see how precarious Charles public image is.

      • Agree ABritGuest. —- in addition to their imbedded racism, it came down to supporting the direct heirs to the monarchy; Grandson, son, and brother be dammed. The British royal family continue to live in and operate from the past. What amazes me is that they seem to believe they are still in control of the media. That ship has sailed. Their world — like other surviving European monarchies, just grows smaller, more insubstantial, and irrelevant each year.

    • CC2 says:

      I was one of the people that wanted Charles or even William on the podcast and even believed Charles was not as shitty as people make him out to be (still shitty nevertheless). But I was looking at it from a PR perspective where it would be a win win scenario (i think this would work better if it was William, since he’s more far removed from the nonces). As for how Harry should treat his family, he could completely ghost them in general for all I care. My dad is a POS, but he will publicly defend me if it ever comes down to it.

  12. aquarius64 says:

    A wonderful start to the New Year for the Sussexes. Comments are salty about Charles and Thomas were left out of the tribute; if the dads didn’t trash their kids it wouldn’t have been an issue.

    • Seraphina says:

      Let’s not forget of how Diana was treated by the BRF. There are similarities that tie to the Sussexes.

    • Tessa says:

      I am just horrified at how some on social media are portraying Tom as victim and going on about how he “put his daughter through school.” Since a child cannot support herself, Tom would have been obligated to to this or be a dead beat father.They ignore how he rushed to the media to trash Meghan and got money for it. He even did a television special where he specifically talked of the money he was paid.

    • L4frimaire says:

      If they mentioned Charles, they’d be accused of being presumptuous and trying to make it look like the Royal family endorsed their foundation. They’d be dragged for it. As for the Thomas Markle, he just was on complaining about Meghan after the trial delay. It’s pointless even responding to these type of things.

  13. Sofia says:

    I think the partnerships are a great first start and am excited and curious to see how Archewell grows. I also liked their website. Simple but effective.

  14. Edna says:

    An excellent and well done launch of Archewell. It promises to do good work for many and on so many levels. Well done Sussexes.

    I’m sure the usual suspects are in meltdown mode trying to disparage and tear H&M apart.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      They will try to tear them down because what the BM is stuck with to build up is pitiful.

      I hope the Cambridge’s and Windsor’s as a whole accept they cannot compete and stop trying to be so pathetic in their attacks.

      1 family is archaic and lazy, but for now wealth and privilege is very secure. And the other does not engage while living their best life and promoting/creating worthy causes to better our world for everyone.
      H and M are honoring their mothers and the people and causes they work with. All while becoming mega watt celebrities with immense wealth.

      I love it.

  15. sunny says:

    Racial and economic justice in tech is HUGE right now as there has been increased dialogue of how the efforts of the last 10 years have failed. In December there was a big story of how google fired Timnit Gebru one of its most visible black employees and an AI ethics researcher.

    Love that they are supporting causes such as this one because digital justice really is the next frontier. Highly recommended the recent documentary, Coded Bias, for those wanting to learn more.

    All this to say, team Sussex is very smart and I love the direction their work is heading in. Yay!

    • Hi Sunny — if you haven’t already —- Check out the Sussex TIME 100 podcast for their really interesting and relevant interviews with those working on or dealing with digital reform issues. I was amazed at how informative it was. I learned a lot.

      • sunny says:

        I haven’t listed yet but that is a fantastic recommendation. I got interested in the subject because I work in social justice spaces and this is increasingly the dialogue we are having. Plus my nephew started his math doctorate 2 years ago and I got interested in the lack of diversity in the space(we are black) and its outcomes. Anyway, I read and shared with him Weapons of Math Destruction, and Algorithms of Oppression so he would begin to think a bit more deeply of the ethics and responsibility in STEM.

  16. Jen says:

    I love this and I love them. I’ve seen so much positive when you show compassion, and while there is so much negative in the world, these acts can and will change the world.

    Really looking forward to how Meghan and Harry push Archewell forward – I’m rooting for them 🙂

  17. Chelsea says:

    You’re right Kaiser: this is extremely thoughtful and has been for months. Many of the partners working on humane tech here were featured in their Time100 talk a few months back and they’ve both been layering comments in about Humane Tech(with Meghan at times calling it “Archewell In Action”) for months. It was all connected which is why i laughed at the RRs who were like “why are they talking about social media?”. One of them, i think it was Russell Myers even a few months ago complained how they were just talking about random things for no reason when it was very obvious to people with a brain that the talks they were having were all interconnected. It’s great to see it all come together.

    Also: I am SO happy they are suporting the Loveland Foundation. Mental Health support for Black women and girls is so lacking so I’m so grateful that they’re backing a Foundation that centers that issue in its mission. I’m so looking forward to what they do in 2021

    PS- not to be too shady but isn’t it nice that they just provided funds and support for UCLA’s research instead of trying to credit it as their own GROUNDBREAKING NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE work?

    • equality says:

      Yes, imagine giving credit to the experts who have degrees in an area and have made it their life work instead of embiggening oneself.

      • Agree Kaiser, Chelsea and Equality. As always, they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk and give credit where credit is due.

        As to the support of the Loveland Foundation, I imagine Meghan has first hand awareness of the need for support in this area. I can barely begin to imagine the emotional turmoil that Meghan has personally had to deal with over the past 3 years. From shutting down her old life and relocating and forging a new life, to her toxic father and half-siblings using the media to harm her, to the family she married into actively working or supporting the cruelty towards her and her unborn baby, to the constant and unrelenting nastiness and toxicity of the press, to the forced exit that same family maneuvered them towards, to spending the last year finding a home and reinventing their life’s work, to supporting her husband as he dealt with his own issues of his family’s betrayal and the loss of much of what he held dear, and then, finally, to the loss of their second child. Meghan makes it look so easy, but it cannot have been easy. I’m sure — being as smart as she is — she has developed a strong support system as she struggled to survive and thrive. Thus , Meghan knows that the Loveland Foundation is sorely needed by many black women.

        They are both to be commended for going high while so many, many others go low. Team Sussex and Archewell.

  18. damejudi says:

    What an amazing start. I found their words so moving, and I’m struck (dumbstruck) by how staying where they were became the antithesis of being humanitarians.

    “For of those to whom much is given much is required.” I think it’s very clear that Harry has taken this to heart, and with Meghan, they’re acting upon it. Bravo!

    • Call_me_al says:

      Together Harry and Meghan are unstoppable.They both embrace their vulnerability and own their power. They make each other better. It’s really sad what They have both been through with their families, but it’s made them very strong.

  19. Pétulia says:

    I’m really proud of them for everything they’ve been able to do this past year.

    Concerning the royal rota I’m very worried they will hurt all those projects. An with those lawsuits I can’t imagine the abuse coming their way if they loose especially Meghan
    I really hope she wins the summary judgment.

    • Harla says:

      I think that the royal rota will try but I also think that they don’t have the reach they think they have. The press here in the states have been covering H&M’s work without the racism and dog whistles and I believe that outside of that tiny island more and more people will see the truth of what H&M are doing instead of the bs the royal rota are schilling.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      do not fear or worry about the Rota. they are bullies and your fear is what they desire. the sussexes will work hard in their ventures with their partners and are focussed on their vision. nobody has time for the Rota.

    • lanne says:

      The royal rota can’t hurt them anymore regardless of how the lawsuit goes. They are like awful neighbors who ignored the rules of the homeowners association too many times, and are now banned from using the clubhouse. All they can do is press their noses against the window and look at what’s happening inside. No invite to the party. No firsthand knowledge about the events inside. The royal rota have no more access to Harry and Meghan than you or I do. They can write their shit posts after the fact, but they would have done that anyway. No loss.

    • Rapunzel says:

      The Royal Rota has been exposed as racist bullies. The more they try to harm the Sussexes, the more they expose themselves as the awful creatures they are.

      Any attempt to ruin Archewell will backfire.

  20. Mina_Esq says:

    What a powerful line. Reminds everyone that Meghan is family. That she will shape who Archie is in the same way that Diana shaped who Harry turned out to be, even in her absence. It draws a direct link between Diana and Meghan. That Meghan isn’t going anywhere. That you can strip her of her titles, but that she will continue to do good work and to be beloved by everyone. That she will leave a mark and put the RF to shame for their actions. Masterful. Check and mate. How can the RR criticize this without proving themselves to be hateful racist a-holes? They can’t.

  21. Rapunzel says:

    Re: Charles and H/M- Chuck clearly didn’t care that much. Sure, he walked Meg down the aisle, but that was mostly for PR and to prevent the “gauche” imagery of her walking in alone. They went to his garden party soon after the wedding, but my understanding is they didn’t stay long…and were asked to leave? I can’t remember the details and what was true and what was not.

    Charles was never going to support Harry and Meg’s independance. And was never going to understand or care about the media slurs against Meg. I’m sure in his view, he put up with tons of negative media, and Meg could do the same. And William, well… Charles was always gonna put the heir first.

    Secret tin foil hat theory: I wonder if Charles is aware of William’s “rose gardening” and is trying to prevent his eldest son from enduring exposure, like he did. I can see Chuck sacrificing Harry to this goal, as much as William would, and has. In Chuck’s mind, he probably thinks it’s the spares job to take the heat for the heir.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      charles is vile. his silence and complicity in the isolation and smearing of the sussexes whilst simultaneously promoting the future heirs via several photos and joint events was punitive. can’t stand him. i am glad the sussexes did not mention the queen, charles or william.

      • I don’t understand why the Rota keep banging on about the Sussexes not mentioning a royal connection. Wasn’t that what they all wanted: Not half-in, but full out? Didn’t the Firm and the Rota get what they wanted?

        The Sussexes are obeying the Queen’s order: they are out and thus do not bring in a royal connection.

    • TheAnonymousPimpernel says:

      @Rapunzel – The Sussexes being asked to leave early was put out by haters using edited video. Harry and Meghan left to begin their honeymoon.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Thanks for clarifying. Couldn’t clearly remember, but remembered there was talk somewhere. Didn’t know it was edited video. Thought it was misconstrued video.

    • Becks1 says:

      No, they were not asked to leave early. Someone (tominey?) spread that story but it was debunked – they attended for Charles (remember Harry gave a speech in his honor) but were never supposed to stay for the entire time. They didn’t “leave early”, they left when they had planned to leave all along.

    • GuestwithCat says:

      @Rapunzel. I saw a video on YouTube about that garden party. It’s hard to hear exactly what was said but the optics were really odd and awkward and looked to be classic Charles getting jealous of attention they were getting and telling them to leave. But the audio seems to indicate an innocent and friendly exchange where they’re eagerly agreeing to see each other later after the party. So I’ve seen so many different interpretations of what happened. But my guess it that it was a big nothingburger, after all.

      There was another video at Charles’ investiture anniversary where it looks like courtiers keep Harry and Meghan from joining Charles, Camilla, Queenie, and Kate and William in observing the display set up to commemorate the investiture.

      It looks and sounds like Meghan is explaining to Charles they were told to stay away as Charles passes them waiting in a doorway for him to precede them. THAT was awkward and awful, but I don’t think it was Charles’ doing, but rather a protocol mishap. It looked like maybe Harry himself was confused about what was going on.

      They were clearly and obviously physically blocked and herded from being with the rest of the BRF. If it was a protocol breach then Harry would reasonably be expected to take the blame, but as always, the haters blamed the Black American for not knowing her place or goading Harry into not accepting HIS place as an unimportant spare.

      Personally I found it revolting that a son could not join his father to celebrate such a milestone anniversary in such a simple way. If that is truly their protocol, it’s not only archaic, it’s anti-family and explains why The Firm can’t function properly as a family.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I do suspect that a lot of the protocol stuff is run by the courtiers and that it is being taken to extreme and ridiculous degrees because that’s a way they can exert power over the royals (their supposedly social superiors).

        I think that protocol needs to be streamlined and modernized (as it has been in other European RFs) because it is overly complicated and arcane in the BRF and it is used by various parties to put certain people in their “place” and that just exacerbates the already existing family dysfunction. I don’t doubt that William, and very likely Charles, were jealous of the popularity of the Sussexes – but I also think that senior staff fanned those flames because they had their own issues with Meghan in particular (which I suspect were rooted in both a culture clash and racism). I suspect that senior staff have way too much influence on the familial relationships between the various member of the BRF – and that is a significant part of why these people seem unable to mend their ways (that is always hard if you have a bunch of sycophants whispering in your ear).

  22. KBeth says:

    On a superficial note, she is such a stunner in that teal dress.

    • booboocita says:

      She’s so smashing in bright colors. My favorite Duchess of Sussex outfits are the green blouse and leather skirt combo and the red blouse and leather pencil skirt combo. I love how she combines different hues of the same color, and I wish I could carry off her looks (I look good in pastels, alas).

  23. Angie says:

    The Duke and Duchess of Impact. I love to see it. I am so proud.

  24. lanne says:

    This is fun to watch. The rota are seeing their livelihoods going down the drain. I’ll bet some of them are clamoring to be posted in California, where they can hunt down rumors on the Sussexes. But those folks will be no better than paparazzi— the kind who drive around LA looking for something to happen. That means fewer rota to cover the RF. The RF will be worried about being upstaged for the rest of their lives. All Meghan and Harry have to do is go shopping and whatever the rest of them are doing will be ignored.

    And of course, all of this energy of the Sussexes could have been used to benefit the RF for a century, but no—petty jealousy and racism won out.

    I hope the rota and RF enjoy the bed they’re sleeping in. Not so nice to sleep in a bed that you have taken a big “I ate too much pork and beans”dump in.

    • Shoo fly says:

      I bet they’re not clamoring to be posted in California because they’d be eaten alive by TMZ and the LAT and real journalists. British Royal “reporters” do nothing more than pick up the phone and transcribe what their sources tell them. They’re the mouthpieces for the Queen and the institution, nothing more.

      • Dee Kay says:

        TMZ and the other paparazzi organizations would eat the lunch of any royal reporter who tried to parachute in to get pics of H&M (&A). The paps in LA are hardened vets at the game who have their own stakeouts, their own bribed informants for every event, whose livelihood depends on their anticipating famous people’s moves and schedules and showing up right on time. Rota reporters sound like weak tea — in terms of the difficulty level of the job they have to do in covering the royals — next to professional LA paps. H&M have so far done a pretty good job of avoiding even those ravenous vultures (the pandemic and lockdown has helped, no doubt), they will have no trouble dodging the whiny spineless Rota on their own turf.

    • Snuffles says:

      Let those RRs TRY to encroach on the LA paparazzi’s turf! They will be STOMPED out like a mutha fucka with the quickness!!!

      They do NOT play!


      Exactly! They do not know the lay of the land, they don’t have the connections and anyone who tries to step on the locals turf will be iced out.

      And from everything I’ve seen about British tabloids is that that are spoon fed 90% of their material because of the royal rota system and are often offended if they have to do any leg work.

  25. One of the Marys says:

    It’s a very ambitious foundation, very substantial. I don’t usually bother with comparisons because it’s simply obvious but my god the early years project is so much hype. It’s shameful how much effort the Cambridges put in to trying to look busy. I agree with all the comments in this thread, the RF suffer greatly in the comparison

  26. Green Desert says:

    Beautiful words, thoughtful actions. Beyond leaving the BRF for the obvious reasons of racism and family toxicity, these two clearly want to WORK. Like really work, not BRF work. This seems like a fantastic move for them.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    The reaction from the royal rota and haters has been most enjoyable. Either way, Charles couldn’t be included because he didn’t support Meghan and Harry and the royal family banned them from referring to their royal connections. I’m glad they launched their website yesterday because it put a damper on the talk that they want an one year extension.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry’s wreath not being placed by the royals was also a contributing factor IMO. Where is Charles in all this? He just sits back and lets this happen.

  28. lanne says:

    I have a song for William to sing when he calms down (if he does so) and gets reflective over what happens.

    Aaron burr at the end of Hamilton:

    “now I’m the villain in your history.
    I was too young and blind to see
    I should have known, I should have known

    The world was wide enough, for both Hamilton (Harry) and me…”

    If he ever gets some introspection, he can sing this song. The RF is setting themselves up to be the villains in the epic story of the Sussexes. It’s a story that will play well around the world, as everyone loves an underdog. William turned his back on his brother, the only person who probably really understands him, who has lived through what he’s lived through. His brother is now his rival forever, and it didn’t have to be this way. He could have looked at his father, his grandmother and said no! This sibling rivalry ends here. But of course he didn’t. And now, fifteen years from now, we all get to watch the story repeat with his own kids. Does no one over there get that? I thought Kate might, but she’s an empty shell of a human being.

  29. Merricat says:

    The Sussexes are building something solid that will have long-lasting effects on the world. They did their homework, they chose their projects and their partners carefully, and they did it without a lot of build-up and with great efficiency. It is impressive and admirable.

  30. Rita says:


  31. Lauren says:

    Adele’s Rolling in the deep comes to mind “You could’ve had this all”. The RF could have had that all. They could have allowed Harry and Meghan to pursue their interests while keeping them in the family and taking the glory of their successes, but oh well. It is what it is.

  32. Jaded says:

    THIS is what you do when you leave an abusive relationship. You go no-contact, detach as quickly as possible, and don’t ever look back. In fact if you successfully detach it will probably provoke the toxic ex to become even more vindictive and demanding in the short term before reality finally sets in and they back off. It seems counter-intuitive, but if they become more spiteful in response to you setting boundaries and disconnecting, it means the strategy is working because they’re fighting harder to maintain contact.

    Bravo Meghan and Harry, well done. Your humanity and kindness shines a light on what’s important in life – helping to make the world a less toxic, more humane place.

  33. Scandi says:

    I don’t get one thing: if the Monarchy and Harry’s family is SO toxit, then why are they clinging on to those titles and using them in their PR? Because they both do. All the time. They should just drop then and cut the ties 100%. I get that the title is Harry’s born right – but as long as they use those titles, they are a part of that very same system they are trying to distance themselves from. That toxic and old fashioned system,

    I would really like them to drop those titles. Their names are more than enough.

    • Jaded says:

      They have dropped their “HRH” titles. Harry’s place in the line of succession wasn’t affected when he left royal duties, just as it doesn’t affect other non-working royals like Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, who retain their titles despite not carrying out duties for the Crown. The Queen would actually have to officially revoke their Duke and Duchess titles by an act of Parliament and I don’t think she would want to be seen as that spiteful. It’s normally only done through the Titles Deprivation Act of 1917 when a member of the royal family commits an act of treason.

      • Scandi says:

        I am not talking about the Queen stripping them of their dukedom. I am talking about Harry and Meghan actively abolishing their HRH title and his Dukedom as the Duke of Sussex (and thereby Meghan’s as well), which is an aristocratic title gifted by the queen. They can absolutely do that in their own free will. As long as they own and use that title actively (which they do), they are an active part of the Monarchy. I am a republican, and all that talk og equality and the values that they champion (which I ADORE) make no sense to me as long as they present themselves and use such an old thing as a dukedom in a modern society. It is the definition of classicism. I don’t get why they present themselves as the Duke and Duchess.

      • Jaded says:

        @Scandi – they cannot “absolutely abolish their titles of their own free will”. Clearly you weren’t listening to me when I said it takes an act of parliament to abolish the titles and Harry’s place in succession, and must be for a crime against the country (i.e. treason). Good for you for being the loud and proud republican you are but rules are rules. Before I retired I worked hand in glove with the Ministry of Education in Canada and you can bet I referred to the Minister and Deputy Minister by their titles. It’s a sign of respect. I took no offense using their titles, and they were both lovely people to work with. So cool your righteous indignation and take the chip off your shoulder.

      • Scandi says:

        @Jaded – it’s absolutely fine you feel that way. I just have a different opinion. I have interviewed prime ministers, ministers, politicians etc and I have had plenty of conversations with people from high places. No one has ever been offended when I didn’t say ‘mr/ms Prime Minister’ when referring or speaking directly to them, because that is simply not the way we talk where I come from, and It’s not a lack of respect where I come from.

      • Nyro says:


        You’re not a “republican”. You’re a desperate mugxit. You gave yourself away with the phrase ” clinging to titles”. You haters forever tell on yourselves. And no, they don’t have to relinquish jack. They’ve done nothing wrong and no mater how much you want for it to be so, Meghan will not be othered. The fact is, she’s the only duchess who matters and the only one who gives the title any real honor, and that’s what you all can’t stand. You want the titles gone, then tell your queen to woman up and come take them, and deal with the international backlash.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        @Nyro you are boss. I love tell the queen to “woman up and come take it” because that’s been my frequent response to these Meghan haters who hides behind if only they would relinquish the titles diatribes in an effort to other Meghan. If the queen, BM, British Government and Meghan haters wants the Sussexes title, come and strip it from them. I hope H/M never offer to give them up willingly, not because they need them, but because it seems to keep some of these entities up at night and that please me.

      • Jaded says:

        @Scandi – Good for you. I’m sure from the perspective of the VIPs you’ve interviewed, you were not following protocol but that hill is not important enough for them to die on and they have the class to not take offense. If respect of office isn’t your thing rock on, but I don’t see referring to someone by title as a bad thing like you do. It isn’t meant to demean the person speaking to them, it’s respecting the position and the work they do.


        Valerie, Duchess of My Condo

    • L4frimaire says:

      I get really tired of this argument. Their title is a reality, and their name, and a form of address. What are we supposed to call them? It’s disrespectful to constantly refer to people by the first names and royals don’t really have last names, except maybe for passports and tax purposes. How is referring to them as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex any different than referring to someone as Secretary Powell or Vice-President Cheney, even if they no longer serve in those jobs? Most of the time we say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but yes, technically and legally they are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They don’t use the HRH, they never reference Royals, nor the royal family. Why pretend the thing doesn’t exist? We refer to Constantine of Greece as King Constantine, even though there is no longer a monarchy and he doesn’t live there. What exactly are their last names? Wales, Sussex, Windsor, Mountbatten-Windsor, Saxe-Coburg Gotha? Would you want them to not use the titles if they decided to go to medical school instead of launching Archewell?

      • Scandi says:

        I am a republican – I am against the usage of titles, because it represents an oldfashioned and classicist system, hence aldo them calling themselves Duke and Duchess. Using them is approving the system.

        Politicians i my country don’t go by titles like you do in the US. You don’t call them ‘Minister X’ when talking to them. Doctors don’t go by titles (Dr) either. Ph.d’s dont call themselves doctors either. And I LOVE that I live in a society, where a title doesn’t dictate anyting. You are your name.

      • L4frimaire says:

        That’s all well and good but it’s interesting how these arguments seem to pop up when only referring to these two. I’m all about the constitution and bill of rights, but that has nothing to do with their names. To me it’s more an attempt at erasure and invalidation, than whether a societal structure is legitimate. To me monarchies,even constitutional one’s, are incompatible with democracy and even capitalism, but with this particular couple, it’s about them,and them only.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        @Scandi, where are you from? Just curious because I’ve never heard of anywhere in the world where no one at any level is referred to by any title. Thanks

    • Bex says:

      Since you claim you’re a republican, then you should be pleased you’re not longer paying for them.

      That should assuage your concerns. In fact, you shouldn’t even care about them at all since they’re not even living in your country.

      • Scandi says:

        @BNLURKN4EVA – thank you for your reply. Since you are the only one replying with curiosity and not calling me self-centred, ‘strange folk’ etc for having an opinion about monarchy and the usage of titles, I will try to give you a reply as well.

        I live in Denmark. A very free spirited country but also a country with one of the worlds oldest monarchies.

        So the Queen and the members of the royal families are obviously referred by title – just as in the UK. But some of the lower ranked aren’t always referred to by title. Some baronesses etc don’t use their titles.

        In academia, no Danish students refer to their professors as ‘professor X’, or by using their doctoral title (Dr) when they speak or write to them. When I studied at Uni, I only met one professor who talked about himself as ‘professor X’, and he was Dutch. The same with medical doctors. I would never refer to my doctor as Dr. x when I speak or write to her, and the doctor wouldn’t be offended for me not doing so. Their badge doesn’t even have a Dr. In front of their names. Just their names and their position at the hospital. They just use their personal names on their social media, linked-in or whatever. Not Dr. X. But of course, they are absolutely free to do so and also entitled by education.

        I also have a title by education, and no one refer to me by that title. I am absolutely fine about that.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        @Scandi, thanks for your response. I’ve been to Denmark and I have friends from there and they call their doctors, Dr. name. Yes, your country is very laid back and I really enjoyed that, but in my limited experience it was like anywhere else, people are referred to by their titles unless they give permission otherwise. The royals from where I sit are all called by their titles in Denmark. Harry is still royal and Meghan as his wife is as well. They now occupy the realm of Eugienie and Beatrice who are not working royals and all have titles. This is not the hill to die on and I say again like I did above if the queen, Meghan haters or the government wants those titles, they should strip it from them.

      • L4frimaire says:

        @Scandi, regarding titles, I don’t know if you missed the whole Jill Biden brouhaha over whether to address her as Dr. Biden. Some right wing douche decided she didn’t deserve to be addressed as Doctor because she doesn’t deliver babies and teaches at community college. It was seen as incredibly sexist and disrespectful, a way to dismiss and undermine her accomplishments. So while it may not be a big deal in Denmark to use titles or whatever, it really is in the US. Regarding the Sussexes titles, it is their name and formal address. Not using it won’t negate what they went through, won’t stop the attacks and resentment. Not using the titles isn’t an eraser or magic wand.

    • Lizzie says:

      Yes, the family have been documented as toxic so they are the ones who should give up their titles. Harry and Megan are entitled to their titles and rightly use them, not cling to for gods sake.

    • Babsorig says:

      What kind of BS is this “they’re clinging to their titles and they are using them, they should drop them so I can respect them”? Geesh, this world is full of strange folks. Moving on.

      • tcbc says:

        I know, it’s so fascinating. Should we present a list to @Scandi outlining what s/he needs to do in order for US to respect him/her? No, of course not. It’s incredibly self-centered to assume your own good opinion is important or necessary to total strangers.

      • Isa says:

        They chose not to give Archie a title of any kind, even “Lord,” so they obviously aren’t trying to cling on to titles. It’s unfair to expect them to give up their titles and not point out the entire mass of the rest of the family and wider aristocracy who really do cling to their titles. They really have suffered enough without being singled out to made to look bad for Harry having been born into a titled family. Although I agree, I am also against aristocracies and hereditary privilege and titles.

      • Scandi says:

        Hi Isa,

        Two things:

        1) I RESPECT H&M hugely for refusing that title for Archie. They did the absolute right thing, and he will have a joyful life full of oppurtunities.

        2) I didn’t feel it was necessary to point out that I want ALL of the aristocracy to relinguish their titles. I thought that was obvious when pointing out I was a republican. But I can tell you – I absolutely do. I want that system totally gone. I just feel that Harry and Meghan would have the absolute upper hand, if they turned their back on that system entirely, because they are already megastars and successful in their own right. But of course – I understand the dilemma and difficulty, and it is his family and heritage.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Scandi, Harry and Meghan do not claim to be republican, they do not want to bring down or turn their backs on the system and this is not about them being megastars. They support the monarchy but do not wish to take any funds from it. To just dismiss the Sussex title would be extremely rude, which is the opposite of who they are. The time to do that was just before the wedding, but what a scandal that would have been. Harry is a prince of the realm and falls in the line of succession no matter how you feel or how they feel about it. Nothing will change that unless the UK citizens change the rules or abolish the monarchy.
      What issue do you have with them using the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they are independent and not financed by the people. Have they committed treason, are the convicted criminals, are they wanted by the FBI for questioning.,

      • Well said RoyalBlue. The bottom line is that Scandi is a Danish republican (and good for her) and the Sussexes (part of the British Royal family and Harry the son of a future king) are not. I haven’t heard anything come out of Harry’s mouth suggesting abolishing the monarchy. Why should it matter if they refer to themselves by their title? However, I’m sure if any of us had the pleasure to meet either of the Sussexes they would have no problem being called Harry or Meghan.

  34. L4frimaire says:

    I looked at the site and saw the fuss about the intro. To me this is clearly continuing and building on the legacy Diana started and wasn’t able to bring to fruition, as well as honoring the steadfast support of Meghan’s mother throughout the turmoil they’ve been through. I saw some of the sniping from a few royal reporters but what stood out to me is that they really don’t know how to write about this, the work and projects they are launching. They only write about how they think it’s affects the royal family or if this or that is a snub. But honestly, they don’t know how to cover or analyze anything mentioned, or the work, because it’s just grudges and popularity contests to the . I noticed the attacks seem less about the work or projects because it’s obvious this is serious work for the Sussexes, and the Rota don’t know how to write about these topics. So once again they focus on “Poor Charles” or Archie’s accent or the cost of their estate. Whatever the Sussexes will do going forward it will be very different from what they did as working royals,more results driven, and entrepreneurial. It’s not always just going to be just charity,which may upset some people, nor will they have the same type of visibility they had as royals. . It really is a new chapter for them.

    • One of the Marys says:

      I think the style of coverage is deliberate because they don’t want to give their work legitimacy. This is the only money maker left by the Sussexes for the rota, slandering and criticizing and nitpicking. They have to embrace it, it’s all they have

    • Snuffles says:

      1000% agreed. These RRs aren’t real journalists and lack substance. They have their petty playbook which has worked for them for decades and they are incapable of handling anything beyond that. They are out of their depth and it’s just another reason for them to resent Harry and Meghan for stepping outside the royal box.

    • VS says:

      @L4frimaire — this this this this and once again this; 100% agree

      “I noticed the attacks seem less about the work or projects because it’s obvious this is serious work for the Sussexes, and the Rota don’t know how to write about these topics. So once again they focus on “Poor Charles” or Archie’s accent or the cost of their estate”

      I am always surprised by the lack of content in the uk royal reporting. what about the WORK? which is the reason why they continue to tell their citizens they need a rf

      • L4frimaire says:

        The Rota follow orders and think they serve some useful purpose. It’s so obvious their pettiness and spitefulness. Apparently the BRF response is to pat themselves on the back by bringing up the wreath incident from November to say it actually was the Queen’s decision. Guess they didn’t like the fact they didn’t get a shoutout in the Archewell site and were overshadowed by Archie’s laugh.

  35. Implicit says:

    Without a doubt the best couple photo of 2020

  36. Pamsicle says:

    They are just the best. Team Sussex all the way!!!! 💯 💯
    It’s just crazy how much better they are at everything than the royalty who shall not be named.
    I am so happy they walked away from that stuffy outdated out of touch organization.

  37. Sayrah says:

    Love these two and I am still obsessed with that pic of them smiling at each other under the umbrella. It’s so great

  38. tiredoldcrazylady says:

    They are building a portfolio of their own patronages – excellent!

  39. MerryGirl says:

    The Archwell launch solidifies that Harry & Meghan are not coming back to the UK or to extend any review with the Royal Family so all the smears, hit pieces and lack of support and protection from the RF are in vain. The Royal Family clearly cannot compete against this global phenomenon duo….the Royal Family are in the race in a horse and carriage while Harry & Meghan are driving an electric car, the RF are communicating on embossed stationary and landlines while Harry & Meghan are communicating on smart phones and social media platforms. Archie’s 3 words “Happy New Year” got more attention and engagement than the Queen’s Christmas speech. They simply cannot compete.

  40. Truthiness says:

    Oh God. I am bracing myself for the Future Epic Keen website. It will have lofty ambitions. When you scratch the surface all you will find are shiny buttons of bespoke coats, wiglets, stunt-queen photo ops, incandescent with rage bald heads, little granny on the prairie dresses and royal children photos that are supposed to make you forget their past racism and reprehensible behavior. I bet they are already furious about what they now have to do to try and keep up.

    • GuestwithCat says:

      You’re very prescient, Truthiness!

      I was trying to find it again in my Apple news listings but I guess that all has moved on. But pay attention in the coming year to the use of the increased use of the Cambridge children. I guess they see nobody is interested in any of the adults so it has been leaked to some of the Royal Rota that the children are considered ready now to take an active role in official engagements:

      They’re already saying these are “little people not kids” and already painting the children into their stereotypes: “Last month, another insider shed light on the Cambridge kids’ personalities, telling Us Weekly that George, heir to the throne, is perhaps the most sensible of the lot. “George is well-behaved. All the kids are, but Charlotte and Louis both have a cheeky streak. Louis is more like Charlotte in personality than George!” the source shared.”

      I am so disgusted. If there is truth to this leaked information and this all rolls out before us, I vehemently disagree in advance with anyone who would claim Kate or William are good parents. They’re abysmally dim and desperate if they feed their innocent children into this monster when evidence of the harm that can be done is in all the generations preceding and including their own.

      I think it will come true because they’ve already spent a good amount of 2020 shoe-horning their children in to detract from their missteps or Sussex success. This came out right after the simple recording of Archie saying Happy New Year and giggling. Good grief.

      • Tessa says:

        These children are being stereotyped at such a young age, even the 2 year old Louis. And the parents pushing aside front line workers to get on the red carpet making the family the center of attention on that Pantomime was just rude. And then when the children were in the theatre, the media and social media analyzed every move of the children. I thought that William and Kate wanted privacy for them. It seems the spares already are stereotyped and the Heir is the “good one.” Pathetic.

    • Lanie says:

      Past racism?

      The royal family are still pretty presently active in being racists.

  41. bettyrose says:

    In CA, we have plenty of celebs and tech moguls who engage in philanthropy, but it’s fascinating to see this model of philanthropy as your primary role. I guess that’s the point of the RF, what they’re supposed to do, but bringing this model to the U.S. as private citizens is intriguing. I’m looking forward to following their work for decades to come and seeing if and who it inspires to follow suit.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      @Bettyrose, they are helping fund their philanthropy with work as producers are netflix and speaking engagements and spotify so they are doing both like the others. I guess the main difference is that their work is closely in line with their philanthropy.

      • bettyrose says:

        I get that and I respect their work ethic, but I mean they are doing those things to fund their philanthropy, making their charitable works their primary focus, as opposed to a side gig to their profitable work. I’m not criticizing either model, but it is different. Most people, even those of us who work in education/health care/non-profit environments can’t afford to be full time philanthropists. But like I said, I’m fascinated to see where this goes and who they inspire given that the U.S. doesn’t have a precedent for publicly funded roles that champion non partisan humanitarian causes.

  42. MA says:

    These are truly meaningful initiatives and lofty ambitions. I hope they succeed because if they do, it’ll mean the world will change for the better. Changing the landscape of social media is sorely needed.

    Im curious what’ll happen to Invictus and Sentebale. Will they eventually be folded into Archewell or stay the same? I think now they are standalone organizations?

    • VS says:

      H rolled up the Endeavour Fund with IG….it was so smart of him to have the IG, Endeavour Fund and Sentebale as separate entities from the royal foundation that he founded with his brother

      I wondered about the same thing: will H roll up IG under Archewell? Sentebale was co-founded so maybe not but what about IG and Travalyst? I think IG has become way too big to be under Archewell, it might be best to have it as an independent organization. Archewell can then work with IG like they do with other organizations!

  43. Liz version 700 says:

    This launch was really well done. It reflects the organized thoughtfulness that Meghan is known for. There is real substance in the partnerships and an obvious philanthropic purpose for their goals. Very impressive. I can’t help but enjoy the upset their success is causing the BM. I am sure the Prince of Tampons and the Duke of Incandescence will have some retort or another. I doubt it will affect this amazing couple very much. They have proven that they are strong, smart and compassionate and do not need the Royals to be successful.

  44. paddingtonjr says:

    I wish H&M nothing but continued joy, happiness and success. They have really thought this through and made conscious (mindful?) decisions about how they evision their lives and careers. Let the RR and BRF rage and seethe and throw whatever sh!t they will at H&M; Harry, Meghan and Archie (and any future children) will be just fine, thank you very much.

  45. WanderingWonderer says:

    This launch shows how well H&M compliment each other. I don’t think one could have done it without the other. Both shared a purpose and passion but M couldn’t have done it at this scale without H’s profile and connections (and $) and H couldn’t have done it without M’s entrepreneurial nous and spirit. They have really helped each other come into their own.

  46. booboocita says:

    I look forward to the quarantine being lifted and COVID-19 vaccines being widespread, just so the Sussexes can do another “Coulda Had A Bad Bitch” tour. It can be worldwide, or just in the USA, or just the Commonwealth nations — I don’t care. I just want to see them out and about, living their best lives and doing good wherever they go. We can call it the “Coulda Had An Amazing Family” tour.

  47. Meghan says:

    I am so excited that they will be working with the Loveland Foundation! I found them over the summer and was able to donate to them and I think it’s just such a great foundation. Hopefully I can make another donation to them soon!!

  48. blunt talker says:

    I totally agree with the posters stating how Meghan and Harry presented their foundation without using the current living royal family-They are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work-If Prince Charles cared anything for Meghan, Archie, and Harry he would have done more to protect them from the vile press-He’s moaning and groaning about how he and Camilla are depicted in the Crown-Leaking to royalists or biographers, or media outlets in England that the depiction was wrong-Just think if he had done half the things for damage control that he’s doing now maybe Harry and his family would not have left the UK-When you see and hear the racist dog whistles towards your family members you need a steely spine to push back-No member of this royal family has pushed back on anything related to the Sussex-Harry is his mother’s son which has been evident for years-Diana gave Harry his sense of charity and kindness not the royal family-those things to the royal family are more of a way to say we are working to earn our keep I am deeply proud of Harry and Meghan for moving forward with their personal lives and professional lives-KEEP ON TRUCKING SUSSEX FAMILY-

  49. Lizzie says:

    We all see Harry and Meghan moving forward creating the life they said they wanted without stooping to the level of the rf and smearing anyone. They just stay positive and ignore the rest. Meanwhile the curtain has been pulled back and the rest of the rf are dull, average people put in enormously privileged positions and they can barely tread water. This is why most people don’t really care about them and why no matter what they do it is usually tinged with failure coupled with tabloid articles declaring genius.

  50. Liz version 700 says:

    Yep the Daily Fail is reporting a story about the Queen denying Harry a chance to have his wreath put on the soldiers graves. The rags are so bitter. I refuse to click and read the story but I imagine they are stamping their feet. You can’t be successful we won’t let you lay wreaths!

  51. Meghan's Amazing says:

    ALL I know is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Meghan! Prince Harry married up!
    What an über articulate and intelligent woman she is!!!
    From humble beginnings. Not a trust fund kid. Most certainly VERY relatable!
    Does charity work because she WANTS to not because she HAS to!